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Inspired by: dragons
Written by: staff

image custom designed by Salem for Witchlight use only

Average Lifespan: Uknown
Average Height:
  • Male: Unknown
  • Female: Unknown
Average Weight:
  • Male: Unknown
  • Female: Uknown

There are a dozen origin theories throughout the Realms. Each territory harbors its own believes and myths, but they all have one thread in common. Dragons exist, or existed, and that the Jewels granted to the Blood upon their Ceremonies have come some how, some way, from these beasts of the Darkness.

Few have been seen in living memory, and those that have been glimpsed, almost none believe the stories. Tapestries and stories depict serpentine creatures, with long, reptilian snouts and slitted eyes. Coloration varies widely, from snowy White to darkest Black. And all bear fearsome wings.

No one can say what to expect from a dragon. Hardly none have even venture into the Fyreborn Islands to tangle with the lesser wyrms that live there. Dragons are but legends and dreams. Friend, foe? Minds run wild with imaginings.

**this race is not currently playable on witchlight**