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Title: Autumn
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The Basics

Full Name: Autumn
Age: 90
Gender/Pronouns: She/her/hers

Ethnicity: An Corithe
Birthplace: Little Terreille
Current Location: stuck to her brother
Profession: Poisoner

Caste: Black Widow
Birthright Jewel: Summer-sky (CUT 70)
Offering Jewel: Opal (CUT 51)

Face Claim: Beatriz Santana

The Body

Height: 5'9
Body Type: Narrow
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Honey

All legs, narrow hips and shoulders. Youth clings to her, rounds her face and holds her curves, whatever they may be, at bay. Still slim and boyish, and coupled with her height, Autumn's appearance is one of her more tender subjects. She's caught struggling to present as someone coming into adulthood when so much of her broadcasts against that. Autumn is very much torn between wanting to be seen and wanting to be ignored, and her dress reflects that: swinging from long, flowing dresses and outfits that accentuate her height to clothes two sizes two big or stolen from her brother that hide her angles. The only real consistency is her color pallet, which is typically muted blues, browns, or greys.

Straight hair kept at mid back, mouth and eyes softened or sharpened by makeup, Autumn's two legged face is one she agonizes over. As a wolf her face is brown, yellow eyes bright against mahogany fur, lean and light on her feet. A hunter as eager to play as to pounce.

The Mind

Craft Strengths: 15pts
Tangled Webs
Poison Crafting
Antidote Crafting
Swift Shifter
Craft Weaknesses: Cushioning Spells, Heating and Cooling

Stubborn in her quietude, Autumn is a sibling who's shored her edges with thorns under personalities bigger than her own. Unwilling to bend without pressure, unwilling to yield without argument, Autumn embodies much of her namesake. Snapping and chill like the coastal winds, or dry like the fallow fields leeched of their moisture. There is humor in her, a sarcastic, knife edge wit that makes no friends. Autumn's tenderness is that of her season, the softness of the frost across the grass, of still lakes and quiet nights. More gentle in action than in word, Autumn is often trapped at odds. She doesn't mean to say one thing and mean another, or say one thing and do another, but her words rarely reflect what she wants. Caught in transition between a quick temper and a cold shoulder, between wolf skin and human. She hates that her life feels predicted, and snaps at the restraints others place on her person.

Bratty, grumpy, feeling alternatively desperate for contact and longing to be alone, Autumn is very much the youth she doesn't want to be. Quick to fall to temper, and to melancholy, Autumn frustrates and is frustrated at equal turns.

The Backstory

  • Mama | Mother | Tiger Eye to Summer-sky Black Widow
  • Winter | Brother | Summer-sky to Blood Opal Warlord
  • Summer | Sister | Summer-sky to Opal Black Widow
  • Spring | Sister | Summer-sky to Opal Black Widow

Baby born in the falling leaves and crisping air, brisk winds and final harvests. The last sigh before a long slumber, the threat of winter close and the promise of spring a dream. Autumn draws into the world wailing, strong lungs and waving fists. Maybe she picks up her chill there, that cold morning, the dry brush-fire of her heart choked by creeping frost. A daughter of temper but not a tempered daughter, not like their mother, enigmatic and kind. Mama, infuriatingly gentle with her hand, never coddled, never unloved, but always a baby, born in falling leaves.

Birthright foretold by blood as much as by web, Autumn holds it in her palm and sees its sameness as her own, hates it as her own, her brittle-fire and biting frost spirit railing against it. She takes better to her wolfskin, to hunting among the brush, her fur at last, at least, her own. And at her shadow always Mama, smooth and kind where her daughter is quick to tooth and claw. Passions directed outward, into her wolf, their history, desire in her sparked to find the Other family, the one they were separate from. But not yet, a tap to her nose, a playful smile, her mother's eyes hiding mysteries. Not yet, firecracker.

Virgin Night, then, hand-picked man and hand-picked time, and Autumn burns against the guiding even as she submits to it. Offering quickly after, Autumn impatient and frustrated, and she screams into the night, anger-hot opal clutched to heaving chest. A mold she wants to break and doesn't know how.

Wolf and poison, teeth and venom. Practices her webs on Winter though it chafes her, good but not her sisters, not her mother, and bitter with the finality of that difference. At last, at last, even though it stings. Rodgau, following family but at a distance, because even with the desire to break through those threads fear lurks beyond. Is it all accounted for, Mama's tempestuous daughter? All her actions written out? And if she does break out, what then? Does it matter?

She sinks with the winter, rises with the spring, finds an even keel in summer, simmering anger dulled to bluntness, passable civility. People pay for poisons, and for antidotes, and rabbit skins and antlers. Wolf and poison, teeth and venom, and Autumn can make her own marks, even if they might be better bolstered by webs. Too much emotion, too much impatience; difficult to center oneself when she can close her eyes and remember her fur and the lack of longing it brings.

Then a sister, vanished, a child parent-less. Incandescent fury washes over her, teeth snapping, dreams and webs vivid with fire and screams. Rage boils into a hot stone at the center of her, anger at this thing their mother couldn't have known. Because if she had, how could she have let it happen? How could she not have told them that their sister would vanish, leave her boy an orphan if the worst came to be?

Autumn attaches herself to Winter, unable to be swayed. She will be with him to find her sister. Maybe at last she'll find something to settle her, either within her mother's webs or not.

The Writer

Player Name: kayndred
Player Pronouns: she/hers
Timezone: -8 GMT
Contact: PM, Discord

Inactivity Instructions:
Archival, write out, adoption, lastly death.

Roleplay Sample:
See Michael Villiers (http://www.witchlightrp.com/index.php?topic=1607.0).

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