huntress without fur



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huntress without fur
« on: October 13, 2018, 08:03:34 PM »

Quick feet through thick leaves. Brighid slid between a prickly bush and a slender tree trunk, silent despite the swirl of fallen foliage that stirred in her wake. Yellow darting ahead to mark the path as she went, bow held tight across her back by one hand, the other sweeping low branches from her face as she passed.

Up a crag. Teeth bared as loose rocks made warning beneath her feet. She slid with them to keep the from falling fast and clattering. Slowly slipping backward, stone rolling under the soles of her boots but not tumbling away. Wedged into a crevice, Brighid sprang forward again, knee brushing the top of the outcropping as she leapt. Dark braid lifted high by her bow.

Brighid pulled it over her head and shoulder. Release from across her back and pulled tight by lean muscle. Arrow drawn and fitted, fingers curling near her cheek, as if she would pull her own mouth into a smile. By she was stoic, tense, focused. Eyes darting though her hand was steady, searching.

Seeing. Arrow loosed with a breath. It flew, shaft as dark as her hair, feathers as grey as the sky just seen through the leaves. Twilight nearing, and then darkness to follow. But his antlers gleamed between the trees.


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Re: huntress without fur
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2018, 08:38:01 AM »
His own bow was slung across broad shoulders, Queenie trotting beside him as Solace entered the forest. It was a time of healing, of hunting, of prey. He was a wicked hunter and with Queen by his side, the cervini was even more deadly than normal. Tucking and weaving his neck just right, mustn't have those antlers catch up in the branches and mosses that grew wildly here, Solace continued forward. His trip today was more about feeding the dog than it was about feeding himself, but Solace had needed just a little space. Space from the people and accusations and rumors.

To many rumors. Too many people.

Trotting along, stopping here and there to check steps and prints. Nothing, nothing, the cervini moved along. Feet silent and the dog a steady presence behind him. She had learned long ago not to get in front of master, to stay behind and cover his flank. She would always do so. A breather was needed and Solace stood, taking in the wet air and breathing out evenly. Even the air was heavy and beautiful in Dea al Mon. A slide of rocks and Solace's head spun around. Opal up and coating his body, shoulders lifting away and the warlord prince inside him walking a fine line.

His own bow was up, arrow nocked when the wind shifted and Solace caught a glimpse of the person behind the miss spun arrow. Woman and wolf but not fur. Queen stalk from the bushes behind the dark haired girl, hackles raised and lips curled away from large white teeth, the woman in her sights. "She will tear you apart before I get there," he said loudly enough to be heard, fletching tickling his ear, "It would be best to come out now."

Probes of summer-sky, touching the yellow out there. Weaker than he and more human than he would ever be, "Do not loose another arrow, you will die before you can." More threads of opal coating his arrow head and shaft, strong enough that this yellow jeweled witch would be down before she could say "ow". Warlord prince on edge and becoming more angry. Solace hated being angry. Another loud growl from the dog and Solace waited for the witch to show herself.

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