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Title: Stoneheart, Eira
Post by: Eira Stoneheart on January 18, 2019, 09:23:59 AM
Eira Stoneheart

The Basics

Full Name: Eira Stoneheart
Age: 27
Gender/Pronouns: She/her

Ethnicity: Glacian
Birthplace: Meols
Current Location: Meols
Profession: Court Seer

Caste: Black Widow
Birthright Jewel: Summer-sky (CUT 6)
Offering Jewel: Opal (CUT 24)

Face Claim: Eleanor Tomlinson

The Body

Height: 5'6"
Body Type: Lean
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue

Medium height, Eira is not too tall and not too short. She has long wavy red hair that she got from her mother. Brilliant blue eyes beneath sleepy lids shine with her craft and her cleverness. Well-shaped brows a bit darker than her hair and a full lush mouth. Slender but for the curve of her hip, Eira is much like the rest of the blood when it comes to looks. She wears clothing that shows her assets in a manner to entice and tease, which is all it will ever be. Opal worn at her throat with the hourglass that marks her coven trained, and her summer-sky is worn in a well-crafted bracelet on her right wrist.

The Mind

Craft Strengths: 15pts
You have 15 points
Tangled Webs
Twisted Kingdom
Compulsion Webs
Craft Weaknesses: She's really not all that good at anything that is not her caste craft or basic craft.

Eira is cold, distant and unfeeling... On the outside. Inside, she is a bubbling cauldron of suppressed emotion and feelings. Taught early on in her life not to let people see who you truly feel so they could not use it as a weapon against her, Eira has spent that life perfecting her cold appearance. The one time she let this shield down, she was burned by what was offered and burned terribly. It has left her somewhat stunted in her ability to deal with others and she is more at home spinning the webs for her court than she is dealing with the people of the court.

The Backstory

  • Name | Mother |Purple Dusk to Green Black Widow
  • Name | Father | Rose to Opal Prince
  • Name | Brother | Summer-sky to Opal Prince
  • Name | Estranged Husband | Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Warlord


Born because a web told her to be, Eira was wanted but not truly loved. Raised by a woman who already knew what Eira would become, she was not lied to. Her mother did not pretend a motherly love she did not feel and Eira never really understood the secret heartache she felt. Her mother taught her to hide what she felt lest someone use it to do her harm, Eira was contained and composed even as a child. Her father's name written in the book when she came back from her birthright with her summer-sky. Her venom nail and training began.

A childhood friend in Astrid Heartsbane and all her brothers saw her future webs secured. Those webs her mother had spun so long ago, telling of prestige for both mother and child. The little queenling off for her training to keep in touch with Eira the next several years. Best friends still. The only person Eira could really trust.

An offering and her opal, a chance to be who she should be was given to her in a man too foolish to want forever. It was his best friend, though,  that would draw her eye, draw her heart from behind its walls. A husband she thought she could keep. The only time in her life, Eira would be raw and exposed. She couldn't deny that love, couldn't deny those emotions and carried them on her face every time she saw him. Until a pregnancy was lost and Eira's deep emotions were too much to handle.

For either of them really and her husband wandered from her and her emotions. Eira shut herself away again, vowing never to show the world her heart. To be called Stoneheart. Made of stone and ice. She went through life as the statue she should be and Astrid called for her. She went to court to play the seer. If she couldn't help herself, Eira would help her friend and queen where she could.

She spins webs for her friend and for that wandering never forgotten husband. Never really for herself, afraid to see something she could not hide from in their depths.

The Writer

Player Name: Jenn
Player Pronouns: She/her
Timezone: -8 GMT
Contact: Discord
How did you find us?: Optional

Inactivity Instructions:

Roleplay Sample:

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The Darkness has granted you...
Cut 6
Cut 24

reroll from white descent

As requested, THREE family rolls:
1: Rose to Opal
2: Purple Dusk to Green
3: Summer-sky to Opal
4: Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk
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