Eye for an Eye
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Rumors. Guilt. Threats.

She could never leave it behind. Never forget what had made her queen, venom nail tapped against the table she leaned over. Maps and plans and missives from various Black Guard. Her kingdom was falling down all around her and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Short of killing her cousin, Sorcha had to win it fairly. She had taken the throne on the crest of her grandmother's death much to the detriment of that planned for acceptance. Amidst the mourning and terrible sadness, Sorcha had done what she needed to do. A ruthlessness her grandmother and father had driven deep inside her had forced her to do so.

A ruthlessness that even now would send however many of her people she deemed necessary to their deaths. Her cousin commanded their own company of soldiers, fodder for those who served Sorcha. The queen couldn't take into account who those people would be leaving behind when they came to battle. Friends. Lovers. Children. All these were pushed aside and forgotten in the wake of a win. Sorcha couldn't afford her compassion right now.

Moving away from the table, a dagger appeared in her hand, fingers twirling the blade deftly as Sorcha paced the confines of her meeting room. She knew if she could simply dispatch her cousin, the rumors would die down and the people of Dea al Mon would accept her as their territory queen as they had her grandmother. She needed them to accept her before the shield surrounding the territory collapsed and sent the area spinning out of control. It was inevitable. The shield flickered even now, Sorcha's red weirdly in tune with that invisible layer and she could feel the moment it was weakest. Weak enough to allow the entrance of an outsider.

Spinning she faced the other occupant in the room, Fechith had been highly recommended by her commander in the Black Guard. A woman who knew her worth, her strength and ability enough to land her in the most dangerous of squadrons. Sorcha couldn't have done better in her opinion. "Has there been any leads?" she demanded of the woman, "Anything I can use against my cousin?" She wanted her cousin to be guilty of her grandmother's death, she didn't want to find the culprit to be those who professed their loyalty to her. It was easier to place the blame on her enemies.