The First Cut is the Deepest

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The First Cut is the Deepest
« on: March 27, 2017, 06:31:31 PM »
The past few years had felt more life a life sentence to him than anything else. He would have never expected his life to have turned out the way he did, but life always had a funny way of never turning out how you expected. But that's why he had gone away, joined the military, he had wanted to forget. But try as he might, there was nothing he could do to forget her. It may have sounded silly, they had only been together for a year, but they had a connection between then that no one could deny and, despite having to keep their relationship a secret, it had been more than a fling and he thought that they had both known that.

His time in the military had filled his time, giving him little time to worry about his own woes, but coming back to working in a Court, he had found himself with more time on his hands. Time to think about things he didn't want to think about. Nik shook his head driving out the thoughts of her. He was 'off' for the day, but that didn't stop him from doing anything. If Nik had learned anything over the past few years it was that physical activity helped him. He had to focus on the movements, keeping form, or lifting weights, and that seemed to keep Dory from his thoughts.

Nik had been working in this Court for close to two years now, he had started his contract under Tasoula, which was a risk in itself, but he had done he research and found out the Dory was still serving with Astraea. Nik knew that she had plans to rule a District one day, and she had been working under Astraea for so long, that it seemed almost a done deal that she would take over after Astraea. So Nik had deemed this Court safe, of course he would be close to her family, but she had told no on about their romance so no one here knew him.

Nik had just about finished his workout when he turned around after hearing the sound of hooves approaching. He didn't think anyone had been expected today, but he didn't know everything that happened here. He had never expected to see her again. Nik froze on the spot, instantly recognizing her face, he had long ago memorized those features, and although she had grown and changed, she was still the same. He should have known that she would have shown up here eventually, and maybe part of him had hoped she would. Despite all this time, Nik still loved her and he still wanted to change her mind about them.

Dory had passed him by the time Nik was able to move once again. Shaking his head to himself Nik jogged up to her "Lady Floros" He kept up the formality, not even sure if she would remember him. "Can I help you with your horse?" They had never talked after she broke things off, and yet despite all the hurt and pain, all Nik wanted to do was hold her in his arms and forget the last 4 years.

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Re: The First Cut is the Deepest
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The decision to leave the court that she had invested so much time and energy into had not been an easy decision for Pandora to make. She was well aware of the fact that she would have been next in line after her mentor decided to retire, but that date had begun to seem like it was never going to come and her resentment for the woman only seemed to grow with every passing day. It wasn't so much that she had wanted to leave the court, but when the letter from her sister arrived it certainly gave her a way out.

There was a part of her that had wanted to say yes immediately, considering the fact that Koralia was family and Pandora always put her family before herself. There was the part of her that desperately wanted to rule herself though that had given her pause. If she left the Titos Court, then she would be taking a step backwards and potentially giving up her chance to ever rule. In the end, her duty to her family and her resentment of Astraea was enough to get her to make her choice and before she knew it, Dory was leaving Titos for Baruch.

She had arrived yesterday and spent the day settling into her new room and checking out the altar that she hadn't really spent much time in since she was a rather young girl visiting her Aunt's Court. That morning she had felt a bit restless though and since she wasn't actually needed, Dory made the decision to go out for a ride. She didn't bother taking an escort with since she wasn't leaving the grounds, though she had no doubt that someone would likely complain if they realized that were the case. She dressed comfortably in simple pants and a form-fitting top that fit nicely below the jacket she had donned to keep out the chill... though the warming spells that she had woven into it probably did a better job at that then the jacket itself.

Her ride had lasted a bit longer than she had originally planned, though it had felt good to get outside for a bit and to explore the lands she would be residing on for some time. Upon returning to the stables, Pandora started to dismount and had barely gotten her feet back on solid ground when it hit her. The psychic scent was so painfully familiar that it made it hard to breathe and her fingers clasped tightly onto the reins as she tried to steady herself against the scent of a Green jeweled Warlord Prince. Maybe it was someone else... maybe she was mistaken... The second his voice hit her ears she knew that it really was him.

Nik... even after all these years she had not moved on from the one man she had ever given her heart. She had been the one to break it off after her mother learned of their relationship, but it certainly hadn't been easy for her. Pandora's heart had broken the day she told him that it was over and it had been easier to convince herself that she had healed at least a little bit when he was nowhere to be found. It only took a second for her to make sure her inner barriers were secure so he wouldn't possibly figure out how she was feeling right in this moment and to school her face into a more neutral look than she felt. Once she did, Pandora untangled her fingers from the reins and turned to face the man that she still loved to this day.

He had aged a bit, she could see it in the new lines on the face that she had known so well once. So had she though... it had been years since they had last seen each other and though she had no idea what he'd done after he left the Titos Court, she could only imagine that it had been along the lines of what he'd done there. The formality in his words was like a knife to the heart considering he hadn't been that formal with her since the first time they'd met, but it also gave her something to cling to in order to keep her sanity. "That is kind of you to offer Prince Vasco, but I'm sure I can handle it," she stated as she began to lead the horse back to its stall. She didn't want to put him out after all, even if he had offered.

With that said, she didn't leave it at that though. There were so many questions running through her mind in that moment but there was one at the top of the list and that was what came out next. "Do you serve in this Court?" she questioned, praying that the answer would be no but getting the feeling that it probably wouldn't be. It would be her luck to leave Titos in order to help her sister only to discover that this was where Nik had gone after they'd parted. It would serve her right to find him again so soon after agreeing to marry someone else.

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Re: The First Cut is the Deepest
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Speaking to Dory with such formality did not come easy to Nik, as from day one both had been comfortable enough with each other to drop that. But years had passed since then and Nik could honestly say that he had no idea where he stood with Dory. Everything had happened so quickly and she shut him out, that still had been what hurt the most. He might have been able to handle the break up if he had known her reasons, but she had left him with nothing. There was no denying their compatibility, their desire to learn about the other, so what had changed her mind?

He didn’t think he would ever find out. They had parted ways and Nik had left to put more marks on his body and soul. Military service was not easy, it had been the toughest two years of his life and yet with Dory’s appearance, he was considering going back. He could face his enemies in battle but he didn’t think he could handle seeing her every day, knowing she was not his.

But as much as he wished he could just leave, he had agreed to stay here and Nik was a man of his word. Nik watched Dory carefully as she dismounted her horse, their year together had been short but it had taken no time at all for him to learn how to read her. But if she had showed any emotion if was gone before he could process it. She kept her face neutral, giving him nothing to go off of, no inkling as to what she was feeling, and that only made his heart break even more.

Nik shook his head ever so slightly as she addressed him, nothing about the formal title seemed right. “Please, just Nik” He tried to hide the pain in his voice as he spoke but if she remembered anything about him he knew she would detect it. He had never imagined that they would end up here, unsure of where the other stood. There had been a time where he had been so sure of them, so sure that he had gotten a ring. Of course they would have had to figure some things out, like actually telling her parents, but Nik knew how important her family was to her and he knew that her family didn’t approve of him because he wasn’t Aristoi. He had hoped that eventually they would have seen their daughters’ happiness and been satisfied with that, but they chance had never come. He still had the ring, he knew exactly where it was in his home, it was one of the few things he did not give away when he left for the military. It was just too precious to him.

But that was years ago, and although his feelings had not changed, hers very well could have. He knew he should get rid of the ring and move on, but for some reason he couldn’t. Looking at Dory, he took a few moments to commit her face to memory again. Yes, she had changed but her beauty was still more than apparent. “I work in the Guard, yes. Are you here visiting your sister?” Part of him thought he should keep up the formal tone of their conversation but it was just too easy to slip back to what they were.

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Re: The First Cut is the Deepest
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It was funny how something as simple as a name could bring such pain to people and yet hearing him refer to her as Lady Floros had done just that to her. It seemed her use of his formal name had done the same for him since she heard the slight strain in his voice when he told her to just call him Nik, though he was clearly trying to hide it. That simply made it hurt all the more, considering the fact that it meant he still had reason to be hurt by her. There had been a small part of her that had hoped he'd moved on over the years, found someone else that he could be happy with and forgotten about her even if she had been unable to forget about him. It would have killed her to see him happy with someone else, but it was still something she had truly hoped would happen. After all, she'd hate to think that he was just as miserable as she was...

The inkling of pain in his voice though made her wonder if perhaps he hadn't moved on and for one selfish moment, Dory was glad at the thought. It didn't mean anything for her of course, considering the fact that she was betrothed and her mother had already made her end the relationship in the first place, but that meant nothing to the part of her that still loved him. Granted, there was always the chance that it simply came from remembering how things had ended between them as opposed to him not moving on in the time that had past. She hadn't exactly handled the situation well after all and had simply told him it was over and refused to speak to him after. He would have wanted to know why. There had been every chance that he'd try to convince her to reconsider and her resolve would have weakened. He wouldn't have understood the pressure she had been under from her mother and he probably wouldn't have accepted her knowing about them as a legitimate reason for ending things.

"Alright... Nik then." The name felt strange rolling off of her tongue after so many years. It was such a familiar name and yet it felt almost foreign to her as she tried to keep anything she might be feeling out of the tone... though she was fairly certain it came off sounding more intimate than she would have liked considering ol habits die hard, even after so many years. When he answered her question, Pandora's heart fell slightly since that was not the answer she had hoped for. It was the one she had expected though and she supposed it was only fair for her to have to suffer with the possibility of seeing him regularly again after how she had ended things.

How long had he been here? Had he served her aunt and just assumed that she would never come to Court to visit? She supposed that wasn't far off considering she never made it out this way. When she was able to visit with her sister, it had always been elsewhere. Had he left the Titos Court and just come straight here or had he done something else in the interim? She couldn't bring herself to ask though... and thankfully he turned the question back on her so she could fit the urge to voice them. "Not exactly... My sister had sent a request for my services as Court Priestess and I have accepted. I arrived yesterday." Nik of course was one of the few people that would know exactly what that meant considering he had known just what her ambitions were, but he had also been aware of how important her duty to her family was to her. He wouldn't of course know about her resentment for Astraea playing such a large part in her decision to leave, considering the fact that it happened after they had already broken up. He would have no idea that her mentor was the one that had ruined everything by telling her mother about them because she felt that Pandora had grown "distracted."

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Re: The First Cut is the Deepest
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Even though Nik would have fully understood if Dory had refused to call him Nik, part of him couldn't help but breath a sigh of relief. Seeing her here, still feeling what he was feeling, having her constantly refer to him as Prince Vasco would have been like having another dagger shoved through his heart. And he didn't think he could handle that on a daily basis. But the way she said his name, brought back memories, memories that had refused to fade from his mind. Nik could remember every moment of their year together, every day, every meeting, every touch, but ask him to recount the past 4 years and it would all come up cloudy.

There was nothing he could compare his pain too, and even his younger sister had thought he was foolish for it. Dory was just one girl, there were plenty more and he should move on, but Nik didn't want to. Dory was the other half of him, and if he couldn't have her than he didn't want anyone. Telling his sister that had done nothing but rile both of their tempers though. It was one of the few fights Nik remember in detail. Elena had gone out to cause trouble with the Aristoi, and Nik, knowing that was what she had intended had gone out to find her. He stopped her just in time, but he had so much anger in him that it was overbearing and had Elena not moved at the last second Nik knew he would have hurt her. It was the next morning that Nik signed up for military service. Staying with all the memories of Dory, and the constant reminders from Elena to move on would have only drove him insane.

Even though he ended up in the exact position he had been hoping to avoid, seeing Dory everyday. Maybe seeing each other again would be good, maybe he would move on. No, that wouldn't happen, that much he was sure of. And by Dory's tone Nik didn't think she had moved on either, and part of that gave him hope. Many would call him a fool for clinging to such hope, but he didn't care what others thought.

Closing the gap between Dory and himself, Nik moved his hands to start working on her horses' girth. He knew she had declined his offer for help but he couldn't help it. Whether it was habit from their stolen moments back in the Stables in Titos or just an urge to be close to her, he didn't know and he didn't fight it. Nik worked with ease as Dory continued to speak, freezing for a moment and looking up to her face. She had given up her potential to rule to fill in her sisters Court? Part of him was surprised, as Dory had worked for years to earn the respect of Astraea in hopes of ruling, and she had given all of that up. Not thinking Nik reached out to Dory, gently stroking her cheek with his thumb. "Dory..." His words were soft, barely a whisper. He knew there was nothing he could say that would help. He knew how hard that decision must have been for her, but Dory had always thought of her family before herself. As it suddenly realizing what he was doing Nik jerked his hand away from her face, turning his attention back to the saddle. "That must not have been an easy decision." There was a certain edge to his voice as he tried to restrain himself from pulling her into his arms as he wanted. Dory had always sacrificed herself for her family and it killed Nik to see that. No one ever asked Dory what she wanted and she deserved so much more than what she had. "Your sister must be glad to see you around again." Although they hadn't been overly close, they were still family and family mattered.

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Re: The First Cut is the Deepest
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As they kept the conversation going, Dory focused on getting the horse she had chosen to ride back into the stable so she could start getting the mare settled instead of on the fact that Nik was going to be a constant around the Baruch Court since that was just too hard to think about. Maybe she would be lucky and they'd hardly run into each other. Had it not been for the one day when he'd been randomly assigned to serve as her escort all those years ago, it was likely that they never would have met at all. It wasn't like they ran in the same circles and how often did the Court Priestess of a Court really have to interact with a guard? Granted she hadn't even been there for a full twenty-four hours yet and she'd managed to run into him so she doubted that she would be so lucky to have that change. She was going to have to live with this torture for the tenure of her contract... or his if it were shorter. Surely he wouldn't want to be around her either... right?

Couse, as soon as the thought had entered her mind Nik was stepping up alongside her and beginning to help even though she had denied his offer of aid. It brought back so many memories of the stolen moments they'd had together in the past and though she managed to keep the façade she'd crafted firmly in place, that didn't stop her heart from racing slightly because of his proximity and those moments being on her mind. So she focused on what she was doing instead of the fact that for the first time in years the man that held her heart was standing close enough for her to touch if she so chose. Then she told him about accepting the position with her sister's court and it was almost as if the world had tilted itself off balance. The feel of his thumb brushing across her cheek made her breath catch in her throat and she had to fight the urge to melt into his caress. The intimacy of how he whispered the nickname acted like a dagger to her heart and for a brief moment, her façade cracked. The pain she felt at such a simple touch and the way he spoke to her shown through her eyes for the briefest of moments before she was able to regain her composure and pulled the façade back into place.

It seemed he realized just what he had been doing as well considering the way he jerked his hand away and turned back to the saddle. That small motion was enough for her to convince her legs to take that step back, giving him room to work on the horse instead of trying to help at this point. She couldn't be that close to him... even after all of these years. The slight space allowed her to remember how to breathe without his scent overwhelming her. This should be easier after so much time, but instead the time had only served to magnify everything that she had felt. Even now she could still feel the sensation of his thumb against her cheek despite it having been gone for a few seconds. It was why she tried to focus on his words instead of the fact that she simply wanted to wrap herself up in his embrace and to pick up where they had left off all that time ago.

"It was not," she responded to his comment on her decision must not have been an easy one. Even her resentment towards Astraea hadn't made it easy for her to walk away from everything she had worked for. That wasn't something she wanted to talk about right now though and the only reason he even knew that it must have been hard for her was because he had known what she had always wanted. So instead she focused on what he spoke of next... her sister. "I think so... I mean its been a really long time since we've been able to spend more than a passing moment together. I think she wants people around that she knows she can count on, so I'm honored that she wanted me here."

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Re: The First Cut is the Deepest
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Even though there was so much about the whole situation that Nik didn't agree with, he could deny how easy it had been to slip back into old habits. Although there was nothing wrong with touching someone, his touch had likely been too intimate. But Nik hadn't been able to let that go, and it seemed neither had she. As he stroked her cheek Nik could sense her breath catch and for a brief moment he saw the pain she had hidden behind a mask. It was only his confusion at seeing the pain that had stopped him from leaning in to kiss her and take that pain away.

But that's not what they were for one another anymore and the sooner Nik respected that boundary the sooner they could try to be friends instead. Try being the keyword, Nik truly didn't think that he would ever get over Dory. Focusing on the saddle once again Nik finished with the girth and easily lifted the saddle and blanket off the mare's back, listening with interest as Dory spoke. He hadn't heard anything about her since they had last seen each other, and now that they were talking he wanted to know everything that had happened in the last four years.

He had known she hadn't been close to her sister, they had been robbed of their childhood together when she was sent away to train, so he wasn't exactly surprised to hear that that hadn't changed. But it still made him sad, although Elena drove him mad, he couldn't imagine what life would be like without her constantly in his hair. And yet, Dory leaving Titos and coming here to serve in his sister's Court showed her dedication to her family. Nik only hoped that her family treated her the same. Dory had met his family, and they had adored her, but Nik had never met her family, he wasn't even sure if they knew about him. Dory had always been particular when it came to her family and Nik had respected that and never pushed her. But he still had a feeling that Koralia had no idea exactly what her sister had given up to be here.

Keeping hold of the tack Nik moved a few steps away so the Dory could brush the mare if she so desired. He waited a moment, trying to decide on his words. Nik had never tried to interfere with Dory's family, her family life seemed a lot more complicated than his and he was sure that she didn't even tell him everything. But he had respected that. "Before you know it you'll be sick of her" He smiled as he spoke, thinking of his own sister. He hoped that Dory would one day be close to her sister, and maybe this would help. He knew he should go put the tack away, but he had just found Dory again and he didn't want to leave her yet, there were still so many questions he had, he just didn't have the courage to ask them all.

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Re: The First Cut is the Deepest
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The little bit of space that Pandora had put between them after the caress helped. She could think a bit clearer and it was certainly easier to keep pretending like seeing him wasn't breaking her heart. The Darkness was playing a cruel trick on her putting them together again... Perhaps it was upset with her for walking away from her chance to rule or perhaps she simply had ill luck. Whatever the reason, being here in Baruch was certainly not going to be what she had expected. She would still do her duty as Court Priestess and simply try to ignore the rest... if that were even possible. Clearly just being around Nik was going to be difficult considering the way she reacted to his nearness and the slightest of touches. She would figure it out though and surely it would get easier with time.

Thankfully he didn't push things at the moment and instead focused on the horse instead. Not that she really thought he would but it was easy to slip back into old habits, almost as if no time had elapsed at all. She still wished she could go back to the time that they were happy and together, but that was impossible. She hadn't been prepared to see him again because she hadn't ever dreamt that he would have served in her relative's Court. Next time, it will be different. She will be prepared for the wave of emotions and she will be able to be around him without wanting to run into his arms. She had to be because there was no other option.

After he had gotten the saddle off of the mare, Dory picked up the brush and moved back towards the horse. It put her closer to Nik once more, but at least now she had something to focus on other than his nearness and the way his scent seemed to surround her as if it were trying to call her back to him. "Only time will tell," she responded with a small smile, glancing up at him for the briefest of moments before turning her focus back to the horse. It was likely that she would grow a little sick of her sister, considering the fact that they were so very different. Where Dory was quite serious about her duty and more reserved in nature, Kori was outgoing and unpredictable in ways that Dory had never been able to allow herself to be... well except for once and that had not turned out well for either of them.

Yet now that she had been given the chance to see him again, to see that he was doing well for himself and seemed healthy, Dory wouldn’t have given up the chance for anything. It would be so difficult, but at least now she knew where he was and what he was up to. She had always wondered what had happened to him after he had left. In fact she had been tempted to write him a number of times to see if he were well but the words never seemed to come. Besides, she worried that he would ask for the reason behind their split and she wouldn't be able to provide it. She wouldn't lie to him... but she couldn't bring herself to tell him what happened either.

"It is nice to see you again Nik..." Dory spoke quietly before she could stop the words from coming out. She didn't even know what possessed her to say it in the first place, other than thinking about that very thing. She meant the words too, which was evident by the way her demeanor had softened slightly as she continued to brush the horse's coat.

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Re: The First Cut is the Deepest
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Moving away from Dory and the horse was not the first thing Nik had wanted to do, but he also respected Dory enough to give her some space. And her words only made him want to close the distance between them again, thankfully he had the saddle in his hands to stop him. While they had been together Nik had gotten very good at reading her, so he knew when he could push her and when to leave it, and now was not a time to push their limits. Although he was still dying to ask her what had happened all those years ago, he still couldn't understand why something that had felt so right could be wrong.

Stepping outside of the stall Nik put the saddle down before picking up another brush and moving to the horses' other side and started to work on brushing her off. He still wasn't ready to just leave Dory yet. They worked in silence for a moment but when Dory started to speak Nik paused and looked over the horses back so he could see her. He couldn't help but give off a small smile at her words, even if they did confuse him. She must have, in some capacity, missed him and it was something that he liked hearing. If she had broken things off and just forgotten about him it would have hurt a lot more. But it still gave him more questions. She had ended things with him, but if she missed him why did she end things? He could understand her missing him if they had just gone back to being friends, or if the break had not been one-sided.

Maybe he was the fool however, because despite of the break up, years of not seeing her and even her distance here, Nik still thought he stood a chance with her. Things had just been too good when they were together and until he got a solid reason from her he would not give up on them, he didn't care what anyone had to say on the matter. "It's good to see you too Dory." He spoke quietly, partially out of habit and because he was still lost in his own thoughts about them. It was good to see her, he couldn't deny that, it just brought more questions with it.

Looking back to the horse, Nik resumed his brushing, keeping Dory in his line of vision so he could watch for her reaction. She was keeping herself distance and Nik could sense that. She may have been good at hiding things from everyone but she had let him in and shown him things she hadn't shown others, and Nik had not forgotten a single thing. "How has Tito's treated you all these years? Has it changed in the past four years?" He hadn't been able to bring himself to go back after everything so his family made the trip up to Baruch if they wanted to see him, which wasn't very often. Thinking of that Nik groaned inwardly, although Elena didn't come up very often he would have to switch it so he went there now. It had been hard enough getting her to promise not to contact Dory while they were in Titos but if she came here and saw her again... Nik honestly didn't know what she would do, but it wouldn't be good.

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Re: The First Cut is the Deepest
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Pandora had no idea what had possessed her to say the words and yet now they hung in the air between them and there was no taking them back. It was nice to see him again, to know that he was okay and that he hadn't gotten entangled in the war that had ripped through Dharo over the last year. There had been a part of her that had worried about him being in the military, knowing about his history and hearing the rumors that he had re-enlisted after leaving Titos. She had worried something horrible had happened. The not knowing had been awful, but it wasn't like she could really inquire after him so it was all she'd had. Seeing him now though, it was nice to know that he was alright and that it didn't appear that he'd been swept up in the fighting.

Seeing his smile and hearing his response in return made her heart hurt though, for which she only had herself to blame. He seemed to happy to hear that she had missed him, even if she hadn't used those words but it was clearly the meaning he took from them. She had too, so it wasn't like she could even deny it at this point. Dory had missed him something fierce though she had absolutely no right to feel that way. She had ended it between them so she shouldn't have missed him or what they had. Nor did she have any right to feel as good as she did when he said that it was good to see her as well. It made it seem like he had missed her, especially when she remembered the caress of her cheek only moments earlier. She shouldn't be happy about that though...

"It's been fine," Dory responded when he asked about Titos, though it was only partially true. Once she had learned what Astraea had done, things had been tense and strained. She hadn't enjoyed her time there one bit despite holding out for as long as she could to see if her mentor would finally retire or not. She had wanted to rule... but she couldn't take it anymore. "It has changed a little bit. Lady Pachis has grown a bit persnickety at her age and the setting certainly wasn't as light as it had once been." She knew her sister's Court wasn't going to be perfect but at least she was away from that.

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Re: The First Cut is the Deepest
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The more he thought on it the easier is was to see how Dory's actions didn't line up with her words. She had been the one to break up with him, then refuse to give him a reason, refuse to even talk to him. Nik had been angry over that for a long time, but now, here she was saying it was good to see him. What had changed? Nik had spend many a dark day thinking that Dory, the one woman he loved, hated him. There just hadn't been something right about their break up and Nik was still trying to wrap his head around it four years later. One day things between them had been so good between them and the next they couldn't even speak. He knew he hadn't done anything wrong, he had left her confident in their relationship. Yet, something had happened.

Even thinking on it, Nik could feel his frustration and anger rising again. Normally he could get away with it by pushing away all thoughts of Dory and that year, but it was a task that would prove impossible with her standing right in front of him. Nik glanced at her again over her horse, thinking on some of their better times. Yes, they had been a secret but Nik had always been good with sight and aural shields so keeping them a secret had been rather easy to do. No, Nik couldn't go down this route, he was starting to feel frustrated and thinking about this was not helping.

As Dory spoke Nik cleared his mind, focusing solely on her words and grooming the horse in front of him. Keeping his hands busy was helping marginally. He was sad to hear that it had changed. The overall atmosphere had never been very light in his opinion so the fact that it had gotten worse didn't comfort him. In some strange sense he words also hurt him. All those years spend away from Titos, his thoughts had still wandered back to it and to Dory. He had hoped she would have found some way to be happy, it was something she deserved more than anyone else he knew.

But maybe she was happy now. Maybe she had found someone else to be with. No, that couldn't be true. If she had been married she would have corrected him when he called her by her last name, assuming she took his last name. Suddenly there were so many unknowns in regards to her, and he didn't like it. Feeling the angry bubble up in his chest again Nik tried taking a few calming breaths, but it wasn't working. No, this time he think he needed to walk away. "I'm sad to hear it changed so much. I know you enjoyed it there at one point." Nik looked at Dory at he spoke, watching her face. "But I.. I have to go" There was a certain edge to his voice, and Nik knew he needed to walk away now before he did or said something stupid. Walking around the horse Nik dropped his bush in the box, looking at Dory and bowing once again "It was nice to see you Pandora" He was speaking louder now, so he switched to her name. Taking one last longing look into her eyes, Nik turned around, knowing he needed to leave now.

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Re: The First Cut is the Deepest
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Never in a million years had she ever expected to run into Nik here in Baruch and she certainly hadn't been prepared for it. Dory had never believed that she was over him but she thought that she had at least put it all behind her. Clearly that wasn't the case though considering how just being near him made her feel... how the simple brush of his thumb across her cheek had been enough to make her realize just how wrong she had been. All she wanted to do now was touch him, to feel the strength of his arms wrap around her and revel in his embrace like she had so many times before. She wanted to forget about all the reasons she had walked away from the relationship in the first place, forget the fact that she was currently engaged to someone else and simply lose herself in what they had all those years ago.

For whatever reason though, Dory still had a shred of self-control left despite the desire to throw everything to the wind and just allow herself to be happy if she could. It didn't hurt that she could hear her mother's words echoing in her mind the entire time as she tried to concentrate on the act of brushing the horse instead of following all the urges she was feeling. That was easier to do once she spoke about Titus and how it had changed considering the fact that it distracted her mind from other things and reminded her of the mentor that had ruined everything. That was of course until she felt a slight spike of anger and her eyes moved quickly from the horse to Nik's. Had she said something to make him angry? No... nothing in what she had revealed would do that and his words only added to her belief that it wasn't anything she'd said about the Titus Court.

It was hard to miss the edge to his words though and the way he looked at her before turning to leave made the reason for it clearer. She wasn't the only one struggling with their unexpected reunion. Dory wanted to call out to him, to stop him from leaving, but she didn't. What would she have said? So instead she watched the man she loved walk away from her and begged the Darkness for the strength to get through this because she was clearly going to need it now that Nik was here.

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