[M] bitter brews

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[M] bitter brews
« on: March 29, 2017, 03:51:09 PM »

"I don't think my sister likes you much." Kori commented, a warm cup of tea cradled in her hands. She was tucked up onto the bench just outside the kitchen door. She had meant to water the garden but gotten distracted instead with tea and a comfortable seat.

Aggy was with her, of course. Koralia found she could not get very far these days without Aggy at her side. It flattered her most times, and on occasion annoyed her. So restrictive. But still. She was feeling peculiar this morning. Uncomfortable and out of sorts. The world was the wrong shade of color, the edges to sharp. And her breakfast had left her feeling more sick than full. She was hoping some fresh air would clear away whatever was bothering her.

And bothering Aggy was always a pleasant pass time.

"I wonder why?" She rolled her eyes toward him, cheek resting on her shoulder, hair falling over the back of the bench.

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Re: bitter brews
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2017, 04:04:56 PM »
Aegeus was content this morning.  It was a nice day already and Koralia was allowing him to sit with her without pestering him.  It was rare and quiet.  Of course that couldn't last long, not for him.  Kori spoke, Aegeus' ears picking up on her tones.  Of course she had to bring up  that.  He looked at her, as if he ever looked anywhere else, and smiled expecting her to continue.

She was stating the obvious.  Her sister didn't like him may be a touch of an understatement though.  He hadn't really tried talking to her yet, other than smiling and saying hello.  She didn't seem interested in conversing with him.  If Pandora didn't want to talk to him, that was fine.  As long as they could serve Kori that's all that mattered.

Now Kori decided to bring it up.  Aegeus frowned.  "Well...I'm not sure," he hesitated, " You know your sister." His heart thudded in his chest, "She doesn't know anything she shouldn't does she?"  Aegeus went red at the implications, knowing if Pandora knew they could be in a lot of trouble.  Eyes were everywhere after all.
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Re: bitter brews
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2017, 04:23:34 PM »

His eyes were so pretty. Kori was admiring them and sipping her tea before he sent her sputtering on it. Of course he had to bring that up. Kori straightened and looked around guiltily. She wiped tea from her chin with the sleeve of her sweater, which was over-sized and shaggy, and shook her head at him.

"No." She drew the word out in a harsh whisper. "I didn't tell anyone." She would have been dragged off to the temple to make her Offering if she had. Along with whatever other colorful punishment could be thought up for her. She certainly wouldn't be ruling Baruch right now, Kori was certain.

"I thought maybe you'd said something to annoy her." Did Dory know, Kori wondered? She was perceptive. And the old Steward had certainly thought something was up. Kori thought she'd gotten rid of him before he'd been able to spread any poison in the court though. "Maybe we should be more careful." She complained while wiggling around, trying to find a comfortable position to sit in. She'd lost her first one when Aggy had decided to bring that up. Outloud. In public.

She did love the way he blushed though.

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Re: bitter brews
« Reply #3 on: March 29, 2017, 04:34:12 PM »
His heart didn't stop pounding.  He'd spoken a little too loudly.  His face couldn't possibly get any redder.  He shied away from her as she spoke.  No one had found out what they had done.  He'd certainly be in danger of losing his entire family's favor if it did get out.  With the old fart gone now, Aegeus thought they may be able to be more open with their relationship.

"I don't annoy people usually do I?"  He started to look at all the conversations he'd had with the girl, which admittedly were scarce.  Kori suggested the one thing he didn't want to happen.  His face became that same strained look he often held when she told him something distressing.  He looked at her, his eyes begging for her not to say more.

"You don't think we really need to..."  He reached for her hand, hoping she'd let him at least hold her hand.  He gave her the pleading look that often gave her.  "I haven't said anything.  We'll be fine.  Promise."  He tried to give her a half-hearted smile.  It didn't work.
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Re: bitter brews
« Reply #4 on: March 29, 2017, 04:54:48 PM »

His face was going to give them away before anything else did. Kori had to hide a smile in her hair as he proceeded to get redder. Shaking her head at him again, Kori tried to bring him back from the panic he seemed to be rushing toward. She didn't like that he was shying away from her either.

"Aggy, please. You're only annoying on very rare occasions," she promised him blithely, a giggle hiccuping her words. Even his ears were pink. She pulled her legs up onto the bench and turned toward him. Poor Aggy. He looked so miserable. "I'm just kidding." Balancing her tea cup on her knee, Kori laced her fingers with his, their hands lost in the folds of her sweater, which came halfway down her thighs.

"I do." Her eyes slid away from his. She couldn't stand the pleading in them. It made her feel guilty for some reason. She hadn't done anything wrong. He shouldn't look at her like that. "Just for now. Until things settle more." Maybe until Kori could figure out why Dory didn't like him. Or what Dory knew versus what she might suspect. Kori's tea soured along with her breakfast, making her stomach roil painfully.

"I don't want anymore of this." She whined, pushing the cup toward him.

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Re: bitter brews
« Reply #5 on: March 29, 2017, 05:12:19 PM »
He loved her little nickname for him.  He didn't let anyone else calm him it.  He felt bad.  Something just felt wrong about where the conversation was going and he didn't like it one bit.  Her giggle settled him a bit, ever so slightly.  She was precious in so many ways.  That over-sized sweater suited her perfectly.  Her hand lacing with his made his smile come about quickly.  He loved to touch her, in made his heart sing.

He felt like flying.  The feeling quickly settled as he realized she wasn't letting go of what he feared.  Why did it feel like his whole world was falling around him?  She wasn't breaking things off was she?  Were they anything but a fling?  He bit his lip, his eyes taking in everything about her.  She was avoiding looking at him.  She was practically curled up on the bench.  She must be cold.

Aegeus slid over and took the tea cup.  He floated it over to the small table and then put his other hand in the mess of hands and over-sized sweater.  "I..." he tasted the flavor in the air, hoping to catch some emotions, "You know I adore you Kori."  His face looked almost downtrodden. "If you want to be more careful," he spoke slower than usual, gauging every word, "I think we can do that.  I don't want to stop whatever it is we started though."  His mind flashed to her office, the door locked before they were interrupted.  His cheeks had started to calm, they flared up again.
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Re: bitter brews
« Reply #6 on: March 29, 2017, 05:40:09 PM »
The tea cup was gone. Kori was glad. It had started to annoy her. The cloying smell of tea and honey, the cool porcelain in her fingers. She wrinkled her nose as he took it away, shaking her hair back and welcoming his other hand, pressing the one now free of cup duties into it.

He was making her antsy in his agitation. And her stomach made her feel cranky and petulant. There were still plants that needed watering, their boxes carefully cleared of late clinging snow, the soil warmed to help them keep hearty. But she didn't want to do that either. Instead Kori followed Aegeus, drawing near just as he did. She said they should be more careful, but she could ignore the magnetic pull of his body.

She squeezed. He was so close. Desire warred with roiling in her stomach. The acidic urge to gag and the rippling pain of cramps that were not cramps. Kori pulled on him, her hair falling forward, tangling with their hands. The air grew warm with the closeness. Shared body heat. Kori loved it.

"I never said stop." She couldn't. Koralia didn't think she had the will, would ever have the will, to stop. "Just be more careful." Kori trembled. It wasn't cold. At least not that cold. Mother Night, wanting him made her want to vomit. "Aggy." Breathlessness turned to true whining. "I don't feel so good."

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Re: bitter brews
« Reply #7 on: March 29, 2017, 05:54:45 PM »
She allowed him to draw closer and had even moved a bit closer herself.  How could he not want to take his arms and cradle her.  He could though it meant untangling himself from her and the sweater.  He could do that.  It took a bit of effort but finally he could wrap her in warmth that he needed right now.  To hell with everyone else.  All that mattered was his Queen and her warmth.

Her pulling on him was a command.  Get closer is what it said.  Gladly, his body replied.  He needed to be near her, wrapping her scent all the way around himself.  "Good, because I don't want to."  His body was beginning to react to her closeness, something he knew wasn't being careful at all.  If anyone showed up they'd easily jump to the right conclusion.

Her trembling concerned him suddenly, sending alerts off.  She was cold.  He pulled her onto his lap, forcing her to be close to him.  "What's wrong?"  His voice had a slight bit of fear behind it.  His arms were keeping her from moving anywhere that he didn't want her to go.  "What do you need?"
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Re: bitter brews
« Reply #8 on: March 29, 2017, 06:08:50 PM »
Closer. Kori let him. All her words about being discreet forgotten. He made it so hard. If only he had better control of himself, Kori could have kept the situation in check. But instead she let him pull her in. Knees and hands adjusting, helping, until she was curled securely in his lap, fingers digging into his jacket.

So warm. And safe. Kori inhaled him, face buried in his neck. Warm and close. Too close. He was squeezing her, and Kori found it hard to breath. Not because he held her too tightly, but because her stomach was rising up and pushing against her lungs.

And he was holding her too tightly. Kori felt stifled. Too hot. His neck, instead of tasting like fire, tasted like ash, beneath her lips. She mumbled against the crook of it, struggling against his hold. Comfort turned to torment and her stomach really rebelled. Annoyed and pushed beyond endurance, all warnings ignored.

*Aggy let go!* Kori pleaded. But too late. Even as she pushed away from him she was retching, teeth clenched against it. Choking. Gagging, and retching anyway.

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Re: bitter brews
« Reply #9 on: March 29, 2017, 06:26:37 PM »
Everything was starting to feel delightfully fuzzy.  She'd said they had to be careful, then she signaled she wanted him closer.  She said they had to be careful and then she was at his neck.  He gulped, unable to hide how he felt about her in his lap.  He felt so hot and burning, need rising and rising up.  He wasn't going to let her go.  He needed this, he needed her.  He hugged her tighter than usual, scared to let go, scared to lose her again.

His father's words that had told him to be patient were lost now.  He felt her squirming and held a little tighter, just a few seconds more.  She'd been complaining in that adorable way she wasn't feeling well.  He'd fix that for her, he would!  He mumbled, "It's alright, it's okay..."

Suddenly she'd screamed into his mind.  It was disorienting enough to shock him into release her just on the wrong side of too late.  He felt it before he saw what had happened.  Eggs, certainly eggs, tea, and who knew what else had landed on the front of his shirt and jacket.  He jumped up to grab anything to give to Kori.  It so happened to be a small pot that had once held a plant.

"Oh Mother Night Kori," Aegeus sounded shocked, "Here finish in here.  I'll get some clothes.  He ran into the kitchen, pulling whatever wash clothes and towels he could, wetting a few of them and returning.  His jacket and shirt were off after he handed her a coupling, cleaning the undigested food stuff off of himself.  He then turned to help Kori.  "What brought this on?" he asked out loud, more wondering than actually expecting an answer.
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Re: bitter brews
« Reply #10 on: March 29, 2017, 06:48:12 PM »

Kori felt terrible. Not only because her stomach was attempting to claw its way out of her throat, but because it had managed to do just that. Not only in front of Aegeus, but.. all down the front of him. Kori whimpered in pain and mortification, clinging to the back of the bench as Aggy scrambled out from under her.

An empty pot. Kori clutched it, still not empty but fast approaching it. Hardly time to breathe. She was certain she was going die. Suffocation. She would never breathe again, she just knew it. Her breakfast of eggs, fruit and bread pudding had made a reappearance. Mostly on Aggy. And last nights dinner was making a come back as well.

She could only answer him in groans until it was over. Once empty her stomach stopped revolting. Aggy had vanished and returned, clean cloths in hand. Shirt and jacket missing. Kori wasn't sure if the embarrassment or the abused pain in her abdomen was worse.

"I'm so sorry," she rasped. Helpless and rung out, she leaned against the bench, half draped over the back. Her eyes were barely open, swollen and wet. She felt miserable, but it had passed. The pain lingered but the urge to vomit was gone. She reached out weakly for one of the towels. She wished he would go away and not look at her like this.

But he'd felt worse than he'd seen, Kori realized with a fresh wave of agony.

"You're naked." She blurted, trying to wipe herself clean.

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Re: bitter brews
« Reply #11 on: March 29, 2017, 08:06:08 PM »
Luckily the shirt and jacket seemed to have caught it all.  He wiped everything off that he felt was still there.  It wouldn't go away.  He'd not dealt much with a vomiting witch other than his cousin that one time.  He couldn't quite remember why that was.  The cousin was his age and had come to stay with them for  the rest of the year.  Shortly after she arrived she'd started to vomit up breakfast and occasionally lunch though rarely dinner.

After he was done cleaning himself he looked to her, her groans had been horrifying to hear.  He wanted to make it better but he was certainly no Healer.  His mother had barely taught him the basics.  If it was a cut or bruise, something easy like that he could fix it.  An upset stomach was another story.

His eyes wondered over the witch that had his heart and he wondered how such a sick and disheveled creature could look so gorgeous.  He waved his hand in the air as he slowly approached, wiping a spot she missed from her cheek.  "Nothing to apologize for," he spoke softly, with a touch of too much caring in his voice.  He kissed her forehead quickly, sweetly. "Hush, I'm not naked.  We just need to get you to the shower."  He tried to send her calming emotions, while holding back the heat he held for her even now.  He honestly wasn't sure how well he was doing.

He smiled at her genuinely, hoping it would encourage her to stand and let him get her to her room.  His eyes blinked once.  Then twice then a third time as he remembered why that cousin had come to stay with him.  "You're not pregnant are you?" Aegeus' face burnt red as he realized what he'd just blurted out and who the father most likely was if the answer was yes.  He felt a little faint.  He gulped and stared at her, waiting for an answer to the impromptu question.
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Re: bitter brews
« Reply #12 on: March 29, 2017, 08:34:09 PM »

Kori shied away from his wiping, flush now with embarrassment rather than exertion. She felt fuzzy around the edges and tired now that the ordeal was over. But she still had plenty of energy for mortification. But not enough to drag herself out of the fog of confusion.

"Are you going to be naked then?" She asked, brows knotted, hand reaching out to wipe away a spot he'd missed on his bare chest. He had his pants on still, Kori noticed, looking him over. But his skin was covered in gooseflesh, and turning pink where the blood was rising to the surface in attempt to keep him warm. Soon it would retreat and his flesh would grow pale, maybe even blue, in the cold.

Kori reached for him, allowing him to help her up. His hands weren't as steadying as they usually were, however. She looked up. He had a rather funny look on his face. And even funnier words came out of his mouth. Kori frowned. Wait. Those weren't funny words at all.

"Why would you think that?" She asked him in surprise. All thoughts of nudity in the shower fled her head. Pregnant? No. Not her. Kori's head tilted thoughtfully. She knew how pregnant happened. Mostly. She hadn't really been paying attention when her mother had been talking about it. Or when the Healer had been talking about it. Or even Despina, who often spoke of strange bodily things Kori wasn't interested in.

"It's not possible." She scoffed. "Right?" She draped the cleanest towel over his shoulders for warmth.

Offline Aegeus Gabras

Re: bitter brews
« Reply #13 on: March 29, 2017, 08:50:50 PM »
Her question gave him another flash of heat, this time with a touch of arousal.  Her and him in the shower certainly warmed him, however her wiping his chest made him mutter about eggs.  Yuck!  He had just started feeling chilled when the question had been blurted out of his mouth.  He knew he'd said something foolish when she looked at him in that way she did.  Her question wasn't out of the ordinary, that must mean she was taking a brew.

He held her hand and tried to smile, hoping it was the case.  "Well, I was really excited to see  you.  I didn't remember to start drinking a contraceptive brew..." Aegeus trailed off, looking worried because he'd been worried about talking about this for so long he just hadn't brought it up before now.  He honestly didn't realize how much it had been bothering him until the rush of dread and disappointment spewed from his mouth.

He spoke in a hushed tone, "I came here and you know I can't think straight when you're around.  I love you to pieces and I figured you were drinking one so we shouldn't have had to worry right?" He looked her over, his heart trying to explode from his chest.  He looked at the towel then back to her. "Can we finish this in your room?"  He bit his lip, obviously wanting to get away from every body that could be listening.
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Re: bitter brews
« Reply #14 on: March 29, 2017, 09:16:15 PM »
Kori squeezed his hand before slipping free. Her hands vanished into the sleeves, tugging them down so she could wiggle out of her sweater with as little vomit disturbance as possible. Her stomach was now somewhere near her feet. Sunk by the words "contraceptive brew".

"Yes. I think this is better finished elsewhere." Especially if anyone had caught wind of gagging and hacking. Best to flee the scene as soon as possible. And get Aggy inside before he froze to death. Kori herself was desperate to get clean. And come clean.

She left her sweater on the bench and lead Aggy inside. She explained, quickly to the kitchen boy that she'd been sick on Prince Gabras, and they were going upstairs to get cleaned up if anyone needed them. Which Kori hoped no one did. Especially since she wasn't planning on them getting cleaned up in separate rooms.

"Come on." She urged him, fleeing up the stairs and stopping at his room so he could fetch clean clothes. The Baruch house was small and intimate. Which made for less privacy than Kori would have liked, but it hadn't been a problem until now.

Once back at her rooms and the door sealed with a Rose lock and ward, Kori began shedding the rest of her clothing, speaking as she pulled them over her head, her voice muffled and her blush hidden.

"About what you were saying below.." Kori wiggle within her dress. "I. Um. Well." She pulled it up around her head and hesitated before pulling it all the way off. Guilt gnawed at her. "I haven't been. I mean. There was no reason to." And she'd forgotten all about them.


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