Whoops again
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Peigin wasn’t sure if it was the noise or the smell. It could have been the people. She was sure it was the intention. It crept like eyes along her skin, or would have if Peigin had dared expose any. She huddled deep in her coat while others stripped gratefully from theirs and sprawled on on seating designed for more than one person in mind. She managed to pull her fur trimmed hood from her head and remove her gloves but Peigin didn’t get far beyond that point.

Too much noise. And the stink of sex in the air. They might not have been able to smell it, but she could. It was thick. A rich smell that make her stomach queasy and her nerves rattle. Here was a place full of people. People bedding people. And Peigin was too much a wolf to go through with it. It didn’t matter how many threats Peregrine made or how many marks he stuck on the pocket of the coat they had picked for her - thicker than anything she’d ever worn before.

She just couldn’t. So she ran away. Right back out the door she’d only come in moments before. Enough time to take off her gloves and hood. To feel the eyes and intention and flee from it. Out on the street she tried to put her clothing back to rights. Holding a glove in one hand, she half dragged the other one while also trying to lift her hood back over her hair. Which had gone wild in the wind. Stinging her eyes much like the cold stung her cheeks.

Peigin was too busy fighting her garments and her feet to look where her feet took her. Body stumbling up against something hard and fleshy. She grunted and looked up. Eyes wide and half hidden by empty glove fingers which flopped limply in her face. ”Sorry,” she whispered, dying a little inside.