Up, up and away!
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Insatiable, her mother always called her. Insatiable in hunger and insatiable in her need to learn everything. It was that second one that brought her out at this moment. She always had a need to learn. Always wanted to be better and best at everything that she could do and now was no different. She grunted as she hit the ground, dust puffing up around. "Fuck," she muttered as she got up for the twelfth time. It probably wasn't twelve but whatever. Eva knew she hadn't mastered what she was trying to do yet and what did it mattered how many times she hit the ground. It only mattered to her pride. She slapped the dirt before jumping to her feet and tried again.

"Maybe if I lace the red with the gray," she muttered to herself as she began to form the craft necessary for her new project. Red interlaced with gray, a platform only large enough for her own feet and Eva jumped to it. She'd practiced that little platform for weeks before getting it mostly right. She could stand on it but she could move it quick enough with red to get her moving. She wanted to fly. She'd seen the Eyrien woman with her wings, spreading them out as far as she could but not going anywhere of course. What use would an Eyrien slave be if she could fly away? But it had given Eva an idea.

She would fly. She knew using telekinesis to move things and people were possible, the jeweless slaves could do it. So she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if she was good enough she could go high enough to look like she was flying. But it was the practice that was killing her. She doubted the Mother Priestess had such problems with her black jewel. But Eva wasn't black jeweled only gray so she had to make do with the practice.

"Quickly now girl," she hissed at herself and threw another platform to leap to. Leap she did. Confidence blossomed and she tossed another and another. Maybe they weren't as solid as the first one but she was Evangeline Grace, what did it matter whether they were solid or not? She would do this. She moved as quick as she could until her silly brain took her somewhere else and she missed. Again she landed on the ground, face first and sputtering in the dirt. "Gods be damned!" she shouted before slapping the dirt again.

Had she been too slow or had she not been strong enough? She was not going to fail this. Evangeline Grace was going to fly and Darkness help anything that got in her way. Leaping to her feet she tried again and flailed as she hit the ground. Her body was going to be bruised after this and she was going to have to explain what happened. Maybe she could place the blame on someone else and not be in trouble. A silly escort or prospective hand would do nicely.

"Ahhhhh!" she screamed into the dirt with her eyes scrunched closed and she didn't see the form that had appeared as she had fallen her last fall.