the missing strand



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the missing strand
« on: November 03, 2018, 10:13:14 PM »

A lightning storm chased them down the mountainside. Thrilled by the static in the air Ilithian raced Lorivar to the inn. They had not flown any significant distance together in a very long time. She was glad he had decided to come along. Eremiar was a good escort, but this wasn’t really a place he would be welcome. And the onset of violent weather might make it an overnight visit.

Landing a few minutes before the downpour started Ilithian led the way inside. Shaking a bit of mist from her wings she unwrapped the woolen shawl she wore for warmth. Flinging it at the coat rack she pranced towards Talimar. Boots tapping cheerfully on the hardwood as she made for Talimar. Ignoring any hubbub her unexpected appearance caused among the patrons. Not everyone was a loyalist, but no one here seemed unhappy to see her. With Lori at her back and Talimar ahead she wasn’t afraid anyway.

At the bar she stood on tiptoe, hands splayed on the counter so she could lean as far across possible with her wings spread for balance. ”Good afternoon, Tali.” She smiled wide, lashes batting. ”How are you? Business is looking good. Place is as cozy as ever.” She was there for business. Eager to get the niceties out of the way. But she also liked Talimar very much. He was so good natured.

”How’s your sister?” She ventured. This was where she had expected to find Briar. When Peitar had come to meet Lilli they had talked about the inn. In passing she had gathered that her wayward warlord prince had not been here. Really Peitar just wanted to brag about his sexual prowess, or conquest, she didn’t know which word he prefered. But her talk with Talimar some months back had given her the impression there was something between the two black widows. Now she was confused. Mostly about where her friend was.

A fleeting probe confirmed that he was not there now either. Nor had he been recently. Scent too potent and close to a queen’s heart to be completely cleaned away. She stepped back, nearly treading on Lorivar’s toes. Wings slipping under his arm to catch herself. ”Lorivar you know Talimar, yes? Tali, my first escort Lori?” She wasn’t sure how Protocol would rank them, caste and court position muddying the rules she had never quite paid attention too in school.

Tilting her head she studied the barkeep for a moment. Judging his mood. ”I’m looking for Briar. Would you happen to know where he’s gone?” It had been far too long without any word.



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Re: the missing strand
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2018, 09:18:50 AM »

He couldn’t remember when she had last been to the inn. At least once before, back when they had first settled in the old building. He’d been replacing the burnt out rafter beams then, Talimar remembered now. How bright she’d seemed among the soot and decaying leaves that had drifted in through the hole in the roof. Even now she made it seem small and a little shabby.

He’d have to ask Meridian to give things a good scrubbing.

”Hello, lady.” Talimar put away his rag and glass and leaned on the bar as well, politely ignoring the way it made her escort grow tense. The corners of his eyes creased in a smile. ”Yes, and this month only a few are disappointed they missed the circus.” Everyone was watching. Even those who pretended they were not. Eyes looking from corners or glancing over mugs. One fellow had missed his mouth with his soup.

”Sounds like you brought a storm with you,” he teased, rain beating against sturdy wood shingles. Standing a little straighter, Talimar glanced toward the stairs, somewhere up them was Rian. ”She’s....” Different. ”Well. Hasn’t caused anymore trouble for you, has she?” Tali didn’t know how. Ri hadn’t left the inn. Keeping close to home. Talimar couldn’t tell what had changed about her, or when the change had happened. After Briar had visited or Peitar had come?

Either way he disliked it. That his sister would be so malleable beneath men. He wished the laughing fellow would come back. She’d seemed happy then.

”I don’t, actually.” They exchanged looks. Caste and Jewels weighted and measured. More than that, probes weaving over each other. They were in agreement, however, and Talimar too good natured to start a rivalry. Lorivar too confident to worry about one. Smiling they both turned their attention back to the queen. One sliding his toes away and shifting his weight into her fingers, the other watching how it was done.

”He hasn’t been here in a while.” Wings shifting as he shrugged. Tali poured them both a drink. Good, hearty ale to fight any chills off. ”I don’t know where he went when he left, we didn’t speak. Rian might. He came to see her of course.” Talimar didn’t think it had gone well, but he didn’t pry and Rian didn’t confide. He snaked a thread upstairs to summon his sister, but Rian was already on them, staring at the strange trio by the bar.

”Is he dead?” She asked, eyes stark, making Talimar flinch.


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Re: the missing strand
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2018, 10:30:19 PM »

”Just my luck, isn’t it? A chance to stretch my wings out from under all the politics and diplomacy and here comes the weather to pin me down instead.” Ilithian agreed to his teasing, eyebrows bobbing to the lilt of her giggles. The sound fading into the rhythmic patter of raindrops on wood as she watched his expression change. All the worried brother and gentle prince focusing up at the second floor.

One hand flicking up in a dismissive gesture she shook her head. Quick to put that theory to bed. ”Oh no! I was just.. asking.” If anyone knew where Briar was it would be Rian. He was prickly and secretive with Ilithian. Wary of her caste. But she had gathered from snippets of conversation that Rian was an important person in his life. ”And she never really caused any trouble for me anyway. Never had any fist fights in the courtyard or threw anyone out of a window.”

It seemed Talimar had his doubts, though. Slow to answer the question yet quick to wonder if his sister was up to no good. Funny how people could be so close yet so suspicious of one another. They were very close Ilithian know. The only child in her couldn’t help the slip of envy that mingled with her admiration of the siblings. Each embodied the spirit of Askavi, the spirit she wanted to channel into the territory at least. Surviving horrors. Suffering through loss. Then rebuilding into peaceful people now that the worst was over.

If only all her people were such easy cases.

Falling into a quick introduction she was looked from one to the other in genuine surprise. Ridiculous that the two hadn’t met before now! She felt like she knew them both so well. Lorivar more, obviously, but Talimar wasn’t hard to get close to. It was good they were meeting. Hovering on the outside of their twining probes she tried not to fidget. They were both good men. She just had to trust them to behave. To be respectful of one another. And of her.

Teasing her own probe into the mix she flashed them a broad smile. Picking up the conversation again to try distracting them all. While Tali answered Ilithian frowned at the drink he poured. Mind on Briar and not the frothy ale that bubbled under her nose. She took a sip, giving an appreciate smack of the lips. ”Oh.” Biting her lower lip Ilithian bought a moment to think by taking a long drought from the cup. Finishing almost half in such a short span that she had to hide a burp with a short coughing fit.

Before she had to figure out how much to tell Talimar in the rather public setting, Rian stepped in. Everyone’s eyes slid towards the other woman. ”Why would he be dead?” Ilithian stood straight, her wings pulling in tight. Jaw going tense. ”I wouldn’t be here looking for him if I thought he was dead.”

And Mother Night help her she would be angry if he was. She had agreed to let him go stay with friends. In a place he said he would be welcome. No one had given him permission to die! ”Finish this for me Lori, dear, Rian and I are going to sit and talk.” Somewhere more private her tone implied. Shoulders shifting impatiently while she waited to be led off to wherever that privacy could be found.

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