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Norr Province / Re: Testing boundaries [cw]
« on: February 14, 2020, 02:49:48 PM »
He wanted to believe her denial. Selfishness welling around the tip of his aching spear as he nuzzled to her side. Gaze skimming her cheekbones but not meeting her inquisitive blue eyes. Too afraid of what he would see there in their depths- or worse, hidden in their corners. The truth or a lie. He suspected he would be unsatisfied either way. She was scared. It was too big. Terrifying. Dragging a sigh to silence under a deep breath Danger closed his eyes. Determined to wait out his erection by pretending it didnít exist. Or that he didnít exist. Whatever worked to soothe the disappointment he harbored guiltily in the pit of his stomach.

There werenít many people willing to stand that close, he thought glumly at her joke, useless barriers doing a poor job of keeping his emotions from ebbing down the line. He didnít answer, glad for the excuse to hide his face against hers. Even (especially?) if that meant soft, but chaste kisses, that made his stomach hurt. A dull pain that tugged on all the doubts and regrets that were knotted up in there. Tugging them right up and pulling on his balls in the process. After a moment she kissed him back. Lips wetter than his, mouth opening over his lips, trying to lure him back to passion. Danger was confused, and afraid to make her afraid again. Doubly worried since she had felt a need to pretend he had not scared her in the first place. *It was a dangerous one.* He argued languidly. It was a terrible, awful idea, and he didnít understand what was happening. Tail snug on his thighs to keep their bodies close, after nearly concusing herself trying to get away.

The kisses deepened though. Temptation too strong to keep his mind from going languid with their potency. The soft curl of her furry tail on his back lulling him into contentment. And that contentment quickly warmed into desire all over again. How could it not when her nipples pressed into his chest and her tongue traced his throat? It ran the length of a scar, sensation dulled by the numbness of the skin there. The knot of guilt in his stomach tightening as he wondered if she wondered about them. She had never asked, and he had never said. Maybe that was what she whispered into his ear? Danger didnít know. Heated breath felt but only silence heard. Even when he groaned load enough to shake the bed frame as she sucked at the same useless ear. They werenít just ornaments after all. A small purpose found in the jolts of heat they spun up from his groin.

Spear hot and sore it rubbed in the pocket created by their pressing bodies. Between their navels as if it hoped to find its way into one. Anywhere would do, Danger thought. The urgency he felt for relief growing tenfold as she used his hair to lead him to her waiting breasts. He looked up at her uncertainty. He wanted to ask why. Was she punishing him for finding her tail before she had been ready? Trying to prove to him who was in charge? She didnít look like she was scheming, but he couldnít help the wiggling hooks of fear in his stomach. But he sucked anyway. Rolled her nipples between his fingers, or his teeth, or both. Lapped at them until they were red and then sucked rosy spots onto the swell of each breast. It made her hips rock, which he figured would be good fuel for his own fantasies in a smaller, far less exciting, shower later.

Heíd fucking need it too.

Another ripple of pleasure pounded up his spear as her teeth skirted the edge of his jaw. He bubbled away a low growl as her back arched, slipping his balls into damn heat that rode itís way along the underside of his spear. It made him shift his face into the mattress, hands abandoning their nipple teasing to pinch the bed sheets instead. He shifted his face again, thinking to bite at the meat of the bicep that wrapped her in his arms. Pain was a good counterpoint to desire. It would keep his restless hips from shoving at her openness. Or so he hoped.

Rather than his own arm he found her mouth. Tried to swallow down the tongue she offered him as a way of distraction. He didnít know if it was intended to shift his attention or hers. It didnít matter either. The tip of his spear parted her anyway. Her body stayed this time, encouraging him to press just a little more. Get a feel of the wetness that made her so slick it was hard to stay at her entry. Rolling a hip he put his weight on one knee. *I donít want to hurt you.* He whined. But he was the one lying this time dammit. Biting his lips and shutting his eyes he choked on air. It felt the sort of good that made your fingers and toes go momentarily numb. He wanted more. He wanted to feel guilty later enjoying the pleasure. And Iskra wasnít asking him to stop.

Hips gentle he tested deeper. Sucked her lips, and her throat, and the tops of her breasts. Rolled a thumb on a nipple while he held his weight up on that elbow. Freeing his hips to slip the full head of his spear in, and his fingers to slick over her clitoris in soothing strokes. There! In! That was the worst of it, the biggest part, the pain she had worried about. Iskra panted at his cheek. Their psychic line trembling to the same energy as her body. Name half spilled over, not that it mattered. He had been nameless for decades. She could call him whatever she wanted. As long as she held her hips open while he worked to bring their bodies closer together. Rolling them more to cover her again he positioned his legs. He didnít have to get deep. He just wanted to keep being in. A few inches slid in then out to the tip again. Again. Again. Again. A slow building orgasm tucked at the back of his balls, driving his face and knees into the bed. Ass high when the door opened behind his back.

Danger didnít notice right away. His dedication to measuring each stroke taking all his focus. No sound to warn him. A kiss missed because she was making a face that turned his blood cold. A screaming face. Her eyes werenít on Danger though, or on his spear. They were cast over his shoulder in horror, to the doorway where a flimsy shield of Ebon-gray sprang up instinctively. Sealing it shut after the burst of Sapphire Iskra aimed at the maid shuffled her out of the door. *Iskra,* He tried to soothe.

But they werenít done. His hips had not given up their rocking. They had only given in to the panic the intrusion had stirred in his chest. His weight settled on his knees, driving her hips down into the bed. Where he rolled the length of his spear into her compulsively. The few inches he spared her swallowed up as she rose to meet him. Focus came with a sudden sharp pain in the hands he had linked with hers. Danger was used to performing in discomfort. Not sexually, but physically. His youth had been spent suffering aching muscles, the burns and cuts of physical binds, and the seeping of tortured barriers. Claws slipping between the hard bones of his hands did nothing except draw his attention to a tight point. Attention that filled Iskra as she pulled him in fully. The heat of her orgasm scorching one from him too. A word gurgled in his throat as he collapsed onto her warm body. Arms cinching in tight to tuck around her ribs. Under her back to cup her shoulder blades as he fed her his length one more time to pump the last of his orgasm into her. ĒIskra.Ē The whisper made the floorboards cry and the window panes shudder. Not just in her room but across the whole story of the house. Closest to them the glass threatened to shatter. Doors danced with their frames. Iskra gave up on its hinges completely- collapsing just like Danger had. Held upright by his shield and good carpentry.

*Iím sorry. I should have stoppedÖ* He started his apology early. So that it might sink in before she had a chance to toss him out on his ass. *Are you okay?* He asked, even though he was the one bleeding out.

Norr Province / Re: Testing boundaries [cw]
« on: October 13, 2019, 12:14:02 PM »
Breath on his skin. Warm and ticklish as it rolled across his shoulder. Danger couldnít know that the feeling was really a sound. Not without catching the vibrations in Iskraís throat, or seeing the movement of her lips. Both lost to his notice. Too overstimulated by a thousand other sensations. Like the way the soft heat he tried to envelope his spear into twitched away in a quick shift of hips and tail. Face turned down he bit his lips together. Frustration a lump in his stomach that pulled painfully on the root of his sex. His attempts to find that sweet spot of entry again were blocked by the mattress as it molded to her curves. That didnít stop him from trying, though. Knees parting wider under the hook of her thighs to sink him lower on the bed. The worry in her voice a flavor in the air that was hidden beneath lust and shower water.

That she bowed her body on purpose was slow to creep into his head. All the signs pointed to eagerness. The way she wiggled underneath him to find a better position, and the pull at his scalp masked her anxiety as frenzied desire. Danger breathed hard through his nose as she stole his breath- and his tongue. Tucked trembling hands into her hair to sweep his thumbs at the base of pointed ears. Forearms framing her face as they tried again. At least, he thought they were trying again. The suck of his tongue passed her sharp little teeth making his fingers tighten in her hair, and easing the agony of sweet pressure on his spear as she rode it the wrong way. Aching glands dipped in slick wet pleasure that rolled away before he could get caught in the place he wanted to so badly to be.

*Right there.* He shot across the thread as her hips brought her flush to the tip of his spear again. A hand tentatively splayed under her navel to help her stay still. That wasnít the problem though, he realized belatedly. She didnít squirm and wriggle because she was too excited to stay still. It wasnít poor timing and worse aim. She was flinching away on purpose. A sliver of guilt wedged into his chest, but confusion was the reigning emotion in that moment. Arms propping him higher he tried to puzzle together what had happened. Fluff tickled his leg as she looped her tail around his leg, body instinctively bending in for her to tuck against as his probes whipped wildly around the pain in the air as if they could wave it away on the psychic plane.

He could feel the shards of distress and hurt throbbing in the air between their touching faces. Sensations that were highly at odds with the confident stroke she gave his spear. Static filled their link as he tried to build up words to answer her charge. Defensiveness going to war with his compassion. Why wouldnít he fit? Someone else had fit. Hadnít they? Theyíd certainly gotten in, the evidence was plain on her psyche. Iskraís Webs had been tried and not found wanting. What about the rest of her though? He didnít know. He didnít know if he would actually fit either. He had fit other women fine. Or at least none had complained. But Iskra was not like any woman he had ever known. Not in spirit, or in body. If his own experience on such matters was lacking, then how could hers be much broader? She was still newly not-a-virgin. And the gaps in his knowledge were no less glaring there. He didnít know how new, how practiced, how informed, she was. Iskra was a healer, though, and she would know the limits of her unique body better than he likely ever could.

*I want you too.* He was quick to encourage, the words pregnant in anticipation to the end of her sentence. An end that didnít come. There were not instructions. Nothing after the Ďbutí to tell him how to remedy the situation. How to make the wanting enough. Only pretty lips that spelled out words he only caught parts of. And a woman that went limp under him as if she were resigned rather than ready. Pressing his face into the sheets and away from her soft touch Danger let a trapped growl shake his teeth until they ached. Elbow deep in the mattress top and hand clenched at the hair on the back of his head he fought back a sigh. Energy spent into the act of not making a sound. A small relief that made his shame and defeat bearable. Now she was scared. Of course, of fucking course. He could have cried in annoyance, and quite nearly did.

Danger came back up for air slowly. Blinking to make sure his eyes didnít give away the depth of his tantrum. Hip shifting he laid beside her rather than on top. Arms cradling rather than clinging. One under her head and one curled around to her back. *Iím sorry.* Terrifying. The passion that had driven him crazy buried itself in his bones. Big. All the energy that had made him hard and aching seeped out of his toes. Those were definitely words that fit Danger. Danger who would not fit for Iskra. Leaning into her request he pressed soft kisses to her bottom lip. He had been warning her for weeks that he was dangerous. He didnít want to blame her for it sinking in now but it all felt very unfair. Much as he knew it was not and roared in internal self-disgust. *I didnít mean to scare you.*

Hands that explored to fervently. Lips that could tear down her house, or through her psyche, pressing to her throat. A familiar knot tightened in his stomach. Of course she would be terrified. There were a thousand reasons to be. Least of all that he had broken her trust once already. He was far from the practiced hand that would have introduced her to sex. With a swallow he pet her hair smooth. *I shouldnít have let my spear run away with my sense.* She wanted him, he was hers. It wasnít fair of him to put extra expectations on a connection she couldnít control. When he pulled her closer Danger did his best to keep the stiffness of disappointment from his limbs. He kissed her to distract from the mix of emotions in his chest he didnít know how to hide. Having this mistaken as legitimate feelings rather than run off he couldnít contain but wholly rejected would just complicated things. *Iíd have gotten loud anyway. It would have been bad. I really want things to be good with us.* He doubted an unplanned remodel was on anyoneís agenda for the day. And that was considering the possible danger lightly. *It was a bad idea.*

Norr Province / Re: Testing boundaries [cw]
« on: August 05, 2019, 02:16:03 AM »
She could have weighed a ton or been featherlight. It wouldnít have made a difference to the way Danger carried her off to the bedroom. Arms unused to carrying anything heavier than a small stack of wood aided by a touch of his Sapphire. Progress paused by the doorway that split the two rooms so the latch could be flung open. HIs back braced against the door jamb so he could pretend that hiking her up higher was necessary rather than experimental. His grip had not wavered a millimeter. But he had rightly guessed that the feel of her sex slipping up along his own would be worth the few seconds it took to play out.

A game she seemed to like just as much as he did. Tongue a sensual flick against his ear. Tail an erotic tickle up his backside. Face buried to her hair he rubbed his mouth against her temple to keep from murmuring his approval. Or cursing his clumsiness.

Body buzzing with nervous energy he found the bed with his shins. Grunt barely bubbled away before he kissed her hard on the mouth. The shield a small barrier between them for half a second that seemed to drag on forever before he could cabinet it out of their way. Lip sucked and licked to make up for it he shifted his hold and reared his Sapphire in stronger to keep from dropping her right down. Eyes greedy as he stood up again for a quick look. Knee trying to mount the bed only to find have prize wriggle away. She did not lay ready and waiting. Spear twitching against his stomach he frowned as she squirmed up on to her knees.

Frowned harder at the hand she held him back with. It was hard. All of him. From roots to tip. Especially the tip. Hard to see over the sharp angles of the moment to the circumstances that colored the situation. Danger was dangerous, he reminded himself. He told her so all the time. But sheíd never listened. So he looked over that into eyes that had an anxious glint in their corners. Nearly hidden by the heaviness of unspooled desire. Touching his hand to her small one he lifted his eyebrows at her in soft question. She was still relatively new to sex. How new he couldnít say. All he knew was that she hadnít had any experience a month before. And heíd rather not know how much she had gained in the meantime. Newish was reason enough to be nervous. Hell, he was nervous too. Just less nervous than he was eager.

The hand fell away and he was quick to fill the space she offered. Mouth lowered even before she fit her hand against his cheek. This time the lip sucking was staggered by a room rumbling gasp. Biting down hard on his lips he edged closer to Iskra. To the warm spot of her palm around his balls. They were drawn up tight to his groin. The touch made them feel small and vulnerable in his scrotum. Which was ironic since he leaned in instead of pulling away. It was an impossible to describe sort of pleasure. Nerve endings bursting in spirals up into his pelvis. Cheek pressed to her jaw he ran his lips along her shoulder. Concentrating on the play of her fingers. Toes curled tight as he anticipated more pleasure but feared pain at the same time. They were just such a sensitive place.

It would be fine. She was a healer. She knew to be gentle.

Adjusting his knees he tried to give time to explore. A tall order that made him twitch and fidget. Small breasts fondled and teased by lightly plucking fingers. Fists balled until his fingernails left marks on the heels of his hands. Hair stroked away from her shoulders. Kisses brushed along her jaw. The hollows of her hips swept through by his thumbs. Knuckles run down her front from collarbone to clitoris.

Then there was a tug. A very good one. It made his back bow until his forehead touched her shoulder. And his hips tip towards her until his spear kissed her skin. Some intangible thread that connected all the pleasure points on his body flicked in just the right way. Setting him on fire all over again. Patience burned up in a snap like a dry twig. Kisses turned hungry he found her mouth. Tongue quick to trace her teeth as he begged for sucking. A palm on the small of her back for balance as he tried to coax her legs out from underneath her with the other. Trying to lay her down where he could cover her body and fit them together until the world felt right. Because having her there to touch and taste was starting to make his head spin.

Norr Province / Re: Testing boundaries [cw]
« on: July 29, 2019, 05:49:22 PM »
A firm touch from trembling base to pulsing tip made Danger’s balls lurch upward on a thread. They wanted stroking too, wanted it so badly in fact that his stomach twisted up in knots of sympathy. Hiss silenced by a mouthful of water he glanced up at Iskra’s face. The curve of her jaw blocked his view but he wasn’t ready to give up her throat yet. Long strands of her hair flowed between his fingers in a mingled cascade of hair and water. Clumps clinging to the shower tiles in waved patterns and bending rivers. Body bowed towards pleasure with a tentative boldness he found twice as endearing as amusing. A feline sort of curiosity that had her ready to stick her nose in just about anything, while still ready to bound away in a single leap.

Not that she seemed poised to leap away from his kissing. Neck arched back she took fast, shallow breaths. A sweet compliment to the fast, steady pass of her hand. Danger leaned into each stroke so that each one pressed into the hidden root of muscle beneath the skin. Contented by the touch because it gave slivers of relief while building up the promise of more. And because it was his queen’s hand on his spear, eager and interested.  Which put him in a mind to make her eager and interested for more.

*Right here.* Tone playful against her complaint he sacrificed his pleasure for a different sort. Less direct, but twice as sweet since it belonged to Iskra  but was caused by his mouth. Pliant to his adamant tugging she let him lift her up. Legs catching his waist. Opening a soft crease to bury his agonized spear in. Slick from the shower; hot from her skin. Always a nice place to grind against. This time the sensation was tenfold. No hard seams rubbing him raw or fabric pinning him down. Skin on skin that was trapped and released and stroked by as she rocked. It made his head spin but didn’t interrupt the focus he had turned to her breast.

Shoulder blades pointed he bent down to slip the first between his teeth. She let him get a few quick licks in before cupping his cheeks. Gaze flicking up he tracked the movements of her mouth. Danger. There was an irony to the name that made him laugh on the inside. Sound shoved down to keep from losing the bud his lips held fast too. He didn’t care what she called him. He just wanted to watch. Iskra had a beautiful mouth. The way her lips curled around the syllables did things to him. Made his toes curl and his balls feel heavy. His heart pounded uselessly in his temples. Muscles in his jaw clenched in a useless attempt to hear the sound only to find the dulled memory of blood rushing through his eardrums. It had been years since he had heard beyond an occasional faint ringing.

Braced against the wall for leverage Iskra pressed herself tight to his mouth. A thought trickled up and down his spine. Teasing at the edges of his teeth. Making them itch to close around the sensitive bud she ripped him from a second later. Suction making a hard ‘pop’ when she had finally dragged him free. Up to her face where she teased her tongue into his mouth and her lips over his teeth. It made the idea tickle harder. Maybe not all love bites were bad. Sucking at her tongue he cooed back at her along their thread. *Sometimes I really wish I could hear your voice.* All the bossing and fussing would be worth it to hear the good parts. Grin gone pointed around the edges he admitted, *especially those moans.*

Then her hands were dragging him again. Back down to her breast, which she teased across his lips as if he needed convincing to return. Tongue working feverishly he shifted to let her traveling hand pass over their puzzled hip bones. She gripped him harder this time. Rousing a purr in his throat that vibrated the mirror, and the nipple he was sucking. Danger was a fast learner. It only took him a minute to realize the correlation between his mouth and her fingers. Pleasure exchanged for pleasure. Thrusting deeper in her palm he tried his idea to see what sort of treatment that earned him. An experimental nip around the tip of her breast. Pressure slowly increased so there was plenty of time to stop him before it hurt.

At the very least it was a good diversion while he found the room to fit his hand alongside hers. Between their bodies where trapped water made them slick. Not as slick as the natural wetness he found beneath the swath of dark hair hiding her sex. She tensed, legs tighter around his waist and a back arching hard. Danger breathed in her distress. Mercilessly drawn in by conceit of knowing it was caused by the strain of a body reaching for orgasm. Mouth sloppy with distraction he kissed and lapped and nibbled. Muscles fidgeting at the brush of her tail he pressed his lips to the center of her chest. Fingers seeking out that sweetest of spots. He knew when he felt it, but the way her hips twitched was a double confirmation.

He loved it, the way she shivered every time his fingers passed the right point. The way she hooked her legs around his hips. Wiggling and agreeing to more without a breath of hesitation. Danger took his time. Rubbed the silky skin at her entry with two fingertips. Penetration slow and fleeting as he let her do the work. One knuckle deep, then out again to pinch her clit between the same wet fingers. He was riveted to way her mouth moved. Fingers held still while she milked a drop of fluid from his spear. She took him in to the last knuckle. Cheeks hot and red, hair a tangle and nipples sharp points that she brushed against his chest. He made a gentle thrust with his hand, thumb pressing to her clit while he explored this new allowance.

It was not like the quick finger he had barely dipped into her before. She rode his fingers. Muscles tightening as he mimicked sex with his hand. Eyes trained on her every reaction. Mouth turned up in a smile as he held her weight to the wall. Feeling the rattle of her lungs as he supported her with one hand. The tremble in her limbs encouraged him to stroke faster. Hips rocking against her so that his spear slid through her gripping fingers and his balls brushed her thigh. She kissed every inch of him her mouth could reach. The tickle of her shielded tail fur leaving his leg to wind around his arm instead.

He could taste it in the air. The edge of her climax a ridge his fingers butted against until she crashed over the side. Kiss rough and hungry. Inner muscles squeezing around his fingers. He whined, pressing more of his body to hers until she was pinned to the wall. Mouths working over one another as she rode out the crest. Danger didn’t want to let the moment slip away. Now she had to be ready. That was the way it had worked for him before. Connection found in the momentary relief of an orgasm. They relaxed, and then they wanted him in.

He wanted that with Iskra. Wanted her. Wanted her to want him. In a greedy, urgent, desperate sort of way.  Bringing her satisfaction only whetted his desire for his own. But he had the patience of a prince. So he waited for her shivering to lessen before he let his hand slide free. Let her body go languid before pulling her away from the wall and back around his waist. Grip firm and supportive of her weight he held her under each thigh. Fingers splaying at the curves of her buttcheeks. The heat between her legs cupped the underside of his spear and he warmed his balls too. And his patience wore thin under his drive. *Here or in the room?* He asked blindly. Mind a loosed arrow that couldn’t see any path but the one to the target. Shower forgotten along with all the reasons that wanting Iskra was a bad idea.

Norr Province / Re: Testing boundaries
« on: July 23, 2019, 03:05:02 PM »
Warm water fell on warmer skin. A downpour that was mimicked by his memory. Drop by drop falling into place. The way Iskraís top lift felt on the tip of his tongue reminding him of her weight across his lap. A caress to her nipple driving her towards him just as it had before. He wasnít sure if it was a comfort or a worry. That so little was different after everything had changed. He pushed away the petty question at the back of his heart. Had she thrust and mewled for the other man too? Knowing would be a bad idea. Jealousy and protectiveness both ready to stir at just the imagination of either answer.

There was no other man here now. Just Danger to tempt and be tempted. And he was more than ready. No clothing between them this time. No boundary he might destroy her by crossing. Secrets and scars laid out. Neither flinching from the reality of what the other was. Instead they gravitated towards one another. Lips only parting so he could focus. Small tasks that, once out of the way, would let them fully immerse in one another again. Bending into the pull of her hungry hands on his hair Danger sucked at her neck while she tried to reach the kitchen on a thread. Tongue unwittingly turning it to a trial as he explored the muscles that connected to her collarbone. When she was finished he nodded, their heads nearly bumping as both swept in to lock their lips. *Good.*

No interruptions this time. It made his hands shake as he kneaded her hips. Spear eager to seek refuge in the hollow of her thigh. There had been no time for relief between his bout of depression and Iskraís constant presence. His one attempt in the shower cut short by the worry he would be caught. Quiet was hard, and got harder the longer he went without a reprieve. Iskra there to curl up with at the end of every day was the trade off. So he soldiered on. Any regrets he might have fostered deep down washed out by the shower head now.

The fingers that trailed to his navel turned Dangerís kisses frantic. Stomach following her decent in a quivering heap. Lips plucking along her jaw just to stop suddenly at the corner of her mouth. Unfinished kiss hovering in anticipation as the gap between spear and stomach filled with her fingertips. The arch of her back closed the space. Knuckles brushing along the top of his spear. Smooth pebbles that were just enough to make him want more. A soft moan slithered up his spine as she turned her hand. The shield that caught it shared between their mouths for half a second before he vanished it to his cabinet. Which reminded him- shields for her ears. He leaned back to see. One at a time, cupped by both hands while he structured a strong shield that he wove into the Craft she had used to protected her fur from the water. *There.* He said in a rush, letting his fingertips trace the tips of her ears with a grin.

Now it wouldnít leave her ears ringing if he forgot to swallow a moan. She kissed him again. Returning his compliment as she claimed his bottom lip. Dipping one hand into her hair he found her breast with the other. The perfect size to be covered by his palm. Danger liked the way the tip of her nipple tickled as he rolled it from whorls to heel. A light pinch coaxing it to lengthen as his knees threatened to buckle under her exploratory squeeze. Face sinking to her throat he hissed silently. Hand deep in her curls so he could cradle her skull. Teeth eager to pluck at the muscles his lips pressed to but he remembered the stroke of craft she had used to ease the pinch of his love bites before. It was not something she found pleasure in.

And the way she touched him made pleasure seem like the key to existence. The pulse he found under his tongue was charged with a hunger he knew how to satisfy. This, this was something he knew how to do even with his limited practical experience. Hips following the motion of her hand he sucked shower water from the cup at the base of her neck. Too tall to easily reach the puckered points he wanted to tease. So he bent low to catch her knees under his hands. Trying to encourage her to wrap them around his waist. Mouth on fire as he latch to one nipple for a flurry of tongue strokes then blazed a path to give the other equal treatment. He held her tight as he tried to lift her up. Body throbbing to the rhythm of his breath. Pores open in the heat and soaking up their joint desire. It felt like he would die. Die to press the sensitive base of his spear to her slick center. Die if he couldnít. A thousand deaths that would either burn him to ash or turn him to molten pleasure. *Mother Night I didnít know I could want anything as badly as I want you right now.* Even along the thread his voice shook with the force of emotion roaring up in his chest.

He wished he could pocket the shower the way he did his sounds. Wrap them in a bubble and freeze that mood and moment forever. Suspend it into infinity. Or at the very least spirit her away to his own bed in his own quiet house where no one had ever come knocking except Iskra. To fill her up on him until there was no room left for anyone else. The usually ignored seed of greed and jealousy that lived in his heart sang at the idea. The terrible, horrible, very bad idea. One that he was the one trying to seduce her into this time. Tongue turning its flicks into a suckle he found the curls between her thighs. The mound of her sex cupped by his fingers while he parted her lower to reach her clitoris with the heavy pad of his thumb. Circles that matched the swirl of his tongue on her breast and the stroke of his hips as he rocked into her hand. *In?* He pleaded. She had begged him to before. There was no more danger in it now.

Norr Province / Re: Testing boundaries
« on: July 21, 2019, 08:42:07 PM »
The room wasnít particularly cold to Danger. So he wasnít sure why Iskraís shoulders gave a tremble or why she looked at him that way. Eyes giant wells of emotion he didnít have the skillset to judge. Not a happy look, he decided. Nervous, upset, anxious. A sudden surgance of sense? This was far from a good idea. He was just about the most dangerous thing a girl could do. But it could feel really damn good if he just managed to keep his mouth shut. Which, luckily, didnít have to equate to shutting up. If anything she looked in need of reassurance. *You can change your mind. Anytime.*

He would be careful. Gentle. Listen better to the signs of her willingness. Sex with other people did not make her ready to go that far with him. Even if she was eager to ply his buttons through their holes. Fingertips trailing down his chest as she opened the front of his shirt bit by bit. Every button stirring his spear a little more. Danger worked around her in short spurts. Nuzzling her shoulder or her cheek or whatever parts brushed by as he dipped to sweep the top skirt from her bundle. As he lifted it to her waist a dozen gauzier skirts beneath fell back in place. Fingers gathering the fabric he raised it to her hips, then up her torso. Pulling it over her head in the pause between her undoing of his last button and the shedding of his shirt. Both peeling sleeves down one another's arms. The view of her soft chemise covered by her face as she tipped towards him with hungry lips and agreement.

The shower started behind his back. Danger could feel the change in the air. Humidity that swallowed up the last tendrils of chilly winter that clung to their hair and clothes. It enveloped the room in damp heat that fueled the already titillating tensions. He could feel the way Iskraís hands trembled. Mouth warm on its path down his throat as he arched his hips to help her shove his pants down. Toes catching the fabric to step on the hems. Working them down farther. Until he was standing there in just his undershorts. Fingers curled around the overlapping waistbands of half a dozen skirts he tugged her close. Then tugged the whole lot down. More layers than he cared to count added to the growing pile on the floor. As he bent to help her foot through the leg of her trousers he caught a glance in the mirror.

Bare backside nearly obscured by the hot fog. But it was all there. Dark hair tumbling down her shoulders. Tail raised up to whip through the air. He could feel the pressure of blood pulsing in his head. An almost sound that made him want to pop his ears. Hands itching to test the length of her tail and softness of its fur he stood up to tuck his attention into the nook of her neck but found her looking for the same hiding spot in reverse. Catching her flush to his front Danger lost control of a breathless chuckle that made the mirror rattle.

Wrapping his arms around her he breathed in the oils that the warm air pulled from her skin. Nose to her temple as he rubbed a circle in the arch of her back. *Do you want me to wait in the other room?* The question was forced down the line. He didnít want to wait, he wanted to stay. To touch. To kiss and taste and wonder what sweet noises she was making when her expressions changed. But they werenít in his lighthouse, where she could run away if he pushed too far. This was her house and he would crumble to pieces if she told him to leave.

Her answer was a tightened grip and a sound he couldnít hear. Vibrations felt along his cheek before her lips turned to mark the same spot. Danger turned them so he could count the steps to the shower. They were almost there. So close that escaping water droplets fell on his hand, and the curve of her buttcheek. Greedy eyes peering over her shoulder to see. While Iskra had her turn admiring the reflection of their bodies molded together. He worked a few kisses across her shoulder heading towards her mouth, but Iskra met him halfway. A quick but passionate kiss that tied his insides into knots. They tightened to pull painfully at his balls when she stepped back.

Cupping the ache through the thin layer of cotton he drank her up with greedy eyes. Tail in her hands as she pet Craft into the fur. Massive blue eyes turned up at him under the shadow of heavy lashes. Chemise made sheer by the dampness of the steam. Reaching out he plucked it off with the help of his Sapphire. Two rudy peaks the reward for his boldness. She was the perfect image of temptation. Spear straining at its barrier Danger realized he would have been just as crazy for Iskra even without the bond. It frightened and inspired him in turn. Folding his shorts down he kicked  them away. Then let her have a proper look.

A blush deepened the color across the bridge of his nose. Not exactly shyness. Weaving his fingers together he rested them on top of his head. Body on display. Steady meals and sneaky healing craft had helped fill in the pits and valleys that didnít belong. Danger was lean, he thought he would always be, but he wasnít the same sorry sight he had been a week, or two, before. The muscles of his stomach rolled down into the muscles of his groin. And his spear rose up from the center to hover over his navel. Proud of itself and strong. Redder than the rest of his skin. A bed of dark hair hiding the places that throbbed the worst.

*What?* Laugh almost nervous he lowered his arms, fighting the temptation to hide himself. He didnít know what she said. Lips moving as she slipped into the water. But he thought it must have been something good. Taking the hand she held out for him Danger joined her under the water. Shoulders rising up under the heat. He pressed in close despite the size of the shower. Mouth finding hers and sucking the water away so he could have her lip. *Youíre so beautiful.*

Thumb tracing a nipple he skimmed her teeth with his tongue. Before he got too sidetracked he broke free, licking her flavor from his mouth and stealing a few more pecks. *Can you tell the kitchen to just leave it in the room without knocking? Iíd feel a lot better if I could do an aural shield on your ears. Bathrooms echo.*

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Mouth pooling to one side Danger squinted harder at Iskra. Expression thoughtful but light. *I guess that is true.* Eydis was in charge of the whole city. If she had to rush out to doÖ whatever queens did when they werenít curled up in lighthouses, then she didnít have to tell Iskra. Didnít have to tell anyone. He didnít know what the rules were, if there were any. He didnít even know how a queen was chosen in a city. Iskra might very well never be the one people reported to.

Would never need to be shared with a court of males who could do the job he was unfit for. Males he couldnít bare to think about while she was leading him into her bedroom with that pleading look settled along her eyebrows. There was no fumbling at the door. An illusion of privacy granted by the door. Making them both breath a little bit easier. He understood why she wanted to be here. In the hub of the city, with the people she was familiar with, at home in a room where all her things sat waiting. That was natural. Just as his concern for the lives he risked by being there was natural. Lives that were easier to push farther from his mind when they were out of his sight.

Or rather, when Iskra could dominate his sight. Which she did. Turning pink at his question. Nervous hands brushing over her coat as she hedged. Relaxing again when he decided not knowing was better for them both. Why make her think of other men when they were alone together? Days of chaste petting and kisses fit for grandmothers already made him worry that there were other men on her mind. Even when she was curled across his chest at night. Both struggling to reignite the heat his tail pulling had ruined. The added potential of how far their touching could go now only complicated things more. Plentiful touches, flirting, teasing, fingers almost always linked. And he still couldnít bring his mouth to open over hers uninvited.

An invitation that he knew was unfair to hope for from a woman still blooming up from girlhood. He thought Iskra was trying, though. At least he hoped that was her intent as she turned her face up to his kisses. That was all the encouragement he needed. Mouth closed but lingering over her bottom lip as she parted the front of her coat. *Long enough for what?* He asked with ticklish lines of interest wiggling along their thread for hints. Hands working up her back he helped peel her arms free of her sleeves. Trying the same path along her spine in reverse with less layers between them he leaned into her deepened kiss.

A groan bubbled in his throat. Prompting him to cup her ears with his hands. Shields saving them from the sound. She brushed her tongue across his lip, and he swallowed it up. Warm and strong as he coaxed it into twirling with his own. Kiss stretched but interrupted by a smile as he clung a little tighter around her waist. He sipped at her lip in small plucks as she broke free to speak. The heels of his palms kneading into her hip bones as he tried to brush by her words to get back to the kissing. They were important words though. Words that needed answering.

*...* Nervous energy swarmed the thread from Dangerís end. A shower seemed like a big step. It was a step in the direction he wanted to go, but the last time he had bounded off to chase pleasure heíd thrown them both off an emotional cliff. *Are you sure?* Sure, sure his eyes begged. Because he wanted her to be, but also didnít want to push. Turning to his coat he let her work it down his shoulders to drop on the floor with hers. Gaze darting back to the queen-healer a thousand times. Stomach an anxious knot under his belly button.

Hands cupping her jaw he bowed down to kiss her again. *Letís see just how big this shower is, then.* Danger agreed as she lead the way. A much shorter walk this time. Fingers woven together as he hesitated by the doorway again. Another layer of privacy put between them and the world. It really was a big bathroom. With the biggest shower he had ever seen. Nothing like the simple water spicket sticking out of his bathroom wall. He spared a few glances for the ceramic tiles, and traced the support beams with curious eyes before giving all his attention back to Iskra. This was the part where they undressed. At least his stomach curled and ached with the anticipation of nakedness.

Instead of worrying about his clothes he sidled up to help Iskra out of hers. *Do mine. Iíll do yours.* Fingers lead to the buttons on his shirt he stole a short kiss. It was easier to take someone elseís clothes off than it was to strip yourself while they watched. Especially if you were trembling to see how they reacted to your body. *Start the water first, so itíll be just right when we get in.*

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*When I worry less about those other things people die.* He reminded her with an internalized huff that quite nearly turned his warning into chidding. Faced with her cunning distractions and his own desire to be distracted it was hard to argue. Leaning into her wash of craft, and strong if short body, he let the fear of what hadnít happened- this time- go. Mostly. A flail of fabric that could only be her ear struggling for release made him tip his chin aside. Careful not to catch the other ear hidden beneath the dual padding of hat and hair.

Before Danger could trace the pain in his head down the link they shared it was gone. A swirl of Craft dancing up from his legs half convinced him it was the solution. But there was a faint nag where the headache had been. Mind trying to make the connection. For now it went unnoticed. There were other, more important things that sharing a link with Iskra had revealed. Like the answer to the question that had been sitting low in his stomach since they first made up.

She was not a virgin anymore.

*Hm?* Eyebrows popping up he gave her a guilty smirk, mind racing to catch up after being caught off guard. *Oh, right. Yes. Better thanks.* Danger had known for a few days. Time for it to sink in as fact. Mostly it was a massive relief. A weight off his shoulders to know her vulnerable Inner Webs were secure. It also calmed his unfounded fears that she would ask him to see her through. An impossibility, but one he desired so badly he was truly frightened that she could have convinced him to take the risk. There was more than just relief, though, there was a budding sort of anticipation in his chest. And an ache of jealousy too. Emotions he analyzed at length when they came to mind. She was not a virgin anymore, but they had not yet bridged the chasm of their last awkward encounter yet.

So he teased her when he would rather take her home to the overstuffed chair with low set arms. Teased her and told himself that taking her inside to her bedroom was only for getting her warmed up. *That would be a first.* Danger said, eyebrows still bobbing. *Too well isnít a way things typically go for, or with, me. Iíve never been told Iím a bad kisser, though, so hopefully it really was just the wine.* No one had ever complained about his other foreplay or actual sex either. The one time he had moaned the house down notwithstanding of course. It had certainly upset the witch, but she hadnít complained about the kissing.

*Youíre red as one.* He told her, *Sometimes sweet as one too.* When she wasnít fussing him into doing mad things like ride the Winds when he had a pair of perfectly good feet in his boots. Leaning towards her lips for half a second he followed her towards the house. Trying not to tumble over as she tugged at his hand. In through a service door they swept through the servant wing of the house in a hurry. Food catching his nose but not his attention. Which was all on Iskra. Letting her lead him and distract him as he fretted about the people they passed. A ball of energy that didnít let him linger overlong the potentiality of victimizing every footman they passed.

On the staircase he noticed the difference. A touch of something lacking in the air. Or extra of something that drowned out the unnameable thing his senses sought. Instinctively he knew it was related to the old queen. Question posed to Iskra just so she could turn it around on him with a question of her own rather than answering. Eyes narrowing in suspicion he shook his head whens he glanced back at him. Feet slowing marginally as they moved from staircase to hallway. *No. Youíre my queen. Sheís yours though, so I guess queen by association.*

She had no hold on Dangerís heart, though. No command of his mind. If he had loyalty to give it was not for her to have. Respect, admiration, a bit of awe, yes, but she was not his. Nor he hers. That was a fact established long before he found those things in Iskra. *That doesnít answer my question.* He told her. Frown furrowing deeper at her actual answer, *Neither does that* For all his arguing that she was not his queen it did concern him not to know where she was. Distance made his visiting much more dangerous. He was tempted to leave, but Iskra had already asked for food. Leaving before eating would be rude.

*Oh, speaking from experience?* He asked as she pulled him into the bedroom. It was much like the one he had occupied on that strange but wonderful night. Only grander in subtle touches. Finer fabrics used to cloth the bed and cover the windows. Carpets richer in their pile though the color was the same. Furniture beautiful without being ostentatious. Hovering right inside the doorway he put both hands in his pockets. Toe digging into the floor as he looked Iskra over. *Kiss a lot of people in here then?* It had not occurred to him until just then. That her bedroom had most likely been the place where her Virgin Night was spent. Running a sloppy probe through the space he tested for the flavor of Ďotherí. Anyone not Iskra staining the walls or the bedframe. He was not skilled enough to pry deep. If there were clues they were lost to the heartwitches scrubbing. At least lost to Danger.

Putting his envy away he slipped over to Iskra, hands greedy on her elbows. Greedy to pull flush to his front for closeness. *Donít answer that.* He decided. Body tipping towards her he stole a few awkward kisses across her cheeks and mouth. Those were the only ones he wanted to think about. *How long until they come up?* Just so he wouldnít be startled, that was the only reason it mattered.

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*Nothing, just tripped.* Danger groused as he tried to get a grip on… well anything. Tongue bloodied by his teeth to keep from shouting. Vision spinning in white shots of light. Every joint in his body jarred. Breathing slowly to steady himself he reached his hands out to find the wall he had hit. Hand over hand he stuck his fingers in the mortar grooves. Lifting himself upright bit by bit until he was shoulder to the wall. Breath hissing through his parted teeth. Stirring up the snow flurries and bare limbed plants in the small garden. He was too embarrassed to tell her that he didn’t actually know what had happened. Or at least, not how he had ended up several yards from their destination.

Blinking he stumbled along the wall towards the house. Testing the flesh along his face for cuts and scrapes. A tiny smear of blood signaled less damage than he had expected. Although Danger was pretty sure his front teeth were loose in his gums. As the world came to a slow stop he swallowed a helping of Iskra’s anxiety. *I’m fine.* He assured her without knowing if he really was. It didn’t hurt when he breathed. There was no real bleeding. Just bruises. People didn’t die from bruises as far as he knew.

*Where?* Face turning up he squinted at the house, expecting to find her in one of the windows. Or balconies. Or a door even. Not rushing across the top of the wall like an escaping house pet. It made him grin, which made his face throb painfully. There was definitely a bruise on his nose. It was completely numb. Even in the cold. Thankfully his hands and chest seemed to have been spared by the extra padding of his warm clothing. Sweater under heavy coat and double layered mittens.

Lips rolling out he puckered his face at her sheepishly. *Probably. Walking and breathing fine.* He rested his arm across her shoulders as she stepped into his chest. An excuse to pet him to distraction while she plied him with craft. One he let her use. While none of his aches seemed concern worthy, there was a dull throb in his head and his shoulders were sticking to the fabric of his shirt beneath the other layers. They had taken most of the impact, after all. Eating the urge to sigh he shot her a narrow eyed glare instead. *I’m sure it’s that simple when you don’t have to think about a half dozen other things on top of stopping.*

Like bracing for the stop. Clenching your jaw so you don’t make a sound. Readying yourself for all the possible outcomes that way you can keep them from happening. That wasn’t Iskra’s trouble or worry, though. It was unique to Danger. Not a thing that could really be translated for other people. So he softened a sigh and rested his chin on the top of her head instead of explaining the unexplainable. Watching the grass wave wildly from the sound he couldn’t hear. *My head is killing.* He told her, poking at his temple with a mitten covered finger.

*I don’t know,* He said with exaggerated hesitance. Eyebrows lifting high on his face in mock concern. *Didn’t really go very well the last time I took you to your room.* The tease was just for the sake of teasing her, but Danger did really worry about going in. There were a lot of people in there. Innocent people that were just trying to get on with their day. Hard working people that didn’t need an inevitable slip of his tongue weighing on their anxieties.

But Iskra’s hands were cold. So was the tip of her nose. And Danger really, really, really didn’t want to get back on the Winds. Even if she were going to do the stopping. Eyes traveling up the outside of the house in uncertainty he sighed, *We can at least go in until you warm up. You look like the cherry on top.* Of what, he didn’t suggest. It was too cold, the subject too intimate, and the awkwardness of their budding relationship was too strong. Slipping her hand into his coat pocket he tipped his head to the house. *Come on wall runner. I’ll follow you. I’m not climbing on anything though.*

In the house it was much warmer. A heavy aura of calm and certainty made it a relaxing place to be. Even while he counted every person they passed. Knowing that a word or two could bring the house down on their heads. He wondered the same things up close as he did from the distance of his lighthouse windows. Did they have families? Love horses? Eat plums? Who were they, why, were there people that would miss them? *Quiet in here today.* He noticed suddenly. Not an auditory quietude, but a physical one. Like a heavy sheet had been thrown over the building. Tamping down the activity and the usual flurries of excitement that seemed to trail through the halls. *Has your queen gone some place?*

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The Winds... In his boots Dangerís toes curled anxiously. Face turned up at the sky he squinted through a light mist of snowfall as if he could spot them with his naked eye. Because they were a blatant mystery to Danger, they made him nervous. A danger all on their own, he had never even considered learning their use. Why add to the risk they already presented? It had never mattered to him before. Didnít now, either, if he were being honest. Feet capable of bringing him wherever he wanted to go. As long as he was patient enough to walk there. That wasnít an adequate dose of logic for Iskra, however. He worried that her sudden insistence he learn to ride them was due in part to his near brush with a frigid grave. Guilt she shouldnít have been harboring at all making her forgo reason to make sure it was all his fault should it happen again.

He wanted very much to tell her that knowing how to take the Winds would not have helped. By the time he had tried to get to town he was too weak to take a Wind. And too derisive of his own failure to go burdening her for help anyway.

But he said nothing. Doing what she asked instead. A building seed of doubt weighing heavily in his stomach as he dressed in warm layers. Hand in hand he followed her outside. Where she asked him to do his least favorite thing- share a psychic link. It was not a pleasant sensation. Something akin to floating a leaky sky ship. No water to bail out, just the uncomfortable breeze of air flowing through where it did not belong. The strange wound in his psyche only guarded by the blasts of warning he shot through it. Twice as frantically with Iskra vulnerable toÖ well he didn't know what would happen if she poked around at it. Maybe she would fall through and never find her way out. Who could say? Not Danger.

His inner workings were not the point of her incursion, thankfully. Showing him the Winds up close and personal was. Swallowing a lump in his throat as if would hinder his speech Danger nodded at her closed eyes. *Yes.* Sort of. He could feel her feeling them. Worried about touching them himself. What he broke them? What if he crashed into someone on the other side? Or tripped flat on his face? Going somewhere you couldnít see before arriving seemed like a terrible idea. *OkayÖ* He followed her up the Winds. Touch tentative as he held the one she directed him towards. The seed in his stomach grew into a tree. *I donít know about thisÖ*

His shields were strong. Were they strong enough? How could he know without knowing what he would encounter on the Wind or landing web! Mumbling internally he turned back to Iskraís guidance. Following cautiously he sucked sharp, cold air in through his nose. The sound it made lost to him, but making the flurries billow away from them. This was a terrible, terrible idea. The landing web didnít feel like his lighthouse. Safe and resilient. It felt like a giant, glaring target on an unsuspecting city. Toe to heel he rocked nervously against her hand. Then her body. Which weighed against his chest, bringing him back to solid ground with a groan that he encased in a bubble.

This was important to her, he reminded himself. She would be upset if he didnít even try. Face strained he shrugged at her question. No! He did not get it. Was not sure he wanted to get it. The branches of his internal doubt tree shuddered in a storm of apprehension. Letting her hand go he rubbed his worn mittens against his eyelids. Skimming frost from his lashes and drying his lips out by licking them in the cold. *If you say so.* Just like she had shown him. Into the Wind after her, like a chase, except he couldnít see her up ahead. Only felt her along their link. Which lengthened in an odd psychic flux before she popped off onto the landing web. There was exactly enough time to think maybe it would be fine.

Before he crashed.

Painfully. Wind dropped in a panic when he realized he had overshot the landing web. He had not expected to fall. You started on the ground. You ended on the ground. How had he gotten into the air? It made no sense. But for a few seconds he was definitely airborne. Then he was eating brickwork. Courtyard hopped over, and the tall wall of a private garden slammed into instead. Clapping both hands over his mouth he tumbled headfirst, heels high. Elbows bruised. Knees popping. Darkness merciful in that nothing broke- and no one was there to watch him wobble back to his feet. Head spinning from the collision. * That hardly ever happens when I just walk.* He whined along the line. Feeling his way towards the house he peeked through some dormant shrubbery. Brown stalks not quite hiding him. *I have no idea where this is. Someoneís dead garden looks like.*

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*Never that,* Danger chided quietly. There was nothing foolish in having emotions or expectations. What he had done was wrong. It had been invasive and unsettling. His not knowing how to bring about a resolution was not her fault either, just a lack of experience. *You had reason to be upset. Iíll bet other men would have known to follow you, too.* He suspected she was just trying to spare his feelings now. Unnecessary, but the sentiment was soothing.

Fingers splaying to let hers in between he flushed as she placed their joined hand into the soft thicket of fur down her tail. Before he could explore the warm pooling sensation in his stomach she distracting him with words. Danger rested his hand on his own thigh, curved around her tail without gripping. Thumb taking up an instinctive stroking as he listened. *You donít have to explain, I know whatís like to have places youíre not sure you want someone to lookÖ Or judge.* Places she had touched and studied while he squirmed on the inside. His places were harder to hide, and much less shocking than a tail. Easy to lie about if he didnít want to tell the story. So it was different, but he could at least begin to guess at why she would be so upset.

He wanted her to know that it was interest, the same interest curling around his center now, and not any sort of negative curiosities that made him look the first time. It was a funny thing to admit. And he wasnít sure how she would feel, about his viewing her extra features that way. So Danger hid his anxiety in the crook of her neck. Their legs and arms wrapped together in peaceful reconciliation. *I wouldnít,* He hummed down line, brushing the bridge of his nose to the curve of her jaw. His palm plucked at it in jest despite the promise. Then followed the shape of her tail up to where it laid across her hip.

The healer-queen suggested sleep, or something near sleep. And quite suddenly Danger felt as if he had come down from a rush of adrenaline or too much drink. Sleepy and heavy limbed. His probes tested for Craft, there was no sleeping spells he could find, however. Just the lack of something energizing that had been there before. Biting back a yawn he nodded, and untucked his face from her throat to read her expression. *Iím glad I found you.* His kiss was soft. Deep in emotion without so much as parting their lips. Just a mouth to a mouth in a slow press. *Rest.* They had all the time in the world to figure out the rest now.

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*It wouldn’t be too bad,* Danger said thoughtfully, eyes turning up to trace the beams that held the glass in place.[The building consumed his thoughts as he considered what would go into the task. *you would have to take some pretty precise measurements. There are no support beams in the framework, though, so it’s as simple as-* Gaze shifting back he smiled. She did not want to hear him ramble about architecture. Swallowing his tangent about wood joins that were easily wedged apart Danger rolled a shoulder, *would just take some clever craft work to get the glass out, cut down, and pieced up with the pretty stuff before you slid the panes back in.*

He would never risk exposing the floors for that long. *Maybe I’ll just paint a nice border up there.* Laughing down the link he gave the conversation up for an intimate silence that was only broken by the unexpected majesty of whales. *And the waves.* He agreed. Lightning and heavy currents were a good reason to stay in the deep until you had to come up for air. Perhaps if they stared long and hard at the water they would catch another glimpse. Danger thought he would rather spend the time staring at Iskra.

*Early in the morning, and late in the evening. We don’t have to leave, at all. Unless you want to.* She could have his bed. The blanket cot was all he needed. For sleeping. Which he thought was a long way off. There was still a storm to watch rage it’s energy out on the world. And words that had to be said between them. They sat in his head and chest until Danger couldn’t help letting a portion slip free.

Under his head she wiggled. Trying to work free. He didn’t hold her there, but he didn’t let her come up easily either. Too afraid of her expressions to look her in the eye. Even after saying his part, when she slid free. And up on her knees so she could reach. *No,* He almost whined but managed just to frown petulantly instead. It wasn’t something that could just be shushed away. They were his feelings, and his fears. Leaning into her soft finger strokes he sighed as she started to answer.

Arms running around her waist he let her weight shove them down into the nest. Eyes shut tight so he could listen. Really listen. Trying to catch any hints of emotion that might slip through her barriers and their shields. There were none, of course, Iskra’s Craft was flawless and his training quite poor. Even with the Ebon-gray at full strength he would not have known how to crack them. She spoke, and he listened intently. Quiet, except for a soft sniffle as she tickled his nostrils with her twisting ears. He reached for her tail as it wound up around him, tempted to cup it into place before he remembered not to touch. Old rules retracted. Bodies twined together. The warm shift making his spear twitch sleepily in place.

*I didn’t know. I would have come, if I had thought that’s what you wanted. I would have chased you home and cried about it.* He promised. Not at all upset at the threat of being stuck for life. *And I'm really sorry I grabbed your tail and called it cute. I was just excited, and it made me more excited.* He breathed along the line, nose pressed into her throat so that he breathed there too.

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Beside him Iskra was taking in the view. All the wonder he felt in his spirit etched across her face. Lashes so long they reached up for her eyebrows as she looked out of the windows. Turning lightly on the spot to see the whole effect. Soft smile a ghost at the corners of her mouth. Danger had always known wanting, soul deep wanting even. But he had never wanted freedom or food as fiercely as he wanted to put his mouth on hers in that moment. He took a step towards her- and the earth shook.

She jumped half out of her skin as the lighthouse shivered with the skyís outburst. Danger smiled, the violence in his own chuckle lost under the power of the weather. He was glad for the distraction. Cutting in before he did another stupid thing. Reclining down into the blanket pile he waited for her to sit, to decide how close was too close. How much touching was allowed. Between friends. At least enough for her to have climbed into his lap and lounged on his chest. Soft touches encouragement but he was still afraid to cross any invisible lines. Better to let Iskra lead.

When she tucked into his side Danger curled around her. Keeping the blankets up around their shoulders while they shared the thermos. He let her feed him bites of her warm dessert so that she would keep eating. Palm turning up to welcome hers as her fingers folded around his knuckles. Fingers woven together so tight he thought they might never let go. It was a small act, that rippled through his chest. Soothing balm for insecurities he didnít know what to do with.

As he shared his little story she stared up at him in rapt attention. Flushing under her focus he smiled as he spoke. Then wider still as she echoed his thoughts. *Now I do. And I have to say, it doesnít even need the trim.* Leaning into her leaning Danger tipped his face down into her hair. Cat ear flicking at his chin as he breathed in the scent of her scalp. Lips brushing her temple and fingers flexing. He could have stayed like that all night. Eyes half closed as his skin soaked in the vibrations in the air. Electricity and rumbling sky. *What?* He turned his head, cheek to her crown so he could see where she pointed their hands.

Hissing black waters frothing up around a rolling mountain that was there then gone. Iskraís excitement was contagious. His eyes searched for another sign out in the water but found none. Popping a laugh into a bubble of aural shields he nodded his head. *Had to be. There are a lot of them out there. A lot of different kinds too. Some the size of a horse, some bigger than this lighthouse is tall.* Free fingers finding the small of her back he drew circles there absently. Forgetting that her tail was just below, and forbidden for him to look at. Or find adorable. *You can see whole families of them out there under the water when the sun is just right. Especially in the summer.*

Would she be around then? Still interested in seeing the view from his humble house? *Iskra?* He left his head on top of hers. So he didnít have to look at her face. Giving himself nothing to second guess later on. *I want to be more than just your friend. It's really hard for me, though, to know the rules people use with each other. I see them, I think I understand, but then I'm messing up again. Hurting feelings isn't even the worst thing I do on accident. And it's really scary to sit here worrying my next mistake might be the last one you let me make.*

Norr Province / Re: Accidents happen
« on: June 04, 2019, 02:29:02 AM »
The bed gave a small flinch under them as Iskra covered her mouth. He didn’t know there was a sound to accompany the gesture, but he assumed there was one. No time to focus on that as her hand settled on his leg though. Thumb giving hers a stroke Danger studied the pale crescents on her fingernails instead of her eyes. *I didn’t know. I didn’t think you’d ever want to see me again.* Didn’t want to upset her. Didn’t want to be told to leave. Didn’t want to be reminded of what he thought was lost. So many didn’ts he could hardly breath around them as he had laid in bed waiting for sleep to overtake him again and again and again.

But here she was. Smirking at her secrets. Then giving him looks and subtle clues that made him feel like a drowning man. Clutching at nothing in effort to stay above water. Her answer made his lips long and flat. A downward curve of bemusement. *Alright...* What had she told him for, then? With that look in her big blue eyes! She had been waiting for him to say something, or react in some way. Had he passed or failed? If he did fail, would she leave?

It made his pulse a little faster. Following her to the door, his own dinnerware left on the foot of the bed and the floor. *No. You were not.* He looked down at her looking up. Wishing very much that tasting the wine behind her teeth with the tip of his tongue was still allowed. Lip caught and sucked on he studied her for longer than he should have before turning to lead the way. Resisting the temptation to turn around and see her face as he said, *Now you know sort of what it felt like- searching for you out there.* Knowing she had been alone, probably nervous and cold, or at the very least just plain old lost. All the anxiety that he would lose her, or not find her, or a thousand other terrible things.

He lingered at the boxes, peeking into them as she foraged through the supplies. *A lot of clothes. And food.* He sounded pleased, because he was. A lot had to mean she intended to stay a while. More than just one night, even. In front of the bathroom door he turned on his heel to face her again. *Hopefully you don’t miss any important lessons.* His smile dipped low in the corners. Peevish with lazy eyebrows. Flicking a finger at his bare chest and then feet he shrugged. *I have no idea where you put my boots. So I’ll just have to stay. Sorry.*

He waited just inside of his bedroom. Then paced to the stiff armed chair Lord Henrich had occupied during his visit. The empty glass still set on the table beside it. Back to the end of his bed, where he finished his wine in a single go. To the chair, then to the bed, where she eventually found him again. Taking stock of his emotions and his body while she changed her clothes. Even though he had not finished his plate, he felt much better than he had in days. Refreshed, like waking up from a long nap. Which he supposed was technically true. There had been a massive amount of sleep and little else. He felt the door open rather than heard it. Small vibrations in the air and floor that traveled up his legs.

*Oh* Face warm he let his eyes run the gambit from her toes to the tips of her ears. Taking in all the curves and valley between them. It was silly to blush. He had seen her more naked than this. Touched the places hidden by her modest dress. Its color played nicely against her dark hair and bright eyes. She was so cute. Danger scratched the back of his head, gaze pulled away with great effort. *Yeah. Yeah, you’ll like it.* He swiped the wine up, forgetting their glasses. Then helped with an armful of blankets from the bed. How he had collected so many he couldn’t guess. Most plucked from clothes lines or handed to him out of pity.

Up the winding staircase the gallery was bright, dry, and mostly warm. There was a bit of chill in the air. But it was not unbearable. With the blankets, it would be just right. Spreading his in a layered pile he built a nest for them to sit on. A broad, double paned glass curved along the shape of the lighthouse. Opening up to a spectacular view of the bay. You could see all around in a perfect radius, really, but the water was the only thing worth seeing. Unless you liked to watch the homefires spiral up over the city. He thought he was probably the only person lonely enough to care to daydream over smoke circles, though.

Danger didn’t flinch at the crack of thunder. To him it was only a low rumble in his bones. *One long eared hare, two long eared hare, three long eared hare,* He counted off. Reaching six before the lightning cleaved the sky in two. Frothy white tips appeared on the black waves that clawed over one another to reach the shore. Breaking on the cliffs beneath them in a salty spray that turned to ice on the rocks before the next wave crashed it away. *Beautiful, isn’t it?* He asked, turning back to finish spreading blankets so they could climb into them.

Sipping straight from the thermos he offered it to Iskra. Silence companionable as they watched the storm rage on outside. Either the wine was strong or he was just that weak. His fingertips felt pleasantly tingly the more he sipped. Licking his lips he motioned at the room. *They had these marvelous windows in the house where I grew up. Huge square ones with stained glass borders all the way around them.* An old clinic of some sort, he had always assumed. Why else pretty windows and a healing spring set into the living room floor? *After  they thought I was asleep I would sneak behind the drapes and shutters to see outside. They would get so mad at me. I used to say when I was grown up I’d have a house with windows twice as big that no one could cover up.* Now he did.

Norr Province / Re: Accidents happen
« on: June 03, 2019, 05:57:28 PM »
*Ask her, I bet more of it is learned than you expect.* That was the way of people. To see one another through a very specific lens of opinion. People heard stories, or met Danger for the first time and thought he had always been the way he was. The few that asked were often surprised to know he had just been a typical boy once. Wishing he could play outside or climb the mountains in the distance. Hungry for sweetness of the edible and emotional kind. How and why he had become what he was rarely occurred to others to ask. Not that he minded. The story was just as ugly as the scars left behind. If he had to guess Iskraís perception of Eydis was a similar case of skewed perception.

Or maybe the old woman really had always been a strategist.

A smile flicked across his lips. Her rejection of his apology felt the same as a compliment. Easing some of the lingering tension between them. Only some, though. He should have taken his time. Let her look longer. The food smelled good and his stomach had soaked up the broth quickly. Too dehydrated for fluids to linger when they were needed. So they ate. Danger trying not to look at the tip of an ear that poked free of her hair. While Iskra consumed half the basket as if it were a race. Quiet giving them both time to think while they ate. Until Danger was sure he couldnít fit another bite. *No, no, Iím alright. Itís just full.* He promised, reaching over to give her elbow a squeeze.

*Donít stop on my account.* She was eating like she had been starving too. But she did stop. Poured them both wine that made him hide a look of amusement into his cup. Reminding him of the not so distant memory of their first meal together. There had been wine then too. *Iím drinking.* He told her with a flick of mental laughter before he set the glass aside and tried to make small talk instead.

Small talk that filled the gaps and crevices in his heart as surely as they pointed out them out. If only it could distract him from his own mind. *Do you? I think they look a little sad.* Heads always hanging. At least it clarified a portion of her interest in Danger, *Very telling.* He mused, purposefully cryptic. The flowers sounded a lot like Danger. Growing even after he had wanted to give up and die. He would remember that they were a favorite, in case he saw any patches in his wandering.

It was a frustrating. Not having command of the words he wanted to say. Or the freedom to see the answers from her psyche. She slid her gaze to his face for a moment. Danger looked away, probe withdrawn. None of his business. Her words cemented the point. Answer so small and vague he could have wept. But he smiled instead. Lopsided smirk to mask the bubble of questions in his head. What sort of lessons? Had she learned them or been too distracted? Maybe not if she were out picking flowers. Danger had never been to school, or given many lessons about anything. He thought Iskra was the sort that would boil over a subject until she was sure of it. So he supposed she had learned them all. *Oh. I hope they were enjoyable.* Whatever they had been.

*I knowÖ I didnít want you to be more upset if I came around. And sleeping is a nice way to keep from thinking.* He defended dispassionately. For as long as he could remember it was the only escape that truly worked. Relief that he could force on himself and hte more he slept the more he wanted to sleep. Until getting out of bed seemed impossible. A cycle that turned vicious very quickly with the Dark Jeweled. *What are you doing that for?* He asked, harrying her thread with probes to trace it back to the source. They met her shields and fell away.

Just in time for her to turn her bright eyes on him in a new line of conversation. There was something there under the surface. A question hidden in a statement. One he wasnít sure he had any answers too. Why wouldnít Eydis have sent clothes? The storm was sure to last all night. Iskra would need something to sleep in. He turned the words over, lip chewed and eyes wide while he tried to understand. Then the pieces came together, or so he thought. *Oh! Did you want to change? I can wait in the living room.* He offered. Trudging through the snow. Of course her skirt hems were probably soaked.

*Thereís a whole bathroom, of course, if you prefer.* He shifted on the bed, ready to stand and show her the way or give her his room. *Iím sorry. I should have realized. Iíve never even properly shown you where it is.* Could that have something to do with her shields and subtle change, too? Hiding the end of a moontime? *Do you need me to get anything? I have towelsÖ somewhere.* Though he usually just drip dried then cleaned up the mess.

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