Oh, its you
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It had been a strange awakening. The world had tilted and changed in the night, only to be discovered in the morning. Rumors rushing in of shattered windows and smoking debris. Rumors that took longer to reach them before. The world reduced to the swiftness of Eyrien wings with the Winds gone.

A curious morning indeed.

But that had been many mornings ago; when the blood had still run heavy from her body and Lillian had been able to do little more than fret, and be fretted over. Too riling to male tempers to soothe them. Too goaded by pain to be much help to her friend. Lillian had still tried. Wafting between bed and Ilithian's side like a storm tossed leaf.

She made extensive notes of every rumor that made it to the Eyrie. A map of events. And she worried. Worried especially about a place and people that weren't exactly hers. "Still nothing?" She asked across her borrowed desk every day. This day, the end of a pen wobbling between her teeth. Still nothing. And her Green too shallow to reach so far.

And Lillian too afraid to try. She and Peitar had not parted on good terms.

With a sigh she leaned back in her seat, crushing her wings between her body and the chair. The weight was almost a comfort. Pinned in place, just like she was. With all the mayhem running about Askavi, Lillian didn't dare ask her friend to spare an escort too see her to a place she most likely wasn't welcome. Ink blotting the paper as she lost herself in the spiral of useless worry and half concocted plans she was startled by the interruption to them.

"You!" Lillian stood with the accusation. Pen rolling away as her hands crept up her chest to cover her spreading smile. Heels to lips and fingertips to cheeks, she grinned despite her rough welcome. Eyes sweeping from warrior to dog and back again. "How did you get here?" She asked, dropping her hands for Helen to sniff.