Moontime woes

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Moontime woes
« on: October 09, 2018, 09:33:51 PM »

Her jewels burned.

A more urgent twisting than the cramps clawing her stomach. Timing her moontime had always been spotty at best. A few days off every time, sometimes earlier, sometimes later and always an unpleasant and unwelcome surprise.

Elspeth should have known better of course, the signs had been there and she'd ignored them. Running between meetings and all the things she'd never considered would ever need her attention. Today too, she'd done her best to avoid the pains in favor of the pain of paperwork. A mistake that had finally come back to bite her.

The Summer Sky burned more than her Yellow ever had and Ellie was absolutely certain she’d made a serious mistake in not sending her jewels off to be drained. The thought was not a comforting one while the room tilted and she burrowed even further into her pillows, the offended jewel glimmering among the pile of sheets. Stupid .

“So so stupid.” the last word was little more than a whimper, the knocking and click of her door almost unheard. Almost unheard but definitely unimportant at the moment.



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Re: Moontime woes
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2018, 06:11:30 AM »

She was so stupid. Bran could feel it crawling on the walls and up his legs as he tried not to rush down the hall. As if no one would notice the slow, subtle change of her scent. Or the torture she was putting herself through by ignoring it. But enough was enough. She’d had her little rebellion against womanhood, and Bran wasn’t suffering through any more of it.

Neither was Elspeth. He felt guilty enough letting her have this much freedom. Which was why he didn’t wait for answer before opening to door and coming in. As if he had rights just to enter her bedroom as and when he pleased. Hackles up, Bran stepped up to the bed and leaned over the slack figure in it, inhaling as he did. A long sniff up her length. Soon, he thought.

”Ellie.” Bran whispered, shifting so he could sit beside her, ignoring the impulse to stretch his body out over the top of hers. He called in the brew he’d stopped to collect from the healer and nudged it against her hand. ”I brought something for you.” Rolling her over and pouring it down her throat would probably be a bad idea, so Bran didn’t. Just pressed the little glass bottle on her with conviction.

”It’ll make you feel better.” He promised, sweeping her hair from her face. That wasn’t enough, so Bran stroked the length of her spine too. That was a little better, so he did it again, eyes catching sight of her Jewel as he hovered. ”Want me to drain that for you?” Full. Idiot girl. Bran kneaded her shoulder. That was even better. Much better when he scooted just a little closer.


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