A Lady Knows Best


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Re: A Lady Knows Best
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’How did they survive him?’ She wondered with deviant pleasure. When he was away, how did the witches that had, or were simply tempted, to deal with him manage? That indolent look of disinterest was so perfectly cast across his handsome face- it would have laid an ordinary chit pretty low, she suspected. They needed compliments and reassurance. He must have a left a trail of devastation behind. They had no hope of playing his games; they didn’t even know the rules.

Eloise had her own personal set of self doubts, everyone does. None of them stemmed or were influenced by the naughty creature that watched her through his lashes. Every little tendril she had draped around him vibrated with their shared desire. This was the sweet nothings they whispered in one another's ear. The foreplay that went on and on. On a strand of Red she fleetingly sent an image of her own mouth stealing his lip. Then just as quickly she dropped the link. Just another game no one else had a hope of understanding. Terrible things to tease them both into a frenzy, just because she could.

Slim shoulders rolled, prompting the blouse to slide down her arms, pooling at her wrists where buttoned sleeves held fast. These were worked more quickly than the other buttons had been. Free of it at least Eloise sank onto the mattress to lose her heels too. They were moved away with the flutter of a hand, as if the gesture instead of her Craft had tucked them back into the closet. Then she rose again, hooking her thumbs under the elastic band of her tailored slacks. She could have gotten them over her hips without the help of a little wiggling. But why? The display was half the excitement. And she loved to excite him.

Her voice rising to a taunting pitch she lifted the chosen dress up off the bed. The black matte blended with gossamer strands of red detailing as she held it up on one finger by the thin shoulder strap. ”This one?”

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Re: A Lady Knows Best
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He loved the way she looked in that moment. Blouse pooled around her hips, and caught at her wrists. A prison of soft fabric. Shoulder bare, the pale rise of her breasts above her undergarments. Jaxom barely twitched an eyebrow, but his body was alive. The after imagine of her on his burned into his mind.

He could almost feel it.

Though he could think of more tantalizing places for her to her lips, and did so, one corner of his mouth quirking upward briefly.

Jaxom leaned an elbow on the arm of the chair, propping his chin on his hand. He watched as she dropped her blouse, lounged on the bed, and shed her heels. All before she stood, hips rocking back and forth as she slipped from her slacks. Like a serpent shedding its skin. Back and forth and back and forth until those too were gone.

Jaxom didn't even smile. Though he could well imagine was such shimming could feel like if he were sheathed in her.

Maybe one day.

Licking his lips, Jax dropped his hand back into his lap and leaned his head back against the chair. Eyes roamed her bare flesh and not so bare flesh alike.

"The rest of it first." He demanded softly. "No need to sully a new dress with used panties. Toss them here and get fresh ones." He opened a palm and wiggled his fingers imperiously.

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Re: A Lady Knows Best
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”Oh you think you’re a slick boyo...” She cooed, letting the dress fall back to the pile in a soft sigh of fabric. In a few short steps she closed the space between them. The best part of testing the limits of their resistance was waiting to see who would break first. Just as she reached his chair Eloise turned, his bared feet silent on the plush rug. Settling her butt on his knees she reached around her back, first to toss her hair out of the way, then to tap a finger against the clasp of her brasier.  ”Go on, then, if you want my underthings so badly. Come and get them.”

She walked the precarious edge of their game; on the one hand was victory the other sweet satisfaction. There really was no bad outcome… At the end of the night they would both be panting and spent. One way or another. The game would either go on between them or they would finally find out who had the weaker will. Squirming against the sweet, sinking ache between her thigh Eloise scooted back deeper into his lap. She was absolutely positive she would be the one to cave. Someday…

Tonight she had the promise of a new game to tide her over. At least through dinner. And it started with letting him choose her dress. The things she intended to make him choose later lit a fire in her eyes. Agonizing fun. She bit the tip of her thumb playfully as she watched those parts of him she could see over her shoulder.

"What do you want for dinner, Jaxom?"

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Re: A Lady Knows Best
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Jaxom flicked an eyebrow, a slow, wickedly amused smile spreading across his lips. He slid back into his seat as she approached, dropping his right foot back onto the floor so she could stand as close to him as the chair would allow. His hands, which he placed carefully on the arms of the chairs, twitched.

So did something else.

A low chuckle as she sat on him, tossing her hair like a wild creature and exposing the length of her bare back to him. Cupping her lower back in his hands, Jax dug his fingers into the flesh there and drew her farther back into his lap, even as she squirmed to do just that. Until his arousal was pressed hard against her ass. And then, slowly, his hands slip upward, fingers slipping under the band of her brassier.

"Here?" He whispered against the naked skin of her shoulder. Without waiting for an answer, Jaxom applied his teeth to the clasp. With minimal help from his Jewels, he managed to undo the hooks, tongue darting out to taste the flesh beneath as they parted. Strong fingers drew slid around her sides, sweeping up under her arms, and drawing the straps from her shoulders without once touching her breasts. Though he came deliciously close, his cock growing harder from the game.

"You." He answered, like a good boy, with total honesty. His voice rasped as he kissed the marks left by her under garments. His fingers pulled her brassier free from her body, stroking the warm cups before vanishing the delicate thing. "But baring that, meat. From a small, helpless creature that cooks up decidedly tender." Smooth tones as he wrapped himself up in tight chains of control.

"Now these?" Jaxom asked, his fingers slid beneath the waist band of her panties, pressing into the hollow beneath her hipbones. "What does the lady wish for dinner, Eloise? A salad? A steak?" He smiled against her side. *My cock?* He asked her along the Red.

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Re: A Lady Knows Best
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The sultry rumble of his brief amusement. Short nails clipping into her lower back. Eloise didn’t even bother masking the shiver that raced up her spine lingering at the place on her neck where she felt his hot breath. Nor did she shy away from the hard rod straining under the layers of his clothes. In fact she let her back arch, bracing her hands on the arms of the chair. They were too desperate to be left idle. Too hungry to feel his skin beneath her nails.

Then the real teasing began. Deep in the swirling pit of her Red lightning crackled. ’Everywhere.’ She let the answer rot in her mind, too busy raking her teeth over her bottom lip to speak. Grinding her teeth shut with a snap Eloise squirmed under the moist heat of his mouth. Her own wetness increasing as she fidgeted in his lap, wishing the stiff press of his dick were in a more sensitive place. It wasn’t, and she felt her head swirling in a lovely rush of pleasure that warned she was close to losing. It was such a long, drawn out game. What a waste to stop now. But what a reward…

His fingers tickled as they guided the straps up and away. The sudden bareness drew her nipples into tight buds. Of course he would leave them aching. And it seemed a breach of the rules to satisfy the ache herself.  So she reclaimed her grip on the chair arms, knuckles pale. What a perfect answer. And what a perfect image. She squeezed her thighs closed tight against the sensation. He had such a sassy mouth; being his dinner was likely as close to bliss as a woman could come. Pun absolutely intended.

Agreeing with a soft hum Eloise felt a short soft giggle slip by her lips. Laughing at herself for the eager way her hips bobbed up, of their own will, to tempt the last layer of fabric away. Spear to distaff she locked onto the psychic link he tried to taunt her with. *Deep fried, slow roasted, or maybe just raw so it can stick to the back of my throat.* She swallowed, hard, enticed by the idea. Leaning back against his chest she let her legs fall open lazily. Her thighs twitched as the air hit the slick skin. If they kept it up he’d have to change too. ”But first,” Her voice an over sugared whisper she rested her head against his shoulder, ”dinner. I have the best idea for a game.”

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Re: A Lady Knows Best
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It hurt. Swollen and aching, restrained by clothing and an iron will. Jaxom could smell her arousal. A warm, wet musk that wreaked havoc with his senses. Jax wasn't sure if he wanted to plumb every depth Eloise possessed, or kill every male in a twenty mile radius. His lips curved against her spine.

He could do both. The wellspring of his power was deep enough to reach so far, even with his cock buried in his queen. But he wouldn't have the control to differentiate the females from the males. And Jaxom had a feeling he was going to need to services of at least three of the provinces women in the near future.

The mental images her words left him with had Jaxom groaning. It hurt so good. Fucking harlot. Queen of his bedamned heart. *You're a precious thing. How many has it been now, Eloise?* There wasn't an ounce of jealous in Jax. She could have bedded the entire realm and he still would have sworn himself the favorite. He just knew. He didn't even have to touch her and he knew that he would always be who she wanted.

Jaxom tucked an arm under her splayed thighs, lifting them up. His free hand slid down the back of her panties, drawing them down with his wrist. Hands carefully cupped smooth, he stroked her flesh without really touching her. There were no ridges, no wayward fingers, to part her. He barely even brushed her flesh, just enough to get her panties past her hips. Withdrawing his hand, Jax grasped the front of the flimsy bit of fabric and pulled it down to her knees as he lowered her back onto his lap. He pulled her thighs higher, tucking them against her so he draw her panties down her calves and off her delicate toes.

He vanished them too. Only to call them back in and press the crotch to his nose, inhaling. Smiling, Jaxom released her, laying his hands over her white knuckles.

"Well then my girl, get dressed and we'll go play this game of yours." He couldn't wait to play.

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Re: A Lady Knows Best
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Hands itching to get at him Eloise forced herself to sit still in his lap while he made lovely sounds. She could feel his heart pulsing in his dick where it pressed against her ass cheek. Like a child finishing a particularly good sweet she ran her tongue over her lips. Jaxom was right. He was absolutely the favorite. She had tried to cheat the game by toying with cheap impressions of the man she wanted most. They never lived up to the dark promises he had created in her mind. These days she tended to take pass over the seasoned males. Pups were easier to mold, less likely to break. But if she broke one tonight, it would be Jax to blame. *It doesn’t matter, they’re never enough.* How could anyone be when she had such a deviant always lurking in the back of her mind.

Giving in his the demands of his hands was too easy. Soft breathy sounds slipped out as he tormented her with skilled hands. Just enough to make her feel irritatingly hot with want, but too soft to provide an ounce of satisfaction. Mother night damn his little heart. Under the touch of his palms her own hands quivered with the strain of gripping the chair. She wasn’t ready to let go. Not yet. Being handled made...want to handle him. ”Soon enough, pet.” Too soon.

When her composure was neatly back in place Eloise bounced out of his lap as easily as she had climbed in. Every step premeditated, exaggerated so that her hips swayed. Instead of going back around the bed she kept her back to him, leaning over the mattress to reach the dress. One knee lifting to support her reach. Soon enough. Too soon. Not soon enough. They all felt like the right answer to the best question.

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Re: A Lady Knows Best
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Jaxom gave the lady time. He was a gentleman. Mouth open, Jax closed his eyes and breathed it all in, head tipping back against the chair. He could smell, taste and feel her desire. His thumbs soothed her quivering hands, running over the backs of the hard knuckles that clenched the chair's arms.

*I'm sorry they disappoint you.* It wasn't even a lie.

The thready sound of her breathing pleased him. So did the damp heat she pressed into his lap. The way her ass cheeks cupped him perfectly. Every part of his body cried out for release. The waiting was torment. Agony coursed through his body with ever pulse. But his hands were steady and his control in perfect effect.

Jaxom loved the pain. He loved writhing in the grips of such agony. Of never letting on just how strong the pull was. How desperately he wanted to lose himself in her. To give her every pleasure she asked for, and all those she didn't dare voice. He liked to tease her with glimpses of it, and Jaxom wished to yield to her the whole truth.

But that wasn't part of the game.

"Yes, lady," He conceded, slapping Eloise's ass as she rose from his lap. He didn't dare adjust the bulge in the front of his trouser. A single touch could prove disastrous. Jaxom had no desire for release. He wanted the throbbing need to last forever. Until he was ready. He'd ease the ache later. For now he watched, eyes greedy, stomach so tight the skin pulled when he breathed.

Swaying hips and limber body. A view he could never get tired of. Jaxom drank in the sight. Slick folds. The way her ass rounded as she bent across the bed. Now it was his turn to abuse the chair. How ease it would be to unbutton and slide home. Licking his lips, he tasted the air with his tongue. Shifting, he pressed a kiss to the panties he had yet to vanish, and then did so.

She wasn't going to put anything on under the dress, was she?

Slowly, Jaxom died of pleasure, only to be reborn and die of agony.

Mother Night take any woman not Eloise Berengier.

His barriers trembled and his control quaked.

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Re: A Lady Knows Best
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Composed- every inch in absolute control. That was his way. Alluring as it was frustrating for Eloise. In the beginning the game had started with her coquettish grin; the constant draw to test his will with every wild temptation that crossed her mind. With every failure the game evolved. As did her trust in him. A lovely way to play. Except she always burned with the same heat she tried to stir, until his restraint was self inflicted torture and it was her resolve being tested.

Still, no one had won. Likely because the worst of the teasing came from Eloise. If their roles were reversed she knew how easily she would bend. This time, though, a quivering hint in the air suggested she was closer than ever before. It thrilled and unnerved her in turn. The black dress held close she turned just in time to see his lips flit across the panties she had left in his care. When he vanished them Eloise gave a smirk, ”Wouldn’t you rather the real thing?”

She started to slide her arms through the sleek fabric. Then the air vibrated as the strain to his barriers danced down her psychic strands. Like a spider following the taught threads of her web, or a cat that suddenly discovered a mouse under her paw, Eloise smiled. Pulling on the dress to free her hands she curled a finger at him, beckoning. ”I can feel you, Jaxom. Does it hurt? I could kiss it all better.” Butter in a hot pan her words were a slick as her thighs beneath the close fitting sheath dress.

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Re: A Lady Knows Best
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He would. Very.

"Maybe another time." Jaxom smirked, but the tension stayed. It vibrated, a low hum in the background, a chafing. Control frayed, and Jax wasn't quite sure if he was descending to rising. Into his power, or outward? Either would have relieved him. Carnage or... her breast vanished beneath the inky fabric. It caught, for a moment, on her hips, before falling to the floor.

Jaxom swallowed.

Mother. Fucking. Night.

He stood instantly, body reacting to the quirk of his finger before he ever gave it permission. His eyes were dark with a sleepy sort of burning. Slow moving fire like the sort that poured from angry mountains. Jaw hard Jaxom took two steps toward her and then stopped, chin dropping to his chest as he looked down at her. Her offer cut the cords and need rolled off of him in waves.

"Could you?" Reaching out he caught her cheek in the palm of his hand, cupping it with just restrained violence. It would be so easy to spiral into his power, to take the whole damn house with him. His smirk slid into a sneer. "I don't know if you can, my girl." Closer now. The beast straining at its leash. "It hurts something awful." He pouted before snaring her.

Fuck the house.

Jaxom wrapped Eloise up in his power. It was like wounding, but he was of so careful. He didn't want to actually hurt her, just give her a taste of the bone grinding, heart bleeding, gut wrenching agony he suffered. The endless abyss of his desire. And then his Red washed the room, dispersing all the heavy psychic miasma that was choking the air.

Her lust, his answering rise to whatever edge she wanted him to step off of.

He cheated.

Just a taste to wet her appetite a little more. Just a taste to let him assure himself the suffering was worth (it was oh so worth it). And then he cleansed the room, pressed a kiss to her forehead and stepped back. A courtier's bow.

"Where to for dinner, my lady?"

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Re: A Lady Knows Best
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The Butler hovering around on the first floor. Jenny, or whatever the maid’s real name was, busy in the drawing room. A healer, a prince, a handful of jewelless blood. Everyone close enough to feel the storm tensed. The estate was laced with her probing threads. Information was invaluable, and just the emotions people let escape them said so much. Plus she liked to know who was where and when. Now, however, every thread pulsed with the sudden catch of fear. Eloise matched Jaxsom. Their jewels perfectly pairing. So she could turn inward and see the hot storm crackling under that barely controlled surface. Those poor saps only felt it stirring. They held their breath as he stood in front of her. They waited for the climax, the danger.

Eloise purred. His hand had barely brushed her cheek. The words were still forming in her mouth. But he was having his bit of fun now. A touch of well deserved payback for the goading. Snatched down? Maybe tossed up. It didn’t matter. He wound his Red around her, Eloise felt her own flying up defense. She wasn’t really afraid he had snapped. It was the same natural act of self preservation as throwing your arms out to stop a fall. Before the clumsy shield could even coat her skin she yanked it away again eager to let him rub her raw.  She wasn’t afraid to see what he wanted her to see. To feel what he wanted her to feel.

Worth every second. Even if the bite was more than she could stand. It didn’t matter. He would hold them up. A clipped note wrenched through her pursed lips. Half the fires of hell, utterly euphoric. A pained moan shortened by the lack of air in her drowning lungs, really. Then the thing was done. Over in a blink. The ease of tension through the building was palpable even without her threads.

The lust felt more like next day soreness than anguishing desire. At some point she flung her arms up around his neck. Now she stretched lazily, arching her neck first to one side, then the other. He put his lips to her skin while she snaked her arms down to smooth his collar. Returning his graceful bow by blowing a kiss she turned to the mirror. In one movement she pulled her hair up into a messy but elegant twist, holding it in place with Craft. ”As long as they serve those toasted cinnamon cakes for dessert I don’t care. How about that lounge with the dance floor?” She didn’t like to dance. But it was a good place to pick up a fun time to bring home.

Calling in a pair of simple black heels that wouldn’t distract from the dresses threadwork Eloise held his shoulder to step into them. Before she pulled away to move through the door she smirked, ”And for the record, darling, if I can’t make it all better I’m not adverse to letting you teach me just how.”

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Re: A Lady Knows Best
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She liked it.

Jaxom had thought she might. Breasts rubbing against his chest through the fabric of her dress and the stiff starch of his jacket. He could have sworn he felt the hard beads of her nipples cutting his skin to lazy, hungry ribbons. He inhaled the soft, mewling noise she made, a hand cupping her lower back to her keep her upright.

Yes. She liked it.

"Whatever the lady desires." Carefully modulated tones. He was still so hard he thought he'd be crippled from it. How he was going to manage escorting her without a limp, Jaxom couldn't guess. He would do his best, however, she deserved that much. And he doubted Eloise would mind much, his suffering at her side, body totally consumed with her. No. He didn't think she'd mind at all.

He watched her, eyes hot but smile lazy. A hand to steady her elbow as she used his shoulder to lean on. His thumb stroked the smooth skin just inside her arm.

"Oh?" Jaxom stroked the side of her face with his knuckles. "I can't imagine you have much to learn, vixen." Her open his fingers over her throat, tilting back her chin with his thumb. Jax kissed her lower lip, never once looking away. All he would need was her. Hands wrapped around his body like they were wrapped around his leash.

Not that Eloise held it very tight. He suckled, squeezing slightly, and then releasing her.

"I'll have to put you through your paces, and then let you know." Jaxom opened the door, gesturing her to proceed him before he followed her out, snapping his jacket into place and very carefully adjusting his trousers. Maybe not quite a limp, but possibly a spectacle if anyone looked close enough. "Eventually."

Protocol, protocol, and the ways one escorted a lady. Jaxom stepped into the role flawlessly. As if nothing at all had just passed between them.

"Let us go get you some dessert, my girl." It was hard to tell if he was talking about cakes, or something else entirely.

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Re: A Lady Knows Best
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’Well not whatever.’ She thought with a self gratifying smirk. The game, the damned game. As cruel as it was amusing. All in good fun when it was balanced. Miserable if the former overwhelmed the latter. Always tempting. Devilish boyo.

She just couldn’t help liking it.

The only thing she might have wanted more than his being completely engrossed with her was his being absolutely satisfied by her. One day the game would get too boring. Or it would just be too much. Look at how close they had come today. Eloise turned her face enough to brush her lips against his knuckles. She had something clever to say, or at least she thought she had. Who could remember with the light tingle of his fingers slipping across the sensitive skin of her throat? He  kept his eyes locked on her gaze; so she didn’t look away either. For a second she thought he was still teasing. Then the warmth of his mouth heated her brain to a frothy soup. It was a wild feeling, not one she had ever experienced for herself. Girls got dizzied by a simple kiss. Not Eloise Berengier!

Half out of spite, half out of need she let the tip of her tongue trace the cupid’s bow of his lip. The tight snap of her own bottom lip as it was freed from his suction made her shiver in delight. ”Hm, yes. You have all the experience to compare my skillset against.” She said. Eloise tried not to think about the women that warmed his bed and slaked his needs. Murder, even from an accidental burst of her power, tended to make people jumpy. Less likely to divulge their gossip. The maids, she could tolerate- they were hardly even people to begin with.

Smoothing passed the mild annoyance his sexual prowess- and how he had honed it- brought on Eloise led the way back down to the first floor. ”Maybe we’ll find a little something to tickle your sweet tooth while we’re at it.” She was definitely not talking about cakes.

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Re: A Lady Knows Best
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"All sorts of experience," he teased with a smirk. The hint of jealousy was more pleasing than any begging. Nearly as good as feeling her lick his lip. His flesh was still twitching from it. Jaxom's own tongue traced its path, sucking his upper lip over his teeth, tasting what she tasted. His eyes drifted closed, a step nearly missed as she drew him down the stairs and to the front of the house.

"Oh?" He barely looked at the butler who opened the door for them, but Jaxom angled his body between Eloise and the other male in a fit of territoriality. The back of his neck felt hot. Pressing in close, Jaxom lead her down the path toward the town. He wanted to walk. Needed to walk. He didn't want them looking at his Eloise. Sharing, at that moment, was out of the question.

"My sweet tooth, or yours, my girl?" There was a purr beneath the question. The way the words rolled off his tongue was half threat, half promise. Pain or pleasure, Jaxom was more than willing to slip either way. Whichever the lady preferred, he would do his best to offer. "I do believe we might have different tastes." He wanted to count the cocks she'd harbored.

Count them and then show them just who the true master was.

His grip tightened, but Jaxom's body relaxed. The bustle grew around them. Ladies and their men out for evening strolls. Others, like themselves, seeking food and adventure. Jaxom wondered just what they'd find as he opened the door for her, music and smoke spilling out. He undid the top button of his shirt with one hand and followed her in.

Control. Jaxom clung to it tooth and claw. If he could just hold out a little longer, surely more fun would be had. Sensual fun. He pressed against her, body still as ready as it had been in her room. Breathing in the scent of her hair, Jaxom looked over the room, flicking a finger at table he fancied.

"There, my girl. You'll have a good view, won't you?" A thrumming sort of bass. Bodies twisting and turning beneath smoky light. Steps carefully measured, but there was room for subtle hip twitching, and the brushing of skin. Jaxom's smile was nothing but predatory. "Shall I sit with you?" He asked, drawing out a chair. "Order for you?" Or slink off to the shadows to watch.

He was curious if anyone would be brave enough to approach them together. His breathing hitched against her ear.

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Re: A Lady Knows Best
« Reply #29 on: September 26, 2017, 11:56:19 PM »

”Why ever should it be one or the other,” Eloise asked, her eyes twinkling at the suggestive tone he used. He was right about the rest though, ”They may be different, but we’ve always liked the same games.”

She enjoyed the walking as much as he did. The warmth of his body as they fit together, in perfect step. Around them the city came to life. Paltry chatter and meaningless posturing. Couples and groups of friends all out to be the star of the social scene. They needed none of that nonsense between them. He held her tighter, and she slipped her hand under his arm. For a brief moment she nestled her face against his shoulder. All her own, and her own always.

He held the door, Eloise paused to breathe in the change of air. Not just the tinge of tobacco smoke and grilling meats, the taste of lust and disappointment. Eyes settled on them. There were too many people to know who was feeling what without really probing. As they moved deeper into the establishment the eyes followed them. Eloise knew her face was a bit plain. Jaxom was the real beauty between them. That was alright. Her caste and jewels more than made up for any shortcomings. Did they make a lovely pair, or were the lingering eyes trying to judge the nature of their relationship? What fun they could have in a place like this. Her eyes were already roaming the other occupants.

His voice close to her ear was still rousing. Their fingers still intertwined she let him guide the way to the table of his choosing. Here their handholding stopped, for now. Sweeping her hair over one shoulder as she sat Eloise’s lips parted in a soft smile that showed the tip of every tooth. ”Oh yes, my darling. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” The answer fit both questions so she gave just the one.

When he settled in the next chair Eloise leaned towards him, her hand resting casually just above his knee. There were so many people tonight. She enjoyed the mixed emotions that swarmed the enclosed space. Fairly soon after sitting down her eyes lit on a tall, slender figure. No one she knew. A rather androgynous figure if not for the pastel floral dress she wore. A curious probe turned up little information on the surface. No discernable caste or jewels that she could feel. With a saucy grin she prodded Jaxom with a psychic thread. *There you go* Her chin tipped very slightly in the poor creatures direction, *she might be sweeter tasting than she looks.*

A bored looking waiter appeared at Jaxom’s elbow. He poured each a glass of water, calling in two menu pamphlets.

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  • Wolf: New person?  New person!
    January 12, 2018, 03:50:02 PM
  • dergon: Hello shimmer!
    January 12, 2018, 03:48:12 PM
  • Kirei: pm sent
    January 06, 2018, 09:19:53 PM
  • Faraday: yes, we are pretty darn active over on discord and all very friendly ^^
    January 06, 2018, 09:19:40 PM
  • Wolf: Unless you like that!
    January 06, 2018, 09:18:33 PM
  • Wolf: We don't bite.
    January 06, 2018, 09:18:29 PM
  • Wolf: Come join us in Discord.
    January 06, 2018, 09:18:25 PM
  • Wolf: :D
    January 06, 2018, 09:18:19 PM
  • Ciel: hey there
    January 06, 2018, 09:16:31 PM

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