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Re: implications
« Reply #15 on: September 12, 2018, 04:40:14 AM »

It was frustrating, the way he wouldn’t see sense. It they mapped it out in a predetermine order, they could cover twice the ground! Peregrine was stubborn though, and in this he was more set than Kirsi. But she was more worried about after he stopped looking. As long as he gave her the tools she needed to keep up the search after his woman and new child arrived in Glacia, Kirsi could give him this.

She had other worries. And so do Peregrine. Enemies she’d never even thought of. Not violent foes but manipulative ones who would use her child as a pawn. And a couple of the violent ones too. Smugglers. She’d forgotten that Peregrine’s real business was in piracy and illegals. Mother Night what parents her poor boy had.

”I’m not keen on anyone using my son as play thing. Queen or sjef or smuggler lord.” There would be bloody dues to pay if they tried. Kirsi could always vanish with her son this time, if needed. Let them squabble over Peregrine’s Jewels amongst themselves without involving her child. She’d make it so no one would ever find them again. Kirsi didn’t know why they would want him so badly anyway. The very thought of Peregrine serving a court was ludicrous.

Peregrine paid no mind to her hands. Callouses unmoving under her fingers. He didn’t seem to pay much mind to her words either. He wasn’t listening. Why she even bothered talking Kirsi would never know. It just made him angry. Contrary too, her eyes looking away so she did not roll them. Take the infant with him! She very much doubted its mother would be keen on that idea.

And then he was listening. Leaning over their hands, the breath of air between them all but crackling. Kirsi’s fingers tightened over his. Turning her face away from his anger, she slanted a remorseful look at him from corners of her eyes.

”I’m sorry. Babies change things, Peregrine. They change everything.” People. Lives. The whole world. Shivering, she let go long enough to touch the shadow on his cheek. She should have had more faith in him. He’d believed without proof. Brought her food and tools and bargained with queens to cross gates into other realms. She should have. But she didn’t. Even now, with all his ferocity on display, the aching need to find the son he’d never met - even now she did not wholly believe he would not forget, just a little, with a new baby in his arms and a woman in his house.

”I’m sorry.” She said one more time before turning away from the topic. Hands taken back where they could only squeeze themselves at the thought of his dying. Kirsi had never considered the search for Rias dangerous. Just long and gnarled. Now there were queens and smugglers and falling air ships to worry about. Not to mention the strange men at the Dark Gate. But Kirsi’s Red could take a Sapphire. Her venom was potent and her blade swift. ”Fine. I’ll learn to fly the ship. But you should really have someone who can do that with you always.” Seemed foolish not to.

”Well I didn’t.” She repeated, annoyance curling at the edge of her tongue. Kirsi sat back in her chair, facing him again. ”And you should be,” she hissed with no real menace. Annoying man. Rubbing her face, Kirsi tried not to sink into exhaustion there in the chair. They were uncomfortable for sleeping in, as she had found a dozen times, falling asleep over webs or the notebook.

”Are you staying?” She asked while pulling his half eaten bowl toward her and picking at what he’d left behind. He always left her hungry and rung out. Nuisance. At least this time he wasn’t leaving scorch marks on her walls. She still hadn’t gotten them all scrubbed out, though the psychic tang of his anger had faded. Kirsi glanced up at him, wondering what she wanted the answer to be. Where she wanted to sleep if it was yes.

Knew she wanted that yes, and to sleep close to his heat. And when he left for Reric she would go to Meols and buy her own plot of land, just a small one with a small house. Something with an actual door and yard for her boy.

”I’ve eggs for breakfast,” she heard herself saying around a piece of potato. Mother Night, she was a fool. Maybe he would show a bit of brains this once and leave.

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Re: implications
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”Which is one of several reasons we need to do this in the fastest way possible. No sidetracking to check for messages. Together, we can get through each territory twice as fast. And we’ll always be close enough to know the minute the other finds out anything new.” Peregrine said triumphantly. Perceiving it as a victory, even if it was really more of a scolding.

There was no point really, in fussing at him for what he was. They might hold Rias, if they found him first, until Peregrine bowed to their will. Taking the boy, though, from his father’s care. That would be a challenge few would undertake. And he would burn them from the inside out if they did somehow manage the deed.

Kirsi was busy trying to make her point too. The second one. About how having a child he could hold and protect would make things different. ”I wouldn’t know, would I?” Mouth forming a hard line he faced her doubt. Steeled himself against it. Against the sneaking suspicion that crept into his heart. Fine. Let her go off and do things on her own. He would hire a black widow of his own to travel with him. Find Rias first, make sure she couldn’t disappear with his boy.

But she agreed. Tossing on a touch of her snark. ”Well I don’t.” There weren’t enough people in his life that could keep the ship in the air. That was just the way it was. Just like he didn’t believe she didn’t think he had been about to hit her. ”Why? You planning to kill me, Kitten?”

Probably. It seemed the more time he spent with a woman the closer she got to wishing him dead. He didn’t analyze what about himself made that true. He didn’t really care, since he didn’t usually have to deal with them for long.

”You want me to?” He asked. Relaxing in the chair again. Legs stretching out. Was she lonesome again? Peregrine remembered the last time. With a sigh he smiled at her suggestion of a morning meal and weighed the offer outloud. ”The sex was good last time, probably be better,” Now that she was a bit more fit. He didn’t say that to her, though. ”But the afterwards sucked. I’m feeling enough like a tool. Next time, maybe.”

He already had to deal with Solveig in the coming week. And queens had a special knack for making him feel like he was nothing more than the purpose they wanted to bend him to. ”I should get home. Get some rest. I’ll be back in two days.” As promised. He tossed a satchel of coins on her table since he hadn’t brought food this time. ”Sleep well.” He would. Alone on his boat until morning came and he could spend the day at home with his mother and siblings. Feel like a person for a few hours before the world reminded him it was just an illusion.

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