To trust with a matter so precious

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To trust with a matter so precious
« on: May 04, 2019, 11:57:21 PM »
"Papa?" The small voice broke in on the quiet reverie he'd fallen into as their coach made it's landing approach, circling the landing web one last time before it settled.

Tiarnán looked down at the bright eyes and worried expression of his young daughter. She was dressed in the same gown she had worn to her Birthright three days before, freshly pressed and cleaned of sticky handprints and crumbs. "Yes, witchlet?" His voice was warm and soothing by nature trending towards the bass end of a tenor tone.

Yrwen wrinkled her nose at him, as she often did at the nickname he used for her. After all, she would insist to anyone who listened, she was a Big Girl now, and beyond such silly things. She absently pet the Rose stone settled about her throat on a gold chain as she asked, for about the thousandth time, "Do you think the Queen will like me?"

Tiar bit back a chuckle. It wasn't like his daughter to be nervous; she was still firmly entrenched in the fearless invincibility of youth. Nor was she a shy girl. But at some point, she had taken it into her tiny head that if Sorcha didn't like her, she might be sent away. And as much fun as her grandmothers were, they could hardly keep up with a girl her age, a fact which she had concluded on her own. Tiarnán knew this meant that she often kept herself more restrained than was ner nature and while discipline was good for a child... repression was not. This uncertainty was clear evidence that she had been feeling the weight of burdens that were not and should never have been hers to carry.

"Yes, Yrwen. I really do. Pinky promise." He held out the offered digit, crooked in the eternal offer of the most sacred and unbreakable oath of childhood. She chewed her lip a minute and then took his pinky with her own, 'shaking' on it three times. "But you know, even if it seems like she's cross, it's isn't because of you. Sometimes, you see, Queens get cross at their males for things they feel they must do. Sometimes males get cross at their Queens, too, though, so it's fair."

The coach landed and their quiet conversation came to an end. He stepped out and helped her down, scooping her onto his shoulders and spinning her around. Once she was giggling and holding on for dear life, he stopped spinning and set her down. 

Tiar settled up his account with the Coach driver, and then turned and offered his hand to his daughter. Beginning the walk up to the residence, he reached out, spear to distaff, and called to his Queen.

*Sorcha? I'm back from my trip home. Are you busy at the moment, my Lady? There's someone I would very much like for you to meet.* Excitement, worry, concern, and happiness all danced upon the connection of their bond.

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Re: To trust with a matter so precious
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2019, 12:40:08 PM »

Warlord Princes and webs were on her mind. A warlord prince met in the woods and Sorcha could not decide if he was who Isolde's webs spoke of. Seated in her drawing room, she thought and schemed and planned. She needed to get the shield down and prepare her people to step out the darkness. There were rumors. Rumors of a man who had been there when the shield had been erected but they were merely rumors, they only long lived man she could find was a fully broken Hayllian. One who was a shadow of his former self if the stories were to be believed.

Mundane things turned her fingers, needled flying as she created a masterpiece. A master piece in her opinion anyway. A blanket to be gifted to one of her maids. The woman was pregnant and the grouchiest thing she had ever met, but Sorcha adored the cross woman all the same. Being unable to use her jewels and the pain was enough for Sorcha to be glad she did not have the same problem. She wouldn't mind a child of her own but not now. Not until everything was over. Not until she had won this war.

A happy touch on the green and Sorcha opened her psyche to her first escort. *Tiar! I'm so glad you made it safely. Come, I'm in the drawing room and your visitor is very welcome!* she basked in the emotions that drifted down their bond. Tiarnan. One of the first to be heartbonded to her. Not just bloodbonded. But bonded in a deeper way, she adored the man and appreciated his jewel strength. Jewel strength that would serve her well.

She set her knitting aside as she waited for Tiar and his visitor. She wondered who it could be. Had her first escort found someone to love? Marry? Now wouldn't that be interesting.


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