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Strigavi / Re: Expecting Expectations
« Last post by Briar on May 21, 2020, 11:31:59 PM »
Silken hair and warm skin that always smelled faintly of clean linen. Lips softer than rose petals and sweeter than fresh apple pie. Hips that fit perfectly in his cupped palms. Briar focused hard on where he was going, forcing his wings to give him enough lift to clear treetops. To take him home. Not to the cabin that held his things or the eyrie that held his preferred queen. Not even to the inn that was now a landmark on his life. He focused on Rian, and all of the tangible, tactile parts of her that were his to enjoy. Let the soreness of neglected wing muscles spur him on faster instead of drag him down slower.

Until he felt her along the circle of his probes. He dropped from the sky first. Glad for the small mercy of distance to mask how ungraceful the landing was. Gate uneven as he struggled to go from flying to walking. ”Rian,” He smiled at her matched urgency. The bitter old wound of rejection seaming shut a little tighter at the way she rushed over. Long weaver’s fingers covering her knuckles as their hands joined. ”the only place that matters. Right back here with you.” He teased with a lopsided grin.

She still smelled like his house. A tickle worked up his chest, turning his smirk into a real smile. Sweeping in for a quick kiss he tossed a look back at where he had come from. ”It was the strangest thing. I’ll tell you all about it on the walk.” He dropped one hand to hold the other tighter. Tucked their clasped fingers to the center of his stomach and pet her arm with his free hand through the whole story. Thumb stroking her elbow as he described the roaring anxiety of being back in the Keep. With Eremiar no less. He left out the gory details of the wounded room, and struggled to describe the rift in the air that had pulled them in. He finished with the best bit- at least it was best to him since he was still highly amused. ”And then, as if it wasn’t all wild enough, Eremiar decides she’s his queen. So who knows what they’re off doing now.”

Briar wished he didn’t care at all. He was ready to shed the day off and wear nothing but the smell of Rian for the night. If she would let him. Tongue tracing his lower lip he realized he had dominated the conversation for too long. They had, had their plans ruined and instead of making it up to her he was rambling. ”I’m sorry I had to leave. We were going to have the whole day together.” He wasn’t really sure how a man went about making things up to a woman and his usual sources of answers wouldn’t be much help this time. Eremiar wouldn’t care even if he did know, and Tali would likely set him in the wrong direction just to be a pain.
Slowing the pace down to a slow walk Briar wrapped his arm around her waist. One wing lifting to cast shade over them. ”I said I’d make it up to you. Want me to cook breakfast again?”
Character Applications / Re: Ready for Review
« Last post by Milly on May 16, 2020, 12:12:55 PM »
First Link / Naruto Saigen RP
« Last post by Yura on May 13, 2020, 10:39:31 AM »

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First Link / The Shula Region - AU Pokemon - Looking for Staff - 11 Years
« Last post by Nicola Beverton on May 12, 2020, 10:25:11 AM »

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Rosnay Island / Re: Afternoon Snack
« Last post by Aramis Dupuis on May 12, 2020, 01:42:54 AM »
Her touch was so novel, always. Aramis might remain distant form the network of their house, an orbiting presence, but Pella was the only one that saw this of him. The one best suited to show his toothy edges.

The drag of her fingers over the shaft of his spear, nails through course hair, the sensitive, twitching skin of his sack; it was almost a threat in itself, if not for the way she kissed. No guarded aggression behind her teeth, even with his tongue in her mouth.

Dress gone, Aramis' arms tightened around her, caught between caste instinct and heated ache. He knew they were tucked away, hidden, safe. He knew. But her bare skin to the air was vulnerability, and his hands flexed over her back and hip, knees drawing up to slide her closer. He bit her bottom lip as he drew back from their kiss, tugging in reprimand for her pushiness before nosing across her throat.

"And you're an impertinent wife," he said against her skin. Impertinent and impatient. It was tempting to tease her further, push farther, but he hadn't the patience. Following the slope of his thighs, boot soles to the ground, he rolled his hips up and pulled her down in one. His hands slid up beneath her hair to hold her still while he adjusted, pushing up in little involuntary rolls until he could reign himself in. Breathe. Stroke his hands down her sides in steadying sweeps to rest on her hips.
Strigavi / Expecting Expectations
« Last post by Rian on May 10, 2020, 07:10:48 PM »

Rian felt strange inhabiting Briar's house without him. Even for an afternoon. For a while she sat on the edge of his bed, watching the shadows change across the window. She was quick to give up on waiting patiently, assuming it would take far longer than her patience would last. But she had promised to wait. She just wouldn't do it idly.

Guiltily she rummaged in the cabinet beneath the sink. Finding stuffed in the far corner a rag for cleaning. No bucket, though, so she improvised with a bowl, filling it with hot water and the soap he used to wash his hands. It sat beside the sink without even a dish to hold it. Rian sniffed it, inhaling the scent she'd detected on Briar's body. With a smile, she went about her work, scrubbing down any surface she could reach.

It was neither a large nor dirty house so it didn't take long enough. Briar still wasn't back by the time she finished. Triple washing the bowl, she returned everything to its place and settled in to wait again. Too nervous to go outside and mingle with the people he lived next door to. Listless, Rian curled up in the center of his bed, fingering the worn blanket and breathing in the scent of him that lingered in fabric.

Just Briar and no one else. It made her heart feel fierce. And happy, a smile curling her lips as she drifted off to sleep. Half slumbering and barely dreaming until a Red thread woke her. Sitting up with a start, Rian oriented herself in the room and then grabbed at the thread with her Opal. Briar! Quick to agree, she darted out the front door, rushing back to it to seal the lock with a bit of craft.

Tali wouldn't like her walking alone back to the inn. But she had a solution for that. Wings catching the first stiff breeze outside the village and launching her skyward. If she met Briar on the road her brother never need know she'd gone anywhere unaccompanied. And they could enjoy at least a little bit of the walk together.

"Briar!" Easy to spot coming up the southern road. Rian landed at a fork in the road with a stumble; hair a tangled mess around her face and shoulders she had to fight free of. "Where did you end up?" She asked, joining him in the middle of the dirt packed lane. Hands sliding into his.

Rosnay Island / Re: Afternoon Snack [cw]
« Last post by Pella Labeau on May 10, 2020, 07:49:14 AM »

It made her stomach flutter. A tickle that teased beneath the weight of her breast. Not a place often touched, much less kissed. But behind the tickle was warmth. The skin there was sensitive, flinching at the touch and then pressing in closer. Pella made a small sound, half sigh, half gasp, and curled a thumb over his ear.

His mouth finally came up. Working its way up her body as she worked her fingers around his spear. Flesh puckering where he kissed it, he left a trail of gooseflesh and wanting until she could finally lay her mouth over his. Rewarding him with a long, skillful stroke.

"You're a wicked man." She chided, mouth hungry over his as he teased her. Girth and length measured even though she knew him so intimately already. But she liked the way her palm molded over the tip of his spear. The way his testes sat heavy in her fingers. The taste of his tongue as she sucked it behind her teeth. Her arousal mounting until it was a living, dripping, writhing thing that rocked her body into his.

With a frustrated sigh, Pella shook her arms free of her sleeves and vanished the weight of fabric that ringed her waist. Her kissing grew more hurried. Mouth like a ravenous beast. Breasts thrust against his chest as she angled their bodies just right. Her toes digging into the grass as she tried to fill herself up on Aramis.

Strigavi / Re: Unexpected expectations [cw]
« Last post by Eremiar on May 10, 2020, 07:14:23 AM »

Ere raised an eyebrow at her pronouncement. His wings rose upward, flicking dirt and dampness from their tips dismissively. Little was a strange name. He measured her again. Few met his height, even among the other Eyrien warriors. She did not appear smaller than most women.

And Eremiar had been subject to parades of women in his lifetime to compare her too. His stomach twisted into a knot, which worked down to his heels, grinding them into the ground and turning his face away. He tucked those memories away, behind a barrier separate from the one he'd invited her into. Well away from the knowledge of fish skinning.

One had little to do with the other. Though he had flayed women in the past. Breaking them open and tearing out all the power in their bodies.

Breathing through his nose, Eremiar returned to the present. Watching the Little queen make a nest of stones to cook her fish on. Inviting him to join her with the subtle movements of her body. She did not chastise him for his staring. Or his standing. But he knew she was aware. She looked back at him. Looked at him. Ere wondered what she saw. And if she was frightened.

He considered for a moment, before spinning the idea of a rose between them. The wild sort that clung tenaciously to stones or trees. Sharp thorns that bit. Petals as bloody as his son's Jewel. And his own. Ere stroked his lower lip with his thumb. The nail dark with dirt. His son. It still made him sick with rage and confusion to think of. But it was all tangled up like a briar patch with fierce possessiveness.

They sat together. Gathered around the stones Little had set out for the fish to cook on. Her craft making their surfaces so hot that the flesh steamed with a faint hissing. It was backdrop to the thread he shared with Briar. All his son's annoyance running unchecked between them. It amused Ere. His son was most often annoyed. Or always. He had never known him to be at peace, or happy.

But the world was not a place of happiness, much as it had changed. With a mental shrug, Eremiar tossed Briar from his barriers. Let him fly home to the strange woman he seemed attached too. Eremiar had larger worries than whatever trap the youth was falling into. He was, apparently, going south. Now that he had taken part of her fish, he couldn't let Little go alone.

Rodgau Province / Re: And baby makes... Four?
« Last post by Morgan Blackthorn on May 10, 2020, 05:59:54 AM »

Morgan smirked, laughter making his chest swell like pride. He did not let it out, however. He would never laugh at his wife in front of another, no matter how amusing she was. "I'll be waiting." He promised wickedly, completely ignoring her admonishment.

Sometimes a man had to lie. Even to his wife and queen. Smiling into her hair, Morgan accepted the weight of her body, palm tracing the length of her spine soothingly. Her worry made the hair on the back of his neck stand up, but he knew she wasn't in danger. Or real distress. Once she settled into the idea she would be happy for a baby.

He was sure of it.

He just had to help get her there. Which meant adding a little roughness to his lying. Catriona was not a weak woman. Even when she was being vulnerable. She did not weep when he shook her, but instead came out of her own head and flashed her fierceness at him, tempered by humor. Good. "My lady wounds me." He objected, clutching his chest with one hand.

Morgan watched. Followed the way her finger pressed to her mouth. The way her body moved as she stepped away from him to stretch out across the bed for the healer. To soothe his temper at seeing her so laid out for another, Morgan spun a shield around the door and window. Protecting her as she made herself vulnerable to the healer.

"Of course." He was quick to cross the room and take her hand in his. Thumb stroking the back of her hand as he fought the urge to wrap her in a shield too. But allowing the healer in was necessary. And he very much wanted confirmation of what he suspected. But he so hated the idea of anyone mucking about inside his wife's barriers, or her body.

He breathed carefully, barriers parted so he could fully taste the room. Track both his wife and the healer. She had helped him, an ally in bringing his wife around to the fulfilling of her promises. But he did not extend to her full trust. Licking his lips, he smiled encouragingly at Catriona's nervous hand squeezing. Breath held until the healer confirmed.

Not one, but two heartbeats. Morgan laughed. A scoff of arrogance and surprise. "Twins!" He squeezed Cat's hand, grinning at her expression. "Its wonderful news." He promised her, shooing the healer out of the way so he could draw his wife up into a sitting position. He slid his own body into the space made and offered her his shoulder for comfort. "It seems we are a potent pair in this manner as well." He teased.

Rosnay Island / Re: Afternoon Snack
« Last post by Aramis Dupuis on May 10, 2020, 12:25:09 AM »
Humming warmth rose higher and higher with each pass of her fingers, flowing out along his shoulders, up his neck, down his spine to his groin. Fingernails and knuckles, the resting weigh of her in his lap, the different texture of her nipple against his lips and tongue. Points of contact that split and narrowed his focus. Points of contact that let him relax further, sink deeper into his flush hunger. He wanted his wife. His wife wanted him.

And she would have him, he thought, even the edges and the shadows. It would be Aramis' game to see where she would flinch and where she would push forward.

Her sounds felt amplified, pressed so close. The expansion of her ribs fascinating against the palm at her back. So much skin, free for him to explore. He wanted to track the fluttering muscles of her chest with his mouth, ignoring her insistent fingers to lick and kiss below her breast. He resisted her for a beat, curious, hungry for her response.

But her fingers around his base were another consideration, and he weighed his desires, finding one wanting.

His mouth followed his eyes, from breast to collarbone, collarbone to throat before his lips met hers. His eyes stayed slitted open while he helped her ease his spear form his pants, breathing out through his nose at the release. Blood humming, he rolled his hips up toward her, teasing her with his nearness.

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