Event: The Devil at the Door
« on: August 29, 2019, 08:28:18 AM »
It had started with Lunaris, bloodletting under a full moon, feasting for the week after to call the new year. Dutiful lambs to the slaughter as queens and warlord princes spiraled on bloody altars and prayed for dawn.

Melchiar had given blood, dutiful son of Shalador that he was, he had given blood every year since taking Atalaya. This year had been no different. Blood given for the Priestesses, nestled comfortably at his Sapphire. It was enough, they never knew that he went no further. His Grey had taken near a century to settle at it’s full power again and he would not lose that. Not for silly rituals, dutiful son though he was.

The week had been meant for rest, for feasting, for him to enjoy his children, his wife anything but what came. A summons southward. A call from a Queen and court unused to bloodshed. Dragon fire in Villamide. Likely the same thrice damned beast that had turned much of Hayll’s northern provinces to ash before disappearing. Dragons were things of stories, silly tales to scare children raised in the heart of Ebon Askavi. Not things that tore apart half of Almades’ white walls before turning on Muxia itself.

But Melchiar had marched, emptied Ancar and marched to deal with not only the winged terror but the child-Queen sitting the throne as well. He was, after all, Shalador’s ever dutiful son.

Night fall would find him in Muxia, the destruction in Almades of little consequence to him. The red embers racing skyward from Shalador’s crown jewel turning the night to day. Villena Palace had stood longer than any knew and now swathes of it burned, alabaster stone blackened by dragon fire. No dragon but a shaken court, scrambling to put out fires while Melchiar stalked the halls with a small section of his guard, the rest of the army would handle the panic and smoke.

An audience with the Queen, deals made in the dark between Sapphire and Grey. Or so Melchiar would tell anyone that asked when dawn found him, bloody blade in hand and seated upon the territory throne and Queen Araceli no where to be found.