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Nothing about this place reminded Aisling of home. Then again, there was little about any place that would make her think of the forgotten wilds she had grown up in. There were too many people here. Too many sounds and colors so bright that it hurt to look at them for long. She yearned for the comfort of trees and the cool caress of a breeze that came unhindered by a bustling population. It wasn't much that she could open the windows to let a bit of wind into her room, but it was something.

Wisps of hair had gotten caught in that playful gust as she set to making this place her home, or at much of one as it could ever be. Clothes were put away neatly from where she had stored them in her psychic cabinet, a pillow that still carried the scents of home was placed on the bed, and one of her wooden frames was tucked carefully into the corner where it could be within reach. Thankfully it wasn't calling to her today with blood and screams of people she couldn't save. Perhaps that meant she'd be allowed to rest for a while, or maybe it was that the newness of this place was too overwhelming even for the tangled webs to speak to her.

Regardless of whichever it may be, Aisling found herself sighing in quiet remorse. She was supposed to be here for a reason - if not to weave useful webs for the Queen she temporarily served, then to grow accustomed to what court life would be like. Instead, she was hiding in her room, thankful for the excuse unpacking provided. She hadn't even tried to say anything to the few court members she had met so far. Not that she would have spoken in the way they would have been expecting. That part had been explained at least, or so she hoped. It was easier when people knew and she didn't have to stumble over herself in an attempt to grab something to write on.

A forlorn glance swept across the room, noted how bare it still looked in comparison to the cabin she had given up back in Scelt, and she sighed again. This time the sound came out as more than just air brushing gently past her lips. Mournful. Weary. She might have winced at herself if it weren't so familiar. Feeling suddenly chilled, the witch rubbed her hands along the bare skin of her arms trying to warm skin with friction as she paced along the same invisible paths she had taken for the past several minutes. She needed to get out of this room. Not necessarily to run into other people, or even to explore, but to at least rid herself of this caged feeling.

Five steps. That's all it would take. Five steps and then she'd be out of the door and in the hall. Four until she reached the knob. Three until she was close enough to touch it. Two until her fingertips brushed against metal. One as she stopped and cocked her head suddenly with a cautious probe to what had drawn her attention on the other side. A silent poke was given as she frowned at the door, the sapphire jewels in her armband warm as fear momentarily took the place of curiosity until she settled the impulse again. It was with the less threatening opal that she reached out again as her hand finally closed around the doorknob and turned, opening the physical barrier as well as the mental one just enough to offer communication.

*...hello? Is she wanting to see me?*

Why else would the Steward be there in the hall?