A Witches Black Touch (Closed)
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The Black Widow had a history to her, and she didn't even know how to begin to discuss it when it came to meeting the Queen she felt the need to serve. She was nothing but another Black Widow to her, though Memphis knew she was just right for Melaine Callas. She was strong, motivated and, in all honesty, it just felt right in her bones; like it was calling to serve her. Memphis knew the importance of finding that bond with a Queen and she was ready to find out if the Lady was hers.

So much had changed and come so fast that it was hard sometimes for Memphis to wrap her mind around it. She almost felt like she could drown in the worries of everything sometimes, even when in reality. Everything she was experiencing was a good distraction for her. Since her grandmother hadpassed everything seemed harder even if she didn't show it on the outside. Memphis knew though that she had to keep going like her grandmother would have wanted. Her grandmother helped her through the toughest time of her life and helped her create a new and better life after the incident; she owed it to her to continue to make her proud.

Becoming part of the Sect. of Erebus, wasn't a task many came by and it was one of the things her grandmother helped her achieve. From the harder lessons as a young girl to the even tougher one's after her incident, Memphis strived when it came to the Black Widow craft. When her grandmother introduced her to the Sect she didn't believe it at first. Then, she met the other people and part of it and she began to believe; those people included her leader Katina Lagana. She was a woman Memphis highly respected.

Memphis often wondered why she had been selected for the Sect, but then she reminded herself of whom had trained her. Her grandmother had been part of Sect. It never passed to her mother obviously, but when her grandmother saw the signs in Memphis while she raised her. That's when she put forth the proper and difficult training for Memphis to endure. When she succeeded through  it, that's when she knew she was ready for the Erebus. Her grandmother had been surprised that after what happened to Memphis that her mind was intact to endure such training; Memphis took it on as a distraction.

Memphis was proud to be part of the Sect, but she still sought out more. She needed to find more. She didn’t realize that through a dream she would find her next steps…