Event: Upheaval
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Eyes turning south Eydis leaned into the soil. Fingertips that had been busy flushing out space for seedlings paused in their work. Head tilted as if listening to the breeze she read the earth against her skin. Felt the build up of something strange beneath the physical plain. Or above it. She couldn’t quite make out where the upset started. Before she could delve deeper the source showed itself in a silent snap of Winds that rippled with rabid energy.

She sensed the change in her very Blood. Just like that in a split second, all of the Winds beyond even her deep reach. Ebon-gray striking out to reach for the familiar only to find turmoil. Frothing and roiling like a boiling pot. Too dangerous to touch. She gasped at the frightful realization. Mind already turning towards Henrich. Reaching for him across the yard. The full sun of her garden good for plants, but less good for old warriors who preferred the shade of a gazebo for lounging under.
Did you feel that? Something has happened to the Winds.[/br]

They had felt the last shift too. A positive sign of long awaited recovery. This was very different. For a long moment she waited with bated breath. Lungs tight in her chest. Hoping that the Wind would still again. Like a plucked instrument that would silence itself after a moment. The vibrations did not lessen, however. Instead they started anew. From somewhere on a much more tangible plane. ”Oh…” In Odense it was a gentle bump followed by a low rumble deep in the ground. The shaking shifted knickknacks on shelves and frightened the children. Voices rose up throughout the city. Calling to friends and neighbors to assure one another that yes, yes that had felt it too.

It was not the first time the earth had showed them its might. But the events were rare and always surprising. Pushing up to stand Eydis brushed the dirt from her hands and knees. Eyes sharp as they found the nearest guard, which was an easy task when they were all running towards you. ”I’m going to find out where the epicenter was, see if our allies need assistance. Please send for the sjef so we can ready the ships.”

Stavangard had fared much the same as Odense. They were the nearest and first to answer back. Queen to queen she waited as each city in turn sent word. Frykat gave a short and curt dismissal of aid. Which made Eydis worry that there had been damage. The southern province was badly hit it seemed. How bad she couldn’t know without seeing. Especially since both of the remaining queens there accepted any men and healers they were willing to send. As soon as they could send them.

In the mountains between Reric and Meols a rift opened up. Not wide or deep, but a fair portion of earth had crumbled in on itself. The reverberations jolting both cities and causing damage to buildings all the way into Little Terrielle to the south and north Askavi Kaeleer to the northwest. No one could say if it was a mad coincidence or the result of the Wind Cataclysm. And no one cared. They were too busy digging their neighbors out of leveled houses and rebuilding their own.