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Timeshare Queen
« on: February 09, 2020, 08:22:42 AM »
The Folly of the Faithful
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The Unshareable Queen

General Information:
A bit of absurdity dreamt up in chat that turned into a plot worm that wouldn't really go away in my head. The idea is more vague than concrete, which means there are a lot of options to choose from (territory, species, various other particulars). The general idea is a Queen who is sadly afflicted with a lot of males who just can't stand to be in the same room together.

The whys could be for any number of reasons. Jealousy. Spite. Something hinky with her queen craft. Bad manners. Maybe a little something different from boyo to boyo, and from relationship to relationship.

Requested Caste: Queen (dual fine)

Relationship: THE Queen

Preferred Jewels: Any.

Face Claim: Any

I will probably make a new boyo for the fun, but several others have expressed interest in using a disenfranchised boyo they currently have in their lot.
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Re: Timeshare Queen
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2020, 09:40:26 PM »
Although I may make a new boy, depending on what kind of drama gets decided on I have a couple of preexisting menfolk from which I'm considering.

Name: Ephram O'Hannon
Species: An Coríthe
Location: Dea Al Mon
Jewels/Caste: Green to Sapphire WP
  • Painfully civil, very distanced from WP traits
  • Not a fighter or quick to anger
  • Doesn't change from man to wolf due to trauma

Name: Indivar
Species: Eryien
Location: Askavi (currently marooned and injured in Dhemlan)
Jewels/Caste: Summer-sky to Green Warlord
  • Mute due to injury as a child
  • Friendly but self-conscious
  • A gardener with license to kill

Name: Reed
Species: Cervini
Location: Dea Al Mon
Jewels/Caste: Red to Gray Healer Prince
  • Fiercely loyal to family and possessive of what's his, suspicious of everyone else
  • One angry boi
  • Dr. Asshole
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