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Shahllene Province / Re: New Delights
« on: April 14, 2020, 11:10:03 PM »
Things were different, even if Peregrine was not. He plotted his courses with home always on his mind. Never strayed farther than the sales he already knew. The jobs he had grown comfortable in. Not out of some new learned love for himself, but for the sake of his baby daughter. His life would mold the outcome of her life. She had already lost one parent. He couldn’t blindly throw himself into the Wind anymore.

Not that anyone could in their current state. Which had only done good things for his personal profits. Clients were plentiful. Deliveries frequent. People were staying home instead of traveling. Staying in their favorite opium dens and seedy brothels. Smoking up the supply so that the suppliers had to beg for more from a man with a golden ticket between Realms and the last quick means of transportation around.  It meant that he could spend a week running, then a month at home undisturbed. Life had snuck a routine in on him. One bound by the smile of a fat baby lips always rounded in laughter.

Birdy was not on Peregrine’s mind tonight however. He was in his best pair of pants. Boots carefully cleaned. Hair combed neatly. He didn’t own a tie or suit jacket but he looked the part of a young man out on the town. Which was what he wanted to appear as. No one needed to know about the six large crates of glass vials waiting in his psychic pocket. It was payday. Time to make deliveries in the foul heart of a rotting territory.

Moving through the light fog he stuck to the shadowed back alleys and entered through dark backdoors. Four crates were delivered to their intended recipients before he stopped to piss in an alley that smelled as if it were frequently used for just that purpose. After giving it a shake he twitched his pants back into place. Quietly waiting for a noisy couple to pass in the street. One of them had sensed him there, though. Not unusual given the weight of his Jewels. Dipping into his birthright Peregrine readied a probe. Then frowned at the streetlamp across the dusty cobblestones as the young man tried to lure him out. ”Not out for fun tonight. You’ll have to play alone.” He answered sweeping them with a shallow probe.

It slipped over the woman who was uncomfortable. Then paused over the darker presence of the boy. Peregrine hummed in minor amusement, stepping into the light. Brows twisted up as he considered the warlord prince. ”You’ll bruise that girl if you keep groping at her like that.” There was no promise of rescue in the warning. No threat or emotion at all. She might have been a piece of fruit for all the concern in his voice. Not that Little Terrielle was having any luck with fruit. But Peregrine had a keen eye for the unintentional reactions of warlord princes. So he reminded this one, just as he reminded his own brother when it was necessary. ”Have a nice night.”

Turning on his heel he followed the sidewalk, keeping close to the buildings. The next club was close by. They were his biggest clients in the city too. Both of his remaining cases were destined for their stores.

Norr Province / Re: Contemplation [cw]
« on: May 26, 2019, 12:21:17 AM »
”If the spears you’ve been dealing with are only a mite bigger than a finger I’m not the one that needs a healer’s advice.” Peregrine rumbled in amusement. Hands flexed to keep her balanced. Eyes closed he sighed in satisfaction while she shifted up his body to plant a row of kisses across his stubble. If she was content, then he could be too. No reason to kick himself in the ego for a mistake that worked out, right? In the future, when the next nervous girl was in his arms, he would just be twice as careful. Ten times, if she had a tail.

Probably… maybe.

Cheeks rounding with laughter he nodded his head down at her twisting ears. Ship, she said, rather than boat. Plumping his vanity nicely. ”How else?” She shifted, the sweet scent of her excitement dampened by doubt. ”The ship or the lights?” He asked, an edge to his tone that suggested she should say the lights no matter where the question had been aimed. His ship was safe. He could have floated her up on a broomstick and kept her safe. The love the brothers had poured into the shaping of every board assured a solid vessel. One you could count on. And the Purler were nothing to to be afraid of in so far as he could tell. ”Their just lights. Just out reach no matter how high up you go. When you get to that spot where the air is too thin to breath and it’s so cold your eyes frost over in the sockets… you feel like you can almost touch them but you never actually can. I think they go on and on like that making you believe just another mile would put them in your hand.”

She would see. Peregrine wanted to show her how the ships flew. So that none of those flyboys in the air fleet could impress her with the ability to get a boat in the air. They’d have to do something really worth her time to get noticed. Although Henni had said she was bound to man who could level villages with a few choice words. So maybe no one would ever win her over with skill alone. Who could say? He was only borrowing her now, job done and time theirs to give or take as they pleased.

Tired from the exertion she laid against him as he parted their thoughts again. Not before she answered his curiosity. Deft hands creeping around his back. Reaching low, low, low until he squirmed to keep her from being too low. Thick fingertips at the split of his asscheeks she pressed on a knot of bone deep under strong lower back muscles. Explaining how one grew a tail the length of their body. ”Well yours is much prettier.” He told her with a wink. Sure that his own tailbone was about as useful as a coldbox in Odense. No one had bothered to name what it was that gave her the charming difference in appearance. And he didn’t really need to know. He just wanted to look.

And he did get a fleeting glance when she finally wiggled free to slink off to the bathroom. Tail used to block anything too private. He expected the quaking in her knees, but not the soft discomfort she tried to hide. If she were in pain he wanted to know. Iskra took her time in the bathroom. While he called in a dirty shirt and the gin to clean himself off. The rest poured into the two forgotten glasses. Smoothing his expression to something serious but gentle he nodded at her waist when she came back. ”You good?” He swept a bold probe across her to try catching any fibbing. Embarrassment was no excuse for undue suffering. ”We can come back to the ship anytime. If you need to go home for a little bit.”

Whatever had made her move slow on the way in was gone now, though. Making him quick to let the concern go. Half tucked behind her tail fluff she tried to put her clothes on without showing too much skin. Chuckling he teased her with quick fondles and quicker kisses. Holding her tight as she slipped back into her trousers. His own nakedness not dealt with until the very end. When she had kissed her way back into her dress and let him shove her into his oversized coat. The white fur threatened to swallow her whole. ”Colder than Hell where we’re going.” He warned so she wouldn’t try to shed it.

His old reliable woolen coat was called in to tuck around a thick knitted sweater. The ‘K’ on the front and sleeves an inch too short proof it was not his own. Pulling his trousers up with a few hops he stuck his feet bare into his boots. Hand linking with hers and glasses hovering behind them on a thread as he raced her up the stairs to the deck. Under them the ship was already moving. Slowly finding the slide of shields to ride up into the sky. Made weightless by Sapphire craft that roped elegantly around the hull and up the masts. ”As far as we can get before there stops being air.” He promised as he took her empty glass.

Sipping slowly on his own Peregrine invited her back behind his barriers. Not as deep or intimate, just the knowledge to see how he molded the Craft taught to him by Henrich. ”When I was a boy, first learning, I would pour so much energy into making the ship light it would just-” He shot a hand up into the air with a laugh, ”fly straight up. So fast Henni must have lost a hundred hats. So cold his beard would turn to one big icicle, parted down the middle like a hairy lizards tongue. He would get so annoyed.” Shoulder rocking with the memory he laughed, throat working and teeth flashing as his head craned up to take in the lights above. The higher they got the lighter the air. Until it was dizzying to look up at their flowing patterns like a massive curtain overhead. Dizzying but worth it. Breathing on his hands he settled in close to Iskra, hands dipping into the loaned coat. ”See those two point of light? Those are the lighthouses in Odense. The old one there, the new one there with all the tinier lights underneath.”

Pointing finger shifting over the horizon he leaned over the side to squint at a dark mass that would cross beneath them. It was a shadow in the clouds, slowly moving towards the City. ”And that, is one of her ships.” He didn’t have to ask which. Eyes rolling he batted a Gray probe away. ”Nothing here for you little shit.” He hummed, rejecting the link offered. Then chasing it away from Iskra with a psychic shield. They were busy.

Norr Province / Re: Contemplation [cw]
« on: May 25, 2019, 03:13:15 AM »
”Oho, that’s funny is it.” Peregrine taunted. Smirk wide and sharp as her laughter was jarred into a gasp of pleasure. The sound didn’t stop either. Iskra’s mouth worked open, her back a half circle that spilled her hair across his thighs. Slicker than ever her body bounced with every thrust he gave. Speed picked up but not the force he used. He wanted her to ache nicely in the morning. Not be too sore to walk.

She was a healer though, so it would be fine.

When she rose up to ride the crest of her next climax Peregrine pulled her down again. Conceit shining on the tip of ever tooth he smiled up as her moans turned to a shriek. Holding her tight around the base of his spear. He wanted to feel every inch. The same way her eager hand had milked him, her inner muscles did then. Tugging him up deep, rippling around his spear until he thought it might pop off to go and live inside her forever. The feeling lessened slowly as her spasms stopped.

With a laugh he rubbed the nipple she caught with her mouth, hips flinching at the unexpected sensation. ”Insatiable.” He accused, petting down her sweaty hair as she went languid across his body. She fit along him nicely. Her tail was warm where it touched his skin, and he fondled the place it attached to her body with curious fingertips. An arm wrapped around her shoulder blades to cup the side of a breast, he sighed in that sleepy afterglow of good sex. ”I really am sorry it hurt. You didn’t feel that tight when I had my finger in, and I was trying to stop but Mother Night it was impossible.”

He would make it up to her later. Give Eydis a discount, too. And make Henni buy him a strong drink to lament over it with. ”Lay here with me a little longer. I’ll take the shield down. We can go have a look at those Dragon Trails up close if you like, too.” Might as well show her a real good time since her caste made it impossible to just whisk her off for a night on the town. When his breath had normalized and his limbs weren’t twitching anymore he turned inward. Tracing their link a few times with playful energy before he followed it down to her innermost Webs. It took him longer to take down the shield than it had to put up. Blocking was easy. Extracting required a lot of focus. It might last days or weeks if he left it to dissolve on its own time. She wouldn’t be able to make her Offering until it had.

”There’s a washroom, with towels in it” The women had insisted on the addition of a proper toilet. Peregrine didn’t care as long as he didn’t have to deal with the septic. A sink was pointless, but they kept a judge of water and a vanity bowl in the small closet anyway. As he slid his probe free of her barriers Peregrine stroked from the base of her tail to a few inches down. He wondered, uncaring that she could feel the unspoken question, if she would let him look at how it joined. She had a nice bottom, from what he had felt and glimpsed. It was probably adorable. Psyches separated he kissed the top of her head, right between her furry ears. ”and another drink if you want one.”

Norr Province / Re: Contemplation [cw]
« on: May 24, 2019, 10:50:14 PM »
”I know,” Peregrine admitted guiltily, face turned down so she could rub her cheek to his damp one. Lips drifting to the place where her neck and jaw met he sorted out the twist of emotions along their link. Sifting out the negative that lingered. Most of the pain felt like it belonged to his shoulders. Iskra throbbed around his spear, too, though. The pain sharp until she blunted it with Craft. ”Hey,” He cupped her chin, eyes steady despite being a little red rimmed. ”that was my fault. I should have spent more time easing you open.” There was no way to know her inner muscles would be that unwilling to relax around the intrusion. But he would remember after this, always better safe than sorry.

Laughing wetly under her kisses he caught a few with his mouth. Hands gentle as they kneaded her waist. Mischief in the crinkling corners of his eyes as he teased, ”You just don’t tell anyone I’m a big crybaby, alright?” If she did it wouldn’t matter. Everyone who’s opinion he cared about already knew. A sore loser, a sharp temper, impatient patient. All things that suggested he would be too emotional for this sort of work. But as he smiled into her collarbone, with her laughter falling against his cheek, Peregrine knew in his soul he was right where he belonged. The best sort of wanted.

”Yes.” He was very sure. The muscles at the base of his spear pulled taut in agreement. Rubbing his palms down her thighs and back up to her hips he hummed down the renewed link their minds shared. Letting her feel the crash of ecstasy her clenching muscles brought. And tempered his own urges by sipping at the discomfort of being overfilled. ”I’m not even that big.” He told her breathlessly. The rise of her hips under his hands making his lungs squeeze and his stomach curve inward.

Massaging her hips with the heels of his hands Peregrine grunted. Curling in rather than backward, eyes shut just as tightly as Iskra’s for the same reason. ”So nice,” He encouraged. And it was close to true. So close it hurt. Spear pounding in the liquid heat of her sheath. It felt as though his balls were strung on a cord of elastic attached to every nerve ending in his body. When his spear twitched, or Iskra twitched, or his nipple felt lit on fire by her nimble fingers, they pulled up under the root of his spear. Pressing in as if they would climb up through his spear and empty into her that way.

They surged together and apart that way several more times. Peregrine biting his lip and kissing every part of her his mouth found. Anything to stifle the building climax in his groin. Rocking hips turned to writhing ones instead. ”I can’t wait.” He told her when the build up was too much. She was getting there too. A richer sort of orgasm building low in her pelvis. Tipping back he laid on the floor. Knees falling open to give his body leverage to thrust. None too quick, or too deep. He didn’t want to concentrate on the strokes, though, he wanted to come. ”Use your knees to control how deep.” He told her, breath ragged and hands spanning her upper legs as he explained. ”The closer they are to your chest, the deeper I can go. The straighter you keep them, the less deep. Always works like that, no matter what your putting where, no matter what position.” Something she would need to keep in mind going forward. It would be a long time before she was experienced enough to hop on a hard spear for a mindless ride.

Hips lifting and falling he tilted his head back against his coat and the hay. Mouth parting over clenched teeth and nose wrinkling in silent misery at the nearness of his finish. ”Sweet Darkness,” He moaned, back arching instead of bucking. Orgasm piercing as it shot through him and into Iskra. He was a hard line for a long gasp while it flowed from head to toes. Molten lust that threatened to split his spear in two. Balls hollow and heavy in the aftermath he gave a shiver that rose goosebumps up over his skin then his back went limp. His spear, however, did not. ”Alright. Now I can concentrate.” He said cheerfully, picking the pace of his rocking back up to the tune their link suggested she found most satisfying.

Norr Province / Re: Contemplation [cw]
« on: May 24, 2019, 07:13:30 PM »
Pointed pink tongue lapping her subtle flavors from his lips Iskra fit her mouth over his like a puzzle piece falling into place. Peregrine bent lower so she could have her way. This was the best part. When they reached that point where their minds and bodies accepted he was their lover instead of an obstacle to survive. Suction stretched his lower lip as he pulled away with a soft sigh. Agreement tentative she followed his momentum. Up, and back against his chest. Gaze lingering on the firm rise of his spear between his thighs.

The way she angled her body to keep from touching it was both frustrating and endearing. As much as he wanted her to ride it already, he found her subtle trepidation amusing. Truth be told he was enjoying her a little too much. Caste potent and personality just the right amounts of shy and sassy. It wouldn’t last, though, he knew. After tonight she would be a woman in every right. That uncertainty would leave her as she grew into her own. And then she would be ten times as dangerous to men like Peregrine, who preferred to run rather than heed the call.

And oh did she call. Soul stroked by her scent as surely as her fingers slipped up and down his arms. Mouth to his hairline while he struggled to keep her slippery nipple caught between his teeth. Holding them and licking brought out more of her small noises than sucking did. So he tortured them that way, in flicks of tip to tip. Only pausing to give her more reassurances before he tried to distract her from what was coming with what was happening.

Hand between their bodies he pressed his knuckles to her folds. Her hand tensed around his elbow. Clinging. His spear was covered by his wrist and the heel of his palm. Throbbing away as she ground against the point he offered. Withdrawing it slowly to lead her to a better place for grinding her cunt against. He purred out a moan around her nipple as he finally had her flush in his lap. The back of his spear pressing to the blunt heat of her sex. The glands on the tip of his spear aching as she slicked them with wetness. Bounding eagerly along his length as he sucked her tongue instead of her tit.

She didn’t take long to notice the change. A handful of hair in one fist, and nails marking his skin from the other. He could feel the wave of emotions battling for dominance. Fed her his own certainty in steady drops. All she had to do was trust him to carry her across this one bridge. The first step was reluctantly accepted, what other choice did she have? ”Shhhh, it’s not going to hurt.” He regretted teasing her that it would burn. As wet as she was he didn’t think it would be more than firm pressure. Sometimes it pinched, but he wasn’t sized to hurt. Not without meaning it to.

The shield in place gave Peregrine a sense of security. It would be fine now, as long as he didn’t do anything to turn her off of sex forever. Which would be hard to do with a woman so sensual she was half riding his cock already. Sweat forming along her hairline as she rocked, and he rocked back. Gripping the undersides of her thighs he lifted her a little higher. Then a little more. Groaning with his forehead between her breasts as the tip of his spear rubbed hard down her center. It caught at her entry without actually dipping in. He thought he would die with wanting to fill her up. Iskra was ready. Curving her body to find his spearhead again. Reaching under her he guided it to the right place.

Agony on the brink of relief he rose his own hips up gently. Finally, finally, finally. The hand on her hip not enough to keep her from bearing down on his lifting hips. Slow penetration turned rough by her shocking tightness. Unlike anything he had ever felt. As much as his brain screamed let her go, his hands tucked her down further. Needing more, needing all of him buried in that dense heat. Punishment came swift and fierce. Biting down on his lips and cheek Peregrine swirled the emotion behind his barriers so that she couldn’t see the brief flare of anger. It was not at her, and he didn’t want her to mistake his pain for a need to stop. Tears filled his eyes as he lifted her by the wrists before she could shred him to pieces. Hooked claws coming out one at a time he blinked the salt away so he could see, shield spun around her hands before he tucked them to his chest. Trapping them there as he let her adjust to the sensation of his spear inside. When she twitched her tail it made the muscles in her tight little cunt flinch and Peregrine could almost forget he was bleeding. Breathing raggedly through the burn he pet her with the hand that wasn’t holding her to him.

It would do neither of them any good to let her run off. The shield for her Webs had held firm. Unbruised by her inner flailing. Purpose well served. ”Alright, I lied. It burns.” He teased with a shaking breath. As she calmed down she started pouring craft over the pain. Giving her hands back he kneaded her hips. Let her pull his head to her shoulder where he placed a string of kisses all the way up to her ear. Nose nuzzling the softness. ”It’s just a scratch.” Far easier to say when she had half healed them. His pain tolerance was low. Mostly because very few things had managed to hit him since he was a boy. He imagined it was the same for Iskra. They shared a birthright, after all.

”Now all the tricky parts are done we can just enjoy it, yeah?” He tempted, all the puncture holes in his skin turning to a memory already. Rocking slowly he helped her tail wrap around his waist like an extra arm. Pulse hard in his veins he rocked again, hands on her hips giving a bit of space so that a short length of his spear slipped free. Put back in slow while he tried to see between their bodies. Mother Night she was the tightest thing he’d ever felt.

Norr Province / Re: Contemplation [cw]
« on: May 24, 2019, 04:04:51 PM »
The hard grip she had leveled on his spear loosened once he started. Letting Peregrine relax too. Hips caught in a strange angle so that he didn’t pull away when the hold was too tight. The side of her thumb strummed up the side in apology. And he licked his forgiveness down her middle. The tip of his tongue hanging for a second at the core of her wetness. Spreading it up to the bud of nerve endings.

That was where he stayed once she started to react. All of her tension turned to energy as her nerve endings woke up. He drew circles and flicked until he found what she enjoyed. Swirls with a hard right swipe. That brought him over the right spot. He felt it in the thigh he was leaning over. Muscle flinching spasmodically every time his tongue hit there. A hidden part of her clit that had to be stroked through the protective cover. At first, anyway, once it was fat and eager to be licked he used his index finger to make it easier to reach. Iskra liked it- a lot. Rocking hips turned to a headlock.

Peregrine liked that- a lot. There was just something about a woman shoving her cunt in your face that made him feel like a king. With her body turned towards him he could rest his head on her thigh instead of his arm. Freeing that one up to tease other place. He traced the curve of her tail as it tucked itself around his shoulders like a shawl. And palmed her ass properly. Thumb riding the crease until he could feel the bridge of his nose. Fingertips skimming the knee she used to capture the curve of his skull. The afterthought pets she been giving his spear fell away. Clinging to his ass instead. Her concentration too focused to remember. He could feel the coil in her pelvis tightening. All  muscles did. Hips trying to tip away and bury him at the same time.

Then her mouth opened. First on his thigh, then over his balls. The hand traveling her backside hooked around her tail. Thumb pressing up on it’s base, fingers higher up along the hollow of her spine pressing down. Keeping her tight to his face. Where he smothered a moan into the heat of her center and shoved his tongue in as far as it could reach. Wiggling it back out he sucked at her clit. Panting with the effort it took not to thrust his spear at her teasing little mouth.

Her whole body shook when she orgasmed. ”Aww,” He couldn’t help cooing over the noise of distress that punctuated her release. Not his, though, grip only tightening around his head. Amusement leaked down the line, and his own arousal which eclipse hers as she rode out the shock waves of her climax. He had to keep her heated, if not outright eager still. Hands moved to the undersides of her thighs he rubbed the cramped muscles there. ”Shhhh, I like it.” Peregrine soothed against her apologies. Kisses turned gentle he pressed them to the soft hair where the mound above her sex started to curve downward between her thighs. He could have licked her clean, but they would put that natural lubrication to good use soon. Not soon enough, his spear complained with a hard twitch at the thought.

As soon as she could pry her legs apart she did. Peregrine stayed where he was, sprawled out beside her thighs. Rubbing the length of one from hip to knee as she lay flat again. He fidgeted involuntarily at her teasing fingers. Face red both from being trapped in her warmth and his racing pulse. Propping his head on a fist so he could see her he flashed his teeth in a smile. ”You didn’t ask me to stop.” He reminded her with a rumble in his chest. Laughing he chased her tail with his eyes as she pulled it from around his neck.

”Why so shy? I like that part of you too, you know, Iskra.” He told her, sitting up slowly to turn back towards her. Rubbing the slickness from his chin onto his shoulder Peregrine hovered over her, hands on either side of her as he dipped down to give her a kiss. The pulse in his spear raging. ”Sit back in my lap so we don’t bruise your tail.” That was the best position, he thought, to give her both control and comfort.

Sitting back he dug his heels into the hay until he could feel the board underneath. Knees half bent as he spread them so that she would be spread when she sat. ”Don’t worry. I won’t try to sneak it in, you’ll know.” Just more kissing. And more attention for her abandoned nipples. To give her time for the first climax to settle into her bones and make her want a deeper one. Thumb stroking the space under her navel he hummed around her nipple, then slipped it from his mouth to say, There's nothing I can say to make you less nervous. But trust me just a little bit longer. The scary part only lasts a second, and I'll make you come again. As many times as you tell me too. Deal?" His Ebon-gray had been poised since his probe first entered her barriers. Now it started to spin, a shield he layered thick, with a bit of Sapphire on the outside too, so interwoven the colors bled together. As pretty as it was strong.

Norr Province / Re: Contemplation [cw]
« on: May 24, 2019, 12:12:49 AM »
Mouth full of nipple Peregrine could only nod at her question. The invisible string that connected his balls to his spine buzzing as their weight shifted in her palm. A little rough, as she tested the firmness of the spheres inside of his scrotum. She didn’t pinch or pull the way some curious fingers did. Just felt them and moved back to thumbing over the length of his cock. It jerked in her hand, happy for the attention.

She teased the tip while he smoothed his fingers from velveteen hair to slick skin. Iskra laid back to concentrate on the sensations. Limbs and spine taut the way elastic bands were. His fingers sought out the extra sleek skin that angled down to her center. Risking a smile for the anxiety she wore so preciously since she couldn’t see him with her eyes clamped shut that way. On the inside she was less smooth- almost spongy. Impossibly hot and wet. He explored there too, running his finger pad along the ride that faced her front, looking for the spot that would complement the way his thumb dragged up and down on her clit. He chewed his cheeks, her nervousness felt down the link. Too nervous to come for him despite the twitching pleasure that made her muscles try to grasp his lone digit.

Peregrine knew ways to bring her over the edge. You didn’t go dragging virgins into orgasms they weren’t ready for, though. Everything had to be laid out. Shining light on the unknowns so that they were not only mentally prepared in the moment, but learning things they might want to explore later. He made her stretch, just a little, with the angle he fingered her from. She liked that too, and he thought it was a good time to offer a different sort of sensation. Softer but more intense. Maybe too intimate. She pulled away with sass on her lips and question in her eyebrows. Not the usual reason they complained or argued  against giving their cunts to his tongue, either. Smile wide he rolled a shoulder down at her, massaging the wetness off his fingers by kneading the join of her hip and thigh. ”Tastes a lot like kissing. Smells a bit stronger, but it’s not a bad smell.” Not on Iskra anyway, he had encountered a few he had not offered to lick. She didn’t need to know that. He wanted to taste her, ”It feels good. And making you feel good makes me feel good.”

Leaning into the slowed motion of her spear fondling. Sucking on a breath and groaning as she shifted to focus all her fingertips on just his head. He purposely shied from the thoughts flitting through her mind. Needing no temptation of his own. She would either agree or refuse. Experience told him it was a toss up as to which girls would choose which. They all knew he would make sure they liked it but embarrassment, attachment, and the fact that he was usually a stranger weighed on their decision. Iskra thought it over while he pet a palms width down from her navel. Eager things inside of women lived there, things this healer queen probably had names for but Peregrine did not. They just liked the pressure of being petted. So he pet them to keep her warmed and interested. ”Five minutes,” He promised as she writhed against the floor in her indecision, ”if you don’t like it I’ll stop. Just give it a try.”

He wouldn’t even take his spear away. Side by side in opposite directions they could both reach. Bracing herself the queenling agreed without words. Just tensing and moving her tail. Legs spreading so he could both see and touch. Balanced on an elbow he laid on his side. Cupping her near thigh with one hand, and spreading her open again with the other. Two fingers to lay the lips of her sex wide. She was slick down the center, shiny in the glow of the Dreki Purler above. Kissing the contours of her thigh he worked quickly to the goal. Leaving her no time to rethink the choice before he was sucking gently on one of the lips his fingers pinned open. Then plucked at her clitoris with his tongue. It was plump, half exposed and just as rosy as her nipples. The color darkening as it flowed down to deep parts of her anatomy. Giving it all a hearty lick with the flat of his tongue he settled in to tease her to orgasm- preferably in less than five minutes.

Norr Province / Re: Contemplation [cw]
« on: May 23, 2019, 06:13:53 PM »
Shoulder blades working against the tickle up his spine Peregrine smiled into a kiss. The pitch of her gasps and moans had changed. Sharp. Rich. Hungry. He could feel her sipping at his psyche while she ground at his pelvis. Rhythm unbroken he held a nipple with his teeth, tongue drawing circles on the tip. She curled up over him to keep all the places that felt good near the source of pleasure. Shoulder low so he didn’t lose her breast to his lips. Hips hitched so he could rub circles between her thighs. Which held him tight. Tail used to cling to him too.

”Ah,” Caught off guard by the name he bent his head into the handful of hair she tugged on plaintively. She must have heard Henni use the nickname. The old fool was the only person Peregrine could stand to hear call him that anymore. There was no masking the surprise, but he dampened the annoyance since it was none of Iskra’s fault. No reason to twist the mood up when she was mewling like a cat in heat. ”Yes. That.” He encouraged, link pulsing to grasp at her fleeting vision of his fingers sinking into her wetness. He would do that. As many times as she needed him to while she mentally prepared for his spear to do it instead.

A pop let her nipple loose as she leaned away. It would be raw if he didn’t stop soon anyway. Over teased so that it was plump and long instead of tight and puckered. She covered them when she sat back. Leaving Peregrine to do the actual undressing. Which he minded not at all. He started with the last of his own clothes. Giving her time to see him naked before he hooked his fingers in her waistline and dragged her trousers and underthings free of her body in one motion. Tail sneaking up between her thighs to hide her sex before he could see. Chuckling lightly he shoved their shed clothing aside. Out of the way. Out of her reach unless she was going to stretch for them.

Peregrine came up to meet her slowly. Time to flee if it was too much or too fast. She clenched her knees, opened them, wiggled nervously but didn’t run. Brushed his lips over her mouth then followed the shape of her jaw. Bodies brushing so that she could shelter against his if she needed the illusion of being less exposed. Iskra licked him, stirring up a laugh that turned to a sigh as she fit her palm to his spear. Finally an ounce of relief for the way the blood pounded through the tip. Rocking his hips Peregrine fit himself into the circle her fingers made, then pulled away again. Gentle, so she would know he could be gentle when the circle was her center.

With a moan for her sneaky tongue and clever fingers Peregrine followed her body down. Careful not to cover her as he settled his weight on one arm, body curved so she could keep exploring the length and shape of his spear. Breath fast when she toyed around the tip, and nipples nuzzles when she was firm around the root. ”You can touch these too.” He told her, cupping her hand just long enough to pass it low over his balls. Then lapping at her nipples to distract her from the first tentative touches he laid on her cunt. Velvety soft hair hid the folds. A wet line down the middle where they met. Tracing those damp hairs he stroked her open. Curled fingertips finding the lay of her intimate parts. The distance between her clitoris and her vagina. Soft lips trying to close in around his fingers. Only enough space between her front and tail to slid his hand.

Mother Night he wanted a good look at it. Harassing a nipple with short sucks and wet kisses he rolled the bead of her clitoris. Thumb pressing, ears listening to every hitch of her breath, probe pulsing with their mingled arousal. Wet, wet, wetter as he stroked and sucked, throwing glances up at her face when he could manage a peek over her breasts. It was easier than he expected to get a finger in. She’d done that before, he thought, no rabid panic just potent expectation of pleasure. Knuckle giving a bit more pressure he stroked her there too. Then tapped her clit with his thumb, ”I want to kiss you right there.”

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Passion stained its way across Peregrine’s face. A perfect line from one ear arching across to the other. Lids low and lips barely parted as he tugged his pants lower. Watching Iskra watch. Her fear and desire sharing a scale, tipping in one direction then the other. Wanting to run as much as she wanted to crawl back into his lap. He felt it down the probe. Made a point of tensing his body so the shapes were pleasing enough to keep her attention while his hands were busy.

Some needed to be chased. And if that was what Iskra wanted he would run her down. Slow and easy was just as nice, though, and he was hoping she would stay put. When she did he got his hands back to her as quickly as he could. Knees on either side of his hips she was pliant in his arms. So he put her where he wanted her most. A perfect weight on the underside of his spear.

Iskra leaned in. Turning his face up to hers Peregrine breathed in her exhales. Listening down the probe as she spread her fingers on his stubble to feel the texture. Muscles traced by the fingers of a healer who knew their names and how they fit together to the bone. He felt the flutter through her gut. The pulse then contraction of feelings she couldn’t name. Peregrine stroked a little farther down her tail. Kiss deepened as he passed his knuckles down the center of her chest with his other hand. Tail between their bodies, wrapping around her like a belt. He pet that length of it too. Just once as he trailed his splayed fingers over all the jittery muscles of her stomach that hid under the fluff.

There were a lot of things he always wanted to tell them when they were nervous. But it never helped. If anything, it made them more upset. Breaking their focus from the physical sensations to listen to promises they didn’t know if he could keep. So he showed her instead. That he could be the steady hand against all her riled emotions. Rocks for the waves to crash against but never move. Hand finding its way back to the base of her tail he rolled his spear up to the crux of her thighs. Sharing the pleasure down the link. He pet it again, then fed it out of the space between them, leading it to curl around his back instead. He had liked that. And he liked having her whole front to his whole front.

Skin to skin, nice and warm. Laying back on an elbow he held her shoulder to make her shift with his movement. A nipple caught by his lips once he was comfortable. Weight on his elbows so that he wasn’t holding her to him anymore. Reclined and hungry mouthed as he waited for her to decide when she had, had enough of his tongue dancing between her breasts and his spear pounding at her cunt through their layers. When she relaxed into it he grabbed her ass again. To help her balance when he rocked his hips, nipple kept in place with a firm suck. He loved the way she clung to his head when had the rhythm right. The same rhythm he copied when he went from groping her bottom to petting her front. Fingers pressing through the taut fabric of her pants to see if he could feel her wetness through the layers.

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A warm pocket of existence bloomed around them to block out the rest of the world. Brew induced and arousal fed it was sharp in the center then gradually blunted reality at the edges of their vision. Even the large space they were in felt cozy and intimate. In his lap Peregrine could feel the rhythm of his own pulse where it was trapped between the low muscles of his abdomen and his waistband. Beating like a drum, the small sighs his attention won from Iskra’s lips making it a full symphony.

She let him handle her legs, and her tail without any of the shyness he had been worried about stirring. In fact she rewarding the risk by teasing his ear. Fingers sinking into his hair. Between tastes of her sweet throat he ground out an appreciative sigh for her wiggling hips. Probe held steady against her refusal, but not pushed deeper. Like a wet coat that couldn’t be shrugged off. It would stay until she was ready. Eventually the pressure would either given into on purpose or by accident as pleasure softened her grip on the present.

Giving him the weight of her breast to tease Iskra breathed against his scalp. Peregrine rubbed her through that final barrier of clothing. Attention on the stroke he plied her barriers with so that his hand could only work blindly in the same pattern. A little reassurance, he thought, might help. It made her impatient for more touching. Pelvis ground at him, looking for a spot to catch. He plucked her nipple instead. The effect almost instantaneous. Shushing her softly he chased her lip for a quick kiss. Then sat back to watch her ribbon untie.

The probe he laid on her barriers slipped in. Tidy and compact. Deep in a single, steady swipe. Like a tongue parting lips. Once it was poised he let it sit. Focus forward on the Webs that would need shielding later. Only absorbing knowledge from her outermost barriers. Emotion and physical sensation. Things he shared right back as he welcomed her probe behind his own barriers. There was no need to hide his grin this time. She wanted him to be pleased with her body. Peregrine ran his hands down her sides. Winning his private bet about the ruddy color of her nipples.

Gaze flicking from her body to her face as she skimmed the front of his trousers with curious fingertips. Probe sipping at him for confirmation that it was what he wanted. Buzzing with the pleasure he leaned in to take her mouth, weighing her breasts in his palms. Thumbs rasping over her nipples in opposite strokes so that only one was being touched at a time but one was always being touched. Up his back her tail tickled. Meeting the spot where her grip had turned sharp. Clutching at him in her nervousness. Peregrine hummed on his way back to her mouth. Sending reassurances down their link and his tongue behind her teeth. All she had to do was want it, and he would figure out what the it was. Then deliver.

Iskra’s kisses turned desperate. Heady and urgent as he tried to keep up. Her legs shifted to straddle his waist. Grip to her waist instead of her sweetly upturned breasts he helped her get settled. Then moaned into her mouth. Spear throbbing in her hand. He reached between them to unfasten the button on his trousers to let them open above her hand. She fluttered internally, pressing in around the intrusion of his probe. Peregrine snaked his tongue back into his own mouth, giving her lower lip a suck on his way out. Thumbs under her armpits he arched her back to tip her breasts up.

They sat high, young and supple. Following the bend of her spine and reaching eagerly towards his mouth as he dipped to the left first. Sucked to wet hardness then left to the draft in the room as he stole the right. So good. So pretty. The scent of Queen and arousal strong there where the oil in her skin collected. He took his time finding the best way to flick his tongue over the tips, how hard she liked them sucked, how far he could coax them from her breast before it pinched. Mouth warming them from a dusty rose to a well teased red before he put his attention lower. Lapping the salt from the crease below her breasts, then lifting her higher and his mouth lower to trace his way to her navel.

His body tingled except for where it tugged. Trousers an increasing annoyance. ”Sit up a second.” He asked, giving her over to her own weight so he could lay back on an elbow. Ass lifted off the floor while he shoved his trousers down to his knees then kicked them free completely. Sucking his lips in over his teeth he sat back up to reclaim her hips. Reading face and probe for a reaction before he lead her back down into his lap. Spear straining hard against his smallclothes. He wanted her to settle against it, counter pressure for the wild pulse it pounded with. And he wanted to suck at her tits more, one hand sliding back to cup her butt cheek. Fingertips barely touching the base of her tail.

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Mindful not to tip her off balance Peregrine leaned into their kisses. Soft, fuzzy fur warm against his calloused fingertips. Ears fidgeting at his exploratory touch Iskra didn’t pull away or slow down. Caress returned with a hand to his cheek. Mouth eager to rejoin his when he came close. The grit in his throat didn’t frighten her either. Only tripped the air in her lungs and tempted her hands to do some traveling of their own.

A wide smile tugged his lip free from her sucking with a soft pop. ”Your welcome.” Cute, cute kitty queenling. If he were a different sort of man Peregrine might have liked to have her for keeps. But he was not. So he just redoubled his determination to enjoy her for now. All the petting did his ego good. Muscles measured by small hands with thick finger pads. Claws, Eydis had warned. As dangerous as she as beautiful.

Worries for later.

Dipping his tongue into her mouth he measured back. Tongue tip over the ridges and smooth dome of her palate. Fingers spread to span her ribs from under her breast to their base. He thought if he caught her around the navel he could fit his hands around her like a belt. She was as close as she could get without sitting in his lap. Her back arched. Breasts in the space where his own ribs curved over at the bottom of his sternum. The silky fabric of her dress tickled his skin. Then her thumb chased the sensation. Scooping over the swell of her breast then turning to find his nipple. Peregrine sucked her lip with a shiver for the way it- and his spear- hardened as she tweaked the tip. That was what she wanted for herself he suspected.

”Let’s lose a layer.” He suggested. There was no argument or hesitation. Pulled and pushed in a tangle of fabric they got rid of it together. Iskra sliding the whole mass up over her head while he directed the skirts. His hands went to her hips. Feeling the supple shape of the muscle and bone there. Grinning at her laughter and dancing ears he kissed her cheek. Then stole the hands that had paused halfway back to his chest. Lips brushing her knuckles he ducked his head between her wrists and set her arms around his neck as if he were putting on a bracelet. ”Comfy?” He asked as if he were not adjusting their bodies further. He touched her slowly. Knees pulled apart. One behind his back, the other up over his thighs so that he could nestle in close between her legs. Tail barely touched at all. Just his fingertips cupping it to guide the curve down her leg then around his waist. Out of the way. Close enough to pet if she decided to let him. It was fucking fluffy and soft as duckling down.

He didn’t want to make her more nervous by paying it too much attention. So he took in the rest of her freshly revealed body instead. A finger tracing the low cut of her corset. Pale breasts that he would bet a small fortune were tipped by rosy red nipples. Breathing her in Peregrine rested his forehead to her temple. Hairline inhaled before he licked his way down her throat. More tongue than lips this time. Thumb lifting her chin to make the dip between her clavicles deep enough to fit the flat of his tongue. The probe he’d rested on her barriers grew heavier. A few inches of her tail stroked as he palmed her hip. Then abandoned for half a minute while he tugged on the front of his pants to free his spear from an uncomfortable fold. When he held her again it was higher up. Hand going from a rib to breast. Palm smoothing over it until he found the place to focus. "I won't look anywhere except at your Webs." He promised, stroking with the probe in the same rhythm he used to draw circles over the point of her breast. Cheek following the round of her head to the top he whispered in her ear and gave her nipple a gentle pinch, "I'd like to look at these, though."

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Good. She was enjoying herself. Half dazed as he paused to strip away one of the barriers between them. Shirt cast aside rather than vanished. There was something very final about sending clothes to your cabinet. Added a layer of unnecessary expectation. Everything could be put back on- at any point. So he left it out as a visual reminder that going backwards was just as allowed as taking a break or stopping altogether.

None of those things were on their minds, though. The warm muscle exposed was quickly appreciated. Peregrine hummed a low note in the back of his throat. Queen hands, Mother Night preserve him, were dangerous things. Tingling satisfaction with her interest followed the sweep of her hands. He was eager to wiggle close and taste her more. Eyelids low he palmed just under her ribs. An elbow rose up to slow him down. Summoning up a gentle probe he drapped it across her barriers. No pressure, urgency for entry, just the presence there. When she was ready to let it in. And to taste more accurately those emotions that passed beyond her outer barriers.

This was not fear. But it was a good opportunity to show he could be stilled with a well placed touch. That he was listening. With his body as much as his hearing. ”Get comfortable,” Peregrine cupped the hand she worked against his chest in soft encouragement. An easy emotion to exude when he was barely concealing his curiosity about her tail. He took his own boots off too. A good distraction to keep from staring. Letting her get comfortable again before he looked her over. Eyes drifting slowly from her feet to her face without lingering. There was a smirk on one end of his mouth but he made no comments.

She was fucking hot. Ear tips peeking over the dark waves of her hair. Secret tail not yet in his view. So he fought down the urge to peer around for a good look. Offering music instead of indulging his own fantasies. Virgin Night, Virgin Night, Virgin Night. All about the girl. A girl Henrich had come in person to ask him to see through. Important work. The brew sharpened his focus and set everything else into a soft glow. ”Alright. I like it quiet too.” He told her without any particulars. Bar fights and a rowdy lute, big crowds cheering, the rukus of a market place. None of those things bothered him. It was just the sex he liked it quiet for.

Movement easier now Iskra came back. Sliding up to his chest. Then his neck. Bowing his head to her mouth he breathed across her lips, waiting to see if she wanted to lead or be led. Iskra knew what she wanted. She was a good kisser too. Eager without being sloppy or unschooled. Clearly she had plenty of practice. Which meant she had probably been done more. Peregrine angled his thumb under her breast. Stroking the curve of her corset and kneading her ribs with the rest of his fingers. Half plying her kisses with dips of his tongue while he cradled the back of her head with his other hand. Her fingers found the muscles down his back. He shifted his shoulders so that the bulges moved for her to explore. Then captured her tongue to suck across into his own mouth. When he freed it again he gravitated down her jawline. The hand on her head petting down the mass of her hair so he could place it close to the backs of her ears.

They were no good for sucking on. And he wasn’t sure they were sensual the way his own were. So he nibbled down her throat and ran his pinky over the rim of a softly furred ear to find out. On the opposite ear his thumb rubbed at its base, trying to find pleasure patterns without mussing her hair. He kissed pearls across her neck then up the other side. Finding her mouth again with a soft growl. teeth skimming the softness of her upper lip. "You've got a clever mouth." More than just practice. She was good at finding the balance between too much and not enough with her tongue and teeth. It made hope she was keen to learn all the fun things a mouth could do to another body.

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Peregrine had thought so too. Soft curves, sweeping red hair, milky skin littered in freckles. Details that his pencil could not bring to life. Evrial had been a wholesome beauty, even with antlers gracing her head. He murmured a soft sound of agreement. Because it was important for Iskra to know he could find someone so different from himself attractive. That way she would know he found her attractive too. Tradition, brews, and the tricky addition of payment for the careful handling of Webs all made it hard to know how real the sexual energy was on a Virgin Night. Sometimes it was all manufactured, but he always faked it flawlessly.

Tonight he didn’t have to. Iskra really was beautiful. That ripe spot between Almost Ready and Over Ready. Still full of uncertainty and coyness. Lashes reaching out into the universe as she eyed him carefully. ”And I’ll listen.” He promised, wondering if she would test him on it once things progressed. Most did, in one small way or another. Asked him to stop to see if he would. Pinched him to see if it stirred his temper. A hundred games that little girls played as they teetered on the brink of trusting him with their womanhood. With tender, sensitive places that had been little exposed, if at all.

Iskra had a bit more to ease into than most. Nervousness leaking into the room where Peregrine dissipated it with his Sapphire rather than let it build up or linger. The way she asked for her brew made it seem like she was more nervous instead of less, but he knew how to spot the small signs that proved otherwise. Stiffness leaving her spine. Lips parting as she breathed out. Gaze steadier as she looked over the bottles in his hand. He was not surprised to hear he had never tried the brew. That could be dangerous for a girl not ready to commit to the act. It fanned the desire in your belly until it was molten. ”Don’t worry, it’s nice.” He told her after finishing his own in one sip.

She followed his example. All downed in one go. The brew started from the toes up. Both quiet for a brief time as it took effect. Peregrine was an old pro at embracing the sensation. He gave Iskra time to adjust before tempting her with leading conversation. Trying to feel out her readiness for the next stage with words rather than hands. Hands which, it turned out, were exactly what she was expecting. All that fooling around with the unshy escorts had learned her a thing or two he supposed. Peregrine masked his surprise as a grin. ”Excessively.” He answered, scooting over to follow word with action.

Settling at her side Peregrine let his legs unfold in front of them. One hand to hold up his weight. The other traced the sweet curve of her bottom lip. She had such a nice one. Maybe it was a queen thing. All the ones he had met did. Even Solly had a sexy shape ot her bossy mouth. Fitting his mouth over hers he traced it again. With his tongue this time. Hand shifting to brush over her jawline, then down the curve of her neck. He kept it there. Stroking the column of her throat, or the place a human ear would be. Up to dip his fingers in her hairline. Mouth working to tempt her into deeper kisses. Between the brew and the making out his spear grew attentive. Supporting arm moved behind her back so he could lean in hard Peregrine thumbed her chin up. A proper kiss giving him the flavor from behind her teeth.

”I’m going to take this off.” He told her, slipping back so he had room to undo two buttons and pull his shirt up over his head. Fitting close again he sat more upright. A hand set on her hip, one knee folded under his ass for leverage. ”I have music crystals, if you want some background noise.” He offered, voice gone gravely as his arousal piqued. They were a relief to some, though he liked the way the brew and quiet interacted. All his lovers sighs and sounds tugging at his desire instead of drowned under the sounds of violins or piano.

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Biting back his own laugh Peregrine blinked in slow amusement as she struggled with his joke. It was tempting to antagonize her more, and claim he had no idea what she meant. But the joke made her laugh under all the blushing. No reason to tip the balance. They were having a nice time. She was loosening up. Shoulders falling into a smooth arch instead of the straight line of anxiety. So he only slipped her a guilty grin before telling her his own childhood memory.

”We were so full on life and mischief I bet we would have just bounced.” Peregrine teased back. They had been a fine pair. Worrying their mother sick. Racing trouble headlong. He gave a small, almost wistful chuckle at her guessing. ”I wish! Spent the better part of my childhood trying to catch up to him. Kite’s half Eyrien, so I did eventually. Caught up then passed him right up poor guy.” There was no pity in his expression or tone despite his words. A little envy, maybe, for all the centuries his brother would spend dancing across the realms. ”Back then, though he was always plucking me up by the waist before I really did fall whatever we were climbing. Air walking came later, when I was learning to fly ships. Henni taught me.”

Something like a father. Or at least as close as Peregrine would ever get.

”Hm,” Peregrine ran his thumb over his bottom lip. Eyes drifting off into thoughts of his own daughter. ”dads always worry.” He said with a soft breath as he passed along his sketchbook. It didn’t look so small in her hands. Pages turned as she sought out the uncommon and interesting pieces. Delicate fingers gliding along the lines of graphite marks. Bright eyes sweeping the same trails. Proof on parchment that he had seen too much of the world to be surprised anymore.

At least not by the features that made up the outside of a person. Lashes lifting he followed her glance to the hatch. Outside the sky had started to dance in earnest. ”Yes. I trade them... “ He hesitated only for a second, ”good, quality made Glacian furniture. For cases of scotch. I used to sell it out west but now half goes to Fyrkat.” He told her, then leaned in a fraction more as she found the antlered woman. Wide nostrils and big eyes turned to them in a startled expression. ”She probably told me that. Evrial, I mean, not Eydis. All she ever does is scold my manners when Solly tattles.”

He looked up from his angle on the floor and found her already looking back. Gaze low so that her blue eyes shown through her dark lashes. Cheeks turned rosy again. It was as good a time as any to talk tail boundaries. Iskra didn’t shy away from the topic. She wasn’t much sure about answers though. Peregrine scooted his hand closer, so his knuckles skimmed her wrist. ”That’s ok. You don’t have to decide yet. We’ll figure it out together. And you can change your mind any time.” Focusing on the less prominent features first might help. He had to lean in to catch her words over the quiver of emotion in her voice.

”Do you want to take it down?” She was afraid. The scent of it familiar on the air. More than the natural fear of a virgin. Less than someone who had sighted his Jewels or temper. His hand found her back, a circle of stroking fingers trying to ease her upset. Iskra’s answer was the stripping of her braid. With the volume it added to her hair gone two pointed tips rose up above the strands. They flicked side to side, freeing themselves from under her hair. Peregrine schooled his face. Only letting his eyes soften at the corners. He would have smiled, but he wasn’t sure how sensitive she was. They were very cute. Language he was smart enough not to use on a girl reaching for womanhood.

Thankfully she didn’t leave time for him to fill with words. Brew requested as she blushed harder. He sat up a bit more. ”I do,” Two bottles appeared in his hand, their round glass was a lovely rose color that rather matched her face. One for them each. Peregrine uncorked both, eyes on Iskra before he gave it to her. ”They work quick. You’ll still feel nervous,” He told her quietly, as if he was sharing a secret. ”it does help your body relax, though. Well- you’re a healer. You probably know how it works better than me.”

Explaining brews to the girl that had probably concocted them. Lips turned down in a bashful grin he cocked his head back to down his own. It was sweet and warm. He liked the way Night of Fire made him feel. Mind sharper, body looser. Clearing his throat he sat all the way up. Crossing his legs so he could turn fully in her direction. Sitting so close their knees could have knocked together if they tried. ”Have you ever fooled around? Pretty thing like you, I bet all the escorts try getting handsy.” He would have. If it were his job. Mother Night be blessed it was not. He just got to enjoy the real fondling when they were ready.

Skin tingling he inhaled slow. Embracing the sensation as his skin become more aware. The light draft in the room teasing the back of his neck. Shirt silky on his arms. Spear soft but wide awake.

Norr Province / Re: Contemplation
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Peregrine was pleased she liked the boat. The corners of her eyes were crinkled as they looked around. Doors pushed open so she could see the feminine spaces behind them. It was, in essence, an extension of himself. Even though they were going through them almost yearly at this point. The actual structure might change, the layout, the boards used. There was just a spirit in it that made Peregrine feel at home. Perhaps it was just knowing that from inside that hull no one could catch him. Not even a dragon.

Nested on the isbyr fur and hay he made them both a strong drink. It would do little against their Jewels, not on a first sip. He never let them get drunk before anyway. Bad practice. You couldn’t really enjoy, or learn, from the experience if you weren’t clear headed. A little something to take the edge off before real brews were used never hurt, though. And he could surely use something strong to mask Starling’s work. She made his extra awful just to punish him, he thought. Maybe another ten nieces and nephews would teach her better.

”It’s a good sign.” He said quietly. Trying to lessen any anxiety she was feeling rather than raise it. Where the line between the two might lay was hard to judge. All he could do was his best. As she took her glass she seemed to relax some. Comfortable outside of the sjefholmes oppressive weight. He certainly breathed easier. Gaze slipping from the sky to the girl he smiled softly in answer. ”Mhm.”

There was no need to make her say any of it out loud. He had been told. He knew what to do. She seemed to want to stroke the subject a bit more, however. Sipping slowly on his drink Peregrine listened as she spoke about the first time she saw the lights in the sky. Drawing his knees up to rest his forearms on Peregrine gave her a sympathetic twist of the mouth. Corner drawn up into a dimple. ”Don’t worry. It only burns the first time.” He told her with a poorly veiled grin over the rim of his own cup.

Lips licked clean of the flavor he leaned back on both hands. Empty glass set by his hip and ankles crossed. He tracked the pale path of an almost purple ripple. Snaking trails through the sky. Dragon paths. He was glad the old legends were just that. He couldn't imagine seeing another of those beasts in his lifetime. ”I don’t even remember the first time. We were outside so much growing up. Kite told me the stories, though, I remember that. Up in an old gnarled tree over a ravine south of the city. Skinned my knee something horrible trying to climb up after him.”

He shifted his hip so he leaned heavier on one wrist. More towards Iskra. ”I think it’s a shame your dad had to hide, then teach you to hide, any part of yourselves. I’m sure he had his reasons, people can be shitty. But a lot of races have extra parts.” From his cabinet he called in a small paper bound book. Each page about the size of his palm. A hundred pages at least, all covered in dark pencil sketches. Not the long broad strokes of landscapes he so enjoyed. These were smaller, sketched out carefully like memories. Thumb fanning through the pages he found the one he was looking for near the front. An Eyrien man. Wings spread wide and eyes fierce. ”I’ve seen a lot of people. A lot of body types.” He told her, handing the book over. ”Keep turning pages. There’s a fish man I chatted with on the coast in Scelt. And a woman with antlers I met south of Meols. She might have had a tail too, I don’t know. She wouldn’t let me look.” He flashed Iskra a wide smile, eyes low in the suggestion that he would have been glad to find one gracing Evrial’s bottom had she allowed.

”Are you shy of it? I don't want to put my hands anywhere you'd rather I not.” He explained softly, looking towards her hairline rather than her waist. There were ears too, he had been told. No one needed to know about the internal glee and thanking of Henrich he had done as Eydis laid the details of Iskra's secret out.

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Witchlight is loosely based upon the Black Jewels Series by Anne Bishop though it has been adapted and expanded by our members. All lore, characters, and writing belongs to the members. Site graphics & custom codes were created by the staff. A special thanks to Wolf & Katarina for all their help with the planning of Witchlight and the writing of the base lore.

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