Cat and mouse



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Cat and mouse
« on: March 10, 2019, 09:03:27 PM »
Thick woolen socks made the souls of Kite’s feet sweat. Between his toes he could feel the beads collecting on the fiber. Dressed for the harsh weather of Glacia he looked rather out of place on the Goth streets. Or so he assumed, because a girl smiled at him when he passed by a bread shop. And few other people tipped their hats or smirked when he ushered by.  Making him hustle all the faster. Unlike his brother he could not fall off the Wind anywhere other than a landing web. So he couldn’t appear at their buyer- or was she a middleman?- Kite didn’t know but no matter how it all worked she had a doorstep he could not manifest on directly.

It involved walking to the web in Reric. Then hiking through the unfamiliar town in Little Terrielle. All very unsettling for a young man who would rather be at home finishing the rocking cradle he had been carefully crafting for two weeks. The perfect wood chosen, carved by hand, fit together and sanded down. There were just a few screw holes to cap off and a layer of gloss to keep the baby from picking up any splinters. Or her nannymaidperson.

Peig, who he called Pug because everyone else did, mistakenly thinking that was her name. Sort of. He had tried to correct Peregrine but she had somehow earned his annoyance so he refused to call her differently now. Which meant that Starling also called her Pug, and Pug didn’t complain so he didn’t want to be the odd man out. Not that he had any reason to actually speak to her. They almost had, he thought, a time or two. But mostly they exchanged nods and tried not to notice how red the others cheeks became. She was a different sort of girl. Gone when she had a day off. Kite tired not bother her, or with her, since she paid him zero notice in return.

Unlike the woman whose door he was currently knocking on. Shoulder flinching at the sound which was much louder than he anticipated. ”Um. Charis?” He said when the door opened. Very aware that she was in fact Charis. They had met plenty of times. Always with Peregrine between them. Usually laughing. Or goading them both. Today his brother was busy with a colicky Birdy. Leaving Kite alone to fill their standing agreement and deliver a supply of opium. Boot toes stepping over one another he tried not fidget but failed. Shoulders rounding in as a flat palm smoothed his hair flat. ”Peregrine’s busy… sorry. I came instead.”



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Re: Cat and mouse
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2019, 06:16:16 AM »

Charis ran probes beneath the door. Bland things, such as a mother or healer might use. Unobtrusive and subtle. With them she checked who was knocking on the other side of her door. Friend, foe, patient? It proved to be kite who wasn’t quite any of those three. Smiling, she used craft to tighten the loosely bound laces of her corset, and opened the very top button of her sweater. And quick peek down her nose showed her a very fine glimpse of cleavage.

Or as much as she was likely to get anyway.

”Yes, Kite?” She answered him with a smile after opening the door. Poor dear, he looked so horribly uncomfortable! Charis knew it wasn’t all because of his too thick coat either. He looked that way near every time she saw him. It made her want to laugh, but she didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Only tease him a little. It was just too delightful the way he blushed. Always trying to escape her notice because he wasn’t sure what to do with it. Charis found it great fun. He was such a sweet thing.

”I bet he’s not. That Runner is a lazy scoundrel if I ever met one.” Charis was still smiling. It took all the bite out of her unkind words. She liked Runner just fine. Just fine indeed. He was a good sort, if a bit smirky. Grabbing the thick fabric of his jacket sleeve, Charis gave Kite a little tug, knowing he probably needed a good kick to the backside to get him from shuffling on her doorstep to actually walking across it.

”Come in, come in!” She laughed, only just getting out of the way. Forcing Kite to squeeze between her and the wall as she pretended to flatten herself against the door. ”Doing business on the stoop is just asking for trouble.” She closed the door and snapped the lock in place, shooing Kite into the sitting room. ”How have you been, Kite my dear? Here, let me help you with your coat.” Charis didn’t really give him much change to answer. Or much choice in the help either. Hands sneaky and quick.

”You must be dying in this thing. Its been warm this fall but they say there will be snow this winter. Makes no sense at all.” She prattled, watching furtively him through her lashes. She didn’t let her hands linger long anywhere. She just wanted to tease him. Something in the way Peregrine kept an eye on his brother made her just a little worried. Plus she was afraid he would melt right into the floor. ”Would you like something?” She asked rather pointedly. ”To drink?”


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Re: Cat and mouse
« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2019, 07:33:49 PM »
Spine tingling Kite was too preoccupied with making sure his voice didn’t crack to notice the probes. And likely too used to the gentle interest of a healer, thanks to Starling, that he wouldn’t have noticed anyway. Certainly he would have said nothing if he had. ”Yes?” He echoed back stupidly, kicking himself internally for playing right into the foolish little brother routine he hated so much. There had been a time when he was less awkward, he knew and remembered it keenly. Had been the one leading the charge with a little Peregrine toddling after. But boyhood bravery had abandoned him some years ago.

Now he was trapped in a constant state of noticing too much, or not enough, and never sure which was right. Like right then and there. Head turning down so he didn’t have to see the laughter behind her eyes and getting an eyeful of round pale skin instead. The boning of her corset hidden under lacy fabric but doing it’s job beautifully. A dark shadow between her breasts making him swallow hard and lower his gaze even farther. Down to the ground he wished he could sink into.

”That’s true. But babies change things.” Kite told her, fingers scratching behind his ear. The lingering sound in throat hooked through his navel and pulled him forward with the tug to his sleeve. ”Oh.” Yes. Of course. It only made sense to go inside. This time his eyes only widened, trapped by her own large and expressive brown ones as he skimmed by into the house. Heat radiating down from his hairline to his chest. Beading a layer of sweat on his upper lip while he mumbled some nonsense and jumped at the lock snapping into place.

It all made sense! It was fine. Charis was a woman grown and he didn’t need babysat. That had been his argument in coming at all, though he wondered now why he had been so insistent. If Peregrine could spend whole nights out in Meols then surely a day trip to Little Terreille wouldn’t have been so awful. He bet Charis would have liked to pinch the baby’s cheeks too. She was looking at him as if she were tempted to try his. Which made him stand a little straighter. Eyes turned out to soak up the room rather than the pretty woman at its center. Turning back in a dizzying snap as her question rolled into unexpected attention. Jacket stripped away before he could say a single word. He stuttered to a start, ”I-I-I well… things are fine. How have you been?”

She looked fine. Very fine, indeed. He tried not to notice but did anyway. In not very covert glances that she smirked at. Making his face all the redder while he tried to breath through the embarrassment and will his body not to react. ”No, it’s fine.” He lied. He was definitely dying. The coat was only half to blame. ”Happens that way sometimes. I hear. S’always never very warm at home.” Weather. They were really talking about the weather. With a short sigh he closed his eyes so he could roll them at himself. They didn’t stay closed for long and the sigh turned to snort. Swallowing the lump in his throat he bleated out a soft, ”Hm?”

That was on purpose. He eyed her coyly, half grinning through his embarrassment. There was no reason to split the question up like that except to needle him, which he knew she enjoyed doing. Why, he didn’t know, but he didn’t think Peregrine's advise to use it was the right move either. Without his thick coat to help hide the shifts of his shoulders or changes in the rest of his stance he stood stiffly. Clinging to his own elbow he let that arm hang limply down his front. Chin periodically touching his shoulder while he paused to think. ”No, I’m alright. Reminds me that Peregrine said to tell you he tested that brew you gave him again. Worked great without being too strong for a Red, whatever that means.”

”I have it. Your delivery for this month.” He offered, looking idly around the room, and accidentally down Charis. ”Where should I put it? The box, I mean. Of course, obviously the box.” Hell call him home he was a blundering idiot. Thank Mother Night his brother wasn’t here. He’d probably die choking on his own laughter.

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