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Tigrelan Archives / Re: Winter Winds
« on: May 27, 2019, 04:23:23 AM »

Hir smile had too many teeth. Sharp but full of humor. Patting Cal’s shoulder, Thessaly let him go, slinking up beside him to watch the males settle into stone walls. Though it happened every year when the world flooded, they always looked surprised and suspicious. It did not matter that they had been born in cities great and small, their time outside made then forget.

”We don’t have to join them. Easier to see trouble from here anyway.” Too often mingling was seen as invitation. Eager lonely hands pawing at a passing tail. Thessaly’s own lay quiet, tuft filling the circle its curl made. In such close quarters there should have been a cramped feeling. But Thes found it more of a comfort. Shoulder felt, if not pressed upon, elbow to elbow, the different in their height keeping their wrists from touching. But hir could feel him, and it was good. Not intrusive.

”I always thought they should have their own floor. Maybe a basement so we are not so displaced when the waters come.” Hir clucked her tongue at the incoming mass of male bodies. Some young enough to be carried on the shoulders of their uncles and fathers. Funneled into dormitories. Hissing, Thessaly chased away a curious male, eyes rolling at Cal. ”Definitely a basement. I’m sure they would feel more at home then.”

It would make for less guarding. Someone was always trying to sneak up. Or down. Nudging hir companion, Thes pointed to a crouched, shadow shrouded figure in a stairway across from them. Often the female were just as curious. And volatile. ”Insanity.” Hir pronounced, even if it served a purpose. It wouldn’t do to let all the males drown. And they could not live among the females, history had proven that.

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