my, what sturdy walls you have!

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my, what sturdy walls you have!
« on: July 15, 2017, 07:22:08 AM »
Hop, step—wall?

“Wall,” confirmed Aeon out loud for his own benefit, voice thin and strained in the dark. “Fuck.”

His Ebon-gray sparked to life as he wriggled his way free of the wood and plaster, which had caught him uncomfortably tight around the waist. He pitched forward in a haphazard tangle of limbs, but the hard knock of the floor never came. Instead, he went pomf!, and then he was coughing and struggling against something coarse like burlap that scratched at his forearms.

Where had it all gone wrong?

He didn’t remember. At birth, probably. This was the easiest conclusion to come to in one’s darkest hours, and it was very dark here, thought Aeon, who was ass-up in a giant bag of mystery powder in a strange closet with his face mashed painfully against the creaking floor.

The creaking floor? Yes, but he hadn’t moved. Aeon froze, ear pressed hard against the wood, listening: creeeak-sigh, creeeak-sigh.

Someone was coming. His mental wherewithal came rushing back: walls are attached to buildings which have closets with doors that lead to houses in which people live, generally.

The creaking grew nearer, then stopped. The meager light funneling in from the hallway was eclipsed by shadow.

At least I’ll have a story to tell Yinsley when I get back, thought Aeon, who had temporarily ceased breathing.

And then the door opened.


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Re: my, what sturdy walls you have!
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2017, 11:08:42 PM »

It had been a relatively uneventful, yet fulfilling couple of days at Cuppa Tea, and today looked like it would be more of the same. Lindy didn’t mind this of course. She loved her work, her shop was thriving and she had met the most adorably frustrating Warlord Prince about a week ago, and even though they seemed to clash when it came to the one thing Lindy loved most, second to her family, he still kept coming in and ‘poking the bear’ as he father would say. Yes, life was good for her, her shop and her family. She had just finished filling a teapot with steaming water when a loud bang sounded from the direction of the store room. It had been so loud in fact that many of the patrons were also looking back in that direction. It was probably nothing to worry about. Something had obviously fallen off the shelves or into the shelves, but it would still have to be cleaned up. She gave her sister a psychic tap on the shoulder, causing her to look up from the table she was currently wiping down. She smiled and gave Lindy a nod, then vanished the towel she had been using and made her way to the back of the shop where the storeroom was located. Satisfied that Bri would be able to handle whatever had gone wrong, and that her sister would call for her if there was trouble, Lindy went back to loading up a tray for a customer.

Just as she was placing the tray on a table, a sharp cry came from the direction of the store room and her sister. She gave a passing thought to making sure that the tray was situated safely before she ran towards the back of the shop, feeling a bit more steady as the weight of the cast iron skillet she called in settled into her hand. She skidded around the corner and saw Bri standing in the open doorway of the store room. Though she appeared to be unhurt and in no real distress, she did have the most peculiar look on her face. She was surprised, to be sure, but it also looked as if she was trying very hard not to laugh. Since there didn’t seem to be any danger, Lindy vanished the skillet and nudged her sister out of the way so she could see what had caused all the noise.

Her hazel eyes widened in surprise, and though on any other occasion what she was seeing would be an amusing sight, she was far from amused. A Warlord Prince. There was a Warlord Prince in her store room. A Warlord Prince who was covered in flour. Her high quality, fairly expensive flour. Headless of his caste, she stepped into the room, her hands resting on her hips in an annoyed manner that would have done any angry mother proud. “If you were looking for the front missed it by a good twenty feet.” she narrowed her eyes sent the male a stern look “Seeing as you’re still here, covered in expensive baking ingredients, and Bri is in one piece, I’m going to assume that you’re just an idiot and not a thief.” with a huff she stepped closer to him and held out her hand. “The flour might be ruined but I would greatly appreciate it if you moved. Thanks to you there is quite a mess to clean and products to reorder.”

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