In the realm of shadows.



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Re: In the realm of shadows.
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”How could I?” Enele defended. ”I didn’t know what you didn’t know.” Pouting like a whipped pup. Of course all the blame fell on his head! Never mind the years of precedent set by her parents and brother. Why shouldn’t it be his fault? According to Nyree the nightmares were death memories and he had been the one that killed her.

If she had known, though, would she have told him? He swept her with hard eyes. Knowing the answer was likely no. If she was this ashamed, this upset with the knowledge... Why would she have shared. All Enele knew was the surface Nyree. The bits she wanted him to see. There had been no good options then. There were even less now. It would only upset her more to fling accusations in self defense.

Fine. If she needed him to be the villain then he would suffer the blame. Maybe that was part of being in love. For Nyree’s sake he swallowed the hurt. Enticed by the way her shoulders rounded. Like a wolf picking the weakest of the herd he sensed her wanting to ease into his waiting hands. So close. Nearly, nearly. At the last second, when he thought it would be alright after all, she tensed again.

Elbows sharp blockades to keep him from snuggling her close. That would have been punishment enough but she choked on a sob not a second later. Peeled at his soul. Both brows skipping up in surprise he shook his head. ”That’s not what I meant!”

It had been what he said though! Stupid, insensitive Enele. Something prickled at the corners of his psyche. Whispered through barriers that were already loose and inviting. He had other things on his mind, it would have to wait. All petting and soft words. ”I shouldn’t have said fixed. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

She was slipping away from his hands, though. And the thread had started to tap. Persistent. Insistent. tap, tap, tap Stronger, even at this distance, than his Opal could keep out. ”Bee, listen to me. You’re not broken-” tap, tap, tap He swatted at his own temple. ”I should have said helped. Please, look at me.”

tap, tap, tap

”Dammit! What do you want?” He hissed aloud and along the thread. Wilting immediately in apology. Listening to the summons while his chest clenched and tore.

He reached for Nyree again. Shifting to the edge of her bed so his boots were on the floor. Sidling up behind her. Attention torn between two queens. ”Bee...” Hadn’t he told her? Warned her a thousand times. He’d only hurt her. ”Please don’t cry.” Especially there, on the inside, where he wasn’t allowed. Couldn’t help.


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Re: In the realm of shadows.
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”It’s what you said!” How dare he try and play the innocent. All hound dog looks and winging, startled eyebrows. That sensation again, up her spine, raising her hackles. ”No, you shouldn’t have.” Nyree curled around the hurt. Held it tight. And in. But it was too big.

Too, too big. It rose up and slipped out. Wrapped her in coils of agony and doubt. Fist in her stomach. Eyes wide. Wide, wide and staring. Nyree couldn’t look at him, vision taken up by wall. Things without meaning. Things that couldn’t hurt her.

”Am I not?” She was, she was. Momentarily distracted, as he was. But Nyree wouldn’t look at him. Couldn’t. What would she see, if she did? ”No,” she hissed. At Enele. At the intruder who slunk through her home on threads darker than Nyree could catch. Threads aimed at Enele. For Enele.

Incensed, Nyree lowered her first barrier, shot out of it like a caged beast. Right up the thread wrapping itself around her man. Hers! Followed it. Drank in the stench. Another queen. A black widow queen with Jewels to eclipse the sun. Looked, just in time to see him soften. Soften for her. Not Nyree. Obedient. Apologetic.

Not even a queen of Nharkava! But a stranger. Kaili had darker Jewels. And was a proper queen of Nharkava. Nyree thought, for one quick, petty moment, of pitting them against each other. This was an encroachment! Not her place! Foreign queen! But no. It was no ones business. No ones job to secure Nyree males she could not keep on her own. A small, ugly thought she put away.

She had promised she would not keep him. To herself. She had to keep at least one promise. Or forfeit her soul, surely.

”Would she be the help?” A black widow queen to turn Nyree into something desirable. Or, perhaps, to unravel whatever kept him near. No more. Fist deeper into her stomach. It would stay. She would hold. Gently, but thoroughly, rebuffed from the thread she’d snuck upon. Nyree stared.

She felt empty. So many emotions. No name for half of them. Too many. She couldn’t hold them all. Know them. Feel them.

She was nothing.

”Don’t worry. I won’t.” She wouldn’t cry. Eyes dry now. Dry and aching like a desert. ”I think you should go now, Enele. She’s waiting.” She couldn’t compete with that. With none of it. And she shouldn’t. She’d turn him loose. And figure out how to protect the rest of them from whatever she became in the night. Nyree turned away. Back to the wall. Knuckles white as ash.

”Go on now.” He was no longer welcome. Not there.[/b]


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Re: In the realm of shadows.
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”I know-” He did, he did! But it was too late. Nyree was too angry. A wall of potent emotion threatening to rip him to shreds if he tried to hang on. So he reeled in his own barriers. Set them up feebly to stave off some of the dripping pain she felt. Otherwise he’d get lost in it.

If he wasn’t already. Blunt fingernails digging at his palms. Hands making fists. Ready to hurt. To kill. To protect Nyree. Right back to where they started. Exactly as he had tried to prevent. He was the thing that hurt. That cut. That chose the wrong, stupid words.

She wouldn’t look at him. Voice unchanged except that now it grated at his own raw insecurities. Things he wore openly so that they would callous. Of course there was no armor against love. It always found the ways to hurt you worst. Didn’t he know. Didn’t he know all along?

The fists wouldn’t uncurl so he could reach out again. Too angry with himself. Stiff fingers turning red, knuckles gone white. ”Not if you don’t want. It would be your choice. To do it, and who would do it. Whatever you want.” Anything she wanted. Anything to stop the slow ache working up from his stomach. Paralyzing his bones.

Anything to stop her looking at him like that.

He’d tear his own eyes out if that was what it took. ”Bee, please.” Plaintive voice. Useless Enele. Slipping from her bed to kneel on the floor next to her. Trying to get her to look. ”She can wait, it’s just a job.” An important one, he could tell. Or else why would Irisviel Crag reach across Little Terrielle to pluck at his strings? Dammit, damn him to Hell where he might find a pinch of peace.

”Don’t say that.” Don’t tell him to leave! Like a kicked dog he sat back on his heels. Something in him felt cold, slippery and sick. Pushed and gnawed. She had told him to go. And he had to. Not because she was angry, or because Iris called. He had to go because Nyree said the words and meant them. Filled him up from the inside out. Mouth bitter with the flavor. She didn’t want him there.

Didn’t want Enele? He didn’t know. Didn’t want to know.

Quietly he stood up. The floor and the leather of his boots complaining. It crossed his mind to kiss the dark crown of hair in front of him but he was sure the smell might wrench his heart form his chest. Then again that would have been easier. Faster.

Before he reached the door he paused at the kitchen counter. Laid the hairpin there, next to the sink. Done and polished to a pretty sheen. Delicate motif carved into the round clip. Little pearly shards of his own Opal set in the head of the long pin. Shavings left over from the making of his bracelet beads. He hadn’t worked up the nerve to give it to her now that it was finished. Wanted to wait until it had aired out of her angry scent. Couldn’t give it now because he couldn’t bare to have it thrown at him again.

The door opened with craft and he hesitated there too. All the laters he hadn’t embraced threatening to suffocate him. A better man would have known what to say, Enele was sure. He was just a trouble maker, a murderer, a tribesman from a land of savages. Regrets. Fucking regrets. He should have kissed her, maybe. Too late.

He wouldn’t go home, he decided. A thread snaking out to tell Tama a rushed goodbye. He would go straight to Walcourt. Skip having to explain what had passed to smug ass Mauki or fretting little Io. ”You were right. It’s snowing.” He told her before he closed the door behind him.


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