[M] bitter brews

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Re: [M] bitter brews
« Reply #30 on: March 30, 2017, 11:30:04 PM »
"Not too much attention." Kori protested gently, rubbing her face against his chest. Kori giggled. "You're too big to hide under the covers." She teased, nudging him. "I think we've already practiced being careful while naked." Twice. She leaned back to look at him, lips pursed as he tried to convince her they should stay naked and in bed but still eat.

"You're whining. That's my job." Kori kissed his nose, rolling away as he untangled them and headed off to turn off the shower. She shook her hair out, running her fingers through the wild curls and sitting on the edge of the bed, one elbow propped on a knee, watching him. All of him.

"Okay. Okay." She stood and pulled a robe on. "I will order food and you can hide under the bed, not just the covers." Kori wandered across the room and stroked his hip. "What do you want?" She bit her lip. If she were braver, and less embarrassed by earlier, she would have suggested eggs.

She send a thread along the White to her favorite kitchen girl. Kori had thoughts of promoting her to personal maid. She was quite good with Kori's hair. Evening tea, at the very least, for Kori. Something with cheese and the stuffed bread baked that morning...

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Re: [M] bitter brews
« Reply #31 on: March 31, 2017, 06:07:29 AM »
Aegeus enjoyed those little moments when Kori would make him feel like he was her whole world.  He really did live for those moments.  If it weren't for the pet kisses and the little touches, as well as what they'd just done he wasn't certain he could have stayed.  At least not without coming clean to her in the most inappropriate way.  He should be happy with what he had now.  He should be content.  He was, but he still wanted more.  He was greedy in that sense.

"Definitely not eggs.  How about meat, bread, and cheese.  Maybe a little wine to go with it?"  He kissed her forehead.  Sometimes he could be a real pain in bringing up things he shouldn't.  He nipped at her ear then , his hands descending and laying on her shoulders, "You don't really want to hide me under the bed do you?"  He really hoped not, it seemed so childish.  "Don't forget some coffee too, with cream.  Need to have my energy."  He kissed down her neck, purposely trying to distract her.
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Re: [M] bitter brews
« Reply #32 on: March 31, 2017, 09:58:51 AM »

Kori added meat, wine and coffee to the list of things to be added to the tray. Her eyebrows furrowed as she tried to concentrate on the White thread as Aggy did his best to distract her. Kori gasped and twitched, swatting at him playfully. She was glad she wasn't actually having to face the girl.

"Fine. Coffee!" Kori grasped his head between her hands, fingers burrowing into his hair. She had meant to push him away, but instead she just ended up holding on to him. "Mmm. The bathroom then. Especially if you aren't going to put on any clothes." Should she put on clothes?

Kori frowned. She didn't drink coffee. It would be obvious from her instructions that she was expecting someone else to dine with her, privately, in her quarters. She tried to think through the fog of mounting desire.

"Maybe you should get dressed. They'll know you're here anyway." Maybe if she promoted the girl she'd keep her mouth shut on these little incidences. "Aggy stop, I can't think." She didn't really want him to stop though. Well she did, but she liked it. "Someone will be coming."

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Re: [M] bitter brews
« Reply #33 on: April 04, 2017, 11:37:57 PM »
Aggy smiled as she swatted at him.  He kept at her until she had his head in her hands and he was staring into her beautiful eyes that held him.  He bit his lip, calming slightly as the desire to take her again started to rise.  He closed his eyes as he felt her hands burrowed into his hair.  "If you want me in the bathroom I'm game," he teased Kori, his favorite pass time.  "I'd prefer to be free and 'nap' some more with you."  He grinned, happily content to banter with her.

He noticed the frown and pouted a bit.  He didn't like her frowning.  It always meant she was about to do something that he didn't like.  Or suggest things he wouldn't like.  It didn't matter, it was always something Aegeus wouldn't be happy with.  There is was.  His hands rose up to her hands grasping them, she wasn't dismissing him.  He pulled her hands down as she told him to stop and covered her mouth with his, giving her a kiss that said 'You're mine.'  He slowly let go of her hands and stepped back from his Queen into the bathroom.  He floated his clothing to him and gave her a heated look.  "I'll get dressed.  You should to.  Afterwards we'll deal with undressing again."

He closed the door and breathed.  He needed to shut the door so he didn't take her right then.  His heart was beating so fast.  It fluttered.  If she was with his child he'd take responsibility and help raise it.  He'd adore it like he did Koralia.  The thought of them having a family gave him a twinge of pleasure and set his heart racing harder.  He put on his pants and shirt quickly, looking in the mirror.  He grabbed a comb and started to style his hair so it didn't look like he'd just gotten out of bed.  He needed to do something to keep his mind off the smell of sex and desire wafting from the other side of the door.

He'd exit when she opened it he decided.

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Re: [M] bitter brews
« Reply #34 on: April 05, 2017, 08:43:30 AM »

He was terrible. A wretched, horrible creature. Kori shook her head at his terrible nonsense. Mumbling that sex was all he ever thought about, even as she submitted to his kiss, pressing in closer to him so she could feel the heat of his body. Wretch.

"Good." Kori said blankly, glassy-eyed and mournful that he'd gone. Even if it was what she'd told him to do. "I'll get dressed too." Kori blinked and licked her lips. However the bathroom door was already closed, and her distraction locked away.

He'd taken the bathroom! Huffing, Kori smiled and set about righting herself as best she could. Without a tap to help her. Her hair was brushed and bundled into a lazy bun at the nape of her neck and a simple dress pulled over her body, which she cleaned as best she could with the help of a pitcher and basin.

"You can't still be busy in there." Kori complained, leaning against the doorframe and trying to work out the room cleaning spell she'd seen the maid do. "Come help me get this sticky window open." She had to pee.

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Re: [M] bitter brews
« Reply #35 on: April 05, 2017, 09:11:50 AM »
Aegeus finished getting everything situated and combed as she complained through the door at him.  He didn't see why she didn't just come in.  He messed his hair up a bit, he didn't want to be too straight laced.  He walked over to the bathroom door and smiled, "Does that mean you're already dressed or are we doing that?"  He opened the door and stepped out.

They scent of the room filled his nose.  He didn't realize it was that strong. It honestly was not something anyone else needed to smell.  Not that he thought it was bad, but he was sure it would turn a few gears he didn't want turned at the moment.  He looked her over and smiled.  "You look good," he said as he kissed her cheek, passing her to the window.  He opened it easily and used Craft to make a light air current.

"You know they're going to smell this right?  I'm not a Hearth Witch." 
He was complaining back at her, or as he saw it, pointing out the flaw in her plan.  "Why are we still sneaking around.  Can't we just tell them we made a mistake but there was no harm done?"  He still had the Aural Shields up luckily.  He moved back to the doorway of the bathroom to watch Kori get ready. "Is it really so bad that you chose me?"
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Re: [M] bitter brews
« Reply #36 on: April 05, 2017, 09:24:36 AM »

"Mmm." Kori offered up her cheek for his kiss, sticking her tongue out at him before vanishing into the bathroom to take care of her business. Impudent male. She hoped the food got there soon, she was starting to feel nauseous from the empty stomach. Washing her hands and face, Kori joined Aggy in the doorway, frowning at his complaints.

"They won't smell anything if I can get this spell sorted out. It can't be that difficult." It was only hearth Craft, after all. "Aggy it has nothing to do with you." Kori was annoyed now, wishing the kitchen girl to move faster, even as she wanted for more time to sort the spell out. "I've just taken over Baruch. Do you know what a scandal will do to me now?" She frowned at him, bottom lip pouting. Craft sputtered, fluttering the wall hangings.

"Almost." She muttered. "It's not you, as my choice Aggy. It is just the choice in general." She didn't think her parents would understand. And her moving Aggy in under the falsehood would probably be worse. But what would she do without him? How could anyone expect her to rule without Aggy near by? He was hers.

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Re: [M] bitter brews
« Reply #37 on: April 05, 2017, 10:12:06 AM »
They'd had this discussion before.  It was the same old song.  The same pulling of the heart that she held in her hands.  "I know you've just taken over Kori.  I was ecstatic that you asked me to serve you.  You know how important you are to me."  He looked away, a little bashful.  His hands grabbed the trim above the door, his arm muscles flexing as he teetered forward and back.  He loved her no matter what.  He hadn't even given it a thought at how bad it looked on his family that he broke a contract.

Luckily the Queen he'd been serving had been lenient and understanding.  He needed to be her.  She needed him, and he needed her in so many more ways.  "When can we talk about it openly?  I'm just tired of hiding how I feel.  I know we have to be careful with your cousin coming, but..." He saw her pout and he dropped the whole conversation.  He let go of the trim and was in front of her.  "Oh don't...look let me help you with the spell.  How does it work?"

He understood she'd made a choice.  He'd also thought that choice had been because of him, because of how they felt for each other.  He wasn't so sure anymore.  He'd always serve her, but doubts were in his mind if he'd always be welcomed in her bed as someone special to her.  That feeling zinged through their connection, not as a thought, but as a feeling of despair, then it was gone.

"They made you make a choice by not giving you one.  I'm glad it was me either way."  He tried to back her spell with his power, this couldn't possibly go wrong.
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Re: [M] bitter brews
« Reply #38 on: April 05, 2017, 10:52:25 AM »

Kori's frown deepened. Why did he have to do this now? Why did he have to do this at all? But the wave of sadness that washed across their connection softened her. She sighed and stroked his cheek.

"You're important to me too. Aggy, don't doubt it just because I don't say it to everyone." Why couldn't he just have faith in her, like she had in him? At least he was putting it aside for the moment. Joining his power to hers, instead, and helping her with the spell.

"Like this, I think." Kori twined her consciousness with his. Lowering her barriers without fear. He was her Aggy, and she trusted him now to delve further than he needed, and break the thing most precious to her. He hadn't done so at the height of passion, Kori doubted he would while working a simple spell.

It rose, filling the room with a crackle of power. The curtain fluttered. Fresh, fresh air. That soured as a knock at the door diverted Kori's attention. Instead of cleansing the air, Kori destroyed it. The smell sending her reeling. Clutching the sink she gagged, gorge rising once again.

The spell spun out of control, but at least it didn't lash back. Kori shook. With Aggy's Purple Dusk amplifying it, she wasn't sure what would have happened if she'd been caught in the back lash.

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Re: [M] bitter brews
« Reply #39 on: April 05, 2017, 11:22:34 AM »
He calmed as she stroked his cheek.  The small gesture did more for him than having sex would have, not that he'd tell her that.  He liked the little moments, the small gestures.  The touches, the glances, when she came to get him to play outside with her.  Those moments were dear to him and made him feel special.

He was never closed to her, ever.  He felt the marrying of their conscious thoughts, their powers gently dancing and sparking.  He Shielded her.  It was who he was to her.  Her perfect Shield, never faltering from his truth which he shared with her.  He was completely hers.  Always.  He slowly weaved his power with hers and watched as the room began to change.

He'd sensed the person on the other side of the hallway a moment too late.  He felt the crash of power the clash of his own and Kori's power trying to rip through him.  He rode the pain out as his shields absorbs most of the power.  He winced as he smelled the putrid scent of rotten eggs.  He coughed and went to the door.  Kori was gagging but the witch on the other side may be able to help.  "Thank the Darkness!" He covered his mouth as he created a breeze to start circulating the rotten egg smell out.

"Lady Floros was attempting to learn Hearth Craft.  Maybe you can help her." He coughed again as he rushed back to Kori.  His hand on her back, he started to rub, hoping it would help.  Just like the light breeze he'd made to air the horrid smell out.
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Re: [M] bitter brews
« Reply #40 on: April 05, 2017, 04:12:37 PM »

Fussing. Kori could hear the tongue clicking over her own retching. A tray clattering on the table, the other window sliding open, and the air filling with power, which absorbed and dispersed anything that was not clean from it. Still, once it was started, her gagging would not abate. But there was nothing to come up but tears.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk." She heard and knew she was being judged. Kori hated it. All the years of people watching and weighing and she still wasn't used to that heavy sick feeling of judgment. She wanted Aggy to send her away, but there was no help for it. Kori was rubbing her back, and her room was being set to rights. And so much judgment. She groaned at Aggy, resting her head against her arm, which was flung over the sink.

Cool hands on her forehead. A sense of easing. It tickled along her body that made Kori want to wiggle and dance away. But it was easier to breathe now. To not heave uselessly over the sink. And the air smelled of fresh air and delicate flowers instead of putrid eggs. Kori sighed, reaching for Aggy to help her stand.

Was he alright? *Are you alright?* Kori wanted nothing more than to curl against him, but they were being shooed to the table for food. Some tea would settle her, and no more attempts at hearth Craft without proper training. Exhausted, Kori sat, not even rising to the bait of a chastisement. A flurry of poured cups and filled plates and then they were alone again, Kori staring at Aggy blurry eyed.

"That was..." She didn't have words for it, reaching for his hand to steady herself.

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Re: [M] bitter brews
« Reply #41 on: April 05, 2017, 09:16:24 PM »
Pounding, everything hurt his eyes and his head would not stop pounding.  It didn't matter.  Kori was safe and he was by her.  The pounding intensified.  He ignored it as best as he could while soothing and comforting his Queen.  He watched her lean on his arm as another spike of pain throbbed though him.  He tensed.  He wasn't surprised by what had happened.  They both lost concentration at the same time.  It had almost worked to, which made him a little upset.  They'd almost made a spell work wonderfully.

It was no one's fault.  Aggy planned on them trying it again.  Just not until after food and sleep.  Maybe Kori could ask the Healer for a brew to dull the aching sharpness.  He helped her stand, pretending as best as he could that he wasn't also using the walls of the bathroom as support as his head span wildly around.  He passed Kori off to the made as he concentrated on walking to the table without looking drugged.  He clenched his teeth as the bright light from outside attacked his senses.  He used Craft to quickly shut all the blinds.

They slammed down harder than he intended and the sound burst through his mind, rocking him as he stood.  He breathed.  Then he found himself in the chair.  The Maid.  He couldn't remember her name.  He'd have to correct that.  He pressed his fingers to his temple and pressed deeply, massaging.

*My head...too much light.*  He mumbled through their connection.  He was sure that coffee would help.  He didn't remember making it but he sipped it and it was perfect.  Kori really did need to give this woman a raise.  Or a promotion.  He nodded politely to the girl as he sipped more, his eyes closing again.  Food.  He needed food.

That required him to open his eyes.  He heard Kori's voice and it echoed with his pounding headache.  "Almost successful.  Maybe next time I won't get distracted."  He'd take the blame.  She didn't need to doubt herself.  No, she was doing too much of that already.  She was a fantastic Queen.  He needed to be better for her.  He would be, as soon as this damn headache lessened.
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Re: [M] bitter brews
« Reply #42 on: April 05, 2017, 09:31:43 PM »

Kori frowned. Squeezing Aggy's hand, she let go, sliding her chair closer to him. She made sure his hand found his coffee cup, watching as he squinted at the world. Her concern mounted. Pressing her forehead against his shoulder, Kori tried to get him to eat.

"It wasn't your fault. Want some of the stuffed bread?" She tore it to pieces, keeping her cheek flush with his arm, and the tucked one of the pieces into his hand. "Eat, you'll feel better." Kori ate one of the pieces herself, stuffing it in her mouth and chewing slowly. Her attention was fixated on Aggy, leaving little left over for eating, or drinking her quickly cooling tea.

"Should I get the healer?" She asked, anxious on his behalf. And her own. What would she do without Aggy? Kori expected him to always be there for her. Even when they had been separated, Kori had never thought, really believed, that he wouldn't be there if she had needed or wanted him. Having him here and ill was frightening. She touched his forehead with the back of her hand.

He felt his normal self. That was good, right?

Offline Aegeus Gabras

Re: [M] bitter brews
« Reply #43 on: April 05, 2017, 11:08:01 PM »
He felt her against him and didn't want to admit that he liked her concern. "It was my fault.  And yes please."  He spoke softly.  His hand had food in it, didn't matter what it was honestly.  He popped it in his mouth and chewed.  With every bit of munching he did the pain seared through him.  It would get better.  It would get better.  He followed her instructions anyways, hoping she was right as he continued to masticate through the pain.

"I just need to lay down.  A brew wouldn't hurt..."
He groaned a little.  He downed his coffee and suddenly felt woozy.  "Just a little backlash.  It'll go away..."  He leaned on Kori a bit.  He may have one hell of a headache but he was soaking up her concern for him like it was water.  They had fun, yes, but he wanted to feel cared for by his Queen.  He didn't know how to ask for that.  Simple things, he didn't know how to ask for simple things.

"Can we lay down?  Please."  He needed to hide under the covers.  With her.  That'd make it go away.  "Then you can call the Healer."  He gave her a little lip quiver like he was begging.  "We can take the bread."  He squinted at it.  She did need to eat, especially if she was going to be an expecting mother. "You need to eat..."
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Re: [M] bitter brews
« Reply #44 on: April 06, 2017, 09:20:36 AM »

"It was not, Prince." Kori would brook no argument on this. Aggy would not accept all the responsibility for their actions, at least not this time. It had been her idea, and her spell, and his shields that had kept her safe from the souring of it. She was brusquer than she meant to be, but his weakness scared her something awful.

"Come lay down then." Kori slipped her arms around him, bracing herself as he leaned into her. Her hand smoothed the shirt on his back, and the curl of his hair at the back of his head. Bed-mussed, she thought, kissing his dark hair. "Come on, Prince Just-a-little-backlash." Kori helped him up and toward the bed. "We can."

She tried to help steady him with Craft, or herself, but it ached to access her Rose, so Kori left it. She managed to get him to the bed, leaving him on it and going back for the bread and her tea... and a glass of water, to help flush all that coffee he'd drank away.

"Drink," she demanded on her return, setting the food on her night table and settling into the bed next to him with her. She felt dizzy, and knew he was right. She did need to eat. But right then she was more concerned for him. "After you." She said, pushing the bread on him too.

She made room for his head in her lap when he was done with the water, laying an extra pillow across her legs for him.


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