Unwelcome welcomes



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Unwelcome welcomes
« on: February 09, 2019, 10:16:04 AM »

It wasn’t enough time. What had they had? Five minutes alone on the landing web, the swift journey on the Winds, and only a moment, a breath, before her herd descended on them. Harrow did not often leave the immediate area surround the village. And almost never without Bannick as her escort. She had been stealthy when leaving with Ripper, but her return with a strange male was much noticed.

They were surrounded quickly. Harrow’s old grandmother at the forefront for all she hobbled. Old and bent now, she used twisted crook of wood for a cane. She remembered Tempest, rheumy eyes bright and suspicious. ”His kind was ill luck,” she reminded Harrow darkly, gnarled finger pointing at Tempest with a bulging knuckle. The fingers of that hand never uncurled completely anymore. Harrow sighed, her hand slipping into Tempest’s.

”Not anymore, grandmother.” The herd muttered, but pressed in anyway. Curious about this buck Harrow brought home. Some touched him, just as they touched Harrow. Brief presses of palms or fingertips to his arms or shoulders. A few to his bare back, but Harrow bristled when they pressed in too close to this unguarded area. ”Space and peace, friends. Give Tempest welcome, but space and peace.” Her eyes spearing one young doe that had all but flattened her palm to Tempest’s shoulder blade.

They retreated. And then stepped back further as Bannick entered their midst. Harrow groaned, nose brushing Tempest’s arm as she turned her face away from the storming warlord prince. She wanted to step between them, to send Bannick and all the rest away, but there was a way to these things. If she stood between the males she could forever jeopardize Tempest’s standing within the herd.

”Good luck,” she told the arm beneath her nose, lips nearly brushing his arm. Releasing him, Harrow stepped aside, allowing Bannick to sweep in and lay outraged hands on her escort. Calloused hand closing in on the place Harrow had warmed with her breath, dragging Tempest from the crowd.


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Re: Unwelcome welcomes
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2019, 12:15:59 PM »
Ah shit. Smile sour for half a second Tempest pushed the hope of privacy farther down his timeline. Almost the instant they landed people started to accumulate around them. He glanced over at Harrow. Taking her cues. Standing still as the crowd gathered. An old woman the first to speak. One hand tight around a curled walking stick. The other lifting a knobby ball of fingers towards his face. Ducking his head politely he reached with his own free hand to touch her wrist. Just the brush of a thumb over old joints. ”Our luck has improved.” He promised.

Glad for the good manners when Harrow identified her as family. He didn’t quite remember a grandmother. A mother, yes, she had been quite cowed when the men came to yank him from Harrow’s closet. But blood or not this old woman was an elder of their people. And as a priest he held a reverence for those closest to the Darkness. It pleased him greatly to have Harrow give a soft wall of defence for him too. Possessive hand claiming his own. He gave her a reassuring squeeze. Then tried his best not to tense as he went through a sort round of inspection.

Probes tested his psyche, some even licked against his barriers. He smirked, unheld hand grasping the sword at his hip as a young child ran a finger over it’s sheath. A rounded chunk of his Sapphire was embedded in its hilt and he had not much acclimated to the strange sensation of having his Jewels handled. The herd touched his body too. Making muscles twitch at unexpected tickles. Someone raced a scar on his arm. Tentative fingers, slim and gentle, pressed at his shoulder. He felt the warmth of her palm but she left off before running it over him. The spot still ached in its core, and he thought it would have felt nice to have the fresh scar rubbed. But it pleased him more to see Harrow hiss them away.

Gentle in her queenly demand. While he forced himself to sit through this important first impression. ”I don’t mind.” He whispered to Harrow. Antlers over her head as he leaned in to take a settling sniff at her hair. So subtle it looked as if he had just leaned in so she wouldn’t miss his words. He didn’t mind, either. It was just curiosity. Warriness. Things that he understood well himself. None here felt threatening.

At least none that started off in the circle. Before long they parted to let the warlord prince through. He perked up. That meant Reed was nearby. It also meant his private moment with Harrow was being pushed back even farther. The look on the other buck’s face did not encourage his grin to hold though. Sobering he stiffened in defense. The hand Harrow held turning into an arm around her waist. Antlers held high as he was measured in challenge and answered by shifting his stance to something more fight ready. He winked at Harrow as she moved away from the line of fire. ”We’ll get back to this in a moment then.”

Perhaps she would give him more leeway if he had a few bruises that needed kissing. As the outside man he wanted to set a good impression. So for the benefit of the crowd he raised the arm she abandoned in a peaceful, palm up gesture. ”Words, Bannick. That’s how the civilized world deals with court disputes.” There was Protocol. None of which Tempest knew a lick about, but he had seen more of the broader world than any of these people.

Enough to know that a queen’s men didn’t usually duke it out in the village square. Of course, warlord princes were a force unto themselves. This one was Tempest’s match. Also the first he had ever met with antlers. Locking his heels he jerked his arm free of the brutes hold. Nostrils wide as he stood his ground. The people would move, or be in the middle of it. But he refused to be dragged around like a petulant child’s toy. ”Get it off your chest or get out of here. I have more important things to do than take you for a walk.”

This was too vital a time in his entry to the herd for this shit. He hadn’t had a second to earn their respect or trust. Now a prince of their people wanted to pick a fight. Perhaps his early misfortune in the dogfight had given Bannick a misrepresentation of Tempest’s skill. They would test one another know, he supposed. It wouldn’t be the first time he locked antlers. But it was the first time something as worthwhile as everything hung in the balance.


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Re: Unwelcome welcomes
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2019, 11:31:43 AM »

”So you think us uncivilized, wanderer?” Bannick gestured to the herd around him. They all moved aside for their warlord prince. Even Harrow abandoned the outsider’s side. The young bucks looked eager for the violence, and the women less sure. Children ushered away by their mothers, and young does by their fathers. The queen stood silent, head bent toward her grandmother who stood at her side.

He regretted saving these strangers at all. One fleeing with Harrow, the other ungrateful and petulant in their travels. Uncivilized. At least Bannick had his shirt on. The other buck squared up. His placating gesture nothing more than show as his body readied for violence. Bannick smiled, tusks breaking across his upper lip. Bannick grabbed him. There were places for violence. Rings set in the earth. But Tempest broke free. He wanted it done.

”Very well, boy.” So Bannick hit him. Broad antlers swinging clockwise to his fist. This was Bannick’s herd. His people. He would not be told to leave by some young upstart, made herdless by the wolf-men. Too sure of his place to worry about displeases Harrow should he bloody her new male. This one had done nothing to earn his place among them. Bannick didn’t care what Steadfast’s webs said, or Harrow’s heart. Women’s hearts were often clouded and wrong.


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Re: Unwelcome welcomes
« Reply #3 on: February 10, 2019, 02:26:24 PM »
”Don’t broaden the scope of my words. We’re talking about you, Prince Bannick. Everyone else has greeted me very kindly.” With a hand on his heart he motioned with the other to half ring of people. Smile handsome and untroubled. Until he reached Harrow. Who had turned from his back in favor of her old hand. Very well, his eyebrows rose briefly. Smile going thin and cheeks twitching. She had chosen her side. He wouldn't forget. There were other places a man could make a life. Or die, if he found nothing worth living for.

Like it or not the other buck was being uncivil. There wasn’t a single good reason to pick a fight. Or cause a scene. That was reason enough for Tempest to turn the clouds overhead a grey darker than his Jewel of rank. And it needled his temper more that no one else seemed to care. He was a warlord prince so they all backed his right to try dragging the newcomer around. So be it. They would fight. He would cope with his disappointment later.

Tempest set his heels and braced for the charge. Ready when the hit came. Knuckles grazed across his eye and cheek bone. Contact allowed because it made Bannick look the ass. Or at least, it would. Once they were done. First Tempest had to stay on his feet or look the fool. He had just gotten Harrow back. He would die before he would let this bully pull him away for no damn cause. Nevermind that now he wasn't feeling much like being in her company after all. It would sort itself. ”That all you have left in you?” He answered, stepping away from the rest of the blow before launching one of his own. His shoulder screamed in blunt agony as he fed it into a strong undercut.

Landed or not it was the start of the fight as far as Tempest was concerned. And when he fought it was not for blood. It was for survival. Too fresh from a life of battle to see a narrower field now. When he came back around it was with his blade in hand. He didn’t even think of the people around them in so far as their opinion. Or how Harrow would react if he skewered her guardsman. An attack was an attack. He would do what he was trained to do. Over them the sky opened with a shower of rain. And wild rods of fire. Lightning cracking the ground between them and turning the edge of his blade deadly. ”You’ve been alone at the top too long, old man. Time to learn to share.” He didn’t need one of their fancy fighting pits. His Sapphire made a ring of low shields for the crowd to duck behind. And he walked forward. Another swing ready to take this male down a knock. Or a head.

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