One More River to Cross

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One More River to Cross
« on: December 04, 2018, 11:40:32 PM »
Aeon squinted against the wind. From such a height, it was cold and thin, even in summer. Below him, the Glacian city of Odense was deceptively small against the interminable horizon, a maze of busy streets and little square roofs bordered by yellow-green wildflower meadows and shadowed year-round by the mountains.

It was midday, and the sun was out, but his jaw was clenched tight, teeth uneasy in his mouth and threatening to chatter. He was nervous, but he didn’t know why; if he had a good reason to be anxious, he’d long forgotten it.

From his vantage point atop the nearest black-stone cliff, he’d watched the guards at the perimeter of Odense’s palace change shifts no less than three times.

Focused, these. They didn’t move much, but even from a bird’s eye view, Aeon could tell that they were big. (The longer he stayed in Glacia, the more he saw men who might be easily confused for bears at first glance—and sometimes the second glance, too.)

Was he from here, truly, like Arkyn had said? He was not a bear-man, and although the majesty of nature here inspired awe in him, he could not claim to be familiar with it. But then, that was true of so many places.

Still, homecoming or no, and regardless of whether the welcome was warm or cold, he had important information that the Queen needed to hear. Like him, she wore the Ebon-gray; he could feel its pulse through the land almost as keenly as he felt his own. Realized, with a jolt, that it was the undercurrent of her power making him nervous.

Never mind. Aeon straightened his glasses and bit the feeling back, holding it tight behind the determined line of his wind-chapped lips.

The guards were changing shifts again, right on time. There: behind the gate, covered and hidden behind walls, a safe place in the yard for him to land on. Of course, safe was a relative term; he was fine, but the potted plant he’d landed on by mistake hadn’t been as lucky. He gave the displaced tomato by his foot a sad nudge, guilt-stricken.  

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Re: One More River to Cross
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2018, 09:55:03 PM »
A bubble rose to the surface of the land. Not an actual bubble, but it was the only way that Eydis knew how to describe the change. Her province was like a lake. Shifting with life under below the ripples and currents. All there and ready to be investigated if she chose to look deeper. But relatively the same to look on day to day. It’s metaphorical surface was usually calm. Today, she noted, it was especially placid.

As if everyone was subconsciously expecting the unexpected. Waiting with bated breath for something to happen. It was the bubble, she suspected. Rising up from murky shadows. An unusual blemish on what was normal. Too similar to the everyday to be noticed by many, if any.

Eydis was not just a queen though. She was The Queen of these lands. This was her Darkness blessed lake. And not a frog jumped or bubble popped without her notice. From afar she could feel the hum of energy. Keeping a distance despite her attempts to be approachable. Her smile never faltering as the day waxed on. Guards changed while she picked ripe figs from her small orchard and checked the progress of zucchini and tomato plants.

At the very core of what made her human she had a pulsing ache. Like her stomach wanted to be tight with anxiety but she had no capacity for such melodrama. Once in a while she would pause in her gardening to look to the mountains in the south. That was where the power sat. Its draw was deeper than a sharing of Jewels. There were so few that wore the Ebon-gray. It was either excellent news, or terrible.

While the guard changed Eydis moved to the center of the garden. A wooden box of garbanzo beans was flourishing under the daily attention of Eydis’ queen craft. The pods were fat and nearing harvest. Each one slightly larger than her thumbnail. Their long twirling vines catching in the day’s stiff breeze.

”Mind the tomatoes.” She instructed, a moment too late. The glatter of a ceramic pot punctuating her warning. Ah, he was so like his father. There were dead leaves on one of the arms of her bean plant. Picking them off one by one she waited to turn towards the newcomer. Pulse fast but face placid she gave him her best smile.

As she had always done. Since the day he was born. ”Well, never mind then. There are plenty more.” She forgave before any apology could be made. There was a funny twist to his barriers that made her afraid to probe him at all... Different. Yes. Her son was not the same young buck who had left home with high hopes and bright dreams. Rumor had suggested as much. But it had been very hard to get any reliable news on him for some years. Searching his face for any glimmer of emotion she tried to judge just what had changed. ”Come, come, no need to hide in the corner.”

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Re: One More River to Cross
« Reply #2 on: Today at 12:48:01 AM »
Those eyes. That look. A wave of hot shame rose in Aeon’s face and chest, making his skin burn. The patient, measured tone of her voice…she spoke as if she knew him. He felt as if he should know her.

But his mind remained empty as ever; whatever memories his heart sought, they were beyond his reach. If they existed at all. His anxiety was the only thing that escaped through the thin crack in his mind’s barriers. Usually he was better at reining it in; now, it slipped and curled away from his grasp like smoke, impossible to keep.

At the very least, she wasn’t upset about the tomato plant he’d squished. He hadn’t even had the good sense to open his mouth to apologize before she’d headed him off with a kindly smile. Aeon looked around, taking in the garden properly for the first time. It was small, but well-tended. Glancing sidelong, he shot at apologetic look at the Queen and her remaining tomato plants.

Even if there were plenty more, it was his fault that there was one less.

“Thank you, Lady, for your understanding.” The drum of his pulse at the hollow of his throat made it difficult to speak. So he scooped up the fallen tomato, instead, pressing his palms against the sun-warm yellow flesh. Not ripe yet, but unscathed. He hoisted his weight up and out of the garden pot and took a few stiff-kneed, awkward steps toward the Ebon-gray Queen.

“I think this one is alright.” With both hands and a small, sheepish smile he presented the surviving fruit of her labor. “I didn’t mean to bother you. Actually, I…”

The sentence trailed off into uneasy silence. Actually, he…what? He’d come here, to this Queen, for a specific reason. Only a moment ago he’d known what it was.

Nervous again. Wide, dark eyes flitting behind the flash of his glasses, seeking answers from somewhere, anywhere. He ran one dirty hand through his bangs, deep brown and stark white, leaving a streak of soil on his forehead.

“I came here to tell you something important,” he said, weakly. “Because someone said…in Meols…”

And here, he’d been doing so well.  

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