Fulminare, Tuvian

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Tuvian Fulminare

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Fulminare, Tuvian
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    Tuvian Fulminare

    The Basics

    Full Name: Tuvian Tenebris Fulminare
    Age: 698 as of AW104, b. -594 before Witch’s Death.
    Gender/Pronouns: She/her/hers
    Ethnicity: Eyrien
    Birthplace: Askavi Terreille, Strigavi Province, in the Painted River Hunting Camp, whose winter quarters were near the excellent hunting around the Dark Gate.
    Current Location: Askavi Terreille Territory Court
    Profession: Territory Court High Priestess

    Caste: Priestess Healer Dual Caste
    Birthright Jewel: Purple Dusk (CUT 85)
    Offering Jewel: Blood Opal (CUT 78)
    Face Claim: Priyanka Choppra

    The Body

    Height: 5’6”
    Body Type: Soft, natural curves over a subtle strength.
    Hair Color: Lustrous black hair, furiously straight unless she styles or magics it.
    Eye Color: Gold

    Flawless black wings with golden highlights, a precise inverse of her laughing golden eyes with a deep black border. A bright, slashing smile and a sweet, trilling laugh greet the delights of each day. Her voice is highly trained, projecting easily throughout a cathedral or across a battlefield without requiring either Craft or shouting.

    Her silences are unusually peaceful; inviting and easing rather then excluding or accusatory.

    Tuvian prefers to wear saris, which easily wrap to accommodate her wings and injuries (both old and new), often paring them with shantoon palazzo bottoms (soft, flowing pants) for maximum versatility and freedom of movement while still retaining a graceful demeanor.

    A ragged scar (often hidden by Craft) rings her upper left arm. Deeper, star-like gashes suggest it was inflicted by a barbed-metal wire wrapped cruelly tight over an extended period of time. (Healable plot point! Hidden story and a villain to fight!)

    Old lash marks are subtly hidden by the deep patterning in her wings. The scaring flows over her back and neck, the dark scar tissue a sharp contrast to her golden skin as it flows over her spine, down to her waist, up the back of her neck and into her hair line. (Healable plot point! Internal/personal growth story.)

    Her right hand does not close all of the way, remnant of a terrible crushing injury, imperfectly healed. (Not Healable, I think?)

    Her Psychic Scent is of deep, still waters - cool, restful and filled with the presence of the Darkness. Her Purple Dusk weaves reveal troubled waters beneath the calm with the scent of a looming storm, and her Blood Opal weaves are sharp and fierce, the scent of a lightening strike.

    To more mundane senses she smells of silk and clean water.

    The Mind

    Craft Strengths: 15pts
    Psychic Shields
    Cushioning Spells
    Dark Gate Rituals
    Psychic Probes
    Ceremony Craft
    Guidance Craft
    Craft Weaknesses:
    Utility Craft. | Battlecraft.

    Personal Strengths:
    Listens. | Clever. | Patient/Stoic.

    Personal Weaknesses:
    Cautious. | Traditional. | Vengeful. | Honorable. | Veiled.

    Tuvian is grounded, very centered and focused. While she has endured great pain and loss, she is neither cynical nor embittered. Rather, she is extremely cautious, slow to trust and leery of change.

    Having lost so much of her family, many people would shut off their hearts and turn from others. Not Tuvian; she still believes in the value of life, and the sacredness of friendship freely given. That all meaning in life, and all true wealth, is tied up in those we cherish, not what we own.

    The Backstory

    Living Family.
    • Ishvian | 6x grand-mother | Yellow Descent
    • Duriia | Great Aunt | Broken to Basic Craft witch
    • Turivar | crippled Father | Tiger Eye to Summer-sky Prince

    Tuvian’s only surviving children (not yet to Offering):
    • Gladiar (Sword) | twin Sons | Rose to Purple Dusk Warlord Prince
    • Ferriar (Sword) | twin Sons | Summer-sky to Purple Dusk Prince

    Dhemlanese in Household:
    • Hye-Jin Choi (Bright, precious Intellect)| Friend | Yellow to Rose Dhemlanese Queen
    • Animar (Courage) | Hye-Jin Choi’s half-Eyrien son | Birthright Warlord
    • Ji-Yeong (Wisdom Brave) | Hye-Jin’s 1st Bonded | Jewel to Jewel Warlord
    • Hye-Ji (Bright Wisdom) | child of Hye-Jin and Ji-Yeong | Birthright Witch
    • Min-Jun (affable elegance) | 2nd Bonded | Jewel to Jewel Warlord
    • Junivar (elegance) | Half-Eyrien | Birthright Warlord

    The three half Shaladorian children of her sister who have Wings:
    • Aestivian (summer) | niece | Jewel to Jewel Witch
    • Fuentar (Fountain) | Nephew | Jewel to Jewel Warlord
    • Venidar (conqueror)| Nephew | Jewel to Jewel Warlord

    Seven War Orphans also make their home with Tuvian. You are welcome to  create one!

    Content Warning:
    While none of these are graphically described, the history does deal with death of family, madness, murder, rape, hostage, captivity, and the breaking of witches.

    -594 BW Tuvian was born in the Painted River, the sparkling power of the Midwinter’s Night turning the cold spray of water into a kaleidoscope of Jewel tones.

    -579 BW And it was there, fifteen years later, that Tuvian was guided through her Birthright Ceremony by her beloved Aunt Cealian. As soon as Aunt Cealian confirmed her Priestess Caste, the Steward of Strigavi commanded her mother to birth more daughters, despite the urgent objection of the Healers. From this point on, her mother went from pregnancy to pregnancy as swiftly as possible, for both husband and father were eager for the power more Priestesses would bring them.

    Bewilderingly to Tuvian, no mention at all was made of her suddenly revealed Healer Caste. Nor was any effort made to train it; Askavi was not yet desperate for Healers. Instead, Tuvian spent these years training with her Aunt at the Dark Gate, or attending to the spiritual needs of her Hunting Camp. The fear a misguided Healing would cost them their precious Priestess meant that she was surrounded by attendants and Escorts at all times. The care was stifling. Now, she sought her freedom in her mind, and in her spiritual studies.

    -551 BW When Tuvian was 43, her great uncle Duriia was revealed to be her great Aunt! In a horrifying ceremony that every member of the family was forced to witness, Duriia was Broken by the Territory Steward for daring to learn to fight when their physical body was clearly female. At the same ceremony, Duriia was given to the Warlord Prince Aemilii with orders that he was to father the single child a Broken Witch is capable of. This deception was the last straw; generations of deceitful and strong willed women had already been Broken and executed, and now one hid as a warrior? The family came under deep suspicion by the Territory Court.

    -550 BW As if in answer to Tuvian’s very own prayers and dreams, the year after Duriia was Broken, Witch was confirmed to exist! Surely she had come to rescue the ladies of Askavi. Even better, the Stewards of Askavi surrendered The Black Valley to Witch, so they were neighbors! Aunt Cealian and Tuvian made the reverent journey to Ebon Askavi, and by whatever whim of fate or destiny, actually were able to meet with Dreams Made Flesh, the Avatar of the Darkness. Tuvian is awed, like her devout Aunt. Diffidently, Tuvian asks witch how to help the ladies who are deemed to unstable to live. In answer, Tuvian finds herself swept up into Witch’s Court and schemes. She studies in the Dhemlanese manner, though with many tutors, for the entire Court was horrified at a dual Caste witch being denied training in one of her Castes! She is immediately assigned tutors, to begin to catch her up to the Dhemlanese school system. From 44 to 55, she studies at the Dark Gate near Ebon Askavi, and serves in the Court. By this time, Tuvian speaks Dhemlanese like a native, and has been a gifted student. There is talk of sending her to a private finishing school in Dhemlan.

    -540 BW Tuvian’s Aunt Zephian, a powerfully jeweled Queen, is suddenly declared mad and put to death by Cobtar and the Steward of Strigavi. Having only warm memories of her Aunt from the decade before, Tuvian is in tears, and confides this loss to her teachers. Shortly, Witch begins to encroach upon Askavi’s territory, specifically against Tuvian’s family, causing death and mayhem, including the death of Cobtar. Was it policy? Something she’d always have done? Was it vengeance for the death of yet another promising Queen? Once more Tuvian and Aunt Cealian become envoys to Witch, begging her restraint with their loved ones.

    -533 BW Tuvian’s sister, a spirited young queen, is deemed unstable and Broken on her virgin night. The normally timid Aluvian, suspecting political motives, tries to stop it, to explain, but is slain out of hand for interfering. Cobtar’s death has cost the family dearly. With no powerful, unpredictable and politically connected Dark Jewel to defend the family, they are very much at the mercy of the whims of the Steward of Strigavi. Terrified, grieving, and skilled enough by now to recognize the political maneuvering around her sister’s death, Tuvian pours her heart and soul into learning Psychic Shielding. Will she be next? Plenty of Askavi warriors hate her for being part of Witch’s Court, for admiring so much of how the Dhemlanese do things.

    Terrified, overwhelmed with grief and enemies, Tuvian steals her Broken sister away from the Painted River Hunting Camp and flees into Shalador.

    Tuvian’s niece Alinadar is born to her sister while they are in hiding in Shalador. This family remains in contact with Tuvian throughout her life. Tuvian remains in Shalador for a decade, focusing upon her Healing training, hoping to be forgotten by all factions. She makes close friends while amongst healers of the short lived, too young herself to yet know the pain of watching them grow old before their time. They teach her to speak their language flawlessly, and to delight in the art and beauty of the land.

    -524 BW Tuvian is called in to heal a mangled wing upon an Eyrien warrior; only after she successfully completes the Healing does she recognize him as a Warrior from the Strigavi Province! She goes quietly when he demands that she returns, for fear that if he searches for her, he’d find her sister and her sister’s family.

    Far too late, Askavi musters a vast war party to face Witch. Days after the desperate, loosing battle a Black Widow finds a riddle in the Darkness, that leads to the mangled form of her father. He’s still alive, having been blasted out of the sky while the war party raced down the canyons before they closed with Ebon Askavi. He lay untended too long, and so far no Healer has been found to restore his wings. She takes her father home, to the rubble that was once their summer base, hoping no one will find them.

    -514 BW  Tuvian’s Offering was pushed upon her early, as soon as she turned 65. Though she came out of it with a Blood Opal, it was deeply exhausting. The Steward of Strigavi, suffering under the rule of the Dhemlanese, was ominously present throughout both her awkward Virgin Night and the Offering.

    He took her with him when he left, needing someone with her insight into both Witch and the Dhemlanese. She worked in the equivalent of his First Circle, knowing that if she refused, he would not hesitate to declare her traitor and either kill or break her.

    Tuvian is made First Escort to the Steward of Strigavi. Her cousin, Aeminiar, trying to stop it, is clever enough to fail without being killed. He is banished from Askavi.

    Askavi did not rest easy under Witch’s Rule. After one revolt too many, Tuvian was taken hostage by the Dhemlan Territory Court in order to punish the Steward. A skilled diplomat, charming and clam, Tuvian used her time in Dhemlan to both make friends and - most critically - to learn. Offering her parole and service in exchange for schooling, she was eventually sent to a finishing school and even passed the Territory test allowing service in a Court. In theory, anyway. A hostage was not to be so trusted.  At least she still had her priestly work at the Dark Gate (for Dhemlan boasted it’s own), and the Healing she donated to those who could not afford a Dhemlanese Healer. Had she not been an Eyrien, she might even have been able to serve one of the many sane, healthy Queens she met out here. As when she was in Shalador, Tuvian spent as much time studying home life and culture as she did Craft. Why weren’t these females crazed? What made the Eyrien Queens so unfit to rule?

    -294 BW Before she got an answer to her question, a young Dhemlanese Queen came to the Court currently holding her parole. Hye-Jin was a sweet, spirited girl from the country, come to Court for her Offering and Virgin Night.

    But she would not stop questioning Witch’s conquest of the Realms.

    Tuvian defied everyone, and used her skills at Psychic Shielding to reinforce Hye-Jin’s inner Barriers and prevent her from Breaking. That very night, they fled from Dhemlan. It took four years to make their way back to the Painted River, but when they got there Tuvian performed the Offering Ceremony for Hye-Jin, who received a Rose Descent.

    The successful ceremony and rumors of a Dhemlanese Queen eventually led to their discovery by the Askavi Resistance. She and her friend are taken to the Strigavi Steward-in-hiding. Furious, distrustful, he crushes Tuvian’s left hand as a test of loyalty for both of them; Hye-Jin permits it without resisting to buy the lives of her the two Bonded who had fled Dhemlan with her. Her knowledge of Witch, of Dhemlan, and her shalador contacts all prove useful.

    After Askavi is conquered, Tuvian weds the Steward of Strigavi. Her skill with Dhemlanese culture and language is a flimsily shield for her subjugated people, but it is all she can offer. Each meeting with Witch and her Court is terrifying, the constant decline in a woman she had once worshipped is as painful as it is horrifying.

    But then ... Witch is Dreams Made Flesh, and most of Tuvian’s dreams are night mares.

    Painful centuries later, the Territories come together to defeat Witch at last. Five of Tuvian’s sons, three daughters, countless grandsons and nephews perished. Her uncle Aemilii, her cousin ... her husband.

    Tuvian had given birth earlier in the year, and could only rejoice that her young twin sons lived. She herself was part of the team of Priestesses who both helped their ally Territories bring in Warriors through the Dark Gate and denied the use of those gates to Witch’s allies. When the dust cleared, there was not one able-bodied, adult male left to either her family, or the shattered remnants of the Province rulership.

    Now was the time, if only a Queen would take it.

    Almost before hope could form, Dhemlan moved in, easily overtaking the exhausted, emptied Provinces and Districts. The untrained Queens gave way, the shattered Stewards (those few left alive, anyway) gave way.

    Tuvian wept, as her Territory surrendered without a fight. Yet she could not quite give up. So Tuvian searched for the survivors of her family, and brought them all together at the old Province Court in Strigavi.

    Then they waited for a thread of hope...

    19 AW Gladiar and Ferriar grew old enough to have their
    Birthright Ceremony. Gladiar emerged with a Rose Birthright and (oh dear) a Warlord Prince for a Caste. His twin Ferriar was a Summer Sky Birthright Prince.

    20 AW It began as rumors, really. Whispers from her Shalador relations that their was a Queen in Askavi ready to rule.

    22 AW A scant two years later, the child Queen Ilithian Violta declares herself an independent District Ruler.

    And Dhemlan did not destroy her.

    By 25 AW That young Queen forged a formal alliance with Shalador and claimed all of Ancari Province!

    Again, Tuvian waited for the destruction Dhemlan would bring ... and Ilithian Violta withstood all that was thrown against her. Not even to her Offering, and defying an entire Territory.

    35 AW Ilithian Violta claims Mellavi Province, and Tuvian is utterly frustrated, willing the fierce young Queen to come claim Strigavi. Soon, Darkness bless, soon.

    Defiant, even of wishes, the half-breed child-Queen chooses Ligure for her Court Seat.

    Apparently, her advisors can’t read maps, as it isn’t in either of the provinces she claims.


    But it’s close to Tuvian, overlooking the Black Valley of her childhood.

    Tuvian begins a careful, cautious reaching out, seeking the first contact with Ilithian Violta’s Court.

    37 AW Ilithian Violta moves on the Province of Undavi and Isle, again missing Tuvian’s beloved Strigavi. The war ends abruptly, and only three years later she is declares herself Territory Queen. During this three years, Tuvian and Ilithian meet several times, slowly growing closer.

    50 AW Tuvian accepts a position in Ilithian Violta’s Court.

    65 AW Tuvian is invited to be High Priestess and accepts.

    90 AW Ilithian Violta makes alliances with other Territories, including Dena Nahele, and Tuvian is very much involved in those negations. Most of Askavi now under Eyrien rule.

    100 AW A formal agreement with the Warlord Prince of Dena Nahele is finally agreed to. But despite how hard Tuvian worked to achieve proper Caste training for her people, she has deep misgivings about sending young Queens already used to a role of subjugation to yet another Male to be trained. Her role was involved enough to leave her fluent in their language, if with a charming accent.

    102 AW Apparently the Darkness shared Tuvian’s concerns, as a DRAGON rose up and ate Dena Nahele. Oops.

    103 AW Idiots destabilized the Winds again. Unbidden, Tuvian suspects the Red Birthright Queen is behind it.

    104 AW Gladiar and Ferriar are still not quite ready for their offering, though they are of an age to receive it.

    The Writer

    Player Name: Idariel / Ida is just fine.
    Player Pronouns: She/her/hers
    Timezone: GMT - 8 Standard, GMT - 7 if Daylight Savings (March 14 - Nov 7 in 2021)
    Contact: Discord is best and very welcome; site PM would be good, too. Email will be lost in clutter.
    How did you find us?: My friend found you and invited me! She is Cerebearstare.
    Inactivity Instructions: If Tuvian is in a serious romance, and I can’t be reached, let the player of her partner decide whether to archive her (something going wrong at a Gate ceremony would certainly work) or adopt her, adopt her out, or just NPC her. Otherwise, the Gate incident seems a nice in-character excuse while you archive her.

    Roleplay Sample:

    The cold water swirled around Tuvian’s waist, heavy with power and portent. Her sari flared around her, the silk exquisitely light, ribbons of soft color dancing within the swift, other-worldly currents of the Painted River. Golden eyes strained after the last drops of sunlight as the westering sun surrendered this Midsummer’s day to the endless Night.

    Power exploded around them, deep and ancient, wildly uncontrolled, as befit the fiery Eyrien nature. Erupting from the Abyss, the power slammed into Tuvian with a physical blow, sending lightening strikes of Jewel tones to shatter the otherworldly Darkness which had swallowed them. The lazy current of the river was lashed into a violent rage, for no purely physical thing could endure the touch of such power without being fundamentally changed. Dark, primal power warred with the physical world, breaching the boundaries between Realms, scrambling time, flooding the bodies and minds of the three Blood who dared challenge the Painted River on such a powerful night. Terrifying, exhilarating ... but necessary.

    Her sons, too, would be forever changed this night. Necessary, she reminded herself, as she let the power storm around her children. Would they run? Would they close their minds and hearts, and be forever denied a Jewel? Her heart ached with tenderness, fear, pride. So tiny, they were so fragile, so very precious, surely too small to stand with such defiance against the vast raging torrents of the Darkness? And yet, defiance was writ in every line of tension shooting through their shoulders, legs, eyes. Neither would back down before the other. Ever. They did not show fear - Darkness, but she wished they would, sometimes. She’d had other precious children, but not one had ever been as obstinate, fearless and determined as Gladiar. And if Gladiar faced something terrifying, there was nothing for it but that Ferriar must out-do him!

    They held fast, feet braced against the river, golden eyes fierce as they fought to hold and channel the power around them. Not a sound escaped them, no whimper of pain or cry of fear. Even when a surge of power knocked Ferriar over, they only responded by clasping hands so that Gladiar could haul his soaked, chilled brother to his feet once more.

    And still Tuvian let the storm rage and the power build.

    Tradition demanded it.

    Terror lurked within Tuvian, if not within her too-stubborn sons, and her body swayed as the instincts of Mother, Healer and Priestess warred within her. Another swell of power, this one tossing very real and physical stones at her sons finally provoked a cry from her only surviving children - though predictably, it was a cry of delight, as the instinctive counter succeeded beyond their dreams! Power they had never commanded before obeyed their will - Ferriar spun Shield after Shield around the three of them, while the aggressive Gladiar did not merely knock the rocks aside but exploded them!

    That action, the act of will as her petitioners successfully reached out for the power around them was what Tuvian had been waiting for. Was it trust that had made them endure so long without so much as a heat shield? Or simply the impossibly strong will, the refusal to accept defeat that dwelled within them? With a twist of perception, Tuvian forced the physical world to fade away, opening those secret paths within her mind that linked the Darkness of her soul to that of the Abyss itself. The violent surging of the river eased, sparks of Jewel-toned power danced and cavorted across Tuvian’s golden skin, melting through her ceremonial robes in places with the need to touch. Midnight black hair was lashed in the sudden storm, tearing combs, beads and a few locks of hair free, a blood offering of sorts.

    Tuvian reveled in the new-born strength pouring into her beloved sons, and mirrored in herself. The time for defiance was past; now the path must be opened. “Peace,” she entreated the Abyss, her voice a sweet temptation. “They have never met you before; go slowly.” Delicately coaxing with both voice and Craft, Tuvian shaped the wild power into a vortex centered upon the two anxious boys before her. She could follow no farther; only open the pathway, guard the portal, and wait for those who held her heart to descend into the Abyss.

    Dusk till dawn, that odd tableau held.

    Lightening flared, in every Jewel-tone known to the Blood and a few baffling strikes she could not name at all. Her family gathered upon the shore as dawn approached. Tuvian held the pathway home open, Psychic threads gently reaching out, calling to those who might be too lost in ecstasy find their own way back.

    As the first blush of dawn lightened the sky, a glittering Rose Jewel appeared in Gladiar’s hand. His burnished gold gaze snapped to her, awe and wonder softening the predatory gaze. She smiled and held out her arms when he ran to her. Their laughter mingled - then cut off, sharp and harsh, as a deeper Purple Dusk Jewel appeared in Ferriar’s hand.

    Gladiar tore away from Tuvian, and punched his brother square in the nose. Blood spurted, newly won Jewels lost as the boys dropped them to brawl.

    Gritting her teeth as the remnant of her family fought not to laugh at her predicament, she took a deep breath - and the clear, sharp scent of
    came to her. Oh, no. Which one was it? “Hell’s fire, Mother Night, and May the Darkness be merciful.” Tuvian stepped forward, and pinched each child by the ear, ending the brawl with howls of protest. She hauled them to the shore, sending a sharp look to her still-laughing father. He wouldn’t be laughing so hard once he figured out who had to try to train such a difficult Caste.

    Turning to her sons, she schooled her voice to cool disapproval.

    “If you think I’m going back in the river to search for the Jewels you discarded so casually, think again. You have until noon to learn how to Call them to you.” Leaving the dire consequences of failure unspoken, she settled into the chair her father had vacated, and tucked the warm blanket he provided tightly around her.


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    The Darkness has granted you...
    Purple Dusk
    Cut 85
    Blood Opal
    Cut 78

    As requested, FIVE family rolls:
    1: Rose to Purple Dusk
    2: Tiger Eye to Summer-sky
    3: Yellow Descent
    4: Summer-sky to Purple Dusk
    5: Yellow to Rose
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     What’s better than one shiny? Why, three shinies, of course!	   How nice! This item allows you to re-roll the Jewels on one character sheet for free.   How nice! This item allows you to re-roll the Jewels on one character sheet for free.   How nice! This item allows you to re-roll the Jewels on one character sheet for free.   How nice! This item allows you to re-roll the Jewels on one character sheet for free.   A fancy certificate awarded to those noble writers who finish what they start. Redeem it to get a bonus of 10% more marks for a completed thread.   A fancy certificate awarded to those noble writers who finish what they start. Redeem it to get a bonus of 20% more marks for a completed thread.   A fancy certificate awarded to those noble writers who finish what they start. Redeem it to get a bonus of 20% more marks for a completed thread.   What’s better than one shiny? Why, three shinies, of course!	   What’s better than one shiny? Why, three shinies, of course!	   Wow, it's really heavy!   Ready to get your territory lore approved? This item is for first time territory makers.   

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