A Change has come

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Reagan Waters

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A Change has come
« on: March 04, 2018, 02:13:49 PM »
Reagan could hardly believe what had happened over the last few weeks. Something had gone horribly wrong with the Territory Court, wrong enough that Iris had intervened and with the passing of Magda Iris had been promoted to Territory Queen and Reagan suddenly found herself ruling the Province. It had always been a thought in her mind, but Reagan had never been sure if it would happen. She loved the province but she wouldn't have questioned Iris's rule. While Reagan wasn't scared of Iris like so many were, she also didn't want to mess with her.

It had been a long few weeks of settling in for her Court, they had gotten very comfortable in their District and while most had been okay with the move Ismael had been not happy over the lack of a dungeon that he could go to to do what ever it is he needed. Reagan had never questioned his need for a dungeon but she was secretly trying to work on getting him one here, it would make a good gift, not that she needed an excuse to spoil her Consort. But it was something she was still working on and trying to hide it from Ismael was becoming interesting, she couldn't lie to him so she was having to have others help her out more than she liked.

Bringing her head back to the present Reagan moved to a more official office, she wanted to call her Court to just check in with them. This had come rather suddenly and she wanted to make sure everyone was doing ok. She reached out to everyone individually, telling them to come meet her and that she wanted to check in with everyone. With everyone on their way Reagan leaned back in her chair and called for some sandwiches and beverages to be brought in, she didn't intend on being too long but she wanted everyone to feel comfortable. With everything taken care of for the moment all she could do was sit back and wait.
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Ismael Bloom

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Re: A Change has come
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2018, 12:19:24 PM »

An entire province. Not that Ismael was not happy for Reagan, or proud of her, he just... worried. She was much too prone to overworking to be running a whole province. He'd been in a constant state of anxiety since whatever had happened at the territory court had happened. He still wasn't sure who had killed Magda, everyone had their pony in that race, and a favorite. He didn't rightly care, so long as whoever it was stayed far away from his queen.

None of it was helped by the fact he couldn't find a proper room for his work. And work he wanted to be doing. But it was so hard to pry himself from Reagan's side. He very much needed to be close. Just in case. To protect her. And make sure she wasn't working herself into an exhaustive state. Since no one else seemed to pay near enough attention.

So he was quite ready, and quite quick, to respond to her summons. The first, of course, to slink into her office. All soft smiles and watchful eyes. Ignoring propriety, they were alone for the moment! And he didn't care anyway, Ismael slunk around her desk to press a kiss to her cheek. Rather closer to Reagan's lip that her ear. Breathed her in, hand slipping up her arm.

"You forgot the cookies, love." Teasing, because he wanted to see her smile. Needed to, in a way. It was his job to see her happy and well cared for. An easy one, when he didn't have to run her off her work, because he actually gave a damn. His by choice and not duty. Grinning, he sidled away, taking a seat near her. He supposed he would have to share, for now, with the others.

For now. Later he would have her to himself.

Monroe Lakes

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Re: A Change has come
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2018, 07:39:28 PM »

So much had changed in the last year and suddenly Monroe was sitting in a place that he had never really seen for himself. He had signed a contract with the Glaus District Court at the beginning of the year since his parents had been pushing him to do something with his life and he had no idea what it was that he'd wanted to do. He figured he would get some court training and experience under his belt while he tried to figure that out and it certainly didn't hurt that his two best friends had signed their own contracts with the same court. Now the year was almost over and he found himself sitting in the office of a Province Steward and wondering how in the Darkness he had gotten there.

In the last year, he had found himself rather happy to serve Lady Waters and was rather enjoying his time at court. He had found himself rather intrigued by the Court Healer as well, who had yet to fall for his charm much to his dismay though it didn't keep him from trying. He had been perfectly content with the role he had been given as a Circle member since it meant he had plenty of time to screw around with Liam, but all that changed when the Territory Queen was murdered. The old Steward of the Court had decided it was time to retire instead of making the move to the Province Seat and for some reason he'd had the brilliant idea to throw his name into the mix. It might have come after a discussion with his parents about how he didn't seem to be going anywhere in life and he had honestly done it just to shut them up. Monroe had never seriously thought he'd get the position... but now that he had it, he would do a damn good job.

So there he was trying to figure out some sort of organizational system for his new office and to get acquainted with what was going on. The last Steward for the Province had been incredibly organized and had left the office in good order when moving to the Territory Court, but Monroe still needed to figure out a system for himself. He was in the middle of sorting through one of the filing cabinets when the summons came. It didn't take him long to find a stopping point and make his way towards where the Queen had called them to... only to discover he was the first person there outside of Reagan and her Consort. He smiled and waved slightly though he didn't want to interrupt their conversation, so instead he busied himself with the sandwiches that were on offer.

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Trista Greywyn

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Re: A Change has come
« Reply #3 on: March 22, 2018, 09:10:31 PM »
The soft bell-like sound of glass against glass filled the otherwise silent room as Tris arranged various healing brew bottles on a low shelf. She had spent the better part of the morning in her new Healers Room organizing her supplies and the things that had been left behind by the old Province Court, now Territory Court, Healer. It was a spacious room and looked as if it had been well organized by its previous owner as well, which Tris approved of. She may be a bit unorthodox and messy in her personal life, but when it came to her Craft she was meticulous and a bit obsessive about organization. Everything had a place and a label with instructions written with a careful hand so if anyone came into this room looking for a brew, and she wasn't there, they'd be able to find what they were looking for with little to no chance of poisoning themselves on accident.

Once the last bottle was in place, she stepped back and surveyed her handy work, a small smile tugging at the corner of her lips. Yes, a job well done. Perhaps she would reward herself by going out tonight. That thought made her frown slightly. She wasn't in Glaus anymore. She had no idea where to go for a bad drink and a good time. She briefly thought about asking Reagan to come with her, check out the town that was now hers, grab a few drinks, maybe a few kisses. Tris closed her eyes and shook her head. She really needed to just get over her feelings for her friend and Queen. She knew this, told herself this constantly, but just couldn't seem to actually do it. Reagan was happy with Ismael, though Tris would never understand how, and all she really wanted, deep inside, was for Reagan to be happy.

Speak of the Queen. She paused her step as she listened to the summons and sighed softly. Of course, she would be happy to see Reagan, but since the summons was for the entire court, Ismael would be there. She tried her best, at least, she lied to herself about trying her best, to get along with the Queen's Black Widow Consort, but Tris would never like him. It didn't matter if Reagan was smitten. With a sigh and one last look around the room, Tris made her way to the door, checking her hair in a mirror before leaving the Healers Room and heading towards Reagan's new office.

When she opened the door to the Queen's office, she had to fight the frown that threatened to make it's new home on her face when she saw Ismael all but draped over Reagan. With much effort, she swallowed her anger and annoyance and managed to give her friend a genuine smile. Not wanting to be any closer to the Black Widow Warlord Prince than she had to be, she made her way over to the food that had been laid out, stopping short when she nearly ran into sandwich carrying Monroe Lakes. Tris hesitated before taking a step back, taking a moment to fix a slightly annoyed look on her face as she fought with herself to not admire the firmness that was Monroe's chest.

Hells fire, she'd forgotten that he'd been promoted to Steward and would therefore likely be at every meeting. She had done her best to avoid him since the night he had escorted Reagan and her out drinking. While not overbearing or vulgar, he wasn't subtle either and Tris knew he was at least curious about her. She arched a brow and huffed softly as she stepped around him, giving him the barest of nods. "Prince Lakes"
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Brooklyn Lighthill

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Re: A Change has come
« Reply #4 on: March 30, 2018, 04:53:40 PM »

The rise from apprentice to Court Priestess had been a quiet one, but it was something that Brooklyn had been very appreciative of. After all, when she had made the decision to leave her family and everything she had ever known to experience what life was like outside of the sheltered Etruci community, she had never dreamed of actually earning such a position in a court. In all honesty, she had only taken the apprenticeship in order to remain with her friends and to gain some experience. When the old Priestess decided to retire after the Court shake-up and Reagan offered the role to her, she had been shocked and appreciative. That was why she had said yes, despite her mother's nagging to leave all this nonsense behind and come home. After all, it was clearly a sign of how unsafe it was outside of the Etruci considering the Territory Queen was murdered and she was only pushing her luck by staying there. Her mother's desire to have her home had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she wanted her daughter to remain sheltered or that she greatly disliked Liam and Monroe for "corrupting" her.

The sudden promotions of both her and Monroe had led her to wonder how Liam actually felt about it since she worried that he might be disappointed once more, like he had on the day they all received their Offering Jewels and he came out a jewel lighter. She had asked him about it but he had simply smiled and told her that he was proud of what she had managed to accomplish. Brook certainly believed his words, but it didn't mean that she wasn't going to worry about him nonetheless. That was exactly what was on her mind while she went through and reorganized the craft room that had been left behind by the Priestess of the last Court, taking inventory of what she had and what would be needed as she worried her bottom lip between her teeth and thought about her dear friend.

When Reagan reached out and called her to attend, she quickly brought herself to a stopping point and made her way towards the room they were all going to be meeting. Nerves hit her moments before arriving though since she didn't really feel like she knew the others that held prominent positions in Reagan's Court all that well and she had always been on the shy side until she got to know people. The mere presence of Monroe being there already helped some of the knot that had formed in her stomach unfurl a little bit... especially since there were not many people there yet and that meant she at least had someone to talk to, even if she felt a bit bad for heading over there since Monroe was getting the chance to talk to the Healer he was interested in. There was a break in conversation though right when she walked up so it was almost like it was meant to be. "Oh good you're here Monroe. I wanted to ask if you would be home for dinner tonight or if Liam and I were on our own?" After all, her friend was likely in the same boat that she was with getting his office situated and becoming comfortable in his new position, so she wouldn't be surprised to know that he was staying late once more.

She then turned her attention to Trista with a soft smile. "Afternoon Lady Greywyn. How are you today?"

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