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Filaesion Rilindisil

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Filaesion Rilindisil
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Filaesion Rilindisil

The Basics

Full Name: Filaesion Rilindisil
Shortnames: Breaker, 'Captain Flint,' (by Red Guard), Major Ironclad (by his sister)
Age: 276 as of AW104
Gender/Pronouns: Male (he/him/his)

Ethnicity: DaM (30%) | Aycayia (Krenaiai - 70%)
Birthplace: Dea al Mon
Current Location: Polod
Guard Ranking: Major
Profession: Black Guard | Red Guard Captain, ret.

Caste: Black Widow Prince
Birthright Jewel: Rose (CUT 95)
Offering Jewel: Summer Sky (CUT 74)

Face Claim: Valentin Winter

The Body

Body Type: Trim. The shoulder span is impressive and shows signs of specific and targeted endurance training.
Hair Color: A rich silver-white immediately recalls the snow resting upon the unsullied ice. He wears it long and coiled in a regimented braided bun. It is, of course, slicked back in a most dapper formation and very occasionally worn loose to his waist for formal events.
Eye Color: A piercing, brilliant ultramarine-blue.
While this fair, almost pearlescent-skinned Black Widow Prince always smells of refined soap, leather, metal, his left brow has a scar through it, which continues through the eyelid and below the eye, ending at the bottom of his cheekbone. Without attire, tattoos that shimmer faintly with the colours of his jewels are apparent upon his back from his left shoulder to the end of his shoulder blades. These markings are all of the names of those he has served with personally and have lost their lives defending Dea al Mon. His psychic scent to those that notice seems to mirror oakwood, bitter chocolate and sandalwood smoke. The birthright thread is studied subtlety and echoes his psychic scent of Oakwood yet pairs with apples. When the Offering thread is in use, it adds severity and thrumming passion for maturing orchids.

Arms and forearms especially contain a variety of old scars, while down his right side rests one that crosses from sternum to almost groin. Filaesion has an intensity to his expression that makes the ultramarine of his gaze either one that is difficult to look at for extended periods (especially if he doesn't like the viewer) or perhaps one with the potential to be lost. The pure silver-white of his hair starkly complements. The Major never goes anywhere unarmed or unarmoured. Even in formal attire when he does make an appearance at the Territory Court, it is both reinforced with thin threads of Craft, leather and delicate, decorative mail, all in unrelieved midnight.

The sound of Filaesion's voice sounds as though it genuinely has been caressed by Mother Night with a blessing. When he speaks, it is nearly a rumbled, sensual sound that slides from his throat.

Filaesion has served Dea al Mon in some capacity for decades. His every movement makes plain a man that is both used for efficient killing and simple sparring.

While capable of levity, his adherence to Protocol and the soul of the Blood, the passion for life above all things are apparent with each motion made, every smile he grants forth. However, something is missing in him due to having known so many deaths in his family. It gives the Major a colder appearance than expected. As the second eldest male among the yet living Rilindisil, he understands his devotion and duty to keeping what remains safe. The Shield of Dea al Mon in particular and its loss is one of many concerns that have caused his outward display of warmth to wane.

Though seldom, when he smiles fully, it is fierce; Filaesion has sharply pointed upper and lower canines. The rare laugh is a soft melodic sound that is even richer than the dusk of his speaking voice, which is a direct result of his Krenaiai heritage blending over several generations with the Dea al Mon to the point where it is difficult to tell where the line is between them in his family. As he is not fully Krenaiai, it took more effort to learn to shift from a two-legged form to a mer, but Filaesion is reasonably skilled in doing so. He can close his nose and ears for swimming and change his hands and feet to webbed for subtle alterations, as well as see underwater for a fair distance, though not as much as his few fully Siren kin.

When he is not using Illusion Webs, the corners of his eyes, his neck, shoulders, back and hips are lightly yet beautifully covered in shimmering blue-green scales reminiscent of the sea drakes that some people believe that siren types come. His ears are pointed like any part-blooded Dea al Mon, and in the dark, underwater, or when his emotions are extremely high, his ultramarine eyes glow.

The Mind

Craft Strengths: 15pts
Walking the Twisted Kingdom
Chalice Healing
Breaking Jewels
Telekinetic Hold
Physical Shields
Swift Shifter
Craft Weaknesses: Calming Spells | Tracking Spells | Compulsion Webs
Personal Strengths: Discipline | Needlepoint and Physical tasks | Strategic non-Craft Entertainment
Personal Weaknesses: Controlling his condescension | Being emotionally open

A skilled painting might amount to endless words, Filaesion amounts to far less. He is not a complex male, both courteous and near to an open book as one of the Blood can be, in his opinion. With millennia of history of the Rilindisil men of any Caste having taken life service in the Black Guard despite any increase in rank, Filaesion was aware he would be dedicated to military service. His many years of Red Guard regimented service coloured his personality quite a bit more. While he's of higher rank in the Black Guard, several former comrades still address Filaesion as Captain. It is one of a few niceties that might almost gain a smile from the stoic man, even with the whisper of despair in his gaze, if one knows to look.

His delight in history and keeping order had an immense impression on Filaesion as a youth. That rare selection solidified the idea of service and honour paired with the life of others before his own, entwined with the Protocol the Blood have followed and for the protection of every life in Dea al Mon. Moreover, it left Filaesion with a personality of sheathed steel when his mind wasn't on the oceanside, lakes, and rivers of his other inheritance. When isolated daily, he tries to spend some time near open water, if not in it, which often soothes the man's temper. Swimming is a way Filaesion can be playful, though he seldom allows many to see, save for his children and his late wife.

Intense passion remains, distinctly controlled by a sense of propriety unyielding and permitted to the most worthy. This controlled persona is perhaps contradictory to the man's Black Widow Caste. However, Filaesion is cautious not to be unhealthy which those mannerisms, careful to permit the natural sensuality he possesses to breathe easily. Yet, when he is moved toward personal loyalty, it is not blinding. Few Queens have been able to penetrate the formal manner of his presence. One was his late grandmother, Alumeria, whom he Blood bonded with as a very young boy and subsequently lost due to her advanced age.

The second is a disastrous natural bond with a corrupt, spoiled Queen with who he remains trapped. Threads of both ties linger akin to a limb removed before its time and death by slow poison. These have sharpened his resolve over the near century since his grandmother's death. Calculated and vigilant, most of his service was that of an enlisted man by choice until a slow climb due to a blend of familial prestige and well thought outmanoeuvres eventually gained him the rank of Major.

These facts colour his military conduct. Prince Filaesion has served among the lowest, invisible recruits with an exemplary record spanning from his military preparatory graduation until the present. The only time away was two-year-long medical leaves due to injury that he primarily does not remember at all due to shock and trauma. Filaesion expects excellence in all near while tolerating little to no foolishness. When the Major speaks, it is with a purpose regardless of whether merely a single phrase.

The Backstory

  • Iluina Rilindisil | Maternal Aunt | Purple Dusk to Opal Queen
  • Narolva Rilindisil | Wife | White to Rose | Hearth witch (deceased)
  • Namaire Vesirin | Bonded Queen(not adoptable) | Tiger Eye to Rose Queen
  • Kalima Rilindisil | Daughter | Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk(will be) | Queen
  • Dhoron Rilindisil | Son | Opal to Opal(will be) | Warlord Prince

More family detailsshow spoiler
All ages are as of AW104. All are DaM (30%) | Aycayia (Krenaiai - 70%) unless mentioned otherwise.
Late Wife: Narolva Talandril, Hearth Witch, White to Rose. Red Guard. Nearly lost her Offering Jewel in creating the Shield around Dea al Mon. She perished in an accident of combat through friendly fire in Summer 102 AW.

Aunt: Iluina Rilindisil; The Smiling Queen; Matriarch of the Rilindisil Clan - Age: 575 - Ruling Queen of Village Linithor, Northern Polod. Aristocratic. Called also, The Happy Queen, Enduring One, by those that know her well. Purple Dusk to Opal. Nissi/Dea al Mon mix.


Sister (half): Lhúthien Rilindisil. Age: 263. Black Widow Queen. Daughter to Queen Iluina and former First Escort Falas Rilindisil. Jewel to Jewel(TBD). 1/3 Dea al Mon, 1/3 Nissi, 1/3 Aycayia (Krenaiai).


Aeidath Rilindisil. Warlord Prince. Bonded to Queen Iluina. Rose to Purple Dusk Age: 224.

Tinatir Rilindisil. Prince. White to Yellow (not rolled). Once Bonded to Lhúthien, Black Guard. (Deceased).

Bonded Queen:

Namaire Vesirin, Queen, Tiger Eye to Rose. One-quarter Dhemlanese, three quarters Dea al Mon. 181.


Zalorek Talandril, Warlord Prince, Opal to Opal. Maternal Half-brother to Narolva. 1/4 Dea al Mon, 1/2 Dhemlanese, 1/4 Aycayia (Krenaiai).


Kalima Talandril. Queen. Age Four as of 104 AW; Born of Narolva. Will be Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk(will be).
Dhoron Talandril. Warlord Prince. Age Twelve as of 104 AW; Born of Narolva. Opal to Opal(will descend).


Melesse Rilindisil, Queen. Yellow to Tiger Eye. Born to Tinatir. 45.


Mirwa Rilindisil - born to Tinatir, Warlord. Yellow Descent. 54.


CW: Death, personality toxicity/abuse is implied.


Filaesion had never been in a Court other than his late grandmother's, and nor did he genuinely expect that would occur, although he had a knowledge of Protocol that he knew as well as the back of his hand. The Rilindisil name meant much regarding the protection of the Realm, just like so many others. The men of his line have served in the often served in Black Guard for life. At the same time, the women also have some service in either structure, as do those considering themselves of neither gender, particularly due to the androgynous appearance of nearly full Krenaiai.

For several thousand years, many people in Filaesion's family have attended a private military preparatory academy originally founded and sponsored by the ancestors of the current Rilindisil family. It is independent of any Court structure to maintain neutrality for those seeking military education and eventual action. They avoid any political influence but have proud historical ties with both the Red and Black Guards. A few other families - and not all full Dea al Mon have seats on the educational board to keep matters fair for citizens of a different heritage than full Dea al Mon students, such as the An Corithe. In the last two thousand years, the Midnight Arrow Academy has worked slowly but very hard to count all Dea al Mon, not just two leg types alone.

So, as a young Black Widow Prince before receiving his Birthright, Filaesion knew how he would spend his life. Unfortunately, his parents died relatively young, or at least interrupted; Falas Rilindisil in Black Guard service and Lady Raellas in Red Guard service. His father was half Dea al Mon to half Krenaiai and could not change his form, while Filaesion's mother was eighty percent Krenaiai to twenty Dea al Mon and could. This death was a blindingly painful experience, though it also began to harden Filaesion to the horrors of grief from combative life. As most Dea al Mon families of all sorts live in vast family groupings, Filaesion's family was no different. His parents' deaths meant that the vast numbers of uncles, aunts, cousins, and so forth helped raise him and his siblings.

Military. A soldier. Orders would be his life, and it was the same for most of his brothers, this expectation. Like most of his siblings, he attended Midnight Arrow Academy following two years of emotional and Craft preparation after his Birthright Ceremony. A cut, darkly hued Rose Jewel was Filaesion's gift from the Darkness, and he treasured it. So Craft, diplomacy, Protocol, and weapons training became his life. His extended family made certain these were interspersed with the general love and finery of being a child.

While Filaesion's Caste of Prince had been apparent when he was born, the secondary Caste did not emerge until the middle of adolescence. As a result, Filaesion's temper vastly shifted to something far more vicious. Then, as he was not a Warlord Prince and it was impossible for him to be, a cousin quickly noted he'd had a growing snake tooth beneath the ring finger of his right hand, confirming that Filaesion was not only a Prince but a Black Widow. So his hourglass training began immediately at home until he could be received regularly at the Hourglass Coven in Polod Province.

During this time, he became accustomed to regular checks of his chalice to ensure he was sane and undamaged. Finally, he moved through initiation, receiving his first hourglass pendant proudly, with the sand only in the top of the glass to display his beginning training. While not ready for sensual activity, the fact was not lost on Filaesion that mundane activities had their joys in ways that he had never noticed. The softest woollen blankets, the touch of very fine vellum, the look of his hair in the mirror, each set his pulse to hammering in different, terribly exciting mannerisms. More, the knowledge he was gaining was especially incredible. Filaesion pushed intently through further Black Widow training while listening to the regulations not to be unsafe.

Eventually, a woman or man's hair gleaming in the sunlight could stir him, though it still took years to understand why this was. Filaesion's family had never been purely Dea al Mon. For centuries, the Rilindisil and other cousins allowed their lands to be safe sanctuary long before it was considered the done activity. Specifically for those merpeople shunned by their kind, called Krenaiai and Nissi who either escaped through the gate after discovering they were unsafe outside of Raej found their way to the deep forests of Dea al Mon, hiding among other kindred types. Their part of the forest had always been considered neutral territory even to the An Corithe and the many other shifters so long as they did no undeserved violence on Rilindisil land. Soon enough, they began trading with a few of the less vicious pods of Aycaiya living closer to the shores of Dea al Mon, in the rivers as wells lakes. Filaesion himself saw no difference between two or four-legged for playmates and friends. However, he learned at an early age to use strong Illusions to hide his differences. Once, a full Aycaiya that was not kin tried to drag him off like they sometimes did sailors, and the rough lesson stuck, even if he held no blame for the ferocious, Yellow Jewelled ocean beauty. He still has razor-like scars on his arms from the encounter.

Offering gave him the stunning Summer Sky, which was as well a joyous event. Filaesion continued attending the Academy but particularly was overjoyed with his acceptance to the elite military prep program designed for those wanting to serve specific types of combative careers. He remained in said program for approximately a decade, partly due to his dual casted nature. As his family expected Filaesion to join the Black Guard after the Black Widow Prince's preparatory schooling was completed, his Aunt informed the Black Widow Prince that he had two months to plan his entry into the Black Guard.

It was a heavy, painful weight, as his great-grandfather had once held a high position and honours before his death. At the time, at least a few courts were interested in Filaesion's capabilities, increasing the anxiety of making a choice. Though it had been many years after his grandmother's death, he was soured by the idea, even while respecting those suited for it. While high rank or upper Court positions did not interest him, serving for life in some capacity did. He entertained his first and second lovers at this point of life indecision after learning how to link his mind with another and extensive sensuality tutelage. The first was a nearly full Aycaiya Prince named Telanilian, from the small friendly pod claiming the lake and river system near his Queen Aunt Iluina's home. The second was a beautiful Cervini Healer woman, and though Brighthorn has since perished, he has never forgotten her.

However, Filaesion broke slightly with tradition, joining the Red Guard, which surprised though did not upset his relatives. He refined his combat training here, finding a savage joy in being tighter with the front lines. He began to think he could imagine no other task. Training as a recruit went with elegant precision. Filaesion topped his unit in performance or as near as possible without recklessness. Eventually, he also gained Journeyman status in the Hourglass Coven, which was an entirely different kind of pride and joy. Initially, his advancement was slow due to his secondary Caste and needing specialised training. Because of that, he eventually rose to the rank of Captain following thirty years of service. He debated what to do next, whether to remain in the Red Guard and seek higher command or not, serving five more years while command pushed for additional rank.

Instead, he took temporary reservist status with Red Guard service and returned to his original Hourglass Coven instructor for further in-depth chalice healing training and surviving the Twisted Kingdom, as well as learning how to walk within it for both the purpose of visions and pulling people from it who had their deeper selves trapped there. This time, it was much harder to learn, but a few more years attained additional skill. Following learning these types of very dangerous healing and how to undo them with rushed work or mistakes made, he spent time solely being contracted to mind heal veterans and combat retirees. He helped them deal with depression and all manner of difficulties resulting from long service.

This change in work type gave Filaesion a needed break and avoided the usually noted burnout. He attended this Specialist position for another decade before being convinced to return to the Red Guard fully. Though he had gained the rank of Captain before reservist status, full-time service was different. So he returned to the Academy as a temporary adult student to reacquaint himself with various tactical learning for two years. By this time, Witch had not managed to press deeply into Dea al Mon as other territories, and even Filaesion wondered if she was as horrible as the visions said of the strange darkness. Yet, his seeing gift had always been uncannily accurate.

The years whirled by while he watched his brothers fall in dutiful service, some of which were bonded to his half-sister Lhúthien. It was difficult to watch those shattered relationships. Deaths of each of them under his command, so many gone to battle for various purposes in defence of Dea al Mon sharpened Filaesion's resolve to his duties and service in the Red Guard, but he felt something was missing, or as if he could do more. At this time, he thought to join the Black Guard and asked to do so, despite his sister's protest as a reservist/retired member. While Filaesion loves his sister dearly, it wasn't his way to react to life choices solely because of fear, even if he could not claim perfection on this topic.

The Captain needed a different type of specialised training in this case, as the Black Guard are essentially assassins for Dea al Mon's well-being, which is a considerable difference from the Red Guard, which is more militarily aligned. While his experience in the Red Guard vastly helped, it still meant he had to rise from the bottom of the ranks once more, which offered Filaesion a renewed depth of purpose despite the grief from losing siblings still burning painfully. Suddenly, once he had begun to gain quiet honours, life service seemed no longer an honoured tradition but an actual need once the problem of Witch continued to unfold.

Once, because Filaesion had survived, he wished that he and his sister could share such a bond and offered a blood bond with her, but it was not to be; she refused, preferring an arrangement offered by Mother Night alone. All he could offer was the comfort and then further duty which Filaesion pressed himself to with an intensity few possessed. His existence in the Coven and the Craft he learned and practised almost with a religious manner only less intense than his delight in care of the Priestesses that attended to Mother Night and her temples also assisted Filaesion with his grief. He learned to walk the Twisting Kingdom in even greater depth not long before Witch became a genuine threat to Dea al Mon.

After nearly five decades of defending the Dark Gate, there was twice in which he very narrowly died and required intensive medical leave, at one point, needing to relearn how to use his right hand after having it rebuilt. Several more times, being wounded severely without it despite being advised to accept, Filaesion gained the distinction of becoming a Captain among the Black Guard. Not long after this, he married a distant cousin in a love match; his wife was a member of the Red Guard, and at the time, neither were ready for children. Though he could have taken more than one lady, Filaesion chose to devote himself to Lady Narolva at her request, so it was written into their marriage contract. His wife's attentiveness eased the difficulty for a Black Widow Prince to maintain monogamy. He held pretty tightly to the position of Captain despite suggestions that he should offer service directly to the Queen of Dea al Mon. The man did not think the political arrangements suited him. For twenty further years, he remained Captain, having no interest in rising any higher.

However, Dhemlan continued to cause dangerous issues, and most times, the enemy units did not choose to attempt the gate in Polod Province, trying various ways to go around it. Around this time, Filaesion began adding his unique tattooing to the skin of his lost brothers and sisters in arms and committed to using a strike team to stop them. The amount of death from other Blood on his hands gave Filaesion a hairline series of cracks in his chalice that needed healing. A third time, he was absent, and half of his comrades were slaughtered, especially if they went beyond the border of Dea al Mon.

For a time, he blamed himself, then sought out deep counselling in addition to further healing. Unfortunately, this took him away from service for another entire year. Finally, however, he began to accept recklessly charging back into combat would save no lives. Once he was ready, the Captain returned to the field, eventually gaining the name 'Breaker' for the sheer number of Jewelled fighters that he broke while needing to hold a combat position with only five other men in the Tinu mountains for three days before reinforcements could arrive. It was believed to be a suicide mission, but instead, Filaesion survived. He dragged the survivors back alive in his fury, wanting a Queen to kill them after obtaining valuable information.

At the time, it seemed a truly Darkness sent beauty, his newly bonded Queen. Watching Lady Namaire Vesirin slaughter a dozen men who had killed many of his comrades was justice. However, he asked that she leave the women alive and unbroken the same way he had brought them to her, giving them a choice to remain imprisoned or switch sides. Half switched sides, to Filaesion's relief.  Unfortunately, the rest of the female prisoners were put to death; Lady Vesirin broke her word to Filaesion for the first time, and it would not be the last.

Still, star-struck, he did not notice the hint of the horror of her yet. Instead, she was imposing given her partial Dhemlanese heritage. The Lady claimed they were merely trespassers. People that threatened the sacred forests of their home deserved nothing save death. Captain Filaesion fell hard as a rock, in addition to bonding, though his stoic manner made this difficult to see. A bond brother or two seemed to understand he had seen far too much to be romantically giving without more time. Finally, the Queen demanded that he join her Court, and Filaesion, still heartbroken from past events, refused politely.

As they were in private, it was the first time he realised Namaire was a rotten Queen, at least to some extent, even as he hoped he was wrong. She scarred him, throwing glass until Filaesion was nearly blinded, giving him the scar upon his face. He claimed to the attending Healers assigned to him that it was a combat injury and fought viciously over maintaining a scar. Finally, after nearly walking out, the Captain needed to be restrained. Yet he received the thin scar he wished, as, by the time he would accept tending, it was too late to repair the damage entirely. Though he never explained, he needed to have that mark to remember his mistake—a mistake of trusting his heart to anyone beyond his wife. He warned his lady about the Queen to keep his wife and Namaire apart but was unsuccessful. Thankfully, Narolva was far sterner and older than Namaire.

That seemed at first to help, but it would eventually cause pain, though the eventual births of two children with his wife blinded Filaesion to that fact. More, he had never been the sort of man that could quickly strike a woman back as hard as he did a man as some Warlord Princes could in defence of what they claimed as theirs. So, he kept Namaire's profound disrespect and abuse to himself, trying to keep it from becoming a festering wound.

The death and displacement of families as Dhemlanese soldiers crept into Dea al Mon further honed his defensive capabilities. However, he mourned even the deaths of enemy combatants, not blaming individual soldiers for their orders. Along the way, he was noticed by upper command, the service of his family and the history recalled, which gained him the rank of Major after sixty years of service. Afterwards, Filaesion refused further advancement and evaded further Court service, particularly after being burned emotionally by his bonded Queen, who viciously neglected their bond. He used his studies of Black Widow Craft to bury himself in the intense and dangerous learning of Chalice repair, gaining other additional skills over time. The Major became a full member of the Dea al Mon Hourglass Coven after many decades of studying, especially once the barrier stopped most incursions into Dea al Mon.

Finally, however, a true tragedy struck.

His wife, Lady Narolva, a gentle Hearth Witch and distant cousin descended to the Rose, was wounded traumatically from friendly fire. Painfully, he became aware none of his skill or knowledge could save his wife. But, while their relationship was well deeper than warm, their children were his lady's pride and beloved joy. So the Black Widow Prince offered his wife peace before her death with a careful illusion web.

Next, Filaesion added gentle chalice healing. It allowed Lady Narolva to believe and feel as though there was minor damage to her body with the aid of a Healer. This much he could do, even if the entire detail made Filaesion feel unstable, ill with absolute disbelief as his beloved took her last breaths. Since then, as a single father in mourning, Filaesion serves in Polod, and the not-relationship with his bonded Queen further deteriorated to the point of pain. But, unfortunately, he's persisted in ignoring this.

While it has been an honour, and Filaesion would never abandon either his place in the Guard or his family, his thoughts rest primarily on what will happen next with the shield lost to them. Moreover, Filaesion finds it imperative not to forget Witch could have been good, and if nightmares and pain create Dreams Made Flesh, then it must be what the Blood has earned. This idea often causes the Major to worry about the future, especially where his children are concerned. The memory of Narolva still burns every day, though he fears the moments when it hurts less and allows him to feel other things.

The Writer

Player Name: Cerebearstare
Player Pronouns: They/She
Timezone: -8 GMT
Contact: Discord or site PM
How did you find us?: Internet Search!

Inactivity Instructions: Archive please.

Roleplay Sample: Losing his Queen's Bond with his Grandmother caused realisation of the gift of her grace had been to him much of his life. It had been taken for granted. More fool he had been, for that. He needed to explain to his son and daughter that their blessed mother was gone from the world. Love. It was draining from his life out of a fucking sieve. But, it was one matter of writing a letter or attending the Funeral Rites of one under his command, or telling the family that the body had been "lost". Those were expected duties that he had long adjusted to, as difficult as it was every time.

Damn it, Narolva. Come back to me, my beloved—just one more moment.

More complex than the worst battles that occasionally, when the children were with his relatives, kept him awake all hours of the night. His pale and almost moon touched, elegant hand curled around the chair. Prince Filaesion had spent the last three evenings in aching silent grief. Tonight, however, his son and daughter were home, dinner had been served and eaten. The children were aware that their mother had been ill, but he asked not to explain, asking for patience. 

A soft sound indicated that someone had entered the sitting room.


Shit, he swore internally. Mother Night.

Do not ask.

For the love of the Darkness, one more night. One more night of pretence, of peace--

"Where is Mother?"

The Black Widow Prince Filaesion bravely faced his darling son with a grim, steady expression on his expressive face, folding his lean hands together. The long nails slid against each other today, polished an opaque white for both styles and hiding his snake tooth; the midnight of the Major's of his attire was a contrast akin to inky waters against the moon's reflected sunlight. The fair-skinned and lanky boy moved toward his father with wariness, the image of him, almost, except that intensely wild presence that marked Dhoron as a Warlord Prince. They measured each other up, something new between father and son. Filaesion did not have that growing killing instinct his son possessed, though he did have the deadly presence of a Black Widow.

Though older, he yielded gracefully to his son, as Dhoron's was the more significant Caste. It made matters in the household when Narolva had still been with them often amusing and deeply so. Tears shimmered in the man's ultramarine gaze now, which was remarkable because he never wept previously. He held out his hands to his son, thanking heavens now that his wife had not been a Queen and his boy bonded to her. What shit would that have been? The man's iron mind shied away from the feeling of being bonded to the woman he was, feeling sick at the idea that but weeks ago, Namaire had screamed at him in his refusal to sire a child on her. The pained tension in his mind was not appropriate here, so he rolled it away with practised discipline and a firm yet light hand. Dressed in dark green wool sleep pants, a tan shirt and barefoot, Filaesion's son took a step forward. Dhoron's silvery hair was only to his shoulders now, but the texture was like that of his mother. It hurt to look, but the Black Widow Prince did not turn away as he spoke.

"She is dead, Prince Dhoron. She went quietly in her sleep, I held your mother, as she drew her last breaths, and spoke of you and your sister with love and gratitude."

He had not prepared himself for the furious response from the boy, the cry that ripped from the young, trim body. Thankfully he could redirect that anger, that rage to some extent still as the young man's parent; Dhoron did not yet view his father as a possible rival, and it was essential to Filaesion to attempt to make sure he never did. So he allowed Dhoron to cry, to shriek, even though it lanced his heart. Then, eventually, to throw things, taking care only with what was thrown. Then, finally, the child spent all that anger and pain; he pulled the boy into his arms. It could be dangerous to touch a slowly maturing Warlord Prince before they were ready, so Filaesion was pressed to wait despite wanting far sooner to comfort his son physically.

"No. Mother isn't gone. She can't be. Give her back."

"Give. Mother. Back."

"I cannot do that, son. But I wish I could take her place."

The two males - fell silent. An hour passed, the fireplace crackled with the only peacefulness in the room.

"No. I would not want you to take mother's place in death; that wouldn't be better, father. Our sister would be left unprotected as I am too small. But, we can not tell my sister. Not yet." It was a demand from his Warlord Prince, son, Filaesion quietly agreed, feeling a sudden warming pride at the maturity of Prince Dhoron. Sometimes he marvelled at the boy and felt a sudden depth of love, though his expression remained largely unmoved.

Thinking about his daughter, a little Queen, he nodded and felt older suddenly than his years.

What was he going to do with a baby Queen?

"No, we cannot."

"I will keep my sister safe," Dhoron remarked sharply, in a voice that was too old for its mere decade of life.

"For now, it is bedtime, young one."

Not for him. There would be no sleep this night. Though he could think of little better than watching his children sleep while planning for them to have a warm, loving day with him and then taking the youths to his Aunt. She was one of the few Queens he trusted beyond his sister. He tried not to think of his own Bonded Queen, chest growing painfully tight with the first anxiety he had felt since defending against Dhemlan decades ago.

It mattered little. By dawn, he was still expected at his station and would be there, as he had always been.

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The Darkness has granted you...
Cut 95
Cut 74

As requested, FIVE family rolls:
1: Purple Dusk to Opal
2: Rose to Purple Dusk
3: Opal to Opal
4: White to Rose
5: Tiger Eye to Rose
6: Opal to Opal
7: Yellow to Tiger Eye
8: Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk
9: Yellow Descent
 What’s better than one shiny? Why, three shinies, of course!	   How nice! This item allows you to re-roll the Jewels on one character sheet for free.   How nice! This item allows you to re-roll the Jewels on one character sheet for free.   How nice! This item allows you to re-roll the Jewels on one character sheet for free.   How nice! This item allows you to re-roll the Jewels on one character sheet for free.   A fancy certificate awarded to those noble writers who finish what they start. Redeem it to get a bonus of 10% more marks for a completed thread.   A fancy certificate awarded to those noble writers who finish what they start. Redeem it to get a bonus of 20% more marks for a completed thread.   A fancy certificate awarded to those noble writers who finish what they start. Redeem it to get a bonus of 20% more marks for a completed thread.   What’s better than one shiny? Why, three shinies, of course!	   What’s better than one shiny? Why, three shinies, of course!	   Wow, it's really heavy!   Ready to get your territory lore approved? This item is for first time territory makers.   

The Darkness

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Re: Filaesion Rilindisil
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 What’s better than one shiny? Why, three shinies, of course!	   How nice! This item allows you to re-roll the Jewels on one character sheet for free.   How nice! This item allows you to re-roll the Jewels on one character sheet for free.   How nice! This item allows you to re-roll the Jewels on one character sheet for free.   How nice! This item allows you to re-roll the Jewels on one character sheet for free.   A fancy certificate awarded to those noble writers who finish what they start. Redeem it to get a bonus of 10% more marks for a completed thread.   A fancy certificate awarded to those noble writers who finish what they start. Redeem it to get a bonus of 20% more marks for a completed thread.   A fancy certificate awarded to those noble writers who finish what they start. Redeem it to get a bonus of 20% more marks for a completed thread.   What’s better than one shiny? Why, three shinies, of course!	   What’s better than one shiny? Why, three shinies, of course!	   Wow, it's really heavy!   Ready to get your territory lore approved? This item is for first time territory makers.   

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