Craft & Craft Point System
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& point system


Not only do your character's have access to Craft on Witchlight, but they also have the chance to enhance their abilities in particular Craft Spells. Below you will find 10 Craft Categories and a list of spells within each category. When creating a new character you are gifted 15 points to spend on Craft Strengths. You can have up to 8 skill points in any given spell.

Skill often trumps raw power. If you have more skill points in Healing Webs with your Rose Jeweled Healer, their Webs will be more effective than an Opal Healer who has no skill points in Healing Webs. This is a fun way to add more depth to Craft use on the site. You can buy and earn more skill points as well. To earn a skill point through role play, you must complete a thread in which your character practices or is mentored in the skill.

Below are anchor links that will take you directly to each category. Enjoy!


Witchlight* - The best BJT RP on the web, and also a light summoned using Craft.
Witchfire - A controllable fire that can destroy things empowered by Craft. Leaves little to no trace afterwards.
Heating & Cooling Spells* - Used on items (even whole rooms or houses), food and even people.
Summoning & Vanishing - Moving items in and out of the psychic cabinet.


Psychic Communication* - Telepathic mind-to-mind communication along the psychic threads of the Abyss.
Calming Spells - Spells used to calm those who are suffering from an extreme of emotions (anger, sadness, etc).
Compulsion Spells - Spells designed to force another person’s will or actions. Can be abrupt or insidious.
Psychic Probes* - Used to detect a person’s psychic scent, surface emotions, or poisons in food and drink, etc.
Psychic Masking - Masking your psychic scent, shielding emotions, etc.
Tracking Spells - Usually placed on an item, but can be placed on a person, to track their location.


Cushioning Spells - Spells designed to cushion falls or create buffers.
Binding Spells - Spells that bind people or objects.
Telekinetic Manipulation* - Moving objects with the mind. Lifting, floating, altering direction, etc.
Passing Through Objects - The ability to move through solid objects, such as doors. Can be used to pass objects through objects as well.
Locks - The ability to enhance or break locks using Craft.


Physical Shields* - Shields against physical attacks, or simple things like rain, splashes, etc.
Psychic Shields - Shields that specifically protect against psychic Craft, and especially psychic combat Craft.
Aural Shields - Shields against sound. Can be used on people or rooms.
Sight Shields - Shields that hide things from sight. Can be objects or people.


Power Blast - A blast of power from one's Jewels. The most common instinctual Craft strike; usually encompasses a wide area, but skill can narrow and strengthen its effect. Usually does blunt damage, but with practice and finesse, this technique can be used to pierce or slice the target.
Physical Enhancement - Using Craft to strengthen the body. Stronger muscles, bones, and flesh, able to strike harder and withstand more.
Weapon Empowerment - Imbuing physical weapons with the strength of your Jewels. Makes them sharper and stronger, leaving worse wounds than they would otherwise.
Telekinetic Hold - Different than binding spells, Telekinetic Hold is not just for holding, but for inflicting wounds. Used for strangulation, or crushing body parts. Often breaks the skin beneath the pressure of the hold as well.
Edge Walker - You have learned to walk the Killing Edge with fine precision. Your descents into your power are perfectly controlled and twice as deadly.
Psychic Wounding - An insidious attack on an opponent inner barriers, inflicting emotional pain and uncertainty, can also affect the senses, leaving them confused.
Breaking Jewels - Exactly what it says on the tin. A person can only break Jewels lighter than their own, unless combining power with other Blood. This completely cuts off the victim from their power and often shatters their chalice as well.


Swift Shifter - Decreases the time it takes your shift to occur, standard is six hours and each point cut time in half down to a possibility of one minute.
Skin Switcher - A shifters ability to switch forms consecutively (from human to animal to human to animal again in one day) one shift a day is standard ability, with nine shifts in a day being the most on record.
Form Stability- An individual's capacity to remain in their animal form for longer periods of time- base length of a shift is six hours with two months being the longest known shift.


Scent Cleansing - Cleansing psychic scents from rooms or objects.
Preservation Spells - Used to keep food from spoiling for longer periods (or ice from melting, etc). Can also be used on items like books or cloth.
Boundary Alarms - Silent alerts along psychic threads when someone crosses the boundary. Often used around homes or property lines. Must be refreshed regularly, more often for larger areas.
Vermin Warding - Must be refreshed regularly. These wards keep insects and pests from entering.
Spell Weaving - Weaving spells into cloth, such as integrating shielding or preserving spells into clothing or cloth sacks.


Healing Webs - Used for healing broken bones and major wounds.
Regenerative Webs - A long acting web that, over time, helps regenerate damaged tissue. Often has to be reapplied at regular intervals depending on the injury.
Craft Brews - Brews enhanced through the use of healing Craft.
Craft Healing - Healing powered by Craft, used for minor injuries and wounds that do not pass deeper than the muscle level. When used for triage healing, it can often leave scars.
Diagnostic Sight - Craft-enhanced diagnosis, helps the Healer find internal damage not otherwise apparent or pinpoint the spread of poisons/diseases.
Telekinetic Surgery - Craft assisted surgery, usually less invasive than Craft-less surgery. Requires the attendance of another Healer.


Dark Gate Rituals - The ability to open Gates to the proper Realm and Territory, and lock Gates against unauthorized use.
Ceremony Craft - Helping Blood to prepare for and navigate through their Ceremonies.
Embalming Craft - The preparation of the bodies of the dead for passage into full death or Demon Dead.
Guidance Craft - Managing crowds through Craft voice enhancement; to calm, direct, reflect, redirect.
Communing - While everyone has access to their inner abyss, Priestesses can take this a step farther, linking their inner self to the Darkness in complete harmony. The more skill a Priestess has at Communing, the deeper into the abyss they may reach, completely blocking out the physical world. It is rare, but at times Priestesses may receive communication from the abyss, a sort of enlightenment, that they can use to further theirs, and others, religious understanding.


Walking the Twisted Kingdom - The ability to walk through the world of the lost and broken. Used to find those lost within their own minds, and for divination.
Compulsion Webs - Used to alter the will of another person. Can even be used to force actions.
Illusion Webs - Altering perception. Used to disguise a person's appearance and/or psychic scent, or to construct environments that range from basic to elaborate.
Tangled Webs - The means by which Black Widows see the possibilities within the future.
Jewel Webs - Webs woven to find a Blood child’s Jewels, or the possibility of them. (This craft is Ile de Paon specific.)
Poison Crafting - Poisons crafted from a Black Widow’s venom.
Antidote Crafting - Antidotes crafted to fight a Black Widow’s venom and brewed poisons.
Chalice Healing - The healing of the chalice and repairing those who are broken. Level of repair may vary; not everyone can be returned to how they once were.
Mind Traps - The laying of traps within the mind to catch and/or damage those seeking to invade another’s inner barriers.


Queen’s Gift - Infusing the land with a Queen’s power, often through a blood offering.
Reading the Land - A Queen is tied to the land she tends, and can sense the state of its health and any major changes upon or within it.
Calming Touch - The ability to soothe tempers through touch or power.
Blood Bonds - Blood is power, and a Queen has the ability to bind another to her through the exchanging of it.
Sea Witch - The ability to alter the sea they shepherd. A Queen can shift tides, or create waves. Used to keep foreign ships from sailing too close to Ile de Paon. (This craft is Ile de Paon specific.)

Note: Craft designated with * can be used by Jeweless Blood, albeit with reduced efficiency. Please keep in mind psychic communication Craft can only be returned and not initiated.
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