Shared territory


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Shared territory
« on: July 14, 2019, 02:28:50 PM »

They had been giving her light duty. It frustrated Inga, who knew she was capable of more work than they were assigning her to. Anyone could dust. Though she had found someone had not been dusting under the small figurines in the west sitting room. Or the figurines themselves.

Nor had the cupboards beneath the sideboard been cleaned out recently. It was another thing on her growing list of things that needed done. But that was not for today. This day she had a queen to feed.

Tray balanced above the hump of her stomach, Inga navigated the halls to the queen's quarters. A tidy set up of offices for her and her court on the opposite side of the building as the sjef's. Inga found the arrangement rather ridiculous. How would they do business when so thoroughly separated? But it wasn't her place to speak on such matters, so she silently judged them and did the work that was hers.

"Lady Heartsbane?" She called, tray rested on her stomach so she could knock on the door frame. She peeked inside, but waited for an invitation before entering. Dipping a curtsy in the doorway, Inga bustled in and set the tray down on a table, disassembling the service and setting it up again on the lady's desk.

"Cook was worried when you didn't come for lunch so she sent it up with me." Cheerful in her domination of the space, Inga made it so that the queen out have no choice but to eat. "Busy morning, Lady? I'm Inga, by the by." In case someone had forgotten to inform her of Inga's new contract with the sjefhjem.


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Re: Shared territory
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2019, 08:15:10 PM »
Much was on her mind, chin in her hand as Astrid rolled everything through her mind. Missing people. Missing nieces. A brother who was a terror. Tyr was her brother and she loved him but thankfully not her problem. That was Stravangar's problem. Vigot, bless his heart, was finding ways to do what she asked. It wasn't much in her estimation, it benefitted her and the city to find those who were missing. It would give everyone a sense of closure and if some of the missing happened to have been taken by Arcerian cats instead of stolen, Astrid's trust in the world would be renewed. Somewhat anyway.

Head shifted, turning to rest cheek against the back of her chair at the knock on the frame of her door. A voice called her name and Astrid answered, allowing the woman to come inside. Tray and service clattered as the woman set it on the desk as Astrid spun her chair. She did so enjoy the spinning chairs and had the timing been different and the growing chaos not happening, Astrid just might have played with it.

"That woman fusses worse than any escort," she groused with a grin as she took in the figure of the lady setting her food up. Pregnant, heavily from the looks of it, and far too cheerful for someone who was. But Astrid had never been pregnant so what did she really know? She was trying to place the lady's face when she gave her name and the knowledge hit her brain. Inga, widow of Ero. The housekeeper had brought the woman on and Astrid didn't question. She knew better than to question that woman and keep her head.

"Mornings are always busy these days it seems," she said brightly, the cheer the other woman gave out infectious. "You're new yes?" she asked before continuing, "Would you like to sit? Take a break, rest your feet a minute and we can have a little talk." About what Astrid did not want to just slam the woman with. Her luck she'd have an armful of crying woman or a smart smack. Astrid knew better than to give grief to any hearth witch.

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Re: Shared territory
« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2019, 05:18:17 AM »

Inga set a roll of silverware on the desk and considered the complaint with a thoughtful purse of the lips. "I do believe you pay both just for that very thing." She pointed out not unkindly, before remembering herself. "Lady." Inga tacked on with what she thought was great difference and not a single moment of forgotten manners.

She was, as she set up the luncheon, having a good look at their new queen. They weren't the sort you passed on the street. At least Inga had never once come across one at market. She'd had some dealing with the old one, a bit of shared hall bustling with the apprentices. This was different. Astrid ruled Meols now. It sort of made her a real queen, rather than a girl learning to be one. Though, truth told, she was still seemed much a girl to Inga.

"Its what makes breakfast so important!" With a flourish, and a smile, Inga pulled the top from the tray to reveal the queen's meal. She set it on the tray with all the other discarded pieces. Inga was not going to put a little vase full of water and some sprigs on the lady's desk. That was just asking for soggy paperwork. Hands wiped clean on her apron, she surveyed her work and decided it was well done. Lashes low as she glanced at Lady Heartsbanne.

"I'm quite untired, I thank you. No need for sitting." Hardly a strain carrying a tray a few yards. You would think everyone plum forgot between one baby and the next that it was all quite natural. A body made to carry more bodies. "I will gladly stay and have a chat, if you desire. I'm old-new, truth be told. I worked here as a girl." Fingers curling over the back of one of the chairs meant for visitors to sit in, Inga wondered what the queen could want with her and tried not to turn it into a worry.

No sense in borrowing trouble. "Was there something specific needed of me, Lady Heartsbane?"


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