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Eulalie hissed. Pleasure tipping toward pain as he caught her nipples tight and rough between his fingers. In retrobution, she pinched his spear tight between her thighs, toes digging into the arch of her foot. Teeth digging into his ear. Isidore bucked. Attitude changing as she agreed to let him really buty himself in her. Thrusting between her thighs and stroking her as her rolled away. Teasing what already throbbed.

”Good boy,” she whispered at his quick and simple capitulation. Hands stroking her thighs, Isidore settled between them, spear laid down her center like an offering. Eulalie watched the tip of it nestle in her curls. And then watched Isidore’s curls bob beneath her chin as he bent over her and lapped at her nipples. Sighing, Eulalie stroked his curls, and then herself. Sweat licked away by Isidore’s lips, it lifted her body upward. Hand to her belly and breasts until her clung to his arms and was filled up again.

Her breathing matched his thrusts. Her hips too. One leg draped over his waist, the other hooked over his hip, Eulalie rose to meet him.  Mewling and clutching as he caught her breast in his mouth, torturing her from all sides. Her hands traveled up his shoulders to his back, body rocking with his. Each thrust finding all the right places. Slowly. Gently. Until Eulalie was on fire from it. Back muscles shifting beneath her eyes. And then her hands. Climax unspooling in her stomach.

So much violence. So much power. Eulalie gave in to it. In to Isidore. Curious to know what it was like. All of it focused on her. No pain, but plenty of fervor. He hooked her legs up into his arms. Pressing her knees up towaes her chest. Hands clasping her shoulders. Spear filling her up. Chest crushing and brushing her nipples. Isidore snarled and fucked her. And Eulalie let him, bowing beneath his clutching, welcoming him deeper. Faster. Harder. Turning the slow unwinding of her orgasm into a rush that made her gasp. A low moan that was almost a wail. Quietly expelled against his temple.

Isidore came shortly after, buried as deep as he could reach. Mouth and fingers petting her as he filled her up with more than just a spear. Eyes closed, Eulalie stroked his back, hips following him as he pressed her into the bed and then rolled away. All his weight making her heart hammer. He was hers. All of him. Bearing her down and then rolling away. Eulalie let him keep her for a moment. Possessive hands gentle on her body, but still laying claim. All of it for her.

Breathing ragged, Eulalie stroked his chest and hip. Spear wet and heavy against her thigh. Body sated nearly to completion, Eulalie ran a thumb over his lips. Let him taste them on the air and cling to her body. Slick with sweat, they slid together, and apart. Mouth dodged artfully, she gave him neck and shoulders to work his mouth on, hands too, twisting curls around her fingers. Stomach clenching at his words. He was not wrong. ”You’re welcome.” Thumb crossing his bottom lip, Eulalie let him have one kiss. Tongue eager against his, lips plucking. Just for a moment, a heartbeat, before she withdrew.

She has things to do. And a captain to teach his place. But his mouth was as wicked as she’d imagined, and Eulalie wanted it so badly. He did not die for her pleasure. Barriers whole after her orgasms. Spear filling her. But she wanted more. His tongue buried in the place he planted his spear. Clever lips plucking at her cunt. Shivering, Eulalie kissed him again, sucking his tongue, and then his lower lip. Tugging his hair, Eulalie pulled away. All of her pulsing in after shocks. Mother Night she wanted his tongue.

”Now get the fuck out.” She purred against his mouth. He’d had more than enough. Releasing him, Eulalie rolled away, knees together as she dropped her feet off the edge of the bed and swept her hair free of her back.