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Re: Testing boundaries [cw]
« Reply #15 on: August 05, 2019, 02:16:03 AM »
She could have weighed a ton or been featherlight. It wouldn’t have made a difference to the way Danger carried her off to the bedroom. Arms unused to carrying anything heavier than a small stack of wood aided by a touch of his Sapphire. Progress paused by the doorway that split the two rooms so the latch could be flung open. HIs back braced against the door jamb so he could pretend that hiking her up higher was necessary rather than experimental. His grip had not wavered a millimeter. But he had rightly guessed that the feel of her sex slipping up along his own would be worth the few seconds it took to play out.

A game she seemed to like just as much as he did. Tongue a sensual flick against his ear. Tail an erotic tickle up his backside. Face buried to her hair he rubbed his mouth against her temple to keep from murmuring his approval. Or cursing his clumsiness.

Body buzzing with nervous energy he found the bed with his shins. Grunt barely bubbled away before he kissed her hard on the mouth. The shield a small barrier between them for half a second that seemed to drag on forever before he could cabinet it out of their way. Lip sucked and licked to make up for it he shifted his hold and reared his Sapphire in stronger to keep from dropping her right down. Eyes greedy as he stood up again for a quick look. Knee trying to mount the bed only to find have prize wriggle away. She did not lay ready and waiting. Spear twitching against his stomach he frowned as she squirmed up on to her knees.

Frowned harder at the hand she held him back with. It was hard. All of him. From roots to tip. Especially the tip. Hard to see over the sharp angles of the moment to the circumstances that colored the situation. Danger was dangerous, he reminded himself. He told her so all the time. But she’d never listened. So he looked over that into eyes that had an anxious glint in their corners. Nearly hidden by the heaviness of unspooled desire. Touching his hand to her small one he lifted his eyebrows at her in soft question. She was still relatively new to sex. How new he couldn’t say. All he knew was that she hadn’t had any experience a month before. And he’d rather not know how much she had gained in the meantime. Newish was reason enough to be nervous. Hell, he was nervous too. Just less nervous than he was eager.

The hand fell away and he was quick to fill the space she offered. Mouth lowered even before she fit her hand against his cheek. This time the lip sucking was staggered by a room rumbling gasp. Biting down hard on his lips he edged closer to Iskra. To the warm spot of her palm around his balls. They were drawn up tight to his groin. The touch made them feel small and vulnerable in his scrotum. Which was ironic since he leaned in instead of pulling away. It was an impossible to describe sort of pleasure. Nerve endings bursting in spirals up into his pelvis. Cheek pressed to her jaw he ran his lips along her shoulder. Concentrating on the play of her fingers. Toes curled tight as he anticipated more pleasure but feared pain at the same time. They were just such a sensitive place.

It would be fine. She was a healer. She knew to be gentle.

Adjusting his knees he tried to give time to explore. A tall order that made him twitch and fidget. Small breasts fondled and teased by lightly plucking fingers. Fists balled until his fingernails left marks on the heels of his hands. Hair stroked away from her shoulders. Kisses brushed along her jaw. The hollows of her hips swept through by his thumbs. Knuckles run down her front from collarbone to clitoris.

Then there was a tug. A very good one. It made his back bow until his forehead touched her shoulder. And his hips tip towards her until his spear kissed her skin. Some intangible thread that connected all the pleasure points on his body flicked in just the right way. Setting him on fire all over again. Patience burned up in a snap like a dry twig. Kisses turned hungry he found her mouth. Tongue quick to trace her teeth as he begged for sucking. A palm on the small of her back for balance as he tried to coax her legs out from underneath her with the other. Trying to lay her down where he could cover her body and fit them together until the world felt right. Because having her there to touch and taste was starting to make his head spin.

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Re: Testing boundaries [cw]
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It was... Delirious. Or Iskra was delirious. Her body was a criss-crossed patchwork of hot and cold skin that shifted. Gooseflesh making every inch more sensitive as Danger trailed touches and kisses over her body. Paths of heat that followed in the wake of his touching, and then turned tight and chilled in the absence of it.

There was a rhythm to it. Paired with the soft way her fingers stroked him. Palm lifting to cup him, then bowing to roll his tested experimentally. He liked it, Iskra knew. Room trembling with barely caught pleasure. Body tucking closer, kisses turning sharp with sucks. It amplified her own pleasure. Head tipped back, Iskra breathed heavily at the ceiling. Stomach twitching. Knees trembling.

Her hips rocking into the pressure of his thumbs. Breasts eagerly thrust into his hands no matter how hard he pinched. Gasping, Iskra's whole body flinched, fingers drawing tightened folds of skin away from his body. Danger liked that even more. Pressing and pressing until Iskra was bowed backward. Knees swept away so he could lay her back and cover her body with his own.

Tail sweeping between their legs to curl over the back of his thigh, Iskra fit her own up around his hips. Forgot the frightening size of his spear until it was slick between them. Head spreading wetness up her center in preparation to part her. Iskra moaned, back arching and ass tucked, drawing her sex down and away. "Too big." She worried against his shoulder, breathless with wanting, hands exploring the muscles of his back.

Shoulder back into the bed, she became a bow. Drawn tight. Desperate to let him in and escape all at once. Fingers buried in his hair, Iskra kissed him. Hard and hungry and full of the sucking he'd wanted so badly. Hips riding her up the underside of his spear. Warm and soft. Tip just where she liked it best. The healer in her knew it could fit. Would fit. But she was afraid of the pain from the first time. Of the claws she's unsheathed in defense.

Want warring with worry until she bucked too hard again both, and the sweet threat of his spear; bruising her ears and skull against the headboard of her bed with a crack that made her jump in surprise and squeal in pain. "Ow! The hell!" Her tail tightened around his thigh, hips twisting her to the side and chin pressed to his jaw. Ears flat as they tried to flee the hurt, Iskra tenses beneath him and tried not to cry. The slide of naked bodies sending conflicting messages to her brain.

Frustrated, Iskra twisted beneath him. Arm thrust between their bodies so she could grab hold of his spear. Grip firm she measured him. Width by the circle of her fingers. Length by the pull of them. *You won't fit.* She whined. He had to be twice as big as Perry. It would be like that first time all over again. Both better and worse, because it would be with Danger. Danger whose cheek she nuzzled with her nose. Ears flapping experimentally.
Not broken or crushed.

Just miserable. *I want you, but its...* Iskra trailed off, thumb circled the tip. "Big. Impressive. Terrifying." Exasperated, Iskra lay flat beneath him, her other hand working up his shoulder to his jaw. Babies fit. But there was always a lot of screaming. His spear was hardly the size of a baby. *Kiss me some more?* She begged, terrified he'd be done with her at the refusal. Terrified she'd never be brave enough to have what she wanted.


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Re: Testing boundaries [cw]
« Reply #17 on: October 13, 2019, 12:14:02 PM »
Breath on his skin. Warm and ticklish as it rolled across his shoulder. Danger couldn’t know that the feeling was really a sound. Not without catching the vibrations in Iskra’s throat, or seeing the movement of her lips. Both lost to his notice. Too overstimulated by a thousand other sensations. Like the way the soft heat he tried to envelope his spear into twitched away in a quick shift of hips and tail. Face turned down he bit his lips together. Frustration a lump in his stomach that pulled painfully on the root of his sex. His attempts to find that sweet spot of entry again were blocked by the mattress as it molded to her curves. That didn’t stop him from trying, though. Knees parting wider under the hook of her thighs to sink him lower on the bed. The worry in her voice a flavor in the air that was hidden beneath lust and shower water.

That she bowed her body on purpose was slow to creep into his head. All the signs pointed to eagerness. The way she wiggled underneath him to find a better position, and the pull at his scalp masked her anxiety as frenzied desire. Danger breathed hard through his nose as she stole his breath- and his tongue. Tucked trembling hands into her hair to sweep his thumbs at the base of pointed ears. Forearms framing her face as they tried again. At least, he thought they were trying again. The suck of his tongue passed her sharp little teeth making his fingers tighten in her hair, and easing the agony of sweet pressure on his spear as she rode it the wrong way. Aching glands dipped in slick wet pleasure that rolled away before he could get caught in the place he wanted to so badly to be.

*Right there.* He shot across the thread as her hips brought her flush to the tip of his spear again. A hand tentatively splayed under her navel to help her stay still. That wasn’t the problem though, he realized belatedly. She didn’t squirm and wriggle because she was too excited to stay still. It wasn’t poor timing and worse aim. She was flinching away on purpose. A sliver of guilt wedged into his chest, but confusion was the reigning emotion in that moment. Arms propping him higher he tried to puzzle together what had happened. Fluff tickled his leg as she looped her tail around his leg, body instinctively bending in for her to tuck against as his probes whipped wildly around the pain in the air as if they could wave it away on the psychic plane.

He could feel the shards of distress and hurt throbbing in the air between their touching faces. Sensations that were highly at odds with the confident stroke she gave his spear. Static filled their link as he tried to build up words to answer her charge. Defensiveness going to war with his compassion. Why wouldn’t he fit? Someone else had fit. Hadn’t they? They’d certainly gotten in, the evidence was plain on her psyche. Iskra’s Webs had been tried and not found wanting. What about the rest of her though? He didn’t know. He didn’t know if he would actually fit either. He had fit other women fine. Or at least none had complained. But Iskra was not like any woman he had ever known. Not in spirit, or in body. If his own experience on such matters was lacking, then how could hers be much broader? She was still newly not-a-virgin. And the gaps in his knowledge were no less glaring there. He didn’t know how new, how practiced, how informed, she was. Iskra was a healer, though, and she would know the limits of her unique body better than he likely ever could.

*I want you too.* He was quick to encourage, the words pregnant in anticipation to the end of her sentence. An end that didn’t come. There were not instructions. Nothing after the ‘but’ to tell him how to remedy the situation. How to make the wanting enough. Only pretty lips that spelled out words he only caught parts of. And a woman that went limp under him as if she were resigned rather than ready. Pressing his face into the sheets and away from her soft touch Danger let a trapped growl shake his teeth until they ached. Elbow deep in the mattress top and hand clenched at the hair on the back of his head he fought back a sigh. Energy spent into the act of not making a sound. A small relief that made his shame and defeat bearable. Now she was scared. Of course, of fucking course. He could have cried in annoyance, and quite nearly did.

Danger came back up for air slowly. Blinking to make sure his eyes didn’t give away the depth of his tantrum. Hip shifting he laid beside her rather than on top. Arms cradling rather than clinging. One under her head and one curled around to her back. *I’m sorry.* Terrifying. The passion that had driven him crazy buried itself in his bones. Big. All the energy that had made him hard and aching seeped out of his toes. Those were definitely words that fit Danger. Danger who would not fit for Iskra. Leaning into her request he pressed soft kisses to her bottom lip. He had been warning her for weeks that he was dangerous. He didn’t want to blame her for it sinking in now but it all felt very unfair. Much as he knew it was not and roared in internal self-disgust. *I didn’t mean to scare you.*

Hands that explored to fervently. Lips that could tear down her house, or through her psyche, pressing to her throat. A familiar knot tightened in his stomach. Of course she would be terrified. There were a thousand reasons to be. Least of all that he had broken her trust once already. He was far from the practiced hand that would have introduced her to sex. With a swallow he pet her hair smooth. *I shouldn’t have let my spear run away with my sense.* She wanted him, he was hers. It wasn’t fair of him to put extra expectations on a connection she couldn’t control. When he pulled her closer Danger did his best to keep the stiffness of disappointment from his limbs. He kissed her to distract from the mix of emotions in his chest he didn’t know how to hide. Having this mistaken as legitimate feelings rather than run off he couldn’t contain but wholly rejected would just complicated things. *I’d have gotten loud anyway. It would have been bad. I really want things to be good with us.* He doubted an unplanned remodel was on anyone’s agenda for the day. And that was considering the possible danger lightly. *It was a bad idea.*

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