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Title: Damaged Huntress
Post by: Maerin on June 15, 2019, 02:04:55 AM
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The Basics

Full Name:
Gender/Pronouns: Female (She/Her)

Current Location:
Profession: Hunter Depressed Invalid

Caste: witch
Birthright Jewel: Jewel (CUT ##)
Offering Jewel: Jewel (CUT ##)

Face Claim: Name of the actor or model whose likeness you’re using

The Body

Body Type:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Large pink/red scar bisecting her lower back. Muscle atrophy in her legs, as she can barely move them. Usually frowning. Dark circles around eyes from sleepless nights.

The Mind

Craft Strengths: 15pts
Craft Weaknesses: Aspects of Craft your character underperforms at

Personal Strengths: A list of admirable or valuable traits or skills your character possesses (optional)
Personal Weaknesses: A list of detestable or imperfect qualities your character possesses, or skills they’re miserable at (optional)

One or more detailed paragraph(s). Bring your character to life; you can tell us about their habits, their goals, how they react to—and interact with—others, what they’re like when they’re happy or angry, and so on.

The Backstory

  • Name | Relation | Jewel to Jewel Caste
  • Name | Relation | Jewel to Jewel Caste
  • Name | Relation | Jewel to Jewel Caste

Please include a CW at the top of your history if necessary.

Aim for several descriptive paragraphs or a detailed timeline. This section should contain the circumstances of a character’s birth (unless they are unknown), a bit about their childhood, their Birthright Ceremony (if applicable), their Offering Ceremony (if applicable), and any other important milestones they might have encountered, like a Virgin Night, a death in their immediate family, or anything impactful that shaped them into the individual they are today.

The Writer

Player Name: Maerin, but Rin or Mae is fine
Player Pronouns: She/Her
Timezone: -6 CST
Contact: Discord or PM
How did you find us?: Googling for BJT RP sites

Inactivity Instructions: Please archive my characters and write them out of the plot as needed.

Roleplay Sample:
See Sirin Vedis (http://www.witchlightrp.com/index.php?topic=1946).

Title: Re: Damaged Huntress
Post by: Maerin on June 15, 2019, 02:05:54 AM
I'd like a random roll for her, please! I'm not sure about her family yet, so I'm going to hold off on family rolls for now.
Title: Re: Damaged Huntress
Post by: The Darkness on June 15, 2019, 07:36:26 AM
The Darkness has granted you...
Cut 100
Cut 69