There is this thing


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There is this thing
« on: January 06, 2019, 08:28:56 PM »

She stood there looking at the thing that stood in the middle of her room, one slender arm wrapped around her middle and the other hand tapping a finger against her stubborn chin. The thing had a pretty little bow and red ribbon wrapped around its center, a pretty little floral design danced its way across the top of it and Catriona frowned. She should have known he would do something like this, especially on her birthday. He was sneaky and conniving and a terrible consort to have this thing delivered by a lower circle guard. Coward too, not doing it himself. 

She moved forward, slender body swaying as she walked around the thing, hand playing across the cool wood as she gave it a bump. It was a delight that it made not a single squeak as it rocked to a fro with her small bump. The carving and insets were beautiful, something Morgan would always think of before she did, but the nerve of that man! Catriona fussed with the bow, flipping it with a smirk before frowning again. *Come here, husband, you've explaining to do* she sent along on a thread of summer-sky.

She moved away again, resuming her stance, finger tapping her chin again and she wondered at his audacity. She had to admit it was clever, this ridiculous hint. It wasn't something she could just toss out with a shake of her head and a snarl on her face. She'd promised after all. Promised to think about a pregnancy and she had. She'd even gone so far as to dial back the potency of her brews. Still not completely off them, not wanting to take the chance that she would be with a child too quickly, but weakened enough that should an accident happen... Well, it would happen.

But this?

It was a blatant line in the sand drawn by her consort. There would be no backing out now. She could not just say "Oops.. Maybe next year!" He'd gone and bought her a cradle, something a child could sleep in next to their bed. Something beautiful and wonderful and filled her full of terror. A silent demand for this to happen now instead of later. The palm of her hand itched to smack him and her foot tapped with impatience that was more forced than not. She was actually enjoying the sight of the lovely cradle but the nerve of him to purchase something like this without consulting her first. How very like him it was.

*I am waiting, Prince, do not make me wait much longer*


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Re: There is this thing
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2019, 05:59:00 AM »

She was going to kill him. Standing in the yard, Morgan watched the window. He played at sword practice, but he watched for rattling panes more than he watched for the tip of his opponent’s sword. Poor boy too shocked at Morgan’s ineptitude to press the advantage. The queens consort was usually a much better swordsman. Attentive to the fight rather than...

The call came, grinning like a fool, Morgan knocked the boy on his ass with a sweep of his leg. ”Time to go.” Practice point at his throat, Morgan declared himself the winner. Disappointed the window had exploded outward, he would also take it as a good sign. That or she’d turned the cradle to ash. Anything was possible with Cat. Jogging around the house, Morgan ducked in the back door and started up the stairs.

His wife was getting impatient. He could feel it in the creak of the floor boards and the slow pulse through their thread. A yank when she summoned him the second time. *You wanted a house with ten stories, wife.* Not hardly. Morgan was barely winded when he arrived. The scurry maids more an obstacle than any stairs.

Striding into the room he looked first at the cradle. It was beautiful. And then at his wife. Also beautiful, but a whole lot less peaceful in appearance. Grinning, he brushed his hair back and leaned in to kiss her cheek. And then her chin. And then her nose. ”Happy birthday, love.” Hands catching at her elbow and hip to caress some of the annoyance from her.

Or pet some more in. It was always fun when she railed at him.

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Re: There is this thing
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2019, 01:56:37 AM »

Shuddering windows. Heated rooms. Husband yanking. Morgan had much to answer for. *I seem to recall you were the one who insisted we be on the floor closest to the top* she flicked the thread with a mental tap, *Something about safety or some such* She still stood watching the cradle just in case the wooden baby bed suddenly grew legs and sprouted teeth. It really was beautiful. Finger tapped again at her chin, thoughts winding and running.

Her stance was agitated, toe-tapping along with her finger, she knew he could feel it through there thread and she could appreciate his attempt at changing her mood. It had hurt her just a little that he'd taken in the cradle on first entering the room but the foolish kiss to her nose wiped clean that slate. "Mhmm," she murmured as she leaned into his caressing hands. She didn't mind when he tried to pet the temper from her, it always ended with some kind of fun. Sweaty and dirty usually, but what other fun could there be.

"Don't you think it's a little early to be buying cradles?" she asked carefully, her own fingers playing at the lines of his chest. He smelled like a man who'd been working hard. Sweat and dirt. Maybe a little blood. "I do hope you didn't maim that boy you were sparring with," she told him firmly mind trying to keep itself from the large and looming problem in the room, "Eshan is a wonderful eighth circle guard. It wouldn't do if his arms were broken. Plus I'd have to explain to Sai and that man is a terrifying sight."

A quick glance at the cradle brought her attention back to where it should be. On the irritatingly annoying gift. "You couldn't buy me a new horse? A dog? It had to be a cradle?" she continued, "I told you I would give it thought, Morgan. Don't you think this is pushing it just a little too hard?" Still, her palm itched to slap him but she just couldn't quite make herself to it. She wanted to hurt him and kiss him in equal measures.

Couldn't he simply be patient with her? He had to push, push, push. He would be the death of her someday.


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