[M] bitter brews

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Re: [M] bitter brews
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"Ish." His tongue felt numb.  He really had done a number on himself and he was realizing the extent of it the longer he stayed up. "Kolala youl mine to plotect." He needed water.  Why were they moving.  He needed water and more food.  The room needed to stop spinning that was sure.  He liked how she commanded him.  It was sweet and nurturing, "Just like oul little kid."  He mumbled as he drank the water she gave him.  He looked up suddenly and the room stopped with her face looking at him.

He smiled like a fool at her.  He took a big bite and then offered it back.  His tongue didn't feel as numb after the water. "What do you want to call our kid?" he asked.  His mind still seeming muddled a bit.  He was stronger than this, but it was so much easier to let Kori take care of him and so much nicer too.

He blinked up at her as she went fuzzy again. "I think one of my barriers cracked a little." He squinted his eyes as if he could see it.  "Weren't you going to call a Healer?  Maybe a Black Widow.  Do we have any of those?" He was rambling as he took the bread from her and took another bite then handed it back.  "You're so pretty." He smiled up at her like a fool again.
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Re: [M] bitter brews
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He wasn't making any sense. Kori frowned at him, eyes narrowed and her whole body consumed with the urge to fret and fuss. She checked his brow again, still cool. But it was obvious his wits were addled, his words slurred and confused. Kori watched as he drank the water, and took some bread, pushing the other half of it back at her. She tore a small piece off and chewed, shaking her head.

"Nothing. Aggy, I'm not pregnant." Kori refused, stubbornly, to entertain the idea. She chewed another bite of bread aggressively and then finished off her tea as quickly as possible. Staunchly ignoring the way her stomach writhed at the the sudden filling. "Your barriers are fine," she snapped. Kori pulled him close, pillowing his head in her lap and petting his hair. He wasn't allowed to have cracked barriers.

"I'll summon the Healer in a moment. You just be quiet and eat." Kori brushed a crumb from his lower lip and smiled back at him without meaning to. "And you're an idiot Aegeus Gabras." She bent down and kissed his forehead, her hands resuming their hair combing. He was her idiot.

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Re: [M] bitter brews
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He finished the bread quickly and then had nothing to do but pay all of his attention to Koralia.  Well he did that anyway.  Every moment of his life seemed to revolve around his precious little Rose Queen.  He couldn't even seem to sleep without at least praying to the Darkness that they'd be together forever, not that he'd tell anyone that little habit.

He looked crestfallen as she sternly committed to not being pregnant.  She was though, he was she of it.  How else could she explain throwing up twice in one day?  She really shouldn't tap into her Jewels either, not that she'd listen.  He stuck his tongue out at her as she snapped.  She was so defensive about any harm coming to him.  He was her Shield, "I'm your Shield, Kori.  I'm going to get a few dents here and there."

He looked pleased as punch as she pulled him closer and held him, petting him.  His eyes started to flutter softly, innocently.  He hadn't realized he'd reached out for her mind to calm him by instinct allow.  Didn't realize he'd heard her thought rather than her voice.  "I'll always be your idiot Kori.  I love you.  Now...and...always."  He drifted off to sleep, his mind sharing with her his true feelings, raw emotions he held for her.  All the loyalty and love a male could give to his Queen.  He was completely hers.
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