The sea changes


Georgette Louise

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The sea changes
« on: April 13, 2019, 07:29:55 PM »

Seashells in a tidy line. The sun warm on her back without turning her skin pink. Georgie leaned hard on her left hip, legs sprawled awkwardly to her right. Sitting in the sand required falling into it. Knees first, followed by hands and shins as she eased herself down. Too round for grace. Too round to get up again on her own. The sand too deep and shifting. Or soft and sucking when the tide came in.

For now it tickled her toes. Teasing up toward her ankles. Bare skin up to her thighs. Shoulders and arms naked too. Sun drenched and darkened. Freckles like points of shadow across her shoulders and down her arms. It would grow paler as winter progressed. Harsh summer sun softened by cooler weather. Georgie was ready for the long rains and raging storms.

She was beginning to think it would pass. What was to come would not. Winter was encroaching swiftly and still she remained the same. But it came then. Like the waves that washes the sea up the shoreline, it broke over her. Rolling up her stomach and down her spine. Muscles clamping down and pushing until she rolled forward and gagged.

”Mother?” She called, voice cracking. Too quiet. No one heard her. Georgie couldn’t be frustrated just then at this new, or possibly old, fact of her life. Almost as if her voice and not her Jewel had been stripped from her. She was in too much pain to he frustrated. ”Mother!” She called again, louder this time. Stronger. Body rolling with a groan onto her hands and knees, water swirling around her knees.

Forehead pressed to her sand gritty wrists, Georgie tried to regulate her breathing like she had heard her mother tell patients to do. Uneven panting and uncomfortable shifting. Georgie’s knees made trenches in the sand. Finally a golden thread found her. Her mother’s voice calling for Gabriel as she rushed through the sand to Georgie’s side. Neither able to get her up, even when they worked together.

”It hurts.” Georgette told her mother dully. ”I know.” Was the old healer’s reply, lips a wry twist of understanding. The hurting had only just begun.


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Re: The sea changes
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2019, 12:50:14 AM »
The way she called out to him was the final warning. For weeks now Gabriel had watched as Georgette grew to accommodate the child she never spoke of. Layettes and diapers, and feeding supplies were delivered. Just when eh thought she could not grow another inch without bursting something in her figure changed. Not her size, just the position of the bump she pretended did not exist. Soon, the healers said. So Gabriel had watched for any more signs. Noted the swelling of her ankles, the pains that made her rub knuckles along her spine. All the little evidences of labor on the horizon. Until the dawn brought Georgette to the ocean.

Louise called him from the house. And he just felt it. An energy in the air that tasted like change. Knew without needing told that it was time. His long legs carried them both down the beach. Arms supporting the sickly old healer as they headed towards Georgette at the shoreline. He squirmed inside as they hustled over. Then let out an audible sigh of relief to see there was no blood or anything else to induce his nausea. Together they tried to help Georgette up. And failed in the attempt. On Louise’s command they stopped to rethink things.

Eyes flicking between mother and daughter Gabriel scratched his thumb nails against his forefingers’ tips. Silent in his distress, but nervous all the same. The weather out was beautiful. The water swirling around their ankles warm. But it was no place to have a baby. He didn’t think. Actually Gabriel knew nothing about babies, other than how they were made. When Georgette spoke of the pain he squared his shoulders. Done with waiting, ”Should we try to lift her again?” He asked in a surprisingly even tone. ”I can use Craft.”

She didn’t like it, being touched. Gabriel didn’t know if it was his maleness or just the thought of another person's hands on her. It didn’t really matter, really. Whatever she felt was justified, he was sure. But sometimes a person had to do things they didn't like. And however much a man he might be, there was nothing left in him that would enjoy the feel of their bodies touching. ”Unless you have a better suggestion?” He asked Louise.

Georgette Louise

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Re: The sea changes
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2019, 10:19:52 PM »

”You could try speaking directly to me.” Georgie wheezed, bending over the pain that stretched across her stomach. Her mother scolded gently, a soft, apologetic shake of her head for Gabriel. There really were no better options. Louise had called him out just for such a purpose. Even Georgie realized it. Frustrated less with having to entrust her body to Gabriel than she was with the way they spoke over her head.

She was not dead! Not yet at least.

”I don’t need carried.” But she accepted his held. Strong arms and stronger craft seeing her to her feet. Georgie leaned against him, panting quietly until the vertigo left her and she felt ready to put one foot in front of the other. A slow and torturous walk to the steps. Steps. At their bottom, Georgie swayed, hand rubbing her lower back. Arm draped over Gabriel’s neck. She breathed, mother setting the rhythm. One at a time. Carefully. Left foot joined by right on each step. One at a time until their reached the top.

She was glad to be in her room. Bed soft beneath her. No more walking. No more stairs. Just the headboard at her back and Gabriel’s hand squeezed tight in both of hers. And so much pain. Until her mother commanded she push. And then there was more pain. ”I’m sorry.” She told him and she clenched her teeth and bent into the band. ”Sorry they whipped you.” That she’d allowed it to happen. All of it. Her rape. His whipping. This pregnancy.

The birthing that made him faint. Neither lady able to catch him. Georgie snatched at him but was too slow, and her mother too busy. The baby did not linger. He and mother both ready to be separated. A son laid out in her lap. Wrapped in a soft towel and set between her limp knees. Body wrung dry of every drop of water. Sweat and tears both soaking her outside and drying her inside. The pain not half so bad in the end as it had been in the beginning.

Giving life so much less painful than the taking of it.

”A boy.” Georgie sobbed, covering her face with her hands as she leaned forward to look at him. A boy!


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