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Kori paced herself so Nikoalas could get the door, however the butler was ready, the door swinging open the moment they reached the front stoop. Kori smiled at the impeccable timing, fingers squeezing Nik's arm in pleasure.

"Thank you. Can you have Cook send some tea up to my office please?" Kori requested of the butler. She was met with a bow, the man disappearing down the hallway after closing the door. "My office is upstairs, this way." Subtly she angled him toward the stairs. Kori knew how to get where she was going without making her escort appear useless.

"Right in here." Kori let go of his arm and opened the door to her office, lowering the Rose lock she'd placed on it. It was mostly plain. Kori hadn't found any art she liked for the tawny walls. One side did hold a tiered set of shelves, each one housing a small potted plant. "Please sit." She gestured vaguely to the chairs set in front of the desk.

"Your contract should be here..." She'd raided the steward's office after he had left, taking everything she deemed important and transplanting it to her own office. She pulled it out from a tall, heavy cabinet and settled in behind her desk, sliding her chair closer to it. There was knock before she could speak, and the tea arrived.

"I can pour," she offered. "How do you like it?"

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Re: Time Has Come Today
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Nik had been expecting the walk to Kori's office to seem like forever, but it seemed like it was only a matter of moments before Kori had released his arm and was entering her office. It was a rather plain office, nothing really on the walls. But she had just taken over, so it made sense in a way. Nik didn't think Kori would be one for plain walls, so he was sure that within no time she would find some piece of art to hang on the wall. Something.. dramatic. That seemed to fit her.

Sitting down after she gestured to the chairs, Nik looked around, trying to to stare at anything for too long as she searched for his contract. He had no idea what to expect from this and he felt like there was a lot riding on it so he felt oddly nervous. The last time he had been in a room signing a Contract he hadn't cared where he went or what he was doing, a contract was a contract and he hadn't cared where he would end up. But now he did. He liked it here, and even though it was torture, he wanted to be close to Dory. He wanted answer for what had happened all those years ago.

But before anything was said someone arrived with their tea. Nik watched her come in and set the tray down, slightly wary of everything. He wasn't use to this. But Kori's voice disrupted his thoughts. Looking back to her Nik studied her face for a moment before answering "Just black thanks" Sugar and cream were something that he didn't have a lot of access to while in the Army so he had grown use to having his tea with nothing in it. He had tried it after returning and found it far too sweet for his tastes. Black tea suited him just fine.

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Re: Time Has Come Today
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Nodding, Kori poured. Plain tea for Nikoalas, and tea with cream for herself. Sliding his cup over to him, Kori pushed the tray aside and glanced at the door, which the servant had left open. Good. Bold as she was, Kori wasn't sure she was quite up to being shut in a small room with a Warlord Prince. Even if he seemed nice enough. He still wore the Green, and Kori doubted her Rose would stave him off long enough for anyone to rescue her.

If anyone could.

Maybe she didn't want to do this. Rather than chew her lip in apprehension, Kori drank her tea. It was almost too hot with the cream, but she didn't care. She'd rather suffer a scalded tongue than let on how nervous she suddenly found herself. Maybe she should have waited. For what, Kori wasn't sure. A steward? Aggy? Something. But it was too late. She'd run ahead of herself again. Might as well keep running lest her feet slip out from under her in a tangle.

"If you would like, we can go over the terms of your current contract." Kori glanced down at it, taking in the wages and time owed, and exactly what Circle he served in. She didn't need that many Circles. She didn't even have enough people to fill so many. "At the very least, I would like to move you up to..." Who did she have? Kori thought, lips pursed, tea cup turning in her hands. "Second Circle. There isn't much of a pay jump, admittedly. But I haven't enough to fill so many Circles, and your duties would be the same." She was nearly certain, anyway.

Should have checked with the Master of the Guard. But Kori rather preferred not to.

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Re: Time Has Come Today
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Nik sipped his tea as Kori handed it over to him. It wasn't hard for him to miss her glancing at the door. There were very few people who were comfortable alone with him, and he hadn't expected Kori would be one of them, not yet anyway. But he knew he was no danger to her, or anyone, right now. But he didn't think anything he said or did would convince her of that.

As she looked through the papers, Nik busied himself with his tea, not wanting to stare at her and make everything worse. The tea was still just a bit too hot, so he drew on his summer-sky to cool it slightly. While using craft Nik always tried to use his lighter jewel, more people would be familiar with it, and then they wouldn't have to worry about him drawing on his power that they may not be able to sense. It seemed to help put people at ease.

As Kori started speaking again Nik looked up from his tea. She was talking about moving him up? Part of that shocked him. He had come in expecting to basically resign his current contract, not move up. "The pay is not a concern for me, but thank you Lady Floros. It would be an honor to serve in your Second Circle." He had never served so high in a Queen's circle, so it really was a honor. He also wasn't over concerned on the duties. He knew he would be able to handle anything thrown at him. He had proven himself capable of that so far anyway.

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Re: Time Has Come Today
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Kori's smile was radiant. She hadn't been sure. He was a Warlord Prince, and she knew that they tended to be particular, and Kori wasn't much like her aunt. He also wore dark Jewels, an oddity in Dharo, and Kori wasn't sure how they might alter his perspective. Maybe he wouldn't trust her, a Rose Queen, to be able to keep his temper in check if needed.

But he'd said yes, and Kori felt the anxious knot in her stomach unfurl. Everything was going to be okay. It was. She wouldn't fail. Not everyone would run from her. And hopefully she wouldn't have to chase another out.

"I'm so glad." Which was more than apparent in her smile and the tenor of her voice. "I can draw up the contract now, if you would like?" It wouldn't take but a minute. Kori had prepped some contracts already. Standard things that were easy adapted to whoever was signing and what position they would be serving. She was eager to have it done. She wanted to show her new Steward how much she could accomplish on her own so he couldn't send bad reports back to whoever he was bound to be reporting to.

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Re: Time Has Come Today
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Nik wasn't normally the type to smile, but seeing Kori smile like that, he couldn't help but give her a genuine smile. She seemed to be so happy that he agreed to signing a contract, something that was an easy decision for him, considering everything that was here now. But still, he barely knew Kori and already he was starting to see her as a younger sister. He still hoped that maybe one day he would be able to call her that..

Finishing off the rest of his tea, Nik set the cup back on the tray. Nodding as she spoke. "Yes, If you have time to draw up a contract I would be more than glad to sign it." Less time for her to change her mind, to decide that the risk of having a dark Jewelled Warlord Prince was not worth the benefit, assuming there even was a benefit. Nik knew he could be a risk, but he honestly didn't think there would be any place safer for him. Dory he knew could keep his temper in check, and while Kori had yet to prove herself, if she was related to Dory than Nik had faith in her.

He knew that serving within this Court would not be the easiest task ever given to him. If he couldn't make things right with Dory, it could be absolute torture. But still, seeing her, touching her had given him more hope than ever. If what they had had been lust it would have withered away and died, but there was still that spark, the connection. You only got that once in a life time. Shaking his head, he looked back at Kori, waiting for his contract, he wanted to sign it now.

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"Wonderful," Kori beamed. She opened the left hand drawer of her desk and pulled out a contract. Wetting her pen she filled out all the details specific to Nikoalas's service. Name, Caste, Jewels. The Circle he would be joining. The duties were already listed since she'd made them position specific. She frowned at them for a moment, wondering if she should have the Master of the Guard double check them. No.

She would leave that for the Steward.

"Here you are. It just needs your signature there at the bottom." She pointed it out to him and laid her pen across the contract for him. "Not much will change, even with the promotion of Circle, I'm afraid. But your position will be secure now that the contract is under my name." And her tenuous grasp on Baruch would be strengthened. How had this happened? Kori had been running from responsibility for so long. From Ruling and making her Offering. Yet here she was, fighting for Baruch.

Better a backwater, snow covered district than somewhere with more pressure, she supposed.


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