You Don't Own Me
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If you want me you're
gonna have to catch me

She'd been working at the Crown and Rose for awhile now and though Ria hadn't really expected to love it, the place had grown on her. It really wasn't all that different than working in an Aristo household but at least she had a boss that looked out for the workers there unlike what usually happened in the households. So far she'd really only had to deal with one pesky Aristo that wouldn't leave her alone... though she had to at least give Baylor credit for his persistence. She had expected him to get bored and leave her be long before this, but so far that hadn't seemed to be the case. Every so often he seemed to pop up... though he was a regular at this place prior to meeting her so that wasn't completely surprising... just that he kept coming back around her.

It had been quiet that day though, mainly because she didn't have any interruptions and could just put her head down and work. It had been great, though perhaps she should have realized that it simply meant that the other shoe just hadn't dropped yet. Dinner had just finished and she'd prepped enough food to appease the guests once she was gone. Her day was complete and after saying goodbye to a few of the other employees, Ria headed outside so she could make her way home. She had barely stepped out the door though when she heard a familiar voice calling her name. The simple sound of it made her skin crawl, considering it belonged to someone that she had hoped she'd never have to deal with again.

"Illyria! So this is where you ended up hm?"

"What do you want Prince Blueridge?" she asked with what she hoped was far less disdain in her voice than she currently felt. He might not by the son of her employer any longer but she would rather not have to punch him again unless she really had to. She couldn't help but feel that she would likely have to though... knowing him. The fact that he moved right up close to her and attempted to slip his arm around her waist only went to support that feeling. Ria swatted his arm away and took a step back, but that only seemed to irritate him more.

"I think it’s funny that you work here considering how insistent you were that you weren't a common whore. Perhaps I need to inquire about buying your time so you can't say no again," he said as his hands once again found their way to her sides before attempting to explore a bit further. His words infuriated her and simply reminded her of all the crap she had to put up with before quitting, but she didn't get the chance to react to it. Ria had every intention of punching him in the face once again, would have loved to feel that again, but it was far more difficult to do when the Prince was suddenly no longer in front of her or focused on her.

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