Hide and Seek
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She flew for a long time. Longer than Mistress ever let her go for. It got cold at night, moreso than what she was used to. It was different being outside. No spells to keep the sky light all the time, or dark for long periods, at Mistress' whim. No handlers with heavy gloves to protect them from her talons - that weren't trimmed! - with food or treats. No tests, no training. No sitting pretty, be a good quiet bird now, watch that man, get into that box, sit still and listen to this room. No more of that.

Uncertain though, now. Outside, real outside, not tethered-to-a-stand outside or walked-quickly-in-a-cage outside. Real outside was bigger than she thought it'd be. More trees here, than in the atrium. But less variety. Her lady had liked difference, singularity. Miles and miles now, of trees that all looked the same. Then places where animals she'd never seen before roamed. She spent some time around them, learning their noises, imitating them back. Birds followed those groups, and she watched them eat and learned what was safe and what was not.

But the real outside was big, and Itti was small, and wasn't used to the space of it. Too much, even cluttered with trees and shadows and so many many animals. So she turned back, back first toward her Mistress, before she remembered that that was no longer a house where she wanted to stay. So where was she to go?

To people. Itti knew people, how they worked. That there would be food that wasn't gross. And people had things that sparkled, and glittered and now, if she took something, she didn't have to give it back.

Which was how she found herself perched on a barrel across from a stall in the market, eyeing sparkling things with a speculative eye. The crowd seethed around her, moving about. She liked the noise, liked the smells, although there were a lot and they were overwhelming if she put to much attention to them. She tossed probes out like an absent fisherman, ghosting over minds, catching half-feelings as she did, hungry, sad, busy, children, food. Debating hunting out her own food as much as she debated snapping up the shining things and keeping them in her cabinet. Maybe a new chain, to change her necklace?