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Glacia Archives / Clocked
« on: April 29, 2019, 11:16:06 AM »
A length of hemp fabric wrapped around his nose, mouth, and ears. Not the warmest option, but the only he had been able to afford. It was better than leaving them exposed to the bite of the wind. This far north winter set in early, and held on long. Ice would set in your bones and gnaw off your fingers and toes if you weren’t careful. He tried hard to be careful. Things just costed money.

Under his worn boots snow crunched down into gravel. He couldn’t hear it, but he felt the small vibrations with each step. Same he felt the shift in the air as he slipped into the city gates. People shifting uncomfortably. Probes that whispered near then away. Mothers that lifted their children into their arms so that they did not stare or stumble near. Reactions he aimed for, as his psyche blared warning in a circle around him, like a bandstand screaming an off pitch tune. ’Danger, danger, danger.’

It kept them from bumping or springing at him with their wares. Usually. Head low he trudged through a sea of bodies in the marketplace. They parted for him without question. Or, if there were questions, he didn’t hear them. Only a deep murmur that was drowned out by the incessant buzzing of ruined hearing.

Which was likely why there was no warning. Just a hand on his shoulder. Angry mass of a man throwing his hands up in exasperation after he whirled the other around. The danger tried to guess the words pouring off his flapping lips. But he was bad at it and the man was speaking fast. Screaming? Fuck what had he done? He’d only just gotten into town! ’Stupid-something-something-something… face?’ What? Eyebrows twisting in confusion he shook his head. The warlord wreaked of aggression. He gave Danger a shove that knocked him backward on the ground.

”shii-” Barely whispered. A slip- a reactionary curse that should have stayed in his head but was driven out by landing on his ass. He bit his tongue. Swallowing the word before it fully formed. Ebon-gray summoned into his palm so he could throw a shield around the sound. Weeks of lean meals had left it weak. Left him weak.  Almost too late, but he stamped the push from it. Just the sound remained. A circle of onlookers slapping hands over their ears. He wanted to apologize. Hands flailing as he sent his Offering back to the depths of his cabinet.

They didn’t understand. And he didn’t understand what the man said either as he came around to swing his foot at the source of the ear splitting noise. Danger’s eyes squeezed shut against the impact. And then his vision went black. Body slack in the slush of mud and snow. Crowd dispelling as the guard swarmed in, just in time to watch the warlord pull the fabric down around Danger’s face and decide he wasn’t the fool that that knocked up his wife after all.


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