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Title: Easy Street [CW]
Post by: Isidore Nazaire on January 27, 2019, 08:47:14 PM
Three days. That was how long Isidore had waited before tracking Salome to Corlay. Their spat left a stain on her front lawn- and a whole in his heart. But Isidore had lived with pains like that before. So he knew how to find relief. Which was why he left Paon in a flash of boiling rage that would rain down on all three islands for days. Ebon-gray half empty with the effort. The rest spent on riding the wind to Little Terrielle.

Where he stood on the village landing web for twenty minutes trying to shake the tension out of his limbs. His sweetheart healer was a very reactionary lover. And if he went in hot tempered she might learn to be afraid of his sudden appearances. Or wary at the very least. He had to come in calm. Trusting she would know just how to please him best.

She usually did. No matter how bad a time he had been having. Once he was sure the stink of anger had left his clothes he walked to her house. Stopping at restaurant on the way to buy the best wine they had in stock- all four bottles- and a  Knocking at the door in a funny beat that she would recognize. And smiling when she opened up. ”Hello, darling, have you missed me?” He swept the house with rough Sapphire probes to run off anyone that might have been inside. Hiding the near emptiness of his Ebon-gray out of habit rather than necessity. Enough to get home quickly if he had to. Or to defend himself through a few strikes  if someone darker than the Red came around.

I have been missing you.” He told her, wrapping his arms around her waist and leaning in for a deep kiss. That. He wanted lots of that. But he also wanted what her skills could give. ”I stopped that by place with the strawberry pastries and bought a dozen. And a little wine.” Burying his face against her throat he groaned some of his inner frustration away. ”Let’s make it a party of two.”

Title: Re: Easy Street
Post by: Charis on January 27, 2019, 09:22:51 PM

Charis looked at the door with wide, doe eyes. The rhythm sent a tremble down her spine. Not all bad. Just a healthy dose of fear to go with everything else. Isi was always kind, even when he wasn’t always gentle, but he was usually that too. He just had that sort of caste and those sort of jewels that made a girl worry. Not enough to keep her from opening the door and letting him. Meeting him with a smile every time because Charis was aways happy to see-

”Isi-baby!” As if she were surprised by who was behind the door. Smile bright and arms ready. He didn’t do waiting, coming right in and scooping her close, same time as he chased the mouse right out of her house. No one else in it but her. ”I always miss you,” Charis promised, playing with his dark curls and kissing his cheek. Sometimes she didn’t know she was missing him until he showed up, but once he had she knew she’d been doing just that.

”Little ole me?” She purred and blushed before he took her mouth over. Lips and tongue going straight to her soul. Whimpering, Charis hung on a little tighter, knees suddenly weak and her spine like jelly. She locked the door up tight and rubbed his chest through his shirt. Her poor Isi. Something must have been weighing on him, groaning like a wounded thing in her throat. Charis kept on petting, more than happy to do whatever he needed, and anything he wanted too. ”You’re sweet Isi-baby.” He really was. Just the sweetest.

Disentangling herself from him with a few more kisses and a whole lot more petting, Charis lead him into the sitting room, fingers working her braids lose from her antlers and tying them up again beneath rather than over. ”I have just the thing to go in that wine.” She told him over her shoulder. She always did. Flavor and colorless, it helped the alcohol sink past even a jeweled metabolism. Helped it act faster than a jewel could burn it off. And thanks to Isi, Charis could get any jewel in the realms drunk, unless there was a Black lurking out there somewhere.

Charis curled up on the sofa with him, calling in the neatly stoppered bottle to treat the wine with, hand resting on his thigh. ”I’ve been working on something too. How kind of you to come just when I was needing someone to test it on.” His jewels were the measure. It would he easier to scale it back for any others once she had to dosage right for Isidore. And with his Ebon-gray, there was no chance of her hurting him. Or hardly any.

”You wanna eat first, Isi-baby? I can cook you something.” Charis wandered a couple of wine glasses in from the kitchen, her hand running a warm path up and down his thigh.

Title: Re: Easy Street
Post by: Isidore Nazaire on January 28, 2019, 06:33:18 PM
”Yeah? What a good girl.” He praised, turning his cheek down to her lips and smiling as she tugged his curls to straightness then let them bounce back to coils. If time were in his power to change he would have found Charis a decade sooner. And probably have made her his wife ten times over. All the things a woman should be where right there in her arms. Pretty, clever without being cunning, trusting. A balm on his blistered fucking soul. Swallowing down her own instincts so she could be happy in his hug.

When he needed to get away she was always the way he wanted to get to. She opened her mouth up for him without so much as a thought. Tongues sweeping until he tried to drink hers down, lips popping out from between his own loudy when he stopped to give her air.  ”Yes, sweetheart. Little. Ole. You.” He said, trying to mimic her accent but failing. He didn’t even try to track her busy fingers. Just enjoyed the trails they made. Wiping away all the bubbling worries he wanted to keep shoved in the back of his mind.

The best part about Charis was that she was free. Not in the Red Moon sort of way, either. He gave her plenty on top of the satisfaction of good sex. She was a free woman, that let him in because she wanted him in. Not like Tait who had no real choice, or Salome who chose not to over a few mistakes he couldn’t really prevent. Charis wanted him, and Isidore needed to be wanted.

Needed it bad.

Brushing his forehead over her temple he let the little hidden prongs of her antlers roll across his skin. Scent breathed in until he was ready to step back and let her lead him through the house. Where she let her hair down, sort of, showing off the parts he wished she didn’t feel like she had to hide. But he understood. There was a lot of himself he couldn’t show people either. Even Charis, who he thought would have liked him still anyway. Maybe. Slaver might not have been a very well received job title, but it meant a whole lot of money. She liked his money. Same as he liked her brews. ”Pop it out, baby, I’ve got plenty to spare.”

With a sweep of his hand for emphasis the bottles collected on an end table. Quietly appearing from nowhere to sit in a neat bundle. Boots vanished right off his feet he sank into her sofa with a grin. Arm settling possessively on her thigh as she snuggled in beside him. Eyes studying her carefully for changes since his last visit. There were none, at least none he was particular about, but he enjoyed slinking probes down her frame while he looked her over. ”My clever girl. You’re so good to me, I’d be here full time if it were in my power.” Probably. Maybe. More often, at least.

”I’m not hungry.” Not after such a long ride on the Winds anyway. Sparing a glance at the glasses she floated in he shifted on the cushions so her hand fell higher on his thigh too. Spear twitching to life as she passed close to its tip. ”I could sure eat you up though.” Grin turning wicked he tickled his fingers up her skirt and leaned in for another kiss.

”Have you been alright? Anything you need while I’m here?” He asked between suckling her lips and walking his fingers around the shadows under her skirts.
Title: Re: Easy Street
Post by: Charis on January 28, 2019, 07:49:17 PM

She giggled, bouncing on the cushion at his side, thigh never once slipping from his hand. ”Comfortable?” Charis never was sure if he was showing off or if it was just how he was. All that power and ability. He was probably used to it. She didn’t think she ever would be. But Charis didn’t have forever to grow accustomed to Isidore’s displays. He would get bored eventually and move on. But she’d keep him as long as she could. Their arrangement was mutually beneficial.

Very beneficial.

”You are naughty.” She whispered, tucking her hip against his and pulling over a wine bottle. Charis worked the cork out with craft, tipping her tonic down the neck while Isidore looked her over. Eyes and probes making sure she hadn’t gotten up to any trouble or too much fun while he was gone. At least that’s what Charis thought he was looking for. She never had asked, just let him do as he liked. Smiling, she leaned over and put the wine bottle on the table, breast brushing his knee.

”You’d be bored, locked upstairs all day while I worked.” It might have been nice to have a man like Isidore waiting at home for her. But Charis would worry too much that she’d been gone too long or that her patients were too loud. He was handsome, and he hadn’t snarled once when Runner had come by. Charis’ fingers dipped inward as he slid down into her hand. Whatever he wanted was fine with her.

”No dinner then. Just some wine and your clever Charis to take care of you.” She squeezed, thumb brushing the tip of his spear. He did need taking care of too. She was sure his job was stressful. He was always traveling, telling her about places he had been and things he’d seen. Busy man. She poured wine into the glasses without looking, thighs pressing together and then sliding apart as his fingers slipped up her skirt. Heat flushing from her navel to the dark places below. ”That’s kind of like dinner?” She teased breathlessly.

Why would she want to say no to anything he wanted? ”I’ve been fine, Isi-baby.” Charis promised, sliding her hand over his waking spear. ”Just you is plenty.” Words given back when he would let her catch her breath. Lips sucked to plumpness. They tingled from the gathering of blood, their color darkening. She forgot about the wine. Fondling him, Charis slid into his lap, mouth traveling across his cheek to his ear. She sucked his lobe before leaning back and grabbing him a wine glass, fingers curling his pants around his spear.

”Drink. You wanted a party, remember?” Charis drank first, turning the glass around so he could put his lips in the same place hers had been.

Title: Re: Easy Street
Post by: Isidore Nazaire on January 29, 2019, 10:07:12 AM
”Mhm.” Very comfortable, and very ready to be naughty. The tease of hips meeting and perky little tits skimming over his leg said she was ready too. Maybe she really had missed him. Isidore wasn’t stupid enough to think he was the only man seeing to his women’s needy little cunts. But it was nice when they made it seem like they had been desperately waiting for him to come back and satiate that hunger. It was why he took his time. Always gave twice the pleasure he took for himself. A good lover was a welcome one.

With a hearty sigh of disagreement Isi rolled his shoulders and waggled his eyebrows. ”I’d find something to keep myself busy.” Cute that she thought there would be time to work if he were around more. Or a need to. He supposed he would let her, so that she wasn’t the one getting bored. Or forgetting the craft she had worked so hard to learn. Those were just idle daydreams, though. There was no version of his life where Isidore could sit around growing fat and happy. Especially not in a small town.

She gave his leg a squeeze, grazing his spear with clear intent. Shifting into her grip he brushed his lips across her cheek bone. ”What more could a man want?” Charis was very good at taking care of him too. Such an easy going woman. Always willing to let him have his way without crying about it. Without even being upset, honestly. A touch of his compulsion to help her relax was the most it ever took to convince her try something new.

He was too emotionally tired to explore today, though. Simple pleasures were all he wanted. ”Better than dinner.” Isidore purred back, taking another pluck at her lip with his own. Leaning into her leaning as she slathered balm in the form of words on his inner aches. He couldn’t even answer. Plenty. Hell he wished that could be true even half the time. Charis sure made it feel true when he was here with her. But he wasn’t enough for Eulalie, Salome, probably not for Tait either but she hadn’t been half as much fun as he had hoped. Pliant when he had hoped for a challenge.

Charis took over his lap and he flung thoughts of other women away. Far away. Arms settling around her waist Isidore rocked his stiffening spear up at her bottom. It rubbed the back of her thigh towards the crease of her legs before she shifted to tease it with her hand instead. ”That’s nice.” He encouraged. Head tilting and eyes drifting closed while she blazed a trail of warm pleasure to his ear. Electricity zinged from the spot her warm mouth sucked down to his navel. Hooking her waist closer with one arm he tickled the back of her knee with his free hand. Working back up her skirts to massage her thigh.

”Hard to remember anything with your hand there.” He admitted before draining the glass she had offered him in a few deep swallows. It took a few minutes to work. Skin flushing warm with the alcohol. Mind still sharp, though, sharp and hungry for more stimulation. ”How about, some music?” His eyes flicked toward the ceiling for a moment while he rifled through his cabinet. A heavy, almost square cut crystal popped into his hand. Thumb giving it a push to start it spinning he set it on the table pulled Charis’ knees until they were on either side of his hip.

She was far from the curviest woman he had ever met. But she left nothing to be wanted. Her figure was special. Unique. Antlers to catch in the crook of his thumb. Which he did now, forcing her head to tip back so he could lick his way down the line of scars on her neck to the space between her breasts. ”Show me your new stuff.” He hoped it was a powder so he could snort it right off her tits while nibbling a nipple. ”Show me your pretty stuff too.” Teeth flashing he tugged on her blouse.
Title: Re: Easy Street
Post by: Charis on January 29, 2019, 08:44:35 PM

”Oh good.” Charis kept at it then, watching as he really relaxed into the sofa. She pet his shoulder, and smoothed the hair at his temples with the back of her fingers. And traced the length of his spear with her fingers. Base to tip and back again. Gave him a few kisses too, making his earlobe fat between her tongue and teeth. His made his hands greedy. Tugging her close and slinking up her skirt. It made her happy.

And reminded her of the wine. Glass tasted and handed over. Isidore drained it, Charis watching his throat bob while she continued her caressing. Palm flattening over him, grinding, almost, down on his spear. ”Musics nice,” she agreed with a smile. Liked the way he lapped up her attention. It was tricky business getting the whole of it from anyone, much less a man. Usually Charis would have worried, but Isi already knew her biggest secret. And his attention hadn’t proved dangerous yet.

”That’s a nice tune.” Back arching to follow his tongue. Head going where Isi wanted it. Some acts were forbidden among her people. Derided. But she loved when he used them to put her just where she was needed. Knew he liked it too. ”Mmm.” Her hips rocked slowly, hands leaving Isi’s hair and spear to pull her blouse over her head. Breasts held up by a delicate silk corset. Her nipples just showing above the embroidered hem.

”Better, baby?” She never knew what he wanted on or off. It changed every time, playful man that he was. Skin going gooseflesh, Charis called in a bottle. And inside the bottle was a storm. Effervescent clouds swirling inside in greys and pinks. She turned it in her fingers, holding it up for him to see. ”Pretty, isn’t it?” She watched his face through the swirl of translucent color and then drew the stopper out.

”Not all of it, Isi-baby. I’m not sure how strong it is.” Half would be safe, Charis was sure. The whole bottle probably, for Isidore. But she wanted to be careful. She liked him much better when he could focus a little bit on her. It was always disappointing when a man got so high he forgot you were there. Charis wasn’t going to let that happen though, parting the top of Isidore’s trousers so she could run her thumb along the hidden tip of his spear after wetting it on her tongue.

”Is that good too?” Charis asked, settling probes at all the key points of his body. She left his spear for a moment, which she had been warming her hand with, and opened his shirt, watching warm skin and hard muscle appear beneath the parting fabric. He really was beautiful. Charis doubted she had ever met a manlier man. Or a more attractive one. ”Now I’m the one who wants to eat you up,” she giggled before sucking his tongue. Just the way she wanted to suck the rest of him.

Title: Re: Easy Street
Post by: Isidore Nazaire on February 02, 2019, 09:44:21 PM
Teasing fingers turned to pleasing ones as Charis measured the length of Isidore’s spear through his pants. Fitting the fabric around it to test the diameter. As if she expected it might have grown- or Darkness forbid shrank- while he was gone. Languid but hardening it was the same as ever. All its length evident even before it stood proud and tall. Which it started to strain in effort to do as she shifted from using her fingers to giving him the flat of her palm to grind into. A twist of her wrist grinding it back until he was biting his lip and groaning into her throat.

It turned into a growl of approval as her shirt evaporated over her head. Face dodging elbows to nuzzle in the space between her breasts. Scent heady and rich because her body trapped it there. Skin on skin on skin. And little pink nipples at either side of his cheekbones. Hands slinking up her torso he passed blunt thumbpads over them at the same time. Pushing them in gently like small buttons and running his toughened skin around their tips. ”Much better.” He mumbled into the space before coming up for fresh- but much less flavorful- air.

He looked at the silky corset and the treats that peeked up over the fancy threading. Smirking and considering swooping in for some nibbles. Head nodding before he had dragged his eyes to the vial in her hand. Yes. Pretty. ”Oh, yeah. That too.” He agreed. Tilting his chin as he looked closer. An almost Opal-ish blend of cloudy something inside. Vapor or liquid he couldn’t quite tell. He was ready to try it though. Anything to numb the last of his raw emotions. ”Mmm.” He paid half a mind to her warning while he considered a few imaginative ways of getting the concoction down.

Getting so high he couldn’t perform definitely wouldn’t do. Charis would be kinder than Eulie, because she knew his hands and mouth were as talented as his spear. Which was twice the reason to make sure he didn’t disappoint either of them. She deserved to get off on the end of his cock. She was so damn good to him. Putting her own talented hands to good use on the very place he was thinking about sticking her. ”That’s very, very good sweetheart.” He told her softly, leaning in to the pluck the bottle from her hand and kiss the tip of her nose.

There were more kisses after. Deep ones that showed him just how she wanted to treat the spear tip she toyed over. Kneading her asscheek with his empty hand he ground up at her thigh until she was done. ”Lay back.” Bodies turning he got up to his knees and spread her on the sofa under him. Pouring half, probably about that much anyway, of this new brew into her bellybutton. Chasing down any that dribbled free with his tongue and watching her reaction. It was sweet. Like candy. A light taste to match its translucent colors. Moaning into her navel he sucked the whole bit out. The tip of his tongue swirling in the gap, over the scar line that passed through it. Gathering every drop. Trailing lower with kisses instead of sips he blindly set the bottle on the table. Shoulders working to get his shirt up over his head. ”I’ve got a little something for you too.”

Nothing as exciting as whatever was pumping through his heart just then. Isidore couldn’t stop smiling as he hovered up over her. Leaning on one arm, a knee between her thighs on the sofa and a foot on the floor. He could feel the rush of something good about to happen. Heart drumming quick and cheerful in his chest. Swallowing a snort of laughter he kissed her face. All of it. And then called in a long golden chain. Small pearls dotted it every ten inches or so. It was over four feet long, finely crafted, and very expensive. Each pearl a pretty shade of pink that made him happy when he looked at it. Which made him think of Charis. So he had kept it for her after coming across it in raid goods. But calling it in from his cabinet called in a short stack of books intended for a different Lady. Giggling he watched them spill over two of the wine bottles which rolled away noisily. ”Shit. Sorry. That doesn’t usually… do that.”
Title: Re: Easy Street
Post by: Charis on February 17, 2019, 03:24:22 PM

Her pleasure was sighs and giggles. A shiver running down her body as his thumbs covered the tips of her nipples and tucked them inward. Whorls and callouses plucking at the sensitive skin. Charis liked the way he touched her. It was all very Isidore. Firm without hurting. His touch was strong and sure, but never violent or frightening. She thought it was something he did on purpose.

”I’m glad you think so,” she giggled, kissing the curls that brushed her neck as Isi buried his face between her small breasts. He was just the sweetest, naughtiest man she’d ever met. Charis blushed thinking of all the things he had talked her into, brew swinging in her fingers as she talked him into a bit of something too. Isi was always game, eyeing her work appreciatively once he was done gulping between her tits.

She made her thumb good and wet before teasing the tip of his spear, half curious which way his direction would swing. Toward his spear or her brew. Isi chose both, praising her petting and stealing the vial from her hands. Charis grinned and kissed his mouth back. He was a good kisser with what she assumed was a lot of practice. He never tried to devour her whole face or bruised her teeth with his. And he tasted so good. Like promise.

”Okay baby.” She complied, stretching out on the sofa, Charis lifted her arms up over her head, body arching toward him. She giggled as he poured the brew into her navel, and tried not to kick as he slurped it out. His tongue tickled and made her hot all at once. She could feel it pooling between her thighs which were parted around him, wetting the silk panties she wore beneath her skirt. ”Aha,” she giggled and sighed all at once, stroking his hair, and his shoulder. Charis helped him out of his shirt and touched him all over again, fondling his muscles.

”What is that?” She asked, smiling at his giddiness. Cupping his face, Charis gave in to his kisses. He rained them all over her face, much as she tried to catch them with her lips. It made her giggle and flinch while she rode the knee he pressed between her legs. She wanted his tongue back on her body. Or his spear in it. Sometimes he slipped it places she wasn’t expecting, but Charis liked that too. Kneading his shoulder, she cooed over the chain of pearls as he called it in. ”Never mind that, Isi baby, I’ll clean it up.” Charis kissed him, probes strengthening as she felt him succumbing to her concoction. She drew the chain from his fingers, looping it around his neck and then her own. One end she tucked between her breasts and down the front of her corset.

”Very pretty, thank you Isi baby.” Charis kissed him again, flicking his nipple with the loose end of the chain and pulling them closer together. ”I want you so bad.” And she did, hand down his pants again, she pressed the pearls against his spear as she stroked it, fingers working under his testes to squeeze those too. Looping the chain around the base of his spear, Charis gave it an experimental tug. Could they fuck all tangled up in them? She knew Isi would find a way if she asked, fingers walking down the pulse behind his spear.

Title: Re: Easy Street [CW]
Post by: Isidore Nazaire on February 17, 2019, 05:18:39 PM
Such a good girl. Stretching out under his coaxing hands. Filling the air with her amusement and doing her best not to squirm from his plying tongue. Petting him down once he had chased every drop. Shirt stripped away so they could touch skin to skin all over. So excited by it all that his cabinet spilled out extra when he searched for her gift. She kissed his apology away. ”It’s not a real mess. Just knocked the closed ones around.” He promised. Without offering to clean it up himself.

He was too focused on expectations for the present. Which she did not disappoint with. Not quite the squealing he had imagined. Or the wide eyed awe. But she smiled and claimed it right away. Using it to tease him in very nice ways. He let the chain pull him towards her for more kisses. Sucking her lips fat before she thanked him. ”You’re welcome, sweetie.”

She was excited. Or just very aroused. Isidore blinked some of the sudden blurriness from his vision and tried to chase the end of the beads down her corset with his tongue. He groaned at her words. Jolts of electricity hemming his balls. ”I fucking want you too, Charis.” So so bad. He struggled to get back up onto his knees. The room around them was soft and fuzzy. Just out of focus enough for him to really focus on Chari. It felt amazing. Like all the nerves on his skin were singing. Louder in the places she touched too. Hissing in pleasure he cocked his spear against the pearls. ”Naughty baby.”

He skimmed her barriers with a probe. Sloppier than usual, but the Opal was not enough to block her psyche. Nuzzling the tip of her plump little tit he watched the dirty curiosity flit across her conscious. ”Oh yes, sweetheart.” He moaned at her when she gave his spear a tug with a loop from the chain. Isidore was used to being the leader. Directing the action in pretty much every aspect of his life. Sex most especially. But he liked to lay back and take it some too. Creeping up a bit higher he lay against Charis. Letting her hands trace the tight thread along his perineum towards his ass. It felt good. He nibbled her neck, and her ear, spearing her thighs wider when he spread his too. ”Pull it again.” He whispered.

Mind already twisting towards kinky ideas he worked a hand between their bodies. Twisting a nipple gently before replacing fingers with mouth. Letting his thumb trace the scar down her front until he reached her silky panties. Damp already with eagerness. He slipped his fingers into them from the leg hole. Slicking two fingers between the lips and down towards her ass. Smirking as he rubbed the same place she rubbed him. Thumb over the fabric instead of in it. Pressing down on her sweet spot. ”Let’s see how tangled up in this thing we can get.”

He could think a lot of places to put those pearls.
Title: Re: Easy Street [CW]
Post by: Charis on February 19, 2019, 09:25:51 PM

Charis giggled against his cheek, laying loud, happy kisses upon it. She trailed them over his jaw and ear as well. Lips smacking in exaggeration with each one. ”I’m so happy to hear it.” She wanted him to want her. The warm skin between her breasts slick from his tongue. The chain absorbed her warmth, the pearl hard little beads that nestled into her skin.

It seemed Isi liked the sensation too. Charis drew their bodies together with the chain. Looping it around his spear and her thumb. She drew it tight, tucking the end between her thumb and palm as she explored his flesh. ”Not too naughty, I hope?” She chirped playfully, petting and coaxing as she brushed kisses to his forehead. He was so sweet and good.

And sneaky! She hummed softly, petting his cheek with the back of her free hand. She could feel him there, skimming her barriers and drinking in her psyche. A deep breath set her breasts free of the embroidered hem. ”Peeker.” She scolded, blushing that he might have seen what she thought. His spear draped in gleaming pink pearls. And Charis herself. Resting her cheek against his temple, she continued her exploration, thighs sliding up around his as he spread out over her.

”Again?” The word barely a breath over his ear. Charis tugged, drawing the chain tight. She felt the end unravel from her bodice, sliding over her neck and down her body. Could sense it coiling tight around his cock as her fingers slipped farther down, curling so that her knuckles stroked him. Teasing pressure. Tauntingly gentle. She gasped a little as he twisted her nipple, kissing it better. ”Oh.” She breathed, body swaying toward his.

Laying off petting his hair and shoulders, Charis tugged the chain lower. Wrapping it again and again around his spear. Tugging it tight, she teased her fingers over the tip, soft and gentle counterpart to the pearls. Breathing quick and shallow, Charis’ knuckles changed to curious fingers that circled and pressed, chain tugged when she reached too far. Hips rolling toward his hand in a slow, aching rhythm. ”Yes please, Isi baby.” Charis shivered, knowing he probably had plans just as wicked if not worse than her fantasies. He was always surprising her.

Title: Re: Easy Street [CW]
Post by: Isidore Nazaire on February 26, 2019, 02:37:33 AM
Lip and eyebrow echoing the same arch Isidore giggled. ”No such thing as too naughty.” Not even when she was dreaming about the way his present would look crowning his spear instead of her throat. Long, smooth, sultry throat. Once he pulled from her psyche he gave it a hearty lick. Subtle notes of witch hazel mingling with the natural oils of her skin. His smile turned to a purring laugh at her gentle accusation.

It was true. He liked to peek. LIked it best when there was something interesting behind those secretive barriers. ”Don’t worry. I like what I see.” His hands worked over her hips and then her breasts, suggesting he meant more than just her mental visualizations. Because he did.

They melded together in a twist of metal, pearl, and flesh. Comfortable, and tickled by the discomfort. Snagging his lip with his teeth Isidore grunted, ”Uh-huh.” All the nerves in his body tense in wait as the chain slowly tightened. Dragging his aching spear upwards, and his tight balls away from his body. Pain flushing his skin to a rosy red while he closed his eyes to focus on the sensation. Gasping he jerked towards her at the brush of knuckles to normally ignored flesh. Something in the sensual shock of the touch sent his head spinning. In a good sort of way. A dull drone remaining at the edges of his awareness even after he settled again. Mouth occupied by a pert little nipple he tried not to set teeth at its tip when she teased lower. The contrast of her two hands and the hard but silky pearls was amazing.

He could feel a thread of uncertainty in Charis. Tension in her shoulders as she tested his boundaries. Which were hard and fast only when it came to the men he took to bed. Women attracted him, feeding their arousal by giving his body was a no brainer. With men, well, it was about watching them give what they didn’t think they could. ”Don’t be nervous, sweet. I’m all yours.” He crooned, sitting up in stark contrast to the offer. The chain tugged tight and her pressing fingers were flush to his ass. He had to abandon his own teasing game, too, to make room to slip her clothes off. One item at a time, pulled off by pulling them through her body with simple craft. ”Let’s see now,” He spread his knees wider while he worked the free end of the chain. Looping it up between Charis’ legs and around her waist until they were pulled flush. One end in her hand, and one in end. The last foot of free pearls clutched between his fingers as he laid back on the sofa, pulling her up into his lap.

”Get something slick for us to use. I’ve an idea.” His grin was wicked, and his free hand splayed fingers between the cheeks of her ass in a very telling manner. ”Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” And she could hurt him back if he wasn’t.
Title: Re: Easy Street [CW]
Post by: Charis on March 06, 2019, 08:32:29 PM

Charis couldn’t deny him. She certainly wouldn’t reject what he wanted to offer of himself. Their bodies shifted. Together. Apart. Together. Soft round pearls and body warmed chain sliding between them. Coiling around and around Isidore’s spear and through Charis’ fingers. She tried to catch her breath as he pulled back. Cold air rushing in between them.

Her hand was caught flush, and Charis could feel the blush that radiated from her chest outward. Up her throat and across her cheeks. Down her stomach as she wiggled her fingers experimentally, giggling as he yanked her clothes through her body. ”That tickles.” She panted, thighs spreading with his knees so she was exposed when he stripped her.

She only wiggled a little as he looped the chain between her legs and around her waist. Soon it was Charis who was caught tight in the coil, pulled until she joined him again. Rocking up and over him. Willing hands spanning his bare chest, ass forgotten as he laid himself out for her. Charis looked him over, settling in his lap, the textured length of his spear caught between them. Kissing his jaw, she rubbed herself against it experimentally, trembling as he spread her cheeks and offered more wickedness.

”Slick?” She nibbled his lower lip pensively, summoning what he wanted from her cabinet as her worries were stripped away. Isi hadn’t done her wrong yet. She dribbled the liquid onto his hands, and her own. Warming it with craft as it spilled from the cap. Leaning into him, Charis wrapped a slick hand around his spear and pulled the chain taut with the other. What happened after was a series of sensations. Warm and wet and textured. The shape of the pearls well defined against her flesh, both inside and outside of her body.

But Isi was gentle, even if Charis wasn’t. Mindless pleasure making her claw and yank. She lost control of the probes monitoring her body as she bucked with orgasm and smothered a scream against his shoulder. Didn’t feel him slipping away from her. Dragged away by her brew. Not until it was too late and Charis didn’t know how to get him back.

Title: Re: Easy Street [CW]
Post by: Isidore Nazaire on March 13, 2019, 11:34:00 PM
Delicious. Isidore had not other word for the drip of emotions he lapped from Charis’ barriers. Shades of curiosity and passion and arousal painting her cheeks. Trust beyond any the other women in his life would dare. That oozing desire to do what it took to please him. She was easy, and some men might have seen that as a flaw but Isidore just saw a cup waiting to be filled. Which was what he needed, because he was often overflowing. Barely containing the danger he was supposed to be but hated for being.

Those trials on his soul never came up with Charis. She was happy as long as he was happy. Willing to try anything, and everything. Perching in his lap like a sweet little hen, only wiggling a little as his request blossomed into understanding in her head. It didn’t slow the exploratory rocking of her hips- leaving the chain and pearls around his spear glistening with wetness. ”Slick.” He repeated, giggling through his nose at the look on her face. Lip half hidden behind her teeth before it popped free. A small container of what he wanted summoned in. The coils and knots tightened and eased with every shift of their bodies. He pet her shoulders and kissed her breasts. Moves meant to soothe her worries but they served to heighten his lust too.

The beating at the back of his head floated like a bubble to the front as he relaxed against the cushions. Persistent without being painful. Spanning out towards his ears buzzing lighty with every chuckle- and he was laughing a lot he knew. Bodies made slick until they slid easily against one another. And into one another. Fingers, pearls, and spear. The last of which was ridden with its new collar pulled tight to choke it towards climax. Loops of metal warmed with body heat. The chain turned Charis’ working thighs into a force of nature. Eyes rolling up under his lids Isidore held her waist and bucked as best he could.

Every muscle in his body had cinched up tight. Drawn towards his navel like magnets. Toes curling tight. He didn’t even feel the orgasm. His or hers. He held his breath a second too long or rolled his eyes too hard. A burst of light shot through his vision before everything went black. The glare must have made his eyes water, because they were crusted when he woke up.

Outside birds sang and the smell of something savory cooking made his stomach spasm awake. Isidore yawned as he sat up. Nose turning to the smell. He was so hungry his chest hurt. Empty stomach spitting up acid. It felt like he hadn’t eaten in days. Knees fighting to bare his weight he leaned against Charis’ nightstand. Regretting that the poor thing had, had to bring him to her bed at all. She must have stayed up late too, his clothes were clean and folded on a chair. Once he had tucked back into them he made his way into the kitchen. Catching her around the waist and leaning his chin on her shoulder. ”Good morning, sweetheart. That was a rather exciting evening, yes?”
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Post by: Charis on March 14, 2019, 06:02:12 AM

He scared her half to death. Unheard over the sizzle of the stove, thick slabs of pork browning in their own juices. Eggs folded around wilting vegetables that hadn’t been crisp when she bought them. It was getting harder, not to mention more expensive, to find edible fruits and vegetables. Worries at the back of her mind while forefront was the fear that Isidore would sleep forever and whoever he belonged to would come looking for him - and be angry.

Screaming, Charis jumped in his arms, wooden spoon knocking a frying pan away from the low flame it had been simmering on. ”Isi!” Charis dragged the pan back to its place and turned in his arms. Hands and probes sweeping over his body with a healer’s interest. The worry belonged wholly to the woman. Burying herself against his body, which was so, so strong, Charis gave a little sob and clung to him.

”I’m so sorry, baby.” And she was! Oh she was so very sorry. Catching his face in her hands, Charis pulled her own from his shoulder and gave him a looking at. Witchlight flashing over her shoulder so she could see how his pupil dilated. She pet his cheek and gave him a kiss. He had such a pouty mouth she couldn’t resist. And if she was nice and good, maybe he’d forgive her.

”It was a wonderful evening, Isi baby.” Top worried about him to pout about her own soreness. Charis definitely wasn’t going to bring it up now. She shooed him back into the stool she kept tucked under her kitchen counter. The longest part made a sort of bar she liked sitting at. ”But baby, you’ve been asleep for three days.” She admitted him. He seemed well enough, but Charis had no chance of getting past his barriers to be sure his brain was addled. Oh she hoped not!

”I was so worried!” Nothing she had tried had woken him. His body had been fine. Whatever it was that made him sleep not something she could purge. Obviously the dosing had been off. Too strong by far. She let a couple of tears slip down her cheeks. ”Are you feeling okay, baby?” Was he still himself? Would he be mad or hurt her?

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Post by: Isidore Nazaire on March 16, 2019, 11:16:10 PM
Steam rose from the frying pan on the stovetop. Meat crackling around the edges as it cooked. The smell alone was enough to hold Isidore’s attention, so he was rather caught off guard by the intensity of Charis’ reaction. Body jolting in surprise he tried to hold her still while she shrieked and squirmed. Wide eyes so big he thought they might pop out of her little head. He laughed, spreading his arms while she gave him a very impromptu pat down. ”Were you expecting someone else?”

The answer that came was not quite right. That bubble of emotion popping in her throat. Fingers turning to tiny vices that curled into the front of his shirt. Before he could give her a proper pat on the back she was throwing apologies he didn’t understand. ”Sorry for what, sweetheart?” His eyebrows narrowed. Amusement eeping away as he struggled to catch up. To understand the unspoken something that had happened. That made her shout and cling and sob to see him standing.

A light flared in his vision making him blink and pull away from the hands that had caught his chin. Flapping a stiff hand as if he could beat her probes back he stepped away from her kiss. ”Charis, stop that. I’m fine.” He insisted. Completely unaware that he should be anything but. The fuss and fluster was cute. He needed to understand what she was all worked up about if he was going to really enjoy it, though.

”Alright,” There was a but coming. He could feel it on the tip of her tongue. Probes languid and weak as he called them out. Less delicate than usual in their perusal of her barriers. Tasting at her hints and finding nothing quite right. It was the same as waking up to find you had slept with your mouth open. All the flavor dulled by that overnight tackiness until you had a few drinks of something strong to clear your palate.

Charis’ But was just the thing. Shocking him into full alertness. He studied her face, brow low over his eyes. Was she lying? No. What reason could she even have to try… ”Three days?” Well. That wasn’t terribly long. He left the islands for longer. Sometimes. Just not usually without telling someone. It would be fine. Everyone knew their job and place. Things would be fine when he got back.


”Are you sure?” He asked, an eyebrow curling up in question. Sure he was hungry but not that hungry. For a moment he stared into space, felt a glimmer of a thread that had been extended in his direction. Familiar, and unexpected though he supposed he should have guessed Eulie would wonder where he was. The thread was hollow now, like a ghost. Maybe it had been three days. Long enough for her to give up waiting on him to answer, anyway. When he turned back to the woman in front of him he couldn’t help rolling his eyes. Thumb coursing over her cheekbone to rub a salty streak back into her skin. ”Sorry. Guess I should have mentioned my Offering was a bit… empty, when I got here.”

Not information he would have volunteered willingly. Now that he knew it was a bit important he might reconsider next time. ”Hey. Hey, I’m fine. No more crying.” He chided softly, massaging the back of her neck and leaning in to rest his forehead on her own. ”I’m fine. Just hungry.” He bit her bottom lip and gave her a toothy grin. ”Very hungry.”
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”No!” Charis hadn’t let anyone near her doorstep while Isi had slept. She’d barely left it herself, afraid he would wake up while she was gone. Or wake while somebody was there. Worse, how did you explain an unwakable warlord prince should someone have discovered him in her room? Not that people just wandered in there when they visited. But Charis worried.

His laughter didn’t really help. He submitted almost meekly. Too amused to fight off her prying. Arms spread as he left her have her way. It didn’t last though. Charis was almost glad because it had to mean his brain was functioning. She didn’t like the shift in his expression though. It made her nervous. So she apologized again instead of answering his question. Rubbing her face against him so they would smell like each other and he would take pity on her if things got ugly.

Isi didn’t like her light, or her probing. Charis dimmed it and missed her mark as she tried kissing him. A sudden space between them as he pulled back. ”I just want to be sure, baby.” She wasn’t trying to upset him or steal his secrets. But Charis stopped. Withdrawing her probes and vanishing her witchlight with a thought while she explained. Isidore did some probing of his own. Heavy things that made her heart race and her webs shiver.

”Yes.” She answered meekly, hands trying to smooth the look from his face. One rubbing his arm while the other spread across his chest. He still felt like himself. Impossibly solid and real. ”I’m sure, baby.” Charis crept closer, leaning a side into his while he thought about it. She wondered if he could see the passage of time the way he looked at nothing. Though she supposed he wouldn’t ask of he could. ”I’m sorry.” She promised again, turning into his touch and kissing the palm of his hand.

He did yell or hit. Just rolled his eyes at her and admitted dangerous things. Nothing that Charis was a danger to him, even if she had worn something to match his Sapphire. ”It’s alright baby. It’ll go better next time.” She curled some of his hair around her fingers and let him draw her in closer. Hands warm and strong on her back. With craft she turned the heat off on the stove and slid the pan aside just before it began to burn, the changing smell warning her. Laughing, Charis licked at his teeth. He was so very wicked.

”Isi baby, you’re incorrigible.” She thought that was the word anyway. ”Sit still and I’ll feed you.” She promised, making sure his ass was planted in the seat by planting her mouth on his and her arms on his shoulders. He was so sweet. Not even a shout for her mistake. So Charis emptied all the food in the pan onto a plate for him, setting it on the counter with a cup of tea for him to enjoy. And then she knelt next to his seat, to make sure all his hungers were taken care of.