Niniel Galasrinion

Description: Rose to Jewel Healer Hearth Witch | Idariel

Niniel Galasrinion

    Rose to Summer-sky
  • Healer Hearth Witch
  • Played By: Idariel

    Trauma Surgeon
    Dea al Mon Kaeleer
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Niniel Galasrinion
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    Niniel Galasrinion

    The Basics

    Full Name: Niniel (Tear Maiden) Aredhel (Nobel Elf) Galasrinion (plant-crowned)

    Age: 198 as of 104 AW, b. -94 BW
    Gender/Pronouns: she/her/hers
    Ethnicity: Dea al Mon / Aycayia (Krenaiai)
    Birthplace: Dea al mon
    Current Location: Dea al mon
    Profession: Trauma Surgeon

    Caste: Healer / Hearth Witch
    Birthright Jewel: Rose (CUT 56)
    Offering Jewel: Summer-sky (CUT 88)

    Face Claim: Camilla Marrone

    The Body

    Height: 5’2”
    Body Type: Slender, but too curvy for a pure Dea al Mon.
    Hair Color: Goldenrod, bronze lowlights, golden high lights
    Eye Color: blue and gold, like a delicate morning glory.

    Niniel loves to be doing and this is reflected in her appearance. Her nails are short and often less than perfect, her face sun-kissed. She has full lips, a regal nose (which she hates), and a strong chin (fair warning). While her hair always starts the day properly arranged in braids or a bun, it doesn't take long before it is adorned with flowers or leaves. She avoids slippers in favor of soft-soled boots, equally suited to a walk in the forest or working her rounds.

    Unwilling to waste Jewel Strength on her appearance, Niniel does not hide the exquisite, golden scales that flash and flare upon her shoulders, waist and feet. In some ways, she does not need to; the unobservant might easily attribute their glittering glory to sparkling body powder (which she adores) or elaborate body paint (the more whimsical and fun, the better.) When Niniel shifts, she can fully become the mermaid of legend, golden hair matched by golden tail and pure golden eyes complete with the nictitating membrane that allows her perfect sight under water. Golden webs spin out between her fingers, spread to a fringe of fin that stretches from wrist to ankle, and another from knee to ankle. Her toes lengthen, more golden webbing flairing along and between them giving her splendid speed in the water. Her eyes never fully loose that glittering, golden touch, giving her eyes much the appearance of a morning glory - exquisite blue with a golden aura around the midnight black pupil.

    The Mind

    Craft Strengths:
    Calming Spells
    Passing Through Objects
    Weapon Empowerment
    Scent Cleansing
    Preservation Spells
    Craft Brews
    Diagnostic Sight
    Telekinetic Surgery
    Craft Weaknesses:
    Summoning & Vanishing
    Psychic Communication
    Psychic Probes
    Physical Shields
    Breaking Jewels

    Personal Strengths:
    • She has high expectations, looking for the best from people: honor, courage, hard work, and empathy.
    • A centered, stable home life has left her remarkably unscarred and with a great internal strength that allows her to support her patients.
    Personal Weaknesses:
    • She is too trusting, despite her wise mother's best efforts to prepare the entire brood for Court life. To counter that trait, her Black Widow sister regularly scans her for hostile Craft, changes in personality or damage to her Chalice, while the little Priestess tends to her spiritual needs even more often.
    • Shattering the Chalice or the mind of her patient is a terrible, secret fear. They are so vulnerable and weak, while at the same time she is so desperate to heal them before it is too late. It is a delicate balancing act that no one talks about.

    Niniel is a happy person by nature, with a profound faith both in Mother Night and the Dea al Mon. She is confident in her skill as a Healer Hearthwitch, as well as with her place in Blood society. Perhaps overconfident, but then she counts amongst her siblings the most powerful of Castes. A different personality might be awkward or jealous, but she simply feels safe. Her family can handle anything! As her father is a Warlord and her mother a Hearth-Witch, Niniel has had intimate, longterm association with every Caste almost from birth. As such, she has internalized Protocol to the point where it is instinctive. Manners, courtesy and a yielding respect for each Caste come naturally to her.

    Niniel has made an informal study of philosophy, from which she garners advice and comfort. She is unlikely to ask for help, feeling on some level that as a Healer it is her job to strengthen others, not weaken them by making emotional demands, thus her spiritualism and philosophical studies fill that need. This is part of what had a fatal effect on her ill-advised first love. That, and her utter conviction that if she has extra power in her Jewel by the end of the day, then she did not work hard enough.

    The Backstory

    • Ivriniel (lady of lake and falls) Galasrinion | Mother |  Yellow to Summer-sky Hearth Witch
    • Aldaron  (Lord of Forests) Ysillidore Galasrinion | Father |  Rose to Purple Dusk Warlord

    • Thalion (Dauntless Man / Hero) Galasrinion | Twins | Purple Dusk to Opal Warlord Prince
    • Thuilin (Swallow Singer) Galasrinion | Twins | Purple Dusk to Opal Black Widow
    • (me) Niniel Galasrinion | Healer | Rose to Summer-sky Healer
    • Irimevae (Lovely Sea) Galasrinion | Opal to Opal Queen

    Half siblings raised in the family:
    • Airenvaya (Stormy Sea) Galasrinion | Summer-sky to Purple Dusk Priestess
    • Aldarion (Son of Trees) Galasrinion | Summer-sky to Opal Prince (jungle cat shifter)

    Villains and allies:
    • Captain Nendili (Water lovers) Telemnar (silver fire) | first love | Summer-sky to Purple Dusk Prince
    • Namaire Vesirin | rival queen | Tiger Eye to Rose Queen (Filaesion’s app)

    Content Warning:
    children die. I’m so sorry, I hate it too.
    Mean boy friend.
    Evil queen.

    Niniel was a happy child, warm and optimistic. Few things in life truly challenged her, and nothing she really needed was ever denied to her. Born after the Shield was up, she flourished in the protective shade of her family estate, safe within the wilds of Polod Province. Early childhood was spent laughing and playing along the coastline of the Fyreborne Sea. Her mother, a practical and wise Hearth-witch, did not deny her children a childhood simply because of their Castes, or for a war that spanned across two Realms. Given the gift of long that their mixed blood gave them, she did not allow nebulous fears or transient pressures to sway her from her course. There would be time enough for deep study after the Birthright Ceremony, and far too many duties after their Offerings. So Niniel and her siblings spent as much time exploring and playing in the woods as they did at lessons, as much time swimming in the ocean as they did at weapons’ practice.

    All of Niniel’s family attended her Birthright Ceremony, with Niniel’s revered Ysillidore Aunt acting as the presiding Priestess. This first deep Communion with the Darkness filled a void in the child’s soul, and sparked her interest in the mystical. The birth of her very own Priestess sister not long after felt like a personal gift from the Mother Night herself!

    Craft studies only began in earnest after her Birthright, with her oldest brother’s favorite (and thus often overworked) Healer as her mentor and tutor. Her tutor was a kind soul, himself dual casted, instilling a deep respect for her patients into the young Healer Hearthwitch. Court trained, the tutor carefully explained the balance between Priest, Healer, and Queen: soul, body and heart. This ensured that Niniel was content with her rare dual Castes, rather than jealous of any Queen or Priestess. She was never intrigued by the Black Widow's craft. As the saying goes, "sufficient unto the day are the woes there of." Though his lessons support her even now, he was a pure Dea al Mon, and destined for a painfully early death. Niniel did not abandon him, but tended to him through it all.

    Though no stranger to grief and loss caused by both war and discrimination, the worst blow to her heart was the loss of two younger siblings before their Birthright. Herself still a child, not yet to her own Offering, the Healer Hearth-witch had taken Lindír and Âmrod upon a long, rambling walk into the wild. Unknowingly they strayed dangerously close to the invading Dhemlanese. Increasing Skirmishes over the Dark Gate drove the enemy deeper into her forest than she could have imagined. Laughing, teasing, entertaining her beloved siblings with tricks of Craft and Illusion as she delighted in her glorious Birthright Jewel, Niniel squandered her power without a moment’s thought.

    And the cost was the death of both siblings.

    Never again would Niniel waste her power, nor render herself incapable of Healing for frivolous pleasure or casual ease. Memories imperfect, she would never know precisely how many Dhemlanese there were, or what happened to them. She could never quire recall the half-understood swear words they’d shouted as her desperate defense and early training in fighting cost them dear. (Not many Healers or Hearth-witches  are tutored in fighting by both a Black Widow and a Warlord Prince from birth). Despite how sharply the Psychic Scent of all those involved was etched into her soul, the only moment Niniel recalls clearly is the precise instant a powerful Shield slammed between her Jewel and the pain which called her to fix that which could not be Healed. The stench of death flooded her senses, the cacophony of battle terrifying and alien. The horror as warm blood pulsed past her tiny, desperately straining hand as her baby brother bled out has never faded. The weight of her sister’s slowly cooling body as Niniel clutched the tiny thing to her etched into her memory forever. The voice, so deep and musical, that eased her away from madness, even as the same power severed her connection to her dying brother and sister haunts her.

    The gain was a dedication to the men and women of the Red and Black guard, who had saved both her life and sanity. From this moment on, she knew she would join the Red Guard when she was of age. From the moment of that decision, her life became an exercise in managing chaos. The twins (Black Widow and Warlord Prince!) were free-wheeling adventurers, answering to no Court or Queen. They swung wildly between supporting her ambition by drilling and training her exhaustingly, and opposing her decision with every fiber of their being and ounce of authority Protocol bestowed upon their high ranked Castes.

    Niniel put off her Offering to the Darkness for as long as possible, so as to be perfectly prepared. Long after her Virgin Night, she was still ‘getting ready.’ So nervous and anxious that her Offering would be less mystical than her Birthright Ceremony, she kept delaying the longed-for event. Finally, her loving family ambushed her.

    Her brother Thalion (a full grown Warlord Prince for decades now) literally threw her on his horse and carried her off to the Dark Altar, teasing her all the way about her torn and rumbled skirt, the leaves and pretty branches in her wind-tangled hair, and the dusting of sun-summoned freckles along the tips of her ears and the back of her neck. Aldarion, her youngest brother and a very proper Prince, assisted her from the high-spirited mount, for he had claimed the role of Escort, his first formal duty. Thuilin, already a skilled Black Widow well past her Offering, wove protective and light Webs over the lovely, living flowers the young Queen Irimevae coaxed into perfect form in Niniel’s golden hair. Her mother, ever the perfect Hearth-Witch, had a new gown ready for her, and both her father and favorite uncle managed to break away from their duties, bringing with them the tender-hearted Prince who had so beautifully attended to her Virgin Night (or Virgin Week, or even Month ... well, it was sweet and beautiful and she adores him to this day, however long it was). Airenvaya, the blessed Priestess born just after Niniel’s Birthright, gravely assisted their Aunt in leading the nervous Healer / Hearth-witch through this most vital of ceremonies. Despite the rather awkward beginning - and it was awkward, for The Darkness had been calling, tugging, yelling at the girl for weeks - the Ceremony itself was beautiful and Darkness blessed. Mother Night called to Niniel, and she answered that calling with all of her heart. Without a doubt, her Offering is the happiest and most sacred event in her life, unlikely to be eclipsed by anything but the birth of a Queen daughter.

    Yet the lessons that truly matured her were learned more subtlety, during her years in the Red Guard. The need to husband her resources under battlefield conditions reinforced her inclination to be frugal, and intensified her hatred of the smell of death, stinking medicines or unkept sick rooms. Between her Dual Castes and ability to use herb and knife Healing if her Jewels were exhausted, she was usually assigned to units at high risk. As she was able to provide a safe, comfortable and warm infirmary from little more than what she carried in her Psychic Cabinet and a few trees, she nearly always followed them into the field. Finding her balance when isolated away from her family, studying new areas of Craft, learning philosophy and answering nearly daily letters from her family filled the early years. She emerged kinder, and more sympathetic to others. While she had been raised to an instinctive understanding of the Castes before her time in the Red Guard, now she had a parallel grasp of the individuals who actually bring the power of those Castes to life.

    For years she served; years turned to decades. As the power of the Shield was tested, and the enemy encroached more and more deeply into the woods around her home, Niniel hesitantly offered her services to the Black Guard. Unique Craft skills and challenges awaited her there, and she never, ever wished to see another Dhemlanese within the borders of her land. During her early training for this vicious, politically motivated group, she met a devastatingly handsome Captain, and learned what it truly meant to be Blood.

    He was Niniel’s disastrous first love and he broke her heart quite thoroughly. The moment she realized that it was all a lie, that he had risked nothing to be with her when she thought he had risked everything, was the moment when all of the hidden passion and recklessness of her heritage shattered a lifetime's control. She nearly killed him, sparing him only because he was beloved of a sacred Queen. A poisonous, evil Queen, but a Queen nonetheless. She had allowed her passions to rule her head this once, and swore she’d never do so again.

    Not at all of a nature to be an assassin, or to be swayed from following her conscious by callow political designs, her time in the Black Guard was an uneasy fit. Never would her loyalty to a person out-weigh her loyalty to her people.

    Not even her loyalty to the Red Queen.

    When Witch was finally slain, Niniel resigned from the Black Guard with a great deal of relief. Yet as loath as they were to loose her skills, and given that she was unable to turn her back upon those with whom she’d served, an arrangement was made. Now, Niniel volunteers with both the Red and Black Guards, taking shifts in the field as needed, or simply managing their injured back in the safety of a base, city, or Court infirmary. Even her family estate, at need. She also gifts her time to both Temples and Refugees, and helps run a charity for veterans and orphans  (the Ladies Aid Society) with her mother. She also has written one book on utilizing surgical techniques to stretch the effectiveness of a Healer’s Jewels (When to use a Knife,) and is working on a second volume (The Field Surgeon’s Handbook). If she lets herself fall asleep with full Jewels, she knows she’s let someone die whom she could have saved.

    For just over 100 years now, she’s led a charmed, sweet, fulfilling life, even adding being a midwife to her many skills. The difficulty of so many Dea al Mon in childbirth (particularly the  . KrenaiaI, with their often too-narrow, nearly androgynous build), she is working on a way to use Pass Through Objects to deliver children. This work - sometimes even with full Aycayia who are having a difficult birth - has left her pondering the nature of the Aycayia and the Dea Al Mon, trying to understand why she is so despised by one half of her people. She has read everything she can find on the shifting races - and even on Eyriens! - and how to Heal them. When she has been called upon to Heal a full-blooded Aycayia, it wounds her every time how fiercely they reject her as soon as they are well.

    The Writer

    Player Name: Idariel / Ida is just fine.
    Player Pronouns: She/her/hers
    Timezone: GMT - 8 Standard, GMT - 7 if Daylight Savings (March 14 - Nov 7 in 2021)
    Contact: Discord is best and very welcome; site PM would be good, too. Email will be lost in clutter.
    How did you find us?: My friend found you and invited me!

    Inactivity Instructions: Please archive this character. If she is in a serious romantic relationship and I vanish, please let the other player NPC her at need. If she needs to be written out of the story, saying that she got caught out at sea when shaped like a mermaid should work.

    Roleplay Sample:

    The ocean was fierce and wild, chuffed with frost, as it reflected Niniel’s mood. Sea-salt always felt better sliding along her scales than the tamer touch of fresh water, even when laced with out-of-season ice. Yet the ocean brought with it the hunger and ferocity of her ancient lineage, glacial spikes of ice crystallizing around her, then shattering in the current. Instinct tempted Niniel to dive deep, a sheath of ice forming around her as she plunged into the wild, temperamental sea. She warred within, but finally surged upward, to bring her victim a chance to gasp for air. A graceful pirouette and she plunged once more into depths decidedly uncomfortable for any pure-blooded Dea al Mon. Weak little souls; petty and mean, vicious beyond forgiving. Finned, clawed hands tightened her grip in the hair of the wildly thrashing man she drug in her wake. On a tight, furiously shielded psychic thread, she lashed out at the ‘captain.’

    *Who will rescue you, if I let go? Your Bonded Queen? The Queen your married? Perhaps your commander in the Black Guard?* They were all his lovers, and more besides; only she had been fool enough to think he loved her. That he risked his life, in desecrating his wedding vows.

    And he’d enjoyed her amazed devotion, her wonder that he’d risk death for a single kiss. Played her like a fool, until she’d found one of his ‘love letters’ to another young Healer in his unit.

    Howling into the Night-dark sea, the sound shattering the ice that formed and re-formed around her. She scored his cheek with a single swipe of her clawed, finned hand, drawing blood, and shoved his face into the deep, cool current that travelled out to where the true-born Aycayia dwelled.

    He might mock her, might mock all that love stood for, but he would not mock them.

    Though still stunned from the blow on the head she’d delivered when he’d shown up, expecting a tearful, heartbroken farewell, he managed to cling to the sharp, nearly painful thought she had thrust past his outer barriers.

    *You fool. They will kill you as surely as myself!*

    A low growl emanated through the stormy ocean. *Worth it,* she snarled back, before heading once more to the surface. Too much the Healer to ignore the desperation in either his mind voice or body, she almost hated herself for those few, brief breaths she allowed him. Ice spiraled around her, spiked into the air and slammed into her victim, despite the distant warmth of the mid-summer night.

    *Love isn’t real,* he shot at her, too proud even now to either apologize or beg for his life. *It is a Widow’s illusion, a Darkness-cursed compulsion to love Queens, no more!* Fear laced through his mind-voice, and Niniel felt the dark stirring of his Jewels. She dove and twirled, disorienting her victim, the surfacing swiftly enough to make his ears pop and his head spin.

    Darker Jeweled than she, Niniel could feel the power but not discern it’s focus or inent. Curious how and why even a Prince might focus tightly enough to attempt complex Craft under these circumstnaces, Niniel widened the Psychic Thread between them.

    Soft Rose power flooded him, then poured into Niniel, yearning and scared, calling for him! Shocked, Niniel fell deeper into his mind than intended, swept along by emotion and desperation. It hurt, that frightened calling of soul-to-soul. That kind of need, of belonging was something she could never touch directly - and something her own actions threatened. Temper lashed, and she slammed down shields between herself and both the ‘Captain’ and his Queen.

    but the echo of that sacred touch would not leave her.

    The feel of his Queen’s tears, scalding with the depth of her distress, burned along Niniel’s ice-cold cheeks. Rebellion surged once again, and with a vast, frantic heave she threw them both towards the shore, away from the deep water her estranged kin called home. She dove upon him, scratching and biting, even as she drove him before her, until the tumbled onto shore.

    Ice pierced even her own fins, lashed his body, fractal patterns forming in the damp sand, spiraling back into the deep and shattering young plants as it swallowed them. Yet she surged upward, hauling him clear of the stormy sea, setting her clawed fingers at his throat.

    “No more lies. It is love alone that has saved you today.”


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     What’s better than one shiny? Why, three shinies, of course!	   How nice! This item allows you to re-roll the Jewels on one character sheet for free.   How nice! This item allows you to re-roll the Jewels on one character sheet for free.   How nice! This item allows you to re-roll the Jewels on one character sheet for free.   How nice! This item allows you to re-roll the Jewels on one character sheet for free.   A fancy certificate awarded to those noble writers who finish what they start. Redeem it to get a bonus of 10% more marks for a completed thread.   A fancy certificate awarded to those noble writers who finish what they start. Redeem it to get a bonus of 20% more marks for a completed thread.   A fancy certificate awarded to those noble writers who finish what they start. Redeem it to get a bonus of 20% more marks for a completed thread.   What’s better than one shiny? Why, three shinies, of course!	   What’s better than one shiny? Why, three shinies, of course!	   Wow, it's really heavy!   Ready to get your territory lore approved? This item is for first time territory makers.   

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