Until Morning Light

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Until Morning Light
« on: March 27, 2018, 07:47:39 PM »

To say that she was excited for the Winsol Ball being put on by the Territory Court would be a bit of an understatement really. It would be unlike anything she ever experienced while living in her family's home considering they tended to keep things rather minimal for the holiday. It would be extravagant and beautiful and a perfect excuse to dress up in a dress she wouldn't wear normally and have fun with her friends. After all, Brooklyn felt like she hadn't seen as much of them as of late considering the move to the Province Court had ended up meaning more responsibility for both her and Monroe, who had taken on the position of Steward for the Court. She was no longer the Court Priestess' apprentice either but instead wore that title herself as the woman had decided not to make the transition with the rest of them from the District.

Brook had hoped to use this evening as a chance for the three of them to catch up some and have a little bit of fun altogether, but it seemed like Monroe had other plans involving the Court Healer and she certainly wasn't going to make him feel bad about that. Liam had agreed to go with her though and in the hopes of making the Black Widow from Scelt feel a bit more welcomed by the Court, Brook had invited Aisling to go with them as well so she wouldn't feel like an outsider while the rest of the court had fun. It was why she had taken all of her stuff to the Province Seat in order to get ready there with the other girl and simply told Liam when he could meet them. The dress she had chosen to purchase after hearing about the event was not exactly the most traditional of outfits she assumed, but it was beautiful and she couldn't resist. The top was highly detailed with the cutest little cap sleeves though it ended just above the bottom of her rib cage. The skirt was all tulle and hung to the floor. She left her long hair hanging loose around her shoulders instead of messing with a more intricate style and kept her makeup rather simple as well since she tended to feel uncomfortable in too much of it considering how she was raised.

Once they were ready and Liam met them, the trio made their to the Territory Seat where the ball was to be held. Upon entering, Brook's eyes went large as she took in the beauty of the scene in front of them. "It's absolutely beautiful... I'm so glad you could come with us Aisling." The words were sincere as she offered a smile to the redhead from Scelt. Brook hoped to get to know the woman a bit more after all and this would be a good opportunity to do that.

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Re: Until Morning Light
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2018, 11:27:50 PM »
It was too late to try and turn back now. She knew that. Anxious hands fluttered along delicate lace and gossamer material. If anyone else noticed the shaking, they didn't mention it. Aisling was thankful for that lack of attentiveness. When smoothing her fingertips against her bodice didn't work to settle her nerves though, she eventually went to finding the ends of her hair to twirl bits of auburn. She had decided against putting it up for this very reason. No one needed to know, but she figured the nervous habit was evident enough regardless.

She still didn't know what she was doing here. A part of the court. Sure, she could understand that because it was expected of common courtesy, and it had been kind of Brooklyn to bring her along, especially considering how hesitant she had seemed originally when the Priestess had made her offer. Still, it was nice to be wanted. More than nice actually, but that truth had been bitten back behind lips that were already very accustomed to staying quiet. She had replied with a simple nod instead and inquired about the state of dress and other, expected, details on a psychic thread before returning to her own room to think over what would happen next.

To say that she had come unprepared to Little Terreille would be an understatement. There had never been a need for nice clothes or pretty dresses where she had grown up. Most of her things had been patched and ragged after all, and the newer items had been obtained either once she had gotten here or before she had left when members of Morganna's court realized how little she actually owned. She had nodded along and went with their direction back then too, just as she had when they arrived at the Territory Seat and it had been revealed that Aisling didn't actually have anything appropriate to wear.

Well, it was nothing that a few helpful witches and a borrowed dress couldn't fix. The only problem was how little it had to do with her own usual taste. Then again, Aisling wasn't really sure she had a specific taste to call her own to begin with. So, there she stood next to the dark haired beauty and their gallant escort adorned in a pale gown that mirrored the faint rosiness of her skin and accented the wild fire that was her hair. It showed more than she would have normally felt comfortable in. That much was certainly true, and she kept finding herself running fingertips along the lace or checking that the light fabric wasn't too transparent where it billowed airily about her legs.

It certainly left enough of an impression there that she suspected the imagination might be piqued. Fingers falling to the comfort of the Blood Opal that resided in the key-shaped pendant around her neck, Aisling took a steadying breath and turned to look back to Brooklyn. It was on that opalescent thread that she finally replied with eyes skimming back with an awe-filled need to take in the beauty of the room again. *It's amazing,* her lips twitched into a shy smile before she let her expression tell the awkward uncertainty that she also let slip through the psychic thread. *What do we do now.... ?*

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