The Beginning of the End

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Re: The Beginning of the End
« Reply #15 on: May 12, 2018, 11:40:00 PM »
The lady looked, eyes peeking over the round rim of her wine glass. Green eyes glinting in the witchlight orb over their heads Valor looked too. Probes as subtle as he knew how to make them. Only sampling the air between them so that she wasn’t made uncomfortable; but so that he would know if she were.

Graceful as anything, this one was. The sort of pretty that didn’t work for it, which made her all the prettier he thought. Just nervous enough to be ethereal and charming rather than untouchable or otherworldly. He liked most the slightly darker ring of blue around her irises and the tiny tendrils of hair that danced around her temple.

With another short drink of his wine he tilted his head thoughtfully. ”The Gyrfalcon has around fifty most of the time, she’s a medium sized ship. Crews tend to jump around around so that lovers and family can be together. There are about ten regulars that never swap. Eventually you fall in love with a particular ship- or trust a captain too much to leave them.” Both had happened to Valor before he was a captain in his own right.

”Oh, The innocence in her eyes was a punch to Valor’s ego. Wishful thinking quickly squashed. His gaze on the floor for a moment as he tried to recall the name of their hotel. ”That blue brick hotel a few blocks away.” Nothing worthy of a queen, he was sure, but it had clean sheets. And there was a quiet little Red Moon house on the same block. Still fighting the urge to blush he listened to her answer.

Sensing an opportunity to do a small bit of fussing Valor took it. ”That would be wise of her what with all the recent tragedy. She’s invited you all here, only makes sense to see you safely through the night. Certainly safer here than in any hotel room.” He hoped that would stay if she didn’t intend to go home. ”I hope you’re cautious if you do decide to travel tonight.”

Good manners and looks would hardly save a queen. Usually jewels were of little consequence in such things, but Valor couldn’t help worrying. That Purple Dusk would be easily overpowered by anyone with combat experience. ”At the very least consider the hotel we’re staying at. I doubt anyone will be poking around there so long as I am.” Glacians had a reputation, after all, and Warlord Princes doubly so.

Relaxing on to his elbows again he nodded at her next questions. Unconsciously slipping closer as she got comfortable. Until the knee she’d turned bumped his leg. ”Sorry,” He mumbled quickly before diving into the answers she was waiting for. ”I do, even then. I’m not married or anything so I still share a house with my family. It’s cold back home, so its normal to live in big houses with extended family. Not much privacy that way. On the ship I have my own little cabin and only the one cousin to make a fuss most of the time.” He laughed a little, looking through the crowd to point out Essi. Not surprised in the least to find her dancing. ”There she is. Thinks she’s my mother, that one does.”

”Do you have a lot of family?” Valor asked, wondering if she’d sat long enough yet. The color in her cheeks was nearly faded. He liked the look of it and couldn’t wait to hear her say his name breathless and smiling again.
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Re: The Beginning of the End
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”So many,” Vesa said, mostly to herself, having took a moment to link the Gyrfalcon with his ship. Fifty was quite a number for one man to lead and fuss over. ”It sounds quite the adventurous life.” She wondered how he liked it, but didn’t want to interrupt to ask. Obviously he did, he seemed very happy. And she wondered too if they ever fell in love with a captain, and not just the ship. Or were they one in the same?

”I know which one you mean.” Sensed a hiccup in the building repertoire. Vesa couldn’t pin point what it was, not without digging a little deeper with her probes. She did not, of course. He was quite polite to let her settle one on the pulse of his psyche. Digging would just be rude. ”They do a very good breakfast. I’ve gone just for that before.” Vesa licked wine from her lips and tried not to fret. ”I’m sure they will hold a late breakfast, knowing many of their guests were attending a late party here.”

Tried to soothe and draw his eyes to her rather than the floor. Gave him a good opportunity quite on accident. A chance to fuss at her drawing him back out. Toward her rather than elsewhere. Smiled softly at his concern. It was sweet, and done up so nicely she could see no way for anyone to take offense.

”I promise to take the utmost care, whichever way it ends up playing out.” Vesa meant it too, not just empty words to pat his head with. First barriers open for his inspection, the careful probes hanging in the air between them not even noticed on a conscious level. But recognized almost instinctually. Warmed a little, not in her cheeks, but in her eyes. ”There is that breakfast to consider.” And his proximity. Vesa wouldn’t deny that was most of the appeal.

”No worries,” Vesa promised, slipping the words in before he could begin his explanation. Hand reaching out to touch the closest part of him. She did not retreat from the touching. Leaned in, instead, so she could see better where be pointed. ”She is very lovely,” lingered near him longer than she needed to. ”You seem to love your ship very much.” And his family, berthing near them, and even taking one along on his voyages. Smiling, Vesa leaned back and shook her head in answer.

”Not a one that I know of.” Her smile probably at odds with her words, or her plight, but Vesa had never had a family to miss. At least none she could remember. ”Reed actually comes from where they found me, in the river reeds, rather than being any family name.” She liked the story. It was her own and she’d never met another soul who shared it. ”The previous queen of Dendrabelle raised me. She is the closest thing to family I have.” The only family, her queen-mother. Vesa finished her wine and set the empty glass down behind her, slipping just a little closer, fingers curling around him.

”I feel quite rested, if you’d like to dance again.” Something quick for the first one, songs just beginning to change over. Lively to get their blood moving. A careful, secretive thread winding it way toward the band. Two dances this time, at least. Vesa ensuring the second would be something slower so she had an excuse to get closer. See just how well she might fit in his arms. As eager as he was to return to the dance floor, hand steady on his arm until she had an excuse to pour herself into both of them.

To toy with the hair at the nape of his neck. Short and crisp. Bolstered by the wine or perhaps something else entirely. An unknowable or unnamed thing that gave her permission to be just a little more foreward. A little more sure. And a touch reckless.

”Isn’t tonight lovely?” Vesa asked, hands settling on him with only a hint of possessiveness. Maybe a little shameless, as well.

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Re: The Beginning of the End
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The effort of putting aside thoughts of breakfast, and what would go on the night before killed Valor just a little bit. A layer of his soul peeled away in sacrifice to keeping his damned mouth shut. Only the hint of such thinking evident in the stain that spread across his cheeks. Matching the rosy glow the wine left on Vesa’s lips, even when she killed him a little harder with the dart of a tongue to whisk it away. It would be his damn collar that undid him. He was sure. Hooked finger working to keep the fabric from strangling him dead. ”Do you think they will?” He asked before his voice could crack under the pressure.

Vesa knew what she was about, though. Tricky moment gracefully ignored, he thought, and attention diverted. Even more so as she silently gave him permission to inch his interest a bit closer. Probes soft, just the way he had been trained to use them with ladies. Gliding along the barrier she opened. Too afraid he’d find more than polite words on the other side to really delve in. It was enough to be invited beyond them. He didn’t want to take too much. Or tempt himself passed the point of no return.

”I’m sure they’d make it worthwhile with such an important guest at the table to impress.” He was torn. No stranger to flirtations and one night stands, but not sure at all that Vesa was making such implications. So he couldn’t decide if he hoped she did show up at his hotel or not. She’d be impossible to resist that closely. But if she wasn’t interested… well that could end badly, or embarrassingly at the very least.

He’d take the little escort too if that was what he had to do. Still not sure what the nature of their companionship was.

Knowingly or not the queen only encouraged Valor’s hoping. The brush of her hand on his to dismiss his apology. All her sweet scents brought closer as she tucked in to follow his pointing finger. Voice weak again the captain only managed a choked sound of agreement. Yes. Lovely. And Essi too, he supposed. Another, stronger sound, affirming that his ship was more than just his livelihood. It was his pride.

Mimicking her smile back at her Valor writhed with remorse for asking about her family as she explained her orphandom. He felt very unprepared! Usually he had a file or notes to tell him about the people he would be dealing with. This was no business endeavor though. There were no hints of what topics would appeal to Vesa and which would leave him tasting the sole of his shoe. Since she didn’t seem upset by the revelation of no relations he didn’t apologize. ”Well, you’ve quite an interesting origin story, Lady Reed. Friends you love and choose for yourself are just as good as blood relatives anyway.”

Right? Sure. It must have been the right thing to say. She certainly didn’t seem put off any. Hand flexing around him as she grew more comfortable. And bold.

”Absolutely.” Valor encouraged. Pacing himself so that he didn’t outright drag her onto the dance floor again. The quick song heating his pulse, helped not a bit by the switch to something slower. Skin warm under her hands Valor leaned in low. Let his lips hovered near her ear for easy talking. Words gentle so they didn’t travel farther than the space between them. Which was no space at all. Fronts brushing as they turned in slow spirals. That dilemma most common in warlord princes carefully maneuvered to keep from thrumming against her hip. ”Very.” He said, but only because Vesa made it so. ”To be honest, I can think of a thousand pretty things I’d like to see reflected in your eyes. The Dreki Purler on a nice clear night, or thunderheads gathering in a valley underneath us…” Maybe his own face as he swooped in for a kiss.

Not here, he decided, not with so many to watch and judge. But soon.
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