Storm Tossed [cw]

Description:  cw: violence   death   sex 


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Re: Storm Tossed [cw]
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It was like a madness in her blood. Steadfast rode him hard, her skin fevered and her eyes far away. Sometimes he thought any hard cock would do when she was like this. Thought sometimes any hard cock did do. But he left that alone. Right now it was him she rode. Like a gift. Steadfast was a gift. One Bannick wanted to swallow whole and keep with him always.

She whined when he took his thumb away, making Bannick smile before he showed why it had to go. She liked that too. Pressing her breast into his mouth until he had all of it. Riding his spear, sliding against his stomach. Bending when he asked her to bed. Steadfast grabbed his knees and offered herself up to him. Bannick couldn’t refuse. Not an inch of her. Body awake enough now to do some of the work of bringing her pleasure.

And a little more.

She tried to get away, but there was no where for her to go but straight up, and then only as far as his grip on her hair would let her. Bannick would have let go if she fled. Or pulled away if she asked. But Steadfast just flinched and gasped and clawed at him. A quick sweep of his probes promised him there wasn’t pain. Just surprise. Which was good, because she was strangling his spear. Bannick buried a roar in her throat. All her flinching dragging his finger in deep and wringing a sudden and explosive orgasm from him.

And herself. Bannick could feel it from one end of his throbbing spear to the other. And just as he’d wanted, his finger too. Grinning into her hair, Bannick nearly blinded himself on one of her antlers, hand stroking her back as she bit him. It was okay. She felt so good. She even kissed his newest wound better once her spasm had passed, her heavy breathing in his ear testament to the good work he had done. Bannick kissed her ear and neck. Let her decide what she thought of this new game without adding to it.

”Really? I thought it a shitty one.” He laughed as she bit him and wiggled his finger. It was hard to. Not as much give as her cunt. ”Hmm.” He grunted happily into her shoulder before easing out. Wrapping both arms around her, Bannick laid back down and drew the blanket up around them. Sleep pulled the color from the edges of his vision.  But he hadn’t forgotten.

”What did my web say?” He asked, tucking her close. Was she tired? He didn’t dare ask. Maybe a quick nap would see him restored enough to carry everyone home. Or at least to the village he most frequently stopped in. But first he had to know. Even if he was afraid to.


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Re: Storm Tossed [cw]
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This time it was exasperation that made Steadfast’s eyes roll back, lips a thin line that refused to giggle at his sorry pun. Palm striking his chest weakly she complained, ”You’re disgusting.” If there was more on the tip of her tongue he made her forget. Body rising up again, weight against his chest to see if tightening her ass would keep his finger from moving like that. She wasn’t convinced there was pleasure in it for her. At least not in the penetration itself. The base of her spine still tickled wickedly that the finger was there at all.

Still, she felt much more relaxed with it not. More flinching and wincing to test the lingering ache. Strange that the emptiness was just as erotic as the fullness. Rubbing her nose on his shoulder she breathed in the strong aura of their lovemaking. Easy to dissipate with her hearthcraft but she did not. Only contained it to a small bubble around their spot on the ground. Warm and content now.

She had almost forgotten what had started it all. His question making her eyebrows pop high. She hadn’t thought of what to tell him. Or really puzzled the web out yet. ”It was an unusual one. Not really any sort of straightforward information. There was a baby though. You seemed quite taken by it, I couldn’t tell much else. My needle kept slipping. Her tone went from factual to teasing. A kiss pressed to his lips, slow and careful to avoid his tusks. ”I’ll weave another once we know if it takes.”

How it could it not? Every bit of Steadfast was so desperate for Bannick. To lay claim to every little bit of him she could. The deep well of her love would nurture that seed into a strong baby as it had done with Ripper. Smoothing his cheek she slipped from on top to on his side. Fingers playing across his chest. ”Here. I’ve put up boundary alarms. Rest and hold the string. You’ll know if anything gets close.” She would hold it too. They could keep watch together. Bannick didn’t have to be awake to do it.

”Another hour or so and they’ll wake up. They should be fit enough to get back before another night is on us.” That was, at least, her very limited medical opinion.

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